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Jenna Elfman may replace Parker Posey on NBC's 'Family Guide'

Jenna Elfman may replace Parker Posey on NBC's "Family Guide"

She's in talks to join the midseason comedy.

Netflix exec slams NY Times for its negative "Arrested Development" review

Chief content officer Ted Sarandos said The Times' review was "like the equivalent of writing a review of the first 10 minutes of a movie, you’re probably not going to have a great experience."

Web show pits "Survivor" alums vs. "Big Brother" alums

The Kickstarter-funded "Reality Gamemaster" will have the reality vets competing in a game of Risk.

"Game of Thrones'" Dothraki language creator translates pop-culture phrases

"Breaking Bad's" Walter White would say: "Anha vekhikh fin mema."

Netflix plans to triple its spending on original programming

Currently, Netflix only spends less than 5% of its revenues on original shows.

Conan O'Brien: How "Breaking Bad" should end

Says Conan: "We all know that Gus Fring didn't die..."

"The League" star wants to use Kickstarter to become "super rich"

Watch Jon Lajoie's fake Kickstarter plea.

"SNL" tries UltraHD

Some of the pre-taped bits from the past few months were shot in a format with four times the data of HD.

Animal Planet renews "River Monsters"

"River Monsters" is Animal Planet's most-watched show. 

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"The American Baking Competition"

 "The American Baking Competition"

Credit: CBS

'The American Baking Competition' is doughy but sweet

The reality competition is low energy but the food looks delicious

Every season, there are a few reality TV show ideas that make me wonder if we are, in fact, done. After all, what's next? "Waiting in Line for Movie Tickets: The Fight to the Finish" or maybe "Stuck in Traffic without Music: The Will to Survive"? There are only so many jobs, so many situations and so many contests that have inherent dramatic value. By the way, don't be stealin' that movie tickets idea. I may pitch it to basic cable yet. 

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EXCLUSIVE: Go behind the scenes of OneRepublic's new 'Counting Stars' video
Credit: UMG

EXCLUSIVE: Go behind the scenes of OneRepublic's new 'Counting Stars' video

Band heads to church again... but with an alligator

Alligators, men falling from the ceiling and going to church: just another day in the life of OneRepublic.

The pop-rock band is about to premiere the new music video to "Counting Stars" tomorrow (May 31) and gave HitFix the exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the shoot.

British director James Lees -- who's worked on vids with Bloc Party and Two Door Cinema Club -- helms the clip, which was shot in the basement of an old church in New Orleans. The Colorado band describes wanting to bring on a Brit for their use of color, but they actually appear to end up under the cloud-cover of dust. Literally.

Watch the video below for the cameo by Bruce Willis' stunt double, chatter from all five band members and a taste of Ryan Tedder's continually improving dance abilities.

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<p>They may be leaning on Will Smith's name to sell the film, but Jaden Smith is easily the lead character in 'After Earth'</p>

They may be leaning on Will Smith's name to sell the film, but Jaden Smith is easily the lead character in 'After Earth'

Credit: Sony Pictures

Review: Will and Jaden Smith explore father-son dynamics against a science-fiction adventure backdrop in 'After Earth'

Will M. Night Shyamalan ever get a fair shake again?

"After Earth" is, all things considered, a fairly small-scale story, and the conscious decision to create such a large world and then focus on two characters almost exclusively feels at first like a mistake. Ultimately, though, the film reveals that its true intent is to create a boy's adventure movie that externalizes the basic stresses and fears of parenthood, and its modest goals turn out to be an asset. This may not be the biggest bang for the buck this summer, but it's lovely to see something that is sincere, thematically focused, and that ultimately works in a way I didn't expect.

M. Night Shyamalan has entered the phase of his career where there is a certain amount of baggage that prevents a percentage of the audience (and the film press) from even remotely approaching a new film by him with an open mind. It's been fascinating to watch the fall from newly-annointed genius in 1999 to openly-reviled punchline in 2013. While he courted a certain amount of that with his Newsweek cover story and his self-commissioned immolation-in-book-form "The Man Who Hears Voices" and his ludicrous "documentary" about the making of "The Village," it is still discouraging to watch people spend weeks warming up for a new film of his by practicing their snark and trotting out their complaints about his prior work. At this point, Sony barely even acknowledged him in the marketing for this film, a clear indication that they were aware of the issue, and even so, I see people piling on already, and I'm baffled.

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Watch: Miranda Lambert tears up during  Oklahoma tornado relief concert

Watch: Miranda Lambert tears up during Oklahoma tornado relief concert

Singer overcome with emotion during Healing for the Heartland benefit

Miranda Lambert had a hard time getting through her beautiful "The House That Built Me" during Wednesday night's "Healing  in the Heartland" concert last night and you will too if you watch this video.


[More after the jump...]


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<p>Zack Snyder</p>

Zack Snyder

Credit: AP

Zack Snyder makes Superman his own on the 'Man of Steel' set

'300' and 'Watchmen' director discusses the pressure he feels now
Dave's Tavern on Central Avenue in Plano, Illinois remains entirely unscathed after the disaster that has hit the rest of the town's main drag. 
As discussed in its own story, production on "Man of Steel" has turned Plano into Smallville, Kansas and, in turn, Smallville, Kansas has been turned into Ground Zero in a clash-of-the-titans-style conflict between Superman (Henry Cavill) and an assortment of rival Kryptonians and other mystery adversaries. 
Outside, the air is thick with the smell of well-supervised pyrotechnics, to say nothing of the usual summer heat. Squib detonations, gunfire and swarming helicopters present their own cacophony.
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<p>Henry Cavill of &quot;Man of Steel&quot;</p>

Henry Cavill of "Man of Steel"

Credit: Warner Brothers

Henry Cavill channels Superman on the 'Man of Steel' set

'The Tudors' star chats with reporters about his DC Comics hero
When "Man of Steel" hits theaters on June 14, 2013, it's possible that Superman will make saving the world appear effortless, but on August 29, 2011, Earth's greatest superhero is sweating. 
That's not a criticism of the artist sometimes known as Clark Kent or Kal-El. Even the coolest of customers would wilt under the oppressive late-summer heat on the Plano, Illinois set of the DC Comics adaptation. And it's not like Superman is just sitting under an umbrella chilling and sipping a super-mojito. 
With background debris exploding into flame, Superman keeps trying to escape from a seemingly Kryptonian adversary, but every time he thinks he's gotten free, he gets dragged back in, possibly tearing up bits of the road as he goes. To create the illusion of a preternaturally strong tug of war, star Henry Cavill is attached to a harness and the harness is attached to a crane. Between the effort and the costume and the temperature, the scene might as well be taking place in an oven and between shots, an assistant rushes out to pat the Man of Steel down with a Mountain Dew-colored towel. It's an illusion-destroying act of charity. 
Initially, it looks like a simple shot and Cavill very politely declines hydration, but after enthusiastic director Zack Snyder requests more and more takes, the actor is soon cooling down with a bag of ice.
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<p>Henry Cavill of &quot;Man of Steel&quot;</p>

Henry Cavill of "Man of Steel"

Credit: Warner Brothers

'Man of Steel' Set Visit: Superman battles in Smallville streets

HitFix was in Illinois in 2011 on the set of Zack Snyder's film
It's late-August 2011 and a titanic struggle is underway on the main street of Smallville, Kansas.
It's hard to identify all of the featured combatants. 
Superman, of course, is easy enough to recognize, even if his garb is radically altered from when last he graced the big screen. 
Who is Superman fighting? 
That's a bit more complicated. His primary adversary currently appears to be a man in a motion capture suit with an attachment that suggests that he'll ultimately be far larger than what the naked eye can currently see. 
In the moment, it looks like Superman is not getting the best of this exchange. He's pinned back uncomfortably in a furrow in the concrete and he's being pummeled something fierce. Antje Traue's Kryptonian Fiora is also involved in the skirmish, but she's less tantalizing than the unknown MoCap man.
"This particular character we're not going to name for you, because we want it to be a surprise," teases "Man of Steel" producer Chuck Roven. 
That doesn't stop the journalists on the film's set from speculating, but I won't share any of those guesses, just in case we got it right. Over the course of a day of production, we may or may not have posited every single villain in the DC Comics universe and offered those suggestions to various producers, technicians, extras and interested locals without even a nod of confirmation or a shake of disagreement. The Superman universe is all about the hero's myriad powers, but on the set of "Man of Steel," enhanced strength, X-Ray vision and flight all pale in comparison to a higher power, that of producer Christopher Nolan. Although he's still in production on "The Dark Knight Rises" and isn't literally on the "Man of Steel" set, his secret-loving presence is felt and evoked at every turn in the form of The Nolan Clause, a gag order that seems only to have become more potent thanks to the Earth's sun and our gravity. 
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Buzz Aldrin is adapting his 1996 sci-fi book into a TV series

Buzz Aldrin is adapting his 1996 sci-fi book into a TV series
The famed astronaut says of his alien-themed TV project, based on his book "Encounter with Tiber": "I believe that it will be better than 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' because it is more realistic."

Nat Geo taps Alec Baldwin to host a "Night of Exploration" programming block

He'll narrate documentaries, including one about "Crossing the Ice" in Antarctica.

One of Desiree's "Bachelorette" suitors was once charged with making a bomb threat
Brandon Andreen was fined more than $1000 after posing as an FBI agent who placed a call to a GM plant saying there was a bomb.

Steven Soderbergh: "Breaking Bad's" last 2 episodes should be shown in theaters
"I thought it would be really cool to have the final two episodes of the show as a movie that aired the Friday after the penultimate episode," says the acclaimed movie director. "You'd sell that during the season – 'See the season finale in theatres!' – and just run it for a week, but I feel like you'd clean up. It's never been done before." PLUS: Vince Gilligan doesn't expect a "Better Call Saul" spinoff to be as good as "Breaking Bad."

Matthew Perry transforms his former Malibu home into "Perry House" for sober living
Perry House (see here) aims to create a sober living experience.

Connie Britton could've been on "Girls" next season
Scheduling conflicts prevented Britton from appearing in Season 3. But she is currently filming a movie with Adam Driver.

Amy's Baking Company may get a reality show

The notorious "Kitchen Nightmares" stars are said to be entertaining several offers.

Viewers tune in for NBC's "Healing in the Heartland" tornado relief concert

The one-hour live special was Wednesday's most-watched program with 8.6 million viewers.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed over Discovery Channel helicopter crash

Producers on a military-themed reality show are being sued over the death of a cameraman.

Austin is expected to rake in $50M from "Revolution" filming
The NBC series is shifting production from North Carolina to Texas.

This week's elimination proves "The Voice" isn't only about the voice
On "The Voice," other factors matter, too, just like any other reality show.

KaDee Strickland is pregnant in real life

The former "Private Practice" star and "Roswell" alum Jason Behr are expecting their first child.

See Aaron Paul's wedding photo
Paul's "Breaking Bad" co-star Bryan Cranston was among the 250 guests at his Malibu wedding.

Watch a preview of NBC's "Camp"

Welcome to Little Otter Family Camp!

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<p>Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman in &quot;The Killing.&quot;</p>

Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman in "The Killing."

Credit: AMC

Review: 'The Killing' returns to AMC

A new case and a potential clean start for the promising but problematic cop drama

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But are viewers about to be fooled a third time by AMC's "The Killing"?

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<p>Will Smith seemed entertained to hear that there is a generation that considers his son the biggest movie star in the family when we sat down to talk about 'After Earth'</p>

Will Smith seemed entertained to hear that there is a generation that considers his son the biggest movie star in the family when we sat down to talk about 'After Earth'

Credit: HitFix

Will Smith plays the proud dad talking about Jaden Smith's work in 'After Earth'

What did I say to make the movie star laugh so hard?

Will Smith may finally be human.

For well over a decade, he has been the Bulletproof Movie Star, the one guy who maintained a real degree of stardom even in an age where they're starting to prove that movie stars aren't really what drives this industry anymore. These days, for the first time, it feels like he's working a little harder to sell each film because he realizes it's not enough anymore to just show up.

Smith, though, is in that same class of guy as Tom Cruise, guys who have avoided the curse of movie stardom by making strong choices and working with great collaborators, and even when I don't like the films he makes, he impresses me because of the way he manages things. Do I wish he'd starred in "Django Unchained"? Sort of. I loved Jamie Foxx in the film in the end, but there would be something wonderful about watching Smith subvert his own image in a film like that.

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Video: Oscar contenders coming out of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

Video: Oscar contenders coming out of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

Will Robert Redford land his first acting nomination in 40 years?

CANNES - Officially wrapping up our Cannes coverage today, it's time to really break down the Oscar prospects coming out of the 66th annual fest.

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