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<p>Mumford &amp; Sons</p>

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons reveal plans for third album

But first, there's plenty of life left in 'Babel'

Mumford & Son’s Grammy Award for album of the year for “Babel” hasn’t even had time to gather dust, and yet the British quintet is already thinking about its third album and it sounds like it’s time for a little something different.

"I do feel like we're ready to make the departure,"  keyboardist Ben Lovett told Rolling Stone.  "There's definitely cohesion between the two albums [2010's 'Sigh No More' and 'Babel']. Now that we've done that, we're not desperate to walk away from that sound, but we're willing to explore what else we could do. These two albums are like brothers. Do something that's a cousin."

“There’s other sounds we want to make,” chimes in Marcus Mumford. And we can only assume he’s joking when he adds one of those sounds is “Like, hip-hop. We really want to rap.”

The band is fleshing out new ideas on its winter tour, with a practice room set up at every venue, but the new album could be a few years away, says banjo player Winston Marshall.  That seems likely given that “Babel” is only on its second single (and first single, “I Will Wait,” is still gaining traction on the Hot 100).

Next up for Mumford is a brief European tour and then this summer they’ll hold their second annual Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers, the multi-artist festivals they started in small towns last year. After starting in Lewes, U.K., the shows will move to North American: Simcoe, Canada on Aug. 23-24, Troy, Ohio on Aug. 30-31,  Guthrie, Okla. on Sept. 6-7 and St. Augustine, Fla., on Sept. 13-14.

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Metallica's second Orion fest picks RHCP and Rise Against to headline

Two-day event moves to Detroit in June

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Deftones, and Bassnectar will headline Metallica’s second annual Orion Music + More Festival.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Christoph&nbsp;Waltz backstage at the 85th annual Academy Awards</p>

Christoph Waltz backstage at the 85th annual Academy Awards

Credit: AP Photo

Who is HitFix's top pundit in a tricky year for Oscar predictions?

Okay, so not anyone's best showing this year

Well, we knew going in that this would probably not be our proudest year for predictions. While a number of categories had cast-iron frontrunners, many were considerably trickier, with two or even three plausible outcomes making for little consensus among pundits.

Some years you simply have stronger instincts than others, and even with no jaw-dropping upsets last night, uncertainty got the better of us in a number of categories. Between our three HitFix pundits, it was Kris who came out on top, calling 18 out of 24 categories correctly. Greg Ellwood was just behind with 17 predictions right, while yours truly brought up the rear with a lowly 16.

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<p>&quot;Avatar:&nbsp;The Last Airbender.&quot;</p>

"Avatar: The Last Airbender."

Credit: Nickelodeon

While I was out...

'The Americans' was renewed, 'Parks and Recreation' had a wedding, and more

Glad to see me? I guess we're in the next life!

Back from a fun week off with the family, that included a trip to Disney World, the conclusion of an "Avatar: The Last Airbender" marathon(*) with my daughter, airport hijinks, etc. I clocked back in last night to watch and write about Seth MacFarlane and the Oscar-cast.

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Best and Worst of the 85th Academy Awards: Seth MacFarlane, Adele, Michelle Obama

Best and Worst of the 85th Academy Awards: Seth MacFarlane, Adele, Michelle Obama

Plus: What did you think was the biggest upset of the night?

Ah, Oscar. You never fail to disappoint and 2013 was clearly was the best and worst of times.  An incredibly uneven show with a host whose 15 minute monologue/intro/whatever you want to call it wasn't the best choice. Thankfully, however, there were some great individual musical numbers, some surprising upsets ("Django Unchained's" great night) and none other than the First Lady of the United States announcing best picture.  HitFix's editorial team has given the show a thorough review and recognized the best and worst of the 85th Academy Awards.

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<p>Katie and Max of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Katie and Max of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Loose Lips Sink Ships'

Water, water everywhere. That's a bad thing if you hate water.
You'll have to tell me, fellow "Amazing Race" fans: Was Sunday (February 24) night's episode really, really lame and anti-climactic or did it only feel lame to this recapper who had to watch the episode after seven-ish hours of consecutive tweeting and live-blogging of the Oscars and really might have preferred to just to to sleep, rather than dealing with an "Amazing Race" Leg with little travel, a couple uninspired challenges and a lot of whining? I mean, I'd like to think that even in my exhausted state, I would have enjoyed a GOOD episode of "The Amazing Race," but this didn't feel like one of those to me.
Or am I wrong? 
Click through and I'm gonna run through the episode as quickly as possible. 
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<p>Jennifer Hudson performing at the 2013 Oscars</p>

Jennifer Hudson performing at the 2013 Oscars

Credit: AP Photo

Who had the best Oscars music moment? Jennifer Hudson, Adele, Seth MacFarlane

'Chicago,' Barbra Streisand, Norah Jones, Shirley Bassey and Dancing With The Stars

Music and the movies was the unofficial-official theme of the 2013 Academy Awards, and big names were on hand to flesh the concept out. Jennifer Hudson, Adele, Barbra Streisand, host Seth MacFarlane, Kristin Chenoweth, Shirley Bassey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Norah Jones the cast of "Les Miserables" and more were all on hand to work the wares from their famed flicks.

Below is an outline of the show's big numbers and some commentary. Be sure to vote on which you think was the best. Has Adele won over your heart, too?

+ The show host Seth MacFarlane had promised big musical numbers from the top, once he got the job, and considering the depth of know-how from his creation of "Family Guy," the dude knows how to speak Hollywood. And did he. Maybe a little too well... or a little too Old Hollywood. In between cracks with Captain Kirk, he trotted out A-Lister Dancing With The Stars Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron for "The Way You Look Tonight" and a soft shoe bit with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe, who recently caught the Broadway musical bug.

+ Honoring 50 years of James Bond, the lead entertainer was Shirley Bassey and her "Goldfinger," which warranted a standing ovation. Watchers were perhaps hoping for a much bigger, more surprising combination of 007 alum (hey, I hear Paul McCartney's just sitting by the phone), but this stood well on its own.

+ An entire segment devoted to the stage musical turned out to honor only a couple of movies. The producers of the Oscars also happened to be executive producers of "Chicago," and they took this opportunity to pat themselves on the back. This first time: Catherine Zeta-Jones, doing a decent job of retreading her "All That Jazz" except for that whole lip-syncing thing. Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, couldn't have phoned in her big, gorgeous, Academy Award-winning "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" from "Dreamgirls," reminding us that a movie doesn't necessarily have to be good in order to yield some timeless performances. "Les Miserables" had its big cast moment that even included Russell Crowe, bless his heart, for "One Day More" and "Suddenly." It felt like it went on for one day more.

+ Adele sang her Oscar-winner "Skyfall' with grace and shimmying charm. The overall sound mix was far less elegance. Watch it and read more here.

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<p>Seth MacFarlane was flanked by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe in one of my Academy Awards musical numbers.</p>

Seth MacFarlane was flanked by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe in one of my Academy Awards musical numbers.

Credit: AP

Review: Seth MacFarlane emcees a conflicted, bloated, song-heavy Oscar-cast

'Family Guy' creator sings, dances and occasionally offends at Academy Awards

The career of Seth MacFarlane has often seemed like a battle for supremacy between Frat Boy Seth and Old-Time Hollywood Seth, and every time it seems the former has won, the latter will slip an extended recreation of "Shipoopi" from "The Music Man" into an episode of "Family Guy." He makes his money on dick and fart jokes and '80s reference humor, but you get the sense sometimes that he'd be happier singing showtunes.

MacFarlane's stint as host of the 2013 Academy Awards was that battle writ large, on the most prominent stage he's ever had, and a rare one where he wasn't hiding behind an animated rendering of an evil baby or a crude teddy bear. MacFarlane came out dressed in a classic black tuxedo, channeling Johnny Carson as he cracked jokes about being the last choice to host the show and about "Argo" being "so top secret that the film's director is unknown to the Academy." It was Old-Time Hollywood Seth all the way for a few minutes, before the other guy started to slip in and cause trouble, starting with a Chris Brown joke that drew groans in the room and another about the dialogue of "Django Unchained" being "loosely based on Mel Gibson's voicemails."

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<p>Ben Affleck at the 85th annual&nbsp;Academy&nbsp;Awards</p>

Ben Affleck at the 85th annual Academy Awards

Credit: AP Photo

Ben Affleck's 'Argo' named Best Picture of the year at the 85th annual Academy Awards

Jack Nicholson presents the honor with First Lady Michelle Obama

Crowning off an industry awards running of the table, from the Critics' Choice Movie Awards the night director Ben Affleck was passed over for a Best Director Oscar nomination through a guild circuit that brought high profile recognition from the likes of producers, directors, actors and writers, Warner Bros. Pictures' "Argo" has been named Best Picture of 2012 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

"I know what you're thinking. The three sexiest producers alive," said producer Grant Heslov said between co-producers George Clooney and Ben Affleck on the stage of the Dolby Theatre, able to accept a prize as producer despite being left off the directors' line-up. "I want to acknowledge my partner in crime and my great friend George Clooney. Everybody should be so lucky to have a partner as talented, as humorous and with so much integrity. On behalf of George and myself, I want to thank you, Ben. You directed a hell of a film."

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<p>Meryl Streep presents the Best Actor Oscar to&nbsp;&quot;Lincoln&quot;&nbsp;star Daniel&nbsp;Day-Lewis at the 85th annual Academy&nbsp;Awards.</p>

Meryl Streep presents the Best Actor Oscar to "Lincoln" star Daniel Day-Lewis at the 85th annual Academy Awards.

Credit: AP Photo

'Lincoln' star Daniel Day-Lewis wins Best Actor Oscar

And he sets a new record in the process

Daniel Day-Lewis has broken an Oscar record this evening. The "Lincoln" star picked up the Best Actor trophy for his performance in the Steven Spielberg film, making him the first actor to win three lead actor prizes.

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<p>Jennifer Lawrence at the 85th annual Academy&nbsp;Awards</p>

Jennifer Lawrence at the 85th annual Academy Awards

Credit: AP Photo

Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress at the Oscars for 'Silver Linings Playbook'

She edges out stiff competition from Jessica Chastain and Emmanuelle Riva

Jennifer Lawrence, the 22-year-old star of "Silver Linings Playbook," has won the Oscar for Best Actress at the 85th annual Academy Awards.

"Thank you to the women this year," she said in her acceptance speech. " You were so magnificent and so inspired. It's been so amazing getting to know you…you've made this experience unforgettable."

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<p>Adele at the 2013 Oscars</p>

Adele at the 2013 Oscars

Credit: AP Photo

Adele shines at 2013 Oscars with live 'Skyfall' performance: Watch

Academy Awards gets music A-lister power and a James Bond win

Shortly before she took the prize for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, Adele wowed audiences across the board with the very track that earned her the Oscar honor. "Skyfall" fell on the stage with a full orchestra, choir and floor to ceiling sparkle, with the acclaimed British singer front-and-center.

Now, if only her vocals could have been treated the same. All night, the house orchestra tended to overpower vocals -- including on other powerhouse performances from 007-famed Shirley Bassey and "Dreamgirls" Oscars winner Jennifer Hudson. While Adele kept her kinder notes understated like in the recording, her backing band seemed to challenge her. Great performance on her part, but an iffy mix.

Still, she put a little shimmy in, with the glitter of her heels and the shine of that dress. It was a win for the James Bond franchise, another feather in Adele's already ample cap -- even for a 24-year-old -- and another step toward the inevitable: Adele for EGOT. Just don't go for the Tony too soon.

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