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<p>Florence and the Machine at the 2012 Austin City Limits Festival.&nbsp;</p>

Florence and the Machine at the 2012 Austin City Limits Festival. 

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Florence + The Machine's new song for 'The Great Gatsby' in full

Hear snippets of the other songs on the Jay-Z-curated soundtrack

If someone has to give Daisy Buchanan a musical voice, I’m not sure I’d choose Florence + The Machine for the gig, given “The Great Gatsby’s” quintessential Americanism, but the British group certainly brings Daisy’s intensity on  “Over The Love.”

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Jeremy Sisto in "Suburgatory"

 Jeremy Sisto in "Suburgatory"

Credit: ABC

Interview: Jeremy Sisto talks 'Suburgatory,' being wacky and indie film

The on-screen and off-screen nice guy talks tone, Tessa

Jeremy Sisto seems to be one of those genuinely nice, normal guys who, while common in the real world, are like ridiculously rare in Hollywood. So it's fitting that he's been playing nice, normal George on "Suburgatory," which has a two-part season finale tonight (Wed. April 17 at 8:00 p.m.). A while back I had a chance to visit the set and talk to Sisto about the show, George's relationships with Tessa and Dallas, and why he's looking forward to playing something other than George for a while. 

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<p>Of course this means I get my Raymond Chandler inspired series of 'Dexter Jettster' mystery movies where he solves murders while preparing short-order dishes.</p>

Of course this means I get my Raymond Chandler inspired series of 'Dexter Jettster' mystery movies where he solves murders while preparing short-order dishes.

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Disney promises one new 'Star Wars' film every summer starting in 2015

Just how many filmmakers are they planning to throw at this?

Alan Horn, the new Chairman of Walt Disney Pictures, took the stage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas today to announce an incredibly aggressive timetable for the "Star Wars" franchise. If they manage to pull it off, it will be almost unparalleled for this sort of big-ticket filmmaking.

According to Horn, we will indeed see the JJ Abrams "Star Wars Episode VII" in the summer of 2015, just in time for Disney to completely dominate that summer since they're also releasing "The Avengers 2" that year. In the following years, we will see one new "Star Wars" film every year, every summer, alternating between the stand-alone films that Disney has mentioned previously and the official episodes in the main franchise.

We'll have more analysis on this later this afternoon, but for now, this has got to be one of the most unrelenting schedules I've ever seen, and it all but guarantees that there will always be a "Star Wars" film shooting somewhere.

What a crazy, crazy world.

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<p>Wynona and Chuck of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Wynona and Chuck of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Chuck & Wynona talk 'The Amazing Race'

Alabama team discusses their bickering Race experience
It was a roller-coaster end for "Amazing Race" Cardiac Kids Chuck & Wynona on Sunday (April 14) night's episode. 
After an early season run escaping elimination due to misadventures or injuries to other teams, the Alabama couple seemed destined to finally head home after a physically arduous Leg in Switzerland. Then a weird thing happened and YouTubers Meghan & Joey, working with a comfortable cushion, couldn't find a cab to the next Pit Stop and ended up walking. Chuck & Wynona, finished a cheese transportation task well behind, but successfully secured a cab and made it to Phil Keoghan in next-to-last. But then a sad thing happened and Chuck & Wynona were assessed a 30-minute penalty for the way they chose to transport that cheese. Ooops. That was all the time Joey & Meghan needed to stumble to the mat and send Chuck & Wynona packing.
As often happens, Chuck & Wynona left the Race in an episode that began with them both agreeing that they'd finally gotten comfortable and found a way to have fun on the show. 
In their exit interview, Chuck and Wynona discuss their bickering relationship both in real life and on "Amazing Race." Wynona talks about the injury we never saw, while they both explained what they got out of the "Amazing Race" experience.
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<p>Octavia Spencer in &quot;Fruitvale Station.&quot;</p>

Octavia Spencer in "Fruitvale Station."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

'Fruitvale' gets a new title: 'Fruitvale Station'

Sundance grand jury and audience award winner arrives in July

In somewhat surprising news, The Weinstein Company has modified the title to Sundance grand jury and audience award winner "Fruitvale."  The crowd-pleasing drama will now be known as "Fruitvale Station."

The feature film directorial debut of Ryan Coogler, "Fruitvale" follows the last day in the life of Oscar Grant (MIchael B. Jordan), a 22-year-old San Francisco area resident who was fatally shot by BART police officers the morning of Jan. 1, 2009.  Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, Chad Michael Murray, Kevin Durand, Melonie Diaz and Ahna O'Reilly also star and Spencer and Forest Whitaker are two of the film's producers.

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Watch: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis take over the world in 'Can't Hold Us' video

Watch: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis take over the world in 'Can't Hold Us' video

They've got a flag and they aren't afraid to plant it...anywhere

Today the “Thrift Shop,” tomorrow the world! In the new video for “Can't Hold Us," by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton, the rappers have left the surplus store far behind and are galavanting around the globe.

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Emilie de Ravin on "Once Upon A Time"

 Emilie de Ravin on "Once Upon A Time"

Credit: ABC

Interview: Emilie de Ravin talks Belle going dark on 'Once Upon A Time'

The former "Lost" star says her new character isn't a bad girl

As Belle on "Once Upon A Time," Emilie de Ravin captured the smart, bookish but good-hearted essence of the familiar Disney character. Since Belle lost her memory, though, the actress gets to stretch a little. This Sunday we'll get to see more of Belle's new personality (created by Regina) after she leaves the hospital and is free to pursue her own interests. Her first stop isn't a library, either. I spoke to de Ravin about Lacey, why this barfly character isn't bad herself but is drawn to bad boys, and why she never wanted to be a Disney princess as a kid. 

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<p>&quot;Breaking Bad&quot;&nbsp;will return in August.</p>

"Breaking Bad" will return in August.

Credit: AMC

AMC announces 'Breaking Bad' will return in August

Final 8 episodes will be paired with 'Low Winter Sun' and 'Talking Bad' talk show

The final 8 episodes of "Breaking Bad" will debut on Sunday, August 11 at 9 p.m., one of many announcements made today at AMC's upfront presentation for advertisers.

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<p>Patton Oswalt guest stars on &quot;Parks and Recreation&quot;&nbsp;tomorrow night.</p>

Patton Oswalt guest stars on "Parks and Recreation" tomorrow night.

Credit: NBC

On 'Parks and Recreation,' Patton Oswalt gets his 'Star Wars' nerd on

In an extended outtake from tomorrow night's first episode, comedian riffs for 8 minutes about Luke Skywalker and... Thanos?

Tomorrow night, NBC is airing back-to-back episodes of "Parks and Recreation" at 9 and 9:30 ("The Office" gets the week off), and they're two of my favorite installments of the season. And yet the funniest part of either one isn't going to air at all.

In the first episode, titled "Article Two," Patton Oswalt guest stars as another Pawnee crackpot who gets upset at Leslie's proposal to eliminate some of the more outdated/racist/sexist laws on the town charter. Taking advantage of the laws still on the books, he launches into a citizen filibuster discussing his proposal for the J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Wars" sequel, which somehow turns into a "Star Wars"/Marvel Comics mash-up halfway through.

In the episode itself, you hear a few lines of dialogue from it, but when the episode was filmed, "Parks" producer Dan Goor told Oswalt to just improvise something and they would edit it down as needed in the final cut. Oswald launched into an eight-minute rant that you can watch below. It's remarkable for the absolutely hardcore nerditry of it, for Oswalt's commitment to a bit that he knew would likely never air, and also for veteran improv comic Amy Poehler's gift for interrupting at just the right moments and with just the right observations. It's really remarkable. Enjoy, and I look forward to discussing both "Article Two" and "Jerry's Scrapbook" with you after they air tomorrow night.

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<p>Henry Cavill as the &quot;Man of Steel&quot;</p>

Henry Cavill as the "Man of Steel"

Credit: Warner Bros.

I guess we should talk about that 'Man of Steel' trailer

WB's big CinemaCon reveal sounded a thunderclap yesterday

There were 183 seconds that got a lot of fanboys excited yesterday, (insert dirty joke here), and we might as well get into it in this space. Yes, the trailer for Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" landed a solid punch when it dropped during CinemaCon and then hit the net immediately after. To say the least, it had some impressive stuff to offer.

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<p>Famke Janssen in &quot;Hemlock Grove.&quot;</p>

Famke Janssen in "Hemlock Grove."

Credit: Netflix

Review: Netflix tries horror with 'Hemlock Grove'

Werewolves, vampires and mad scientists co-mingle in silly, overstuffed Eli Roth joint

As Netflix pushes into the world of original programming, it's easy to see why the streaming video giant picked up certain series. "House of Cards" had a two-time Oscar winner as its star, David Fincher as an executive producer and a look and feel that automatically put Netflix into the discussion with HBO, AMC, etc. "Arrested Development" (which will debut on Netflix in May) is a show that, while never a hit on FOX, was beloved then and has been among the most popular titles in Netflix's library.

With "Hemlock Grove," whose 13-episode first season will be released in its entirety on Netflix on Friday, you have to squint a bit to see why it was chosen. Yes, it's a supernatural thriller larded with teen angst, which has value in the age of "Twilight" and "The Vampire Diaries." And it has a movie pedigree as well: Eli Roth is an executive producer and directed the pilot, and the cast includes Famke Janssen and Dougray Scott.

But it's also a mess: a horror series with a weirdly slow build (you don't even see the lead werewolf character transform until the end of the second episode), a mix of campy performances and competent ones, and just enough intriguing ideas to make me wish the entire thing was a lot better than it is.

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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

 "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Credit: Bravo

'Don't Be Tardy...': Do you think Kim Zolciak needed her own show?

Is a whole episode of Kim, Kroy and the kids just too much?

In tonight's double-episode premiere of "Don't Be Tardy..." we get a little closer to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak. The question is whether or not we wanted or needed to do exactly that. While I was never a huge Kim fan, I sometimes found her to be surprisingly sharp-witted, tossing out pithy insights about as often as curse words (okay, maybe there were more curse words. Girl swears a lot).

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