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<p>Steven&nbsp;Spielberg no longer has enough fingers to count how many times he's been nominated by the DGA.</p>

Steven Spielberg no longer has enough fingers to count how many times he's been nominated by the DGA.

Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

Ben Affleck, Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper, Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg nominated by DGA

Quentin Tarantino and David O. Russell miss the cut

With 10 nominations to date, Steven Spielberg came into today's Directors Guild of America (DGA) announcement as the most honored director in the guild's history. Well, make it 11, as the "Lincoln" director predictably made it one more with a notice for his $144 million-grossing (and climbing) epic.

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"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

 "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Credit: Bravo

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: 'Vanderpump Rules'

Lisa's new commercial, uh, show about Sur gets a great big crossover plug

Tonight's two-hour extravaganza can be seen one of two ways -- one hour of "RHoBH" pasted onto an hour of the new show about Lisa's restaurant Sur, "Vanderpump Rules," or… well, there is no other way to see this, really. Whether or not you watched the whole thing has a lot to do with your tolerance for bitchy waitresses. Seriously, the only 

Ah, remember Faye Resnick tearing into Brandi like a delicious rump roast last week? Well, there's still a little blood left in the body, so we return to the scene of the crime to lick up the last drops. As Brandi's eyes well up, Faye Resnick viciously attacks her for viciously attacking Adrienne. When Brandi flees the party weeping, Faye doesn't blink, possibly because she can't from all the bad plastic surgery. "I don't feel bad about what I said. But I might send her flowers," Faye snipes as she nervously rearranges the silverware.

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<p>&quot;Les Mis&eacute;rables&quot;</p>

"Les Misérables"

Credit: Universal Pictures

Tech Support: Final predictions for Makeup, Score, Song, Production Design, Visual Effects

Which films look set to dominate the crafts categories?

So here we go. After several months of previewing the contenders, it’s time to predict the nominees for the 85th Annual Academy Awards in the crafts categories.

Today, I'll analyze Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Production Design and Best Visual Effects. Tomorrow, I'll turn to Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.

Let's dig in...

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<p>Kyle Chandler and Jessica Chastain in &quot;Zero Dark Thirty.&quot;</p>

Kyle Chandler and Jessica Chastain in "Zero Dark Thirty."

Credit: Sony Pictures

Alliance of Women Film Journalists opts for 'Zero Dark Thirty'

'Beasts of the Southern Wild' notches up three wins

No surprise here: "Zero Dark Thirty," which led the nominations for the Alliance of Women Film Journalists Awards last month, cleaned up when it came to winners. With eight awards, it won almost every category in which it was cited, with Kathryn Bigelow taking prizes for both Best Director and, obviously enough, Best Woman Director. "Beasts of the Southern Wild" took a trio of prizes while, among the groups quirkier categories, the Adam Sandler vehicle "That's My Boy" won the Hall of Shame award for misogynistic content. Full list of winners below, with everything else at The Circuit.

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<p>Matthew McConaughey in &quot;Magic Mike&quot;</p>

Matthew McConaughey in "Magic Mike"

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Off the Carpet: All bets are off

This year is all over the place, so let's be bold, shall we?

UPDATE (1/9 - 3:18am ET): Poor Matthew McConaughey looks so lonely over there now that there isn't a prediction to go along with the photo. Alas, the BAFTA nominations tonight have steered me this way and that. Of course "Skyfall" was going to go over big there, but that along with the SAG nod for Javier Bardem give me enough to go ahead and spring for him instead. Sorry, Matty.

I do, however, think BAFTA may have gone for "Django Unchained" more than the Academy did, but we'll see if that's true. Nevertheless, I've gone ahead and added "Django" to my Best Picture predictions (it was already at #10), bringing it to a full set of 10. Screw it. I've been thinking there's enough passion to go around to afford as much, but, well, we'll see. A few other tweaks and whatnot throughout. All this will be more set in stone when our final predictions gallery goes up Wednesday morning. Look for that for the final word.

EARLIER: So, these are pretty much finalized. I don't know that the DGA will add or subtract much, regardless of their choices. It's a funky season.

First question sure to come: Why "The Intouchables?" When you're the first screener out of the gate, you're seen early and, sometimes, often. And the film has stuck with a lot of members. While others like "Django Unchained" and "The Impossible" and even, though I'm still sticking with it, "Amour," are just hoping to be seen in the home stretch, films like "Skyfall" and "Flight" and, indeed, "The Intouchables" have built up some fans along with frontrunners like "Argo" and "Lincoln." That will either translate or it won't, but I don't mind stepping out onto a few limbs this year. It's a funky season.

That fifth slot in Best Supporting Actor? Yeah, it might just go to Javier Bardem, who managed the SAG nomination for a film that has the British voting block behind it (as does "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel") and is well-liked. It could go to one of the "Django Unchained" hopefuls, though they seem in danger of canceling each other out. So why not go on a wing and a prayer with Matthew McConaughey in "Magic Mike?" He picked up some key critics awards at the right time, just after hitting the press trail, rail thin, showing physical dedication to his next film. And he's likable. Sure, I'll make that bet. It's a funky season.

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<p>&quot;The&nbsp;Hobbit:&nbsp;An&nbsp;Unexpected Journey&quot;</p>

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

'The Hobbit,' 'Lincoln' surprise with Cinema Audio Society nominations

'The Avengers' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' are denied

Every year there are discrepancies between guild/industry nominations and their Academy counterparts. And the Cinema Audio Society is no exception. Just last year, "Hanna," "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and "Super 8" all yielded to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and "War Horse" with the Academy. And only twice in the Society's history have their nods and the sound branch's nominees for Best Sound Mixing (or Best Sound, as the category used to be called) matched up.

This year? Well, this year, who knows? It's a strange season in that a number of people have missed a number of movies. So something like "Django Unchained" misses here. Then again, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" did find a place. The two perceived frontrunners in the category, "Les Misérables" and "Skyfall," are there, but missing are summer blockbusters like "The Avengers" (which seemed all systems go for Oscar), "The Dark Knight Rises" (no surprise given the criticisms) and "Prometheus" (which boasts a heck of a track).

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<p>Jamie Foxx in &quot;Django Unchained.&quot;</p>

Jamie Foxx in "Django Unchained."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Roundup: Did the Academy spill one of their nominees early?

Also: The Globes get a theme song, and why there's still hope for 'Les Mis' fans

In these final heated days before the Oscar nominations, even the most minor kerfuffle can become a story, and so it's been with the Academy's supposedearly announcement a few days ago of one nominee: "Django Unchained" costume designer Sharen Davis. A test page announcing Davis's third nomination was accidentally published on the Academy's official site a few days ago. Scott Feinberg was among those pointing out that the "leak" can't have been legit, given that votes were still being counted, and was indeed nothing more than a randomly chosen example to test the format, but that hasn't stopped the story from spreading. In any case, Davis's nod for "Django"'s dynamic duds already looked a pretty sure thing, with or without the Academy's "confirmation." [Vanity Fair

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<p>Yes, he showed up at ten in the morning with his cigar already almost finished. You have to love him.</p>

Yes, he showed up at ten in the morning with his cigar already almost finished. You have to love him.

Credit: HitFix

Must Watch: Schwarzenegger takes journalists on tank rides to promote 'The Last Stand'

Sometimes, this job is just plain weird

When someone asks you if you want to ride a tank while Arnold Schwarzenegger drives it, you say yes.

I don't have many hard and fast rules in life, but that's one of them.  It's not a rule that I've had to put to the test many times, but last week, the moment of truth finally arrived, and so I drove down to the Lionsgate offices in Santa Monica to meet a group of fellow journalists.  We all boarded a bus and then headed up to the Melody Ranch Studio in Santa Clarita.

You've seen it in a million different movies, most recently in Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained," where it was used as the first town that Schultz and Django ride into, where Schultz asks for the sheriff to be brought to see them in the saloon.  We ended up eating lunch in that saloon later in the day, and I intentionally sat at the same table where Django and Schultz sat while drinking their beers.

The way the day started, though, was with Arnold Schwarzenegger introducing us to his tank.  He bought this particular tank in the early '90s for one of the Planet Hollywood locations, but they never ended up using it there.  Instead, he kept it, and one of his main purposes for it over the years has been as part of an incentives program for a foundation he runs for inner-city kids.  When the kids do well during the week, one of the rewards they can enjoy is a trip to the Melody Ranch so they can ride in the tank while Arnold drives.

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David Bowie set to release 'The Next Day,' his first album in a decade

David Bowie set to release 'The Next Day,' his first album in a decade

Listen to new Tony Visconti-produced song, 'Where Are We Now'

Jan. 8 is David Bowie’s 66th birthday and he’s handing out a huge present: Ten years after his last studio album and well into a self-imposed retirement, David Bowie shocked his fans by releasing a new single Monday night and announcing a new album.

“Where Are We Now,” produced by longtime collaborator Tony Visconti, precedes the March 12 release of “The Next Day,” Bowie's first studio album since 2003’s “Reality.” The new song/video is embedded below, but since that video is sometimes cutting out, you can also  hear the new song here. It's available for sale on iTunes now.

The standard album, according to Bowie's website, is 14 tracks with a 17-track deluxe edition also available. Both are available for pre-order on iTunes. "The Next Day," on Iso/Columbia, is Bowie's 30th studio recording.

The mid-tempo song is  low-key, but passionate and the good news is Bowie still sounds, well, like Bowie. There's a certain lilting poignancy to the track and a bit of a fragility. The video features Bowie’s face on top of a furry stuffed animal sitting in a chair. He looks, well, older. Stick around toward the end, when we see the full Bowie, looking much like we remembered. Anyone know who the women beside him in the video is? The video, directed by Tony Oursler,  also features footage of an auto repair shop beneath the apartment Bowie lived in in Berlin.

*And by the way, Bowie fans, Monday marked the 41st anniversary of the release of "Changes."

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“The Next Day” track listing

1. “The Next Day”
2. “Dirty Boys”
3. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”
4. “Love Is Lost”
5. “Where Are We Now?”
6. “Valentine’s Day”
7. “If You Can See Me”
8. “I’d Rather Be High”
9. “Boss of Me”
10. “Dancing Out In Space”
11. “How Does the Grass Grow?”
12. “(You Will) Set the World On Fire”
13. “You Feel So Lonely You Could Die”
14. “Heat”
15. “So She” (Bonus Track)
16. “I’ll Take You There” (Bonus Track)
17. “Plan” (Bonus Track)

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Whose Oscar nomination dreams are on the bubble?

Whose Oscar nomination dreams are on the bubble?

'Skyfall,' Quvenzhané Wallis, 'The Intouchables,' Maggie Smith and more

There are only a few days until the nominations are announced for the 85th Academy Awards and you can feel the tension in the air from the 405 to the 101. Potential nominees, Oscar consultants and studio execs all have something on the line whether it's prestige, their reputation or a marketable number of nominations to help a prestige flick get into the black. And for those that care too much this is likely the most nerve wracking week of the entire season.  For awards fans?  It's close to heaven.

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<p>Prince in 2010</p>

Prince in 2010

Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Listen: New Prince song, 'Same Page, Different Book'

Mysterious Twitter account keeps springing forth with Purple One's material

Prince has uploaded new music for his fans to enjoy... or if not him, someone who seems to have remarkable access to his vault.

As Antiquiet first reported, a Twitter account, under the name 3rdEyeGirl, has been providing links to Prince songs. It started with remixes of “Rock N' Roll Love Affair”—a song he released in November— and then one of “Laydown.”

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"The Bachelor"

 "The Bachelor"

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'The Bachelor' returns for the first jumbo-sized rose ceremony

The ladies are distressed when Sean upsets the usual order of things
"The Bachelor" is back, and he is Sean Lowe. You know, the sweet, clean-cut guy who had his heart handed to him by Emily Maynard on "The Bachelorette." As you might expect, he's very humble and feels very blessed and just can't wait to settle down and start a family. "God still has another plan for me," he says sweetly and humbly.  
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