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HBO cancels 'Eastbound & Down': Next season will be the last

HBO cancels "Eastbound & Down": Next season will be the last

Season 4 premieres Sept. 29.

"Boardwalk Empire" returns Sept. 8

HBO also announced premiere dates for Larry David's "Clear History" and Stephen Merchant's "Hello Ladies."

"Mad Men's" Jessica Paré addresses Sharon Tate conspiracy theories
Says Paré: "There was a reference photo in the costume shop that was that shot with Sharon Tate. That's right where I saw it."

"Teen Mom's" Farrah Abraham sentenced to 6 months probation
She'll also be fined $500 for a DUI.

"Pretty Little Liars" star Tammin Sursok is pregnant

"Don't worry! Still shooting," she tweeted in announcing the news.

Comedy Central's "Drunk History" enlists Kristen Wiig, Bob Odenkirk, Dave Grohl

Winona Ryder, Luke and Owen Wilson, Jack McBrayer and many others will also guest-star.

Jimmy Fallon makes Brian Williams rap Snoop Dogg

"Gangster Rapper."

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<p>&quot;Boardwalk Empire&quot;&nbsp;will be back in September.</p>

"Boardwalk Empire" will be back in September.

Credit: HBO

HBO announces 'Boardwalk Empire' & 'Eastbound & Down' premiere dates

Pay cabler also announces premieres for Larry David film 'Clear History' and Stephen Merchant comedy 'Hello Ladies'

HBO has announced premiere dates for the new season of "Boardwalk Empire," the final season of "Eastbound & Down," the debut season of the comedy "Hello Ladies" and the new HBO film "Clear History."

The 12-episode fourth season of "Boardwalk Empire" will premiere Sunday, September 8 at 9 p.m. Jeffrey Wright and Ron Livingston are among the new castmembers for the Prohibition-era mob drama.

"Hello Ladies," starring and co-created by Stephen Merchant (Ricky Gervais' creative partner on "The Office," "Extras" and "Life's Too Short"), debuts an 8-episode season Sunday, September 29 at 10 p.m. Merchant plays a gawky Englishman looking for love in Los Angeles. Merchant is writing with "Office" alums Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

"Eastbound & Down" returns for its 8-episode final season — though, keep in mind, the previous season was also often referred to as the last one — on September 29 at 10:30 p.m.

"Clear History" also has a star doubling as co-writer. Larry David (working on the script with Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer) plays a former marketing executive seeking revenge on his former boss. Directed by Greg Mottola, the film co-stars Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Phillip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan and J.B. Smoove. It debuts Saturday, August 10 at 9 p.m.

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'Inside: Secret America' tackles bath salts, sex slaves and guns
Credit: National Geographic

'Inside: Secret America' tackles bath salts, sex slaves and guns

Two reporters go undercover to explore dangerous worlds

If you weren't paranoid about what your neighbors were up to already, "Inside: Secret America" promises to do the trick. National Geographic Channel teams with investigative journalists Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster to take viewers along as they infiltrate the nation’s most controversial subcultures. "Inside: Secret America" premieres Wednesday, July 10, at 10:00 PM ET. 

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Watch Letterman join Jerry Seinfeld on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Watch Letterman join Jerry Seinfeld on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"
The Season 2 trailer also features Don Rickles, Chris Rock, Seth Meyers, French comic actor Gad Elmaleh and Sarah Silverman. PLUS: See Seinfeld in his tiny car.

Man slashes his wrists outside the "Today" show

NBC didn't broadcast the man, but the incident happened as Matt Lauer was speaking nearby.

Netflix's "Orange is the New Black": Watch the trailer

"Weeds" creator Jenji Kohan is behind the series based on a true story about a women who goes to prison, starring Taylor Schilling, Jason Biggs, Natasha Lyonne, Kate Mulgrew and Taryn Manning.

Sundance Channel orders "Dream School" from Jamie Oliver and 50 Cent
The reality show features teachers who are professionals from the top of their fields.

"Game of Thrones" meets "The Princess Bride"
See the latest "Thrones" remix.

Muppets team to create a puppet game show for BBC
The Jim Henson Company is working on "That Puppet Game Show."

PBS releases a new Mister Rogers remixed autotuned video

Check out "Sing Together."

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<p>Ricky Gervais hosting last year's Golden Globe Awards.</p>

Ricky Gervais hosting last year's Golden Globe Awards.

Credit: AP Photo

Ricky Gervais softens his stance on hosting the Oscars (not that he's been asked)

The UK comedian tells Gold Derby he'd accept the gig -- but only without strings

With Seth MacFarlane having ruled himself out of proceedings, the annual pass-the-parcel game for one of the most thankless gigs in showbiz -- hosting the Academy Awards -- continues apace. Nobody's taken on the burden for two years running since Billy Crystal in 1998, while in the past decade, seven people have been (thus far) one-night-only hires. Finding a resident host would probably save AMPAS a lot of bother every year, but so far, nobody seems willing and/or able to be the 21st-century Bob Hope. 

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<p>Adam Scott and Amy Poehler imitating Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers in &quot;Hart to Hart.&quot;&nbsp;</p>

Adam Scott and Amy Poehler imitating Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers in "Hart to Hart." 

Credit: Adult Swim

Adam Scott on 'The Greatest Event in Television History' sequel

Can he and his 'Parks and Recreation' co-star top the 'Simon & Simon' video with Jon Hamm?

Back in the fall, Adam Scott gave the world "The Greatest Event in Television History" — which turned out to be an Adult Swim special where he and Jon Hamm recreated the opening credits to '80s detective show "Simon & Simon." (The entire special is on YouTube, but you have to pay a small fee to see it now; it's on for free. UPDATE: And now the complete sequel special is embedded below.) It was a complete goof — inspired in part by a classic "Late Night with David Letterman" bit I've embedded below, in part by Scott and Hamm's mutual love of classic opening credits sequences — and successful enough that Adult Swim commissioned a sequel. Tonight at midnight on Adult Swim, brace yourselves for Scott, his "Parks and Recreation" co-star Amy Poehler, and Poehler's former "SNL" castmate Horatio Sanz in a shot-for-shot remake of the season 4 credits to "Hart to Hart."

I spoke with Scott yesterday — he was in New Orleans, on the set of, as he described it, "this really cool, kind of an Oscar-type movie for next year called 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2'" — about the origins of the first "Greatest Event," the challenges of bringing the '80s back to life, and what he misses about those lengthy main title sequences, which now mainly exist on cable.

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Conan plays 'Game of Thrones' Red Wedding reaction videos for George R.R. Martin

Conan plays "Game of Thrones" Red Wedding reaction videos for George R.R. Martin

Martin told Conan how he would speak to actors who had no idea they were going to die.

Samuel L. Jackson reads a Walter White "Breaking Bad" monologue
Jackson read the lines after raising $155,000 for an Alzheimer's charity. PLUS: RJ Mitte spotted on the TMZ Tour.

"Sex and the City" premiered 15 years ago today

Author Candace Bushnell reflected on her creation in an E! appearance. PLUS: 15 lessons on aging gracefully from "Sex and the City."

ABC Family won't make a "Bunheads" decision until it sees how its summer shows fare
"Bunheads" was one of a select number of shows to win in the California tax credit lottery, but ABC Family says that won't impact their decision.

"Criminal Minds" stars launch a Kickstarter
Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness are trying to get their fans to fund a film noir comedy called "Kill Me, Deadly."

Labor dispute prompts "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" to go on hiatus early

Soap producer Prospect Park's battle with IATSE  Local 52 may lead to both shows leaving Connecticut.

"The Office" reunion: John Krasinski watches Jenna Fischer's play
Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt took in a performance of Neil LaBute's new Off-Broadway play, "Reasons to Be Happy," starring Fischer.

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<p>Peter Berg (left)&nbsp;and Emile Hirsch on the set of &quot;Lone Survivor&quot;</p>

Peter Berg (left) and Emile Hirsch on the set of "Lone Survivor"

Credit: Universal Pictures

Universal slates Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg Afghanistan war drama 'Lone Survivor' for Oscar play

The studio also has Ron Howard's 'Rush' this season

We'll be getting into refreshing our Oscar contenders and predictions and whatnot in a few weeks, we promise. It's nice to just leave it alone while, you know, we remain in the dark on what most of the season has to offer. But moves are being made here and there as studios start looking into the fall for prestige rollouts, and Universal has just made a bold move.

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<p>Nine Inch Nails</p>

Nine Inch Nails

Listen: Nine Inch Nails' new single 'Came Back Haunted'

Band also sets album release date and fall arena tour

Nine Inch Nails officially returned Thursday when the band posted new single, “Came Back Haunted,” on SoundCloud at midnight.

“Haunted” is the first track from “Hesitation Marks,” the group’s debut album for Columbia, which will come out Sept. 3.

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<p>Blair Underwood of &quot;Ironside&quot;</p>

Blair Underwood of "Ironside"

Credit: NBC

DVR Gridlock 2013-14: Wednesday Nights

Will 'Ironside' or 'Super Fun Time' or 'Tomorrow People' shake things up?
[Over the next six days, I'm going to be glancing, night-by-night, at how the primetime schedules have changed after the network announcements at upfronts. I'll be looking at how the various changes will impact the ratings races on each night, as well as my own DVRing habits. Readers can chime in on how their own DVRs will be impacted. And yes, this brief series assumes that anybody still watches TV on their TVs. I'm old-fashioned. Check out last year's DVR Gridlock installments.]
8:00 p.m.
ABC: "The Middle," "Back in the Game"
CBS: "Survivor"
The CW: "Arrow"
FOX: "The X Factor" (and then "Idol")
NBC: "Revolution"
9:00 p.m. 
ABC: "Modern Family," "Super Fun Night"
CBS: "Criminal Minds"
The CW: "Tomorrow People"
FOX: "The X Factor" (and then "Idol")
NBC: "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
10 p.m. 
ABC: "Nashville"
CBS: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
NBC: "Ironside"
What's Changed: Thanks in part to FOX's determination to keep renewing a talent competition nobody particularly cares about -- "X Factor," not "American Idol" -- Wednesdays are a good deal more stable than the couple nights that came before. FOX remains untouched. CBS remains untouched. Once again, ABC is using established successes "The Middle" and "Modern Family" to try to launch new comedies, a strategy that has had only limited success thus far, while keeping "Nashville," a DVR winner but a middling live performer, in its place. The CW keeps freshman CW-sized smash "Arrow" in place, using it to lead into the new drama "Tomorrow People." The only network changing more than half of its Wednesday lineup is NBC, with "Revolution" taking the 8 p.m. hour, Blair Underwood's "Ironside" remake at 10 p.m. and NBC's stubborn insistence on airing "SVU" in the 9 p.m. hour even though all indications have always been that it performs better at 10 p.m.
How the Ratings Race Is Impacted: The "Revolution" producers have always sworn that their show is a big-tent family hour. Now they'll get to prove it. NBC's needs from "Revolution" aren't that exorbitant. Nobody's asking it to return to its fall levels, only to do nearly what it has done in a dwindling spring and hold onto its robust DVR tallies. If it does that, it'll be a huge improvement over NBC's various comedy duds this year. If it fails to do that and takes a "Smash"-sized plunge without "The Voice," "Revolution" will be remembered as an epic flameout and little more. Otherwise, there's a lot of pragmatism on Wednesday. FOX, for example, knows that "X Factor" isn't likely to improve much, so the network is just hoping for another modest season and maybe a few drama hits elsewhere so that "X Factor" doesn't need to be brought back again. NBC can't honestly expect "Ironside" to improve much on what "Chicago Fire" did here last year, but if it can approach those levels while "Chicago Fire" takes the next step on Tuesday after "The Voice," it's a win. And The CW can't be expecting "Tomorrow People" to improve much on "Supernatural," but if "Supernatural" can boost Tuesday and "Tomorrow People" can near those numbers thanks to "Arrow," that's a win. And how much can ABC really expect "Super Fun Night" or "Back in the Game" to do in those sandwich slots? The answer: If either of them does a *smidge* better than "The Neighbors" or "How To Live Blah Blah Blah," that's a victory. [All bets on "Super Fun Night" are off if the network can redevelop the pilot *successfully*. I think there's breakout potential for a *good* Rebel Wilson comedy. A bad one could fail fast and hard.] In short, I don't see anybody making any big advances or huge declines on Wednesday this year. It's a night that's about enabling success elsewhere more than anything else.
My Predicted DVR: For me, a lot depends on whether or not I simply quit recapping "The X Factor" this year. I haven't decided yet. If I drop "X Factor," I then recap "Survivor" on Eastern Time and that leaves me with "Arrow" and maybe "Revolution" being recorded at 8 p.m. and "Modern Family" (and maybe "Super Fun Night" just due to convenience) and possibly "Tomorrow People" at 9 p.m. If I recap "X Factor," that then require another DVR slot for "Survivor" at 8 p.m. and probably drops "Revolution" from my rotation, which won't be a tragedy. At 10 p.m. I'll still be recording "Nashville" and we'll see about "Ironside," or if I just go with something on cable. 
How have the new schedules impacted your Wednesdays?
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<p>Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson weigh in on a wide array of topics in our fast and funny conversation about their new film, 'This Is The End'</p>

Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson weigh in on a wide array of topics in our fast and funny conversation about their new film, 'This Is The End'

Credit: HitFix

Seth Rogen and his co-stars talk 'Game of Thrones,' 'Ghostbusters,' and 'This Is The End'

Would Rogen take over Sony's franchise if they asked?

There are certain people who I am very relaxed about interviewing at this point because of how many times we've spoken and the circumstances, and I think chief among them at this point would be Seth Rogen.

I've always found Seth to be exactly what you think he would be if you've watched his movies. He's smart, he's funny, he's approachable, and he's got a self-effacing sense of humor that indicates to me that he hasn't changed one bit since I first saw him in "Freaks and Geeks." At least not in the ways that matter.

Sure, he's more mature. Sure, he's the one calling the shots on his new film, "This Is The End," which he wrote and directed with his partner, Evan Goldberg. Sure, he's married now and seems like a really happy man. But there's nothing about him that seems more guarded or more cynical. If anything, I respect him because of how frank he's always been and how he hasn't let his fame take that away from him.

He's also just plain fun to talk to. Always.

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<p>Hopefully, they're happy because they know just how great these films really are.</p>

Hopefully, they're happy because they know just how great these films really are.

Credit: HitFix

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy describe their process for their 'Before Midnight' reunion

Most real-life married couples aren't as in-synch as these two

Ethan Hawke was born the same year as me, just a few months later, so one of the ways I've used the "Before" series as milestones in my own life is watching the way he and Julie Delpy have changed over the years.

I still feel like the same person I was in 1995 when the first one came out. I was 25 years old and I was going through the first flush of success with some of my work being produced for live theater here in LA. My writing partner and I were working with some great people, and I was in a long-term relationship with someone, and Ethan Hawke was very much a surrogate for the experience I was having. When I saw that film, I was young enough to still believe in the grand sweep of romance, and old enough to have some life experience under my belt already. I felt like I had the answers. I had things all figured out. I was on my way. And that's the attitude of that first film, almost exactly.

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