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<p>Joel McHale and Chevy Chase in tonight's &quot;Community.&quot;</p>

Joel McHale and Chevy Chase in tonight's "Community."

Credit: NBC

Thursday's ghostly 'Community' guest speaks

Who was haunting Pierce's mansion? And how did this actor wind up on tonight's episode?

Tonight's "Community" haunted house episode (I reviewed it here) concluded with the surprise appearance of a very special guest, whom I was able to interview earlier today about their cameo, and another project they're currently involved in. That guest star's identity, and our conversation, coming up just as soon as I set my shrink ray to Daddy Issues...

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<p>The &quot;Community&quot;&nbsp;gang got dressed up for Halloween, but the episode aired on Valentine's Day.</p>

The "Community" gang got dressed up for Halloween, but the episode aired on Valentine's Day.

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Community' - 'Paranormal Parentage'

The study group investigates a haunting at Pierce's house on 'Valloween'

A review of tonight's "Community" coming up just as soon as I've been offended by this coat rack before...

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<p>Spotlight on the &quot;American Idol&quot; girls</p>

Spotlight on the "American Idol" girls

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Season 12 Live-Blog - The Top 40 Revealed

The Women face their fate and then eight other men go home, or something

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I hope you're off doing something better and that this recap can save you an hour for romance...

Now let's get down to "American Idol" business...

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<p>Lil Wayne in 'Love Me'</p>

Lil Wayne in 'Love Me'

Watch Lil Wayne and Drake's kinky, gross 'Love Me' video with Future

A list of things you should never write inside of a valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a sentiment for the day, from the video "B*tches Love Me" by Lil Wayne, featuring Future and Drake: "She said 'I never want to make you mad / I just want to make you proud' / I said 'Baby just make me cum / Then don't make a sound.'"

If that mild form of female oppression doesn't get your heart a-racing, try writing this sentiment in a card: "These hoes got pussies like craters / Can't treat these hoes like ladies... Girl, I f*ck who I want and f*ck who I don't / Got that A1 credit, that's that filet mignon."

Delicious! Say yes to another date and there's a promise of another meal: "She wake up, eat this d*ck / Call that breakfast in bed, $69.96."

All from the delicate fountain pen of "I Am Not A Human Being" human being Lil Wayne, who just got shushed and shut down by his verse on a remix to Future's "Karate Chop." (The offending phrase referred to a brutal murder that helped to spark a civil rights movement: "Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till." Because haha vagina haha mauling and torture haha.)

Also, did you know that Lil Wayne skates? Because Lil Wayne wants you to know, for sure, that Lil Wayne skates.

All this to say that Lil Wayne used to spit some great verses, but with the completion of some recent tracks, fans can only count on him being gross and sloppy, returning to the blood red well (who's blood? what water?) of sex and violence.

For the rest of the clip -- with so much kink and death, you'd think Lady Gaga had a hand -- Drake just kinda throws his arms around being Drakey. Ballot's still out on Future because he can work that mumble around this beat, but neither he nor Drizzy even take a turn at bat for a verse.

But you can totally tell they're badasses because they keep their bitches animals in cages, mirite?

Were Aaliyah around to hear her song referenced, she's shake her head and shut this down, too. As gorgeous, tantalizing and controversy-courting as the "Love Me" video is, it can't save a bad track.

"My B*tches Love Me" -- or, buy its clean title "Love Me" -- has so many uses of the term "b*tch" blanked out, it might as well be instrumental. Suffice it to say it's a contestable third single from "I Am Not A Human Being II," the release of which has been continually delayed and currently sits at March 26.

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The Band Perry reveals sophomore album title, 'Pioneer,' and cover art

The Band Perry reveals sophomore album title, 'Pioneer,' and cover art

Find out why the trio switched producers from Rick Rubin to Dann Huff

The Band Perry just celebrated “Better Dig Two,” the first single from its sophomore album going to to the top of Billboard’s Country Songs chart.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Jennifer Lawrence</p>

Jennifer Lawrence

Credit: AP Photo

Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence join Oscars telecast

Academy Award nominees will present trophies

Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence are the latest Academy Award nominees to be added to the star-studded of presenters for the upcoming Oscars telecast.

Show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron announced the news today.
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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Credit: Wikipedia

Listen: CulturePop Podcast No. 1

Melinda Newman and Liane Bonin Starr dish on 'Downton,' Chris Brown and more

Welcome to our very first podcast! Melinda Newman and I have been talking about this seemingly forever, and we finally bit the bullet and yapped with GarageBand rolling. We hope you like it, and if you don't, we hope you will at least be kind to our newbie effort. 

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<p>Ezra Miller</p>

Ezra Miller

Credit: AP Photo/Chris PIzzello

Ezra Miller on his disinterest in Twitter and the long road of 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'

It's nice to play a role where people don't think you're crazy

In a perfect world Ezra Miller would be getting ready to attend the Academy Awards later this month.  The 20-year-old actor would be celebrating his first best supporting actor nomination for his role in Stephen Chbosky's "The Perks of Being A Wallflower."  Unfortunately, awards season is a far from perfect animal and Miller joins co-star Logan Lerman, Michael Pena ("End of Watch") and Bruce Willis ("Moonrise Kingdom") as actors who should have received more attention (thank god for the Independent Spirit Awards).  That fact will be increasingly apparent to moviegoers who catch up with "Perks" after its release on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download this week. 

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<p>Michael Haneke at the Golden&nbsp;Globes in January</p>

Michael Haneke at the Golden Globes in January

Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Michael Haneke responds to 'his' Twitter handle

Have you been following @Michael_Haneke?

Hey, have you heard about the Michael Haneke Twitter account? No, of course the "Amour" director hasn't set up a bit of social networking self-promotion, but someone with a sense of humor sure has.

Yes, in this "Catfish" world of cyber fakery, anybody can be anybody. But I guess it can be particularly hilarious when there isn't much pretending going on, as is the case with the @Michael_Haneke handle.

Throwing around web verbiage you might attribute to a 12-year-old girl obsessed with Hello Kitty (or something) rather than an astute, multi-Palme-d'Or-winning practitioner of the filmmaking form, the account has amassed some 25,000 followers since it was set up on November 12. And it's that very aspect that has the REAL Haneke so bewildered.

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Pink's 'The Truth About Love' tour opens in Phoenix to a few glitches

Pink's 'The Truth About Love' tour opens in Phoenix to a few glitches

Singer has ups and downs during U.S. Airways concert's first night

Pink’s “The Truth About Love” got off to a high-flying start at Phoenix's US Airways Arena last night, but not without a few hitches.

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<p>Justin Timberlake</p>

Justin Timberlake

Watch: Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z's 'Suit & Tie' video directed by David Fincher

He'd like to show you a few things

David Fincher got back in the music video saddle specifically for his "Social Network" compadre Justin Timberlake and his new jam "Suit & Tie" featuring Jay-Z. The result is the two superstars all dressed up in black in white -- meaning, their clothes and the shades of the video -- in a gorgeous Old Hollywood setup.

Timberlake appears in scenes from his hotel bedroom to the big stage, with the best scenery taken from the latter as he's flanked by dancers and a horn orchestra.

Let him show you a few things:

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Greg P. Russell tweaks "Skyfall" for IMAX exhibition at Technicolor's post-production facility on the Paramount lot.
Greg P. Russell tweaks "Skyfall" for IMAX exhibition at Technicolor's post-production facility on the Paramount lot.
Credit: Greg P. Russell

Tech Support: Greg P. Russell on finding the nuance in action with Sam Mendes and 'Skyfall'

The oft-nominated sound mixer picked up his 16th Academy notice for the film

HOLLYWOOD - Being in sound mixer Greg P. Russell's shoes at the Oscars must be an interesting experience. He's been 14 times, you see (double nominated in 1998). But he's never heard his name called. He's watched his work on high-octane action hits like "The Rock," "Spider-Man" and the "Transformers" films lose to overall Academy favorites like "The English Patient," "Chicago" "The Hurt Locker" and "Hugo." He's been in the mix (so to speak) consistently since his first nomination, for "Black Rain" in 1989, but hasn't found himself on a project that the Academy at large -- which, whether they know from good sound mixing or not, votes collectively on the Oscar winners each year -- could warm to as worthy of their vote.

That could change this year, however. Nominated for the James Bond extravaganza "Skyfall," Russell finds himself on a production that has clear industry support and sentiment. At the same time, he's staring down Academy favorites once again in "Argo," "Les Misérables," "Life of Pi" and "Lincoln." But that's familiar territory for him.

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