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Created almost 5 years ago.
Game of Thrones, "What Is Dead May Never Die" discussion for book readers
Spoilers Included

Once again, we're trying to keep the blog comments of each "Game of Thrones" episode completely free of discussion of things that are in the books but not in the show. So as I did last week, I'm setting up this discussion thread, which hopefully more of you will use this time than last week.

I'll add a link to my "What Is Dead May Never Die" review when it goes live on Sunday at 10 Eastern, and once that's up, feel free to talk about anything from any of the books in this space, while keeping all of that out of the blog comments.

Go crazy. Thanks!

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Replied almost 5 years ago.
Originally Posted by Rakka

What do you expect from HBO?

They will greatly expand nude scenes and add gratuitous gay content, regardless if it fits the story or not.

Spoilers Included

Well that is true except the problem is that the "gay content" was part of the story from the beginning and there if you read between the lines. The reason was not shown in the books was because Renly, Loras or Margaery weren't given a POV and as the relationship was not public you couldn't get a peak into their private "prayer" session like you can in the show. I always thought Renly's Kingsguard being dubbed the Rainbow guard was a little on the nose especially after Martin went out of his way in talking about how fashionable Renly was in describing him...

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