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Created over 4 years ago.
Game of Thrones, "The Old Gods and the New" discussion for book readers
Spoilers Included

Same routine as usual. I'll plug in a link to my review of "The Old Gods and the New" when it goes live on Sunday night, and this is the place where you can comfortably discuss anything to do with George R.R. Martin's books, ways in which you think the show is better or worse, deviations, etc. Go crazy, and leave all that stuff out of the blog comments. Thanks!

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Replied over 4 years ago.
Originally Posted by MaxS

I'm pretty sure that's still Jeyne Westerling there. They make it pretty obvious that she's making up her background as Robb is quite skeptical. On the other hand, I'm having a bad feeling we're cutting the Reeds and Osha is going to replace them. I don't think they want to get rid of Osha since when they split up, we don't hear anything about her and Rickon again until the end of the last book when it's hinted that they are in Skagos. I wonder if this means that Rickon is going to stay with Bran and Hodor or if they are going to find someone else to take him away.

I'm really not liking the changes to Jon Snow. The three favorite characters most people have from the book are obviously Tyrion, Aria and Jon Snow and while the show is doing a great job making people love the first two, they are doing a piss poor job on John Snow. In the book, he's left to kill her because Halfhand wants to see what kind of man he is. He chooses to let her go and them meets up with the rest of his party and later finds out that Halfhand knew it didn't matter if she lived because she would be too far behind them to alert the other wildlings and he wanted to see what Jon would do. In the show they make him seem like a bumbling idiot who let her get away from him in what seems to just be an attempt to get their flirting and relationship further along rather than waiting for later when he's with the wildlings. Also we've seen him get outdone by Castor who apparently took his sword. While the show hasn't made nearly the deal of the swords that the book has, they did make a big deal of Mormont giving Jon his family's sword.

Spoilers Included

I agree. I am not sure why they have made Jon Snow such an idiot in the show. He is not only a likeable character in the book, he is also a cool-headed customer who does things in a particular way because it makes sense. In the show, he is just way too whiny. It will be annoying for viewers (who haven't read the books) to see him become Lord Commander.

I also don't get why they had to get the dragons stolen. Too much divergence from the books, in my opinion. I get that they want to show her precarious position, but this is way over the top.

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