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<p>John Fogerty</p>

John Fogerty

Credit: AP Photo

Concert Review: John Fogerty muscles through his hits at birthday gig

Show doubled as release party for 'Wrote A Song For Everyone'

John Fogerty turned Los Angeles’ stately, chandeliered El Rey Theater into a gritty roadhouse bar Tuesday night.

The 2-hour concert, which aired live on AXS TV, celebrated Fogerty’s 68th birthday and the release of his new album, “Wrote A Song For Everyone,” which features the Creedence Clearwater Revival rocker performing his greatest hits with artists ranging from the Foo Fighters to Miranda Lambert. As poster boards in the venue reminded patrons, May 28 also marked the 45th anniversary of the release of the first CCR album. (Read our review of "Wrote A Song For Everyone" here).

While it would have been totally understandable to expect a number of the guests on “Wrote A Song For Everyone” to show up for the album’s release party, other than Fogerty’s sons, who appear on “Lodi,” there were no such surprises. No one was stealing the show from the birthday boy.  Early on, Fogerty explained that the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl was celebrating his wife’s birthday as he launched into “Fortunate Son” and teased that Bob Seger might show up for “Who’ll Stop The Rain” before admitting that Seger was home in Detroit.

While it’s tempting to remark on Fogerty’s relentless energy for someone eligible for social security, the fact is his passion is laudable for an entertainer of any age. It’s clear he still relishes nothing more than ripping off a good guitar solo or going for an extended jam on such numbers as “Ramble Tamble,” a time-shifting, key-changing track from 1970’s “Cosmo’s Factory.” His many guitars got as good a work out as he did.

Fogerty front loaded the show with hits, including “Fortunate Son,” “Green River,” “Looking Out My Back Door” and “Born On The Bayou.” The middle section was devoted to swampy, long jams that were played with verve, but brought the energy level down from the opening, well-known tunes. Yes, he was the birthday boy and it was his party and his rules, but it sometimes felt like he was streamrolling through tunes such as “Somebody Help Me” and “Blue Moon Nights,”  albeit with sterling accompaniment from the always reliable powerhouse Kenny Aronoff on drums.

The hit parade came back for the show’s latter portion with the non-stop roll of “Heard It Through The Grapevine,” “Keep on Chooglin,” “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” “Oh, Pretty Woman,” “Centerfield,” “Old Man Down The Road” and then “Bad Moon Rising” and “Proud Mary” for encores. (The set list alone suggests that there could definitely be a “Wrote A Song For Everyone Vol. 2” given the number of hits left off the first edition).

“I love playing rock and roll for y’all and seeing the smiles on your faces,”  Fogerty said to the audience toward the end. Perhaps that was the best birthday present of all.

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<p>De La Soul</p>

De La Soul

De La Soul premieres trippy music video for 'Get Away (Feat. The Spirit of The Wu)'

Smoke in the Rubik's Cube

De La Soul have now added visuals to their comeback single "Get Away (Feat. The Spirit of the Wu)," as the three originators can be found deeply embedded in a Rubik's Cube.

"The feel is definitely gritty, hard and sounds like a Wu record, so out of inspirational respect, we included featuring 'The Spirit of the Wu' in the song title," Posdnuos told Rolling Stone of the track "Get Away."

Check out the cool clip below: the song is the first to arrive from "You're Welcome," their new album due this fall. As previously reported, De La Soul's "You're Welcome" will be the hip-hop crew's first album featuring all its members since 2004.

Their last album was 2004's "The Grind Date," though Dave and Posdnuos also combined forces for last year's "First Serve."

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'Two and a Half Men' adding Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter

"Two and a Half Men" adding Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter
The new female character joining the cast full-time next season will be in her late teens/early 20s.

"Big Brother: After Dark" moving to TVGN
The spinoff show will air live for two hours each night starting at midnight.

Courteney Cox finalizes divorce with David Arquette

Their marriage, which began in 1999, is officially over.

"Game of Thrones" adding 3 new major characters for Season 4

Three characters from "A Storm of Swords." PLUS: Check out HBO's "Thrones" cookies.

Is "Mad Men's" Megan doomed?
Why was she wearing the same T-shirt as Sharon Tate? PLUS: Costume designer Janie Bryant on Abe's bellbottom jeans.

Charlie Brown inspires hip-hop song

MC ScienZe samples "Peanuts" in a new song.

Watch "Workaholics" star Anders Holm address college grads

The 2003 University of Wisconsin-Madison alum addressed his alma mater.

Here are the best "Inside the Actor's Studio" moments from Episodes 1-249

James Lipton tonight celebrates the 250th episode of his Bravo series.

"Community's" Yvette Nicole Brown returning to "The Soul Man"
She'll reprise her role as Cedric the Entertainer's neighbor.

"Next Top Model's" Lisa D'Amato is pregnant

D'Amato is expecting a boy, as her sonogram reveals.

Read the BBC memo calling "Fawlty Towers" as "dire as its title"
The 1974 memo from a "comedy script editor" was, of course, ignored.

CBS tonight launches "The American Baking Competition"
Can this food competition succeed on network TV?

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"The Bachelorette"

 "The Bachelorette"

Credit: ABC

Watch: An embarrassing rap video from 'The Bachelorette' and Soulja Boy

It turns out not even Des has the right rhythm

Sometimes, when you're just having fun and goofing around with friends, you run a video camera. After all, no one's going to see it, right? It seems Des and the bachelors of "The Bachelorette" have decided to do this by taping a rap video, but they forgot that last part. ABC has not only set this thing to air at the end of the second episode of the show (Mon. June 3), they've recruited a real rapper, Soulja Boy, to make all of these people look as white and rhythmless as possible. 

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<p>Elton John</p>

Elton John


Which unlikely choice could end up playing Sir Elton John in a biopic?

And will he wear his Bane mouthgear if he does get the part?

Mad Max. Bane. Bronson. And… Sir Elton John?

That could happen. "Rocketman" is being developed right now by director Michael Gracey and executive producer Elton John, and it's being described as "a biographical musical fantasy that weaves together the life of Sir Elton John and his music."

Bernie Taupin is a key supporting role, and John Reid is also evidently key to the story, but obviously, the main draw here is going to be seeing someone try to bring to life the flamboyant contradictions of Elton John's performing persona. After witnessing what Michael Douglas did with the role of Liberace, I can imagine a number of actors lining up o try o get a chance to play Elton.

Right now, the project is out to Tom Hardy. That doesn't mean they've made him a formal offer yet, or even that he's interested, but it's an intriguing possibility. What I find most compelling about it is that Hardy seems like a guy who embodies a certain form of physical machismo, but who challenges that appearance at every turn. I like that. I think guys like Hardy will help to shatter traditional notions of what a "leading man" is or isn't allowed to do on film, and every little bit of that helps.

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Oklahoma after the tornado

 Tina Taylor salvages belongings from a home after the Oklahoma tornado

Credit: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Oklahoma tornado disaster to be focus of 1-hour special 'instamentary'

Discovery show to show on-the-ground footage and CGI

The tragic EF5 tornado that ripped through Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th is now going to be explored in a TV special. Discovery Channel is airing "Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster" (working title, by the way) on Sun. June 2 at 10:00 p.m.

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Neil Patrick Harris to host the Emmys months after hosting the Tonys

Neil Patrick Harris to host the Emmys months after hosting the Tonys
Three months after hosting the Tonys for the 4th time, the "How I Met Your Mother" star will host the Emmys for the 2nd time, when CBS airs the TV awards show on Sept. 22. Harris last hosted the Emmys in 2009, when the awards show was last on CBS.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger sells bodybuilding drama to Showtime, featuring him in a recurring role

Arnold Schwarzenegger sells bodybuilding drama to Showtime, featuring him in a recurring role
"Pump," set in 1970s Venice Beach, revolves around a gym called Pump. The former California governor plans to recur if the drama is picked up.

Mitch Hurwitz: "Arrested Development" critics are right ... about the green screen problem
"The UNRENDERED green screen shot of Lucille and Lucille 2 was accidentally in show!," he tweeted. PLUS: Was Portia de Rossi's new face intentional?

Netflix would be "willing" to do more "Arrested Development" -- "It's been huge," says CEO
CEO Reed Hastings said this morning on CNBC: "'Arrested' is unique, because that's really up to the talent. If the talent were willing to do more, and interested in that, I'm sure we would be willing."

Adam Levine explains his "I hate my country" remark
"I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration," "The Voice" star said today in a statement. "Being a part of The Voice, I am passionately invested in my team and want to see my artists succeed."

"Homeland" promotes new Season 3 actor Tracy Letts
He's playing Sen. Andrew Lockhart, a powerful committee chairman.

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Adam Levine's 'I hate this country' remark prompts backlash

Adam Levine's "I hate this country" remark prompts backlash
The singer muttered the comment under his breath last night during "The Voice."

Katie Couric confirms she was approached to return to "Today"
Katie tells Howard Stern that there were "cautious overtures" to her to return to the NBC morning show.

Larry King joining a cable channel funded by Russia

King's new talk show will air on RT, formerly known as Russia Today, an American-based TV channel funded by the Russian government.

Amazon greenlights 5 original shows
"Alpha House" and "Betas" will join kids shows "Annebots," "Creative Galaxy" and "Tumbleaf."

New York's PBS station creates fake reality TV show subway ads
From "Knitting Wars" to "Married to a Mime," the ad campaign is aimed at making fun of and criticizing reality shows.

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Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling would make the most Aryan babies in the history of the world.
Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling would make the most Aryan babies in the history of the world.
Credit: HitFix

Brit Marling and her collaborators on 'The East' talk about charisma and cults

An unconventional interview situation yields solid results

This was a strange one.

Not because of the cast of "The East," keep in mind, but simply because of my own scheduling snafu over the weekend. I flew to El Paso, TX, so I could attend a press event for "After Earth," and I was set to fly back to LA on a Friday night. Unfortunately, my flight, the last flight out of El Paso got cancelled, and so when the press day for "The East" took place on Saturday, I was still in Texas.

The only compromise we could find, thanks the way we had the rest of Team HitFix scheduled, was to have one of Fox Searchlight's publicists read my questions for the cast, so technically, this may be my interview, but I wasn't there.

It's a shame, too. I'd like to meet Brit Marling and talk to her about the work she's been doing for the last couple of years. I'm intrigued by the subjects she's drawn to as a writer and by the choices she makes as a performer, and "The East" certainly fits, thematically speaking, with "Sound Of My Voice."

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Video: Best and Worst of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival's second week

Video: Best and Worst of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival's second week

How did Palme d'Or winner 'Blue is the Warmest Color' measure up?

CANNES - Once again from the south of France and the 66th Cannes Film Festival a few days post-fest, HitFix's Gregory Ellwood and Guy Lodge of In Contention survey the lay of the land, this time focusing on the festival's second week.

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Funeral Plans for 2012-2013's Network TV Freshman Casualties

Funeral Plans for 2012-2013's Network TV Freshman Casualties

Saying farewell to 'Go On,' 'Partners,' 'The Mob Doctor' and more

Summer is here. A handful of broadcast network shows are finishing off runs that began in the season, but the business as a whole has already moved on to the traditions of summer: failed shows being burned off, summer cable premieres, and buzz on fall pilots.

Before we fully engage in looking forward, though, Fienberg and I want to take one last look back at some of the series that won't be joining us next season. As has become an annual tradition at HitFix, we've made funeral plans for the canceled freshmen series that aired on the broadcast networks in the 2012-13 season. Some, we kind of liked ("Go On," "Ben and Kate"). Some, we hated instantly ("Partners," "Guys with Kids"). Some, we barely got to know at all ("Made in Jersey," "Do No Harm"). A year ago, many of them had such promise, but now they're done.

Join us for this sad trip down memory lane before we move into happier summer activities over the next few weeks.

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