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<p>Warwick Davis is, quite simply, one of the nicest guys in this business, and it's great to hear him telling new stories about the making of 'Willow'</p>

Warwick Davis is, quite simply, one of the nicest guys in this business, and it's great to hear him telling new stories about the making of 'Willow'

Credit: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Exclusive: Warwick Davis on horseback riding in 'Willow' and how Val Kilmer helped him

As the Lucas/Howard fantasy gets the deluxe Blu-ray treatment, we've got a sneak peek

I remember when "Willow" was first announced. I was working at a movie theater, and in those pre-Internet days, there were posters that would arrive and be the first indication that a movie even existed. Sure, I read "Starlog" and "Fangoria" and whatever issues of "Variety" I could get my hands on, and I did my best to be as tuned in as possible to what was happening in movies, but it was a lot harder to come by early information.  As a result, when we opened the poster tubes on day and pulled out a gorgeous but mysterious teaser poster that consisted of red-orange clouds and a simple title treatment for "Willow" with the tagline "Forget all you know… or think you know," all we really had to go on was "From the creator of 'Star Wars'" at the top and "From the director of 'Cocoon'" at the bottom.

Almost immediately, the speculation began, and more than one person guessed that this was finally the new "Star Wars" film, a mere five years after the release of "Return Of The Jedi."  In those days, we still believed that Lucas was going to continue making the films in a fairly timely manner, and even once other publicity materials started showing up, it took me a while to really believe that "Willow" was its own thing.

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"Project Runway"

 "Project Runway"

Credit: Lifetime

'Project Runway' recap: 'A Sticky Situation' calls for duct tape prom dresses

Real high school students get to influence the vote


I decided to check in with "Project Runway" this week because the two other shows I now recap on Thursday nights ("Scandal" and "The Vampire Diaries") are in reruns, and boy, I'm glad I did. This week is the duct tape (or, to be brand specific, Duck Tape) challenge, and better yet, the assignment is to make friggin' prom dresses. I love this idea, and I'm hoping the designers go nuts with it. These days, duct tape (or, really Duck Tape) is available in all kinds of crazy prints and patterns. Not where I shop, of course, because I would buy some. Not sure where I'd use it, but I would find a use for zebra print duct tape in my house because it is just too awesome to stick under your sink. 

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<p>Gillian Jacobs and Joel McHale in &quot;Community.&quot;</p>

Gillian Jacobs and Joel McHale in "Community."

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Community' - 'Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations'

Jeff confronts his father, while the group tries to escape Shirley's awful Thanksgiving dinner

A review of tonight's "Community" coming up just as soon as I have to do a Jewish thing in the other room...

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<p>Kree Harrison of &quot;American Idol&quot;</p>

Kree Harrison of "American Idol"

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' - Las Vegas Round: Finalists Revealed

It'll take 90 minutes to unveil the Top 10-or-so

What have you done, America?

No. Seriously. I'm actually kinda curious. I want to know which girl is going to advance along with Amber, Kree, Candice and Angela. 

I want to know who's going to advance among the Men, who were mostly a mediocre lot.

And, finally, I want to know if the judges are going to toss in any twists, two wild cards, perhaps? "Idol" is ending a week earlier this year, so I suppose that if you eliminate the Judges' Save and just do a Top 10, that fits, right? 

We'll see. It'll take 90 minutes, but we'll find out.

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<p>Nicki Minaj</p>

Nicki Minaj

Watch Nicki Minaj's eye-popping guest spot in French Montana's 'Freaks'

Learn to Dutty Wine

Throw together a low-lit club, your favorite tank and bikini, the Dutty Wine, the stocking cap you owned in high school, Lil Viscious, Chaka Demus & Pliers' "Murder She Wrote,"and -- gasp! -- Lil Kim  and you've got Nicki Minaj and French Montana together in the music video for the latter rapper's "Freaks."

Minaj makes a severely hot-n-bothered appearance in said gold pasties with only a jacket to keep her warm as Montana's over-dressed in this club-based video, for a song that's equally hot. I love the matter-of-factness in the MMG MC's voice, and Minaj's high-heeled dominance on the throne. ("American Idol" may have her climb down, though, and put on a shawl.)

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Watch: Lady Antebellum's new video for 'Downtown'

Watch: Lady Antebellum's new video for 'Downtown'

Hillary Scott is a girl gone wild with 'Two Broke Girls'' Beth Behrs

It’s a good thing the members of Lady Antebellum have their day jobs because, as their new video for “Downtown” proves, Hillary Scott makes a lousy felon, and Charles Kelley and David Haywood make donut-obsessed, hilariously inept cops. (Plus, why the boys are trying to do New York accents when they’re in Los Angeles is beyond me, but that would be thinking about it way too hard).

[More after the jump...]

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Watch: Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Josh Homme jam on 'Mantra'

Watch: Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Josh Homme jam on 'Mantra'

Foo Fighter bashes the drums on 'Sound City: Reel To Reel' track

Dave Grohl has has plenty to say for  his new documentary, “Sound City,” about the vaunted Los Angeles studio where such classics as Nirvana’s Nevermind” were recorded. But on “Mantra,” he lets the music do the talking.

[More after the jump...]

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Song Of The Day: FIDLAR'S 'Max Can't Surf' music video

Song Of The Day: FIDLAR'S 'Max Can't Surf' music video

It's like Tim & Eric battled MTV and won

Remember around the turn of the century, when everybody was building their web pages with a starscape background and low-contrast colored fonts (and lime green hyperlinks) with flaming skulls in the margins and everything in 48-point type?

The music video for FIDLAR's snot-rock anthem "Max Can't Surf," which is a perfectly produced piece of garage, is sort of like that webpage, as much in execution as it is in mood.

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<p>If sunshine could act, it would probably be Michelle Williams.</p>

If sunshine could act, it would probably be Michelle Williams.

Credit: HitFix

Michelle Williams explains why there's some Marilyn Monroe in her Glinda in 'Oz The Great and Powerful'

We also discuss the film's unusual ending and why that mattered to her

One of the greatest things about "Oz The Great and Powerful," for me anyway, is seeing Michelle Williams play a role where she spends a good deal of time actually smiling.

If you knew her primarily from "Dawson's Creek" in the early days, it would have been very hard to predict that she would eventually end up as one of the most acclaimed and interesting actresses working. The last decade or so has seen her deliver one great performance after another, though, and sitting down to talk to her about playing Glinda the good witch in "Oz" was a a genuine pleasure.

Before we started rolling, we talked a bit about Sarah Polley's new documentary "Stories We Tell" and how seeing it changed my perceptions of "Take This Waltz," the film that Polley made with Williams.  She seemed delighted that I knew "Waltz" and loved it, and it was obvious as we spoke that she is a huge fan of Polley's work.

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'X Factor's' Tate Stevens reveals cover art and track listing for debut set
Credit: RCA Nashville

'X Factor's' Tate Stevens reveals cover art and track listing for debut set

April 23 release teams Stevens with top Nashville tunesmiths

Tate Stevens, “The X Factor’s” season two winner, will release his self-titled Syco/RCA Nashville set on April 23. Today, he revealed the album art and track listing.

As the listing reveals, the country singer co-wrote three of the 11 tracks on the set. For many of the other selections, he corralled in some of Nashville’s top songwriters, including Rivers Rutherford, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip for “That’s How You Get the Girl,” as well as Bradley Gaskin, a performer in his own right, for first single,  “Power Of a Love Song.”

“Since winning ‘The X Factor,’ we’ve listened to hundreds of songs and set a ton of writing appointments with some of Nashville’s best songwriters. The outcome is a collection of 11 songs I’m really proud of, and I can’t wait to get this record out there.” Blake Chancey produced the set.

"Tate Stevens" track listing

1. "I Got This"
Tate Stevens/Joe Diffie/Wade Kirby/Phil O'Donnell
2. "Can't Get Nothin' Done"
Tate Stevens/Ashley Gorley/Wade Kirby/Phil O'Donnell
3. "Ride It Out"
Tate Stevens/Shane Minor/David Lee Murphy
4. "Power Of A Love Song"
Jeremy Bussey/Bradley Gaskin/Marcus Franklin Johnson
5. "Sweet"
Kelly Garrett/Kendell Marvel/Tim Owens
6. "That's Where We Live"
Carson Chamberlain/Wade Kirby/Phil O'Donnell
7. "El Camino"
Chris Hennessee/Donny Lowery
8. "That's How You Get The Girl"
Dallas Davidson/Ben Hayslip/Rivers Rutherford
9. "Ordinary Angels"
Victoria Banks/Phil Barton/Emily Shackleton
10. "The Last Thing I Do"
David Lee Murphy/Kim Tribble
11. "Holler If You're With Me"
Jeremy Bussey/Drew Davis

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<p>She &amp; Him</p>

She & Him

Credit: Sam Jones/

Zooey Deschanel 'Never Wanted Your Love' on new She & Him single: Listen

The catchy tune is the first single off their upcoming 'Volume 3'

She & Him, "New Girl" star Zooey Deschanel's cutesy folk pop project with ace guitarist M. Ward, are back with a new summer name, just in time for the end of winter. "Never Wanted Your Love," the duo's first single from their upcoming fourth album, "Volume 3" (It's not a cheeky title; their third album was the holiday-themed lark "A Very She & Him Christmas"). 

Despite lyrics straight out of the Heartbreak Hotel, "Never" is a typically upbeat doodle of a pop song which highlights Deschanel's country-tinged vocals, some nice background harmony work and Ward's muted picking style. 

Listen to it here:


"Volume 3" arrives May 7.

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Watch Phoenix's weird Korean soap opera-themed 'Entertainment' video
Credit: Glassnote

Watch Phoenix's weird Korean soap opera-themed 'Entertainment' video

Music video for K-pop fans

Something something K-pop star, something government conspiracy, something something murder: welcome to Phoenix's music video for "Entertainment", which inexplicably is based around some form of Korean soap opera.

This is not to its detriment, but to its benefit. The video -- which is part B-roll and mostly awesome -- integrates the lyrics to the track in rare parts and then unfolds a bloody murder, a slammin' concert and, perhaps, a mirror into that whole pentatonic thing I was talking about earlier when the single first came out. I like the song better now. Job well done, video

Do you see yourself jumping up and down and clapping on the beat to this, as Phoenix makes its way around the country this summer to promote its new album "Bankrupt!" at 1.3 million music festivals?

"Entertainment" was directed by Patrick Daughters, who was responsible for all of Feist's best and most awesome music videos from "The Reminder," plus clips from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Leon, Muse and Beck. So he gets out of the house every now and then.

"Bankrupt!" is out on April 23.

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