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With announcements for 'Executioner' and Remo Williams, Hollywood seems crazy for pulp
Credit: MGM/UA Home Video

With announcements for 'Executioner' and Remo Williams, Hollywood seems crazy for pulp

But does the public even want these characters to make a comeback?

How many of you have ever read an actual original era pulp story? Anything involving Doc Savage or The Shadow or John Carter or Doctor Death or The Phantom Detective or Tarzan or Solomon Kane or Conan or The Continental Op? If you haven't, that puts you in what I am sure is a vast majority at this point. I can't fault anyone for not being a reader of that sort of source material. It's not something that is part of the active mainstream right now, but if Hollywood gets its way, that may be about to change.

There are some huge names in the world of pulp. By far, the biggest budget pulp title currently pending release is the David Yates "Tarzan" that Warner Bros. is putting out in 2016. When I interviewed Samuel L. Jackson at Comic-Con this summer, he repeatedly told me how excited he was by what he'd seen while he was filming "Tarzan." He feels like it's the right version, fun and cool and different. I know nothing about it. I have no idea what they're adapting or what approach they're taking. I like that the film is finished shooting and in the can and we still basically don't know anything and haven't seen anything. That's sort of refreshing. Alexander Skarsgard plays the title role, and Margo Robbie is onboard as Jane, so it's going to be an awfully pretty movie all the way around, and with Christoph Waltz as a bad guy, it seems like he'll be more than capable of any moustache twirling that is required.

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Katy Perry, Britney Spears

Britney Spears on Katy Perry's VMA demin outfit tribute

How did we go from Woody Woodpecker to this?

Britney Spears was noticeably absent from Sunday (24) night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but one of her most famous fashion statements was not.

Responding to a dare in a way that Spears could not have possibly imagined, Katy Perry replicated Spears and Justin Timberlake’s regrettable matching denim outfits from the 2001 American Music Awards.

It all started Friday when Spears’ tweeted that she sometimes did impressions, and linked to an Instagram video of her doing a funny Woody Woodpecker. Perry responded and a few tweets later, Spears challenged Perry to do her best imitation within 24 hours. Perry said she would do her best impression on the VMA red carpet, but there’s no way that Spears could have expected what Perry did.

Though it seems impossible, Perry’s version of the denim formal was even tackier than Spears’, with its patchwork of light and dark denim and rhinestoned bodice. Plus, Riff Raff, who filled in for Timberlake, was completely blinged out in blinding fashion from his grill to his toes. Wrote Perry of her outfit:

Spears wholeheartedly approved of the homage, tweeting at midnight, “Just when I thought the denim dress had retired…you bring it back! You looked amazing tonight bb:; )”


Please done let this become a challenge, like the ALS ice bucket challenge.  Can we now please let the denim rest in peace?


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HBO turning 'Shutter Island' into a TV series with Martin Scorsese directing

HBO turning “Shutter Island” into a TV series with Martin Scorsese directing
The 2010 Scorsese-directed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio has been titled “Ashecliffe.” Dennis Lehane, who wrote the original novel, will write the script will write the screenplay for the pilot, which will also be directed by Scorsese.

“True Blood” showrunner explains the series finale
Exec producer Brian Buckner also reveals an alternate ending that was rejected. PLUS: "True Blood" series finale had about the same ratings as last year's season finale.

Steve Zahn will recur on “Modern Family”
He’ll play the patriarch of an annoying family that moves in next door to the Dunphys.

Topless Howard Stern takes the Ice Cup Challenge
The "America's Got Talent" judge challenged Barbara Walters and Casey Kasem. Stern was challenged by Jennifer Aniston, whose Ice Bucket Challenge was posted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live's" YouTube page. PLUS: January Jones attempts the Ice Bucket Challenge.

“My So-Called Life” debuted 20 years ago today
Here are the 40 most important objects from the short-lived ABC series. PLUS: The cast: Then & Now.

Fred Willard is headed to “The Bold and the Beautiful”
He’ll guest on four episodes as the younger brother of fashion king Eric Forrester.

Animal Planet will celebrate Labor Day with live animal births
The "Labor Live Cam” will broadcast from the Nebraska State Fair throughout the weekend on Animal Planet’s digital site.

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TV’s highest-paid actors: Ashton Kutcher is No. 1, Jon Cryer ties for No. 2

TV’s highest-paid actors: Ashton Kutcher is No. 1, Jon Cryer ties for No. 2
The “Two and a Half Men” stars topped Forbes’ annual list with Kutcher earning $26 million and Cryer raking in $19 million. Cryer tied with Mark Harmon. They were followed by Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Dempsey and Kevin Spacey.

“True Blood” had the most disappointing finale of all time: Where did the show go wrong?
“Something about the blandness of 'True Blood’s' finale felt almost offensive,” says Melissa Maerz, who adds: "What happened to the transgressive fun of 'True Blood'? It’s hard to remember now, but when the series first premiered, its campy, hedonistic vibe felt somewhat revolutionary—or, anyway, as revolutionary as a show that would later feature werepanther rape can get.”

Parents TV Council: "MTV seemed to have toned down the VMA broadcast this year — at least compared to last year's cringe-inducing mess”
"The MTV broadcast standards team effectively muted out the most explicit profanity, and for that we are grateful,” Tim Winter, the president of the conservative watchdog said in a statement. He added, however, his concern over the way women were portrayed during the ceremony. PLUS: Listen to Beyonce’s vocals-isolated performance.

Don’t expect a “Big Bang” wedding next season
“I can’t say for sure, but I doubt it,” showrunner Steven Molaro says of a Penny and Leonard tying the knot. “They’re in a great place. They’re the kind of couple where they can be engaged for a while and that’s fine.”

“Game of Thrones” meets “The Office”
The NBC comedy gets mashed up with the HBO series.

“Rising Star” ends its 1st season down 40% from its debut
The ABC singing competition hasn’t been renewed.

Amazon orders 5 kids’ show pilots
Three animated and two live action pilots are on tap for Prime Instant Video.

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<p>2006&#39;s &quot;The Omen&quot;</p>

2006's "The Omen"

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Lifetime orders 'Omen' sequel 'Damien' straight to series

'Walking Dead' veteran Glen Mazzara is bringing a new Damien to TV

Are you ready for a "dark, romantic" incarnation of Satanic tyke Damien?

Lifetime sure hopes so, because the cable network has ordered a six episode straight-to-series sequel to "The Omen," fittingly titled "Damien."

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Lifetime orders 'Damien,' based on 'The Omen'

Lifetime orders “Damien,” based on “The Omen”
Former “Walking Dead” showrunner Glen Mazzara is writing and producing “Damien,” which will follow the adult life of Damien Thorn.

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<p>NFL Preseason action from Sunday</p>

NFL Preseason action from Sunday

Credit: Rick Scuteri/AP

TV Ratings: Bengals-Cardinals NFL preseason and a 'Big Brother' high lead Sunday

VMA and 'True Blood' finale ratings won't be out until later

Fast National ratings for Sunday, August 24, 2014.

A season high for "Big Brother" delivered Sunday's best individual performance among young viewers, but it was an NFL preseason game between the Bengals and Cardinals that led NBC to Sunday ratings victories.

Among other Sunday notables, "Rising Star" rose a tiny bit in its season finale and "Unforgettable" was also up a hair.

Note that FOX had NFL preseason overrun, skewing its early-evening results, while NBC will have the normal live event uncertainty.

We'll also have to wait until later for major cable results, including the series finale for HBO's "True Blood" and MTV's Video Music Awards coverage.

On to the numbers...

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'True Blood' ends as it lived: 'A complete mess with no emotional center'

“True Blood” ends as it lived: “A complete mess with no emotional center"
"In seven years,” says Noah Love, "'True Blood' got close to emotional gravitas only once. In the ninth episode of Season 2, Eric’s maker, Godric, decides he has lived enough and faces the “true death” as the sun rises. He dies after an emotional plea from Eric, and Sookie keeps him company until the end. It was weirdly touching, and nothing that came before or after it (and five more seasons came after it) could match that moment. So of course, the writers of the show would try to emulate it to close out the show.” PLUS: Maybe there was no logical ending, what a whimper of a finale, this season contain episodes that were essentially "frustrating bits of nothing,” “True Blood” never figured out what it wanted its vampires to be, HBO auctioning off the wedding dress, Sookie and Bill aren’t among "True Blood's" 10 best characters, and Lafayette deserved better.

IFC buys Chelsea Handler’s brothel comedy
“Rabbit Hole” is set in Nevada’s “second most famous” brothel.

Increased competition has made the Emmys a big deal this year
Digital shows have added a new dimension to the “Golden Age of Television.” PLUS: Jimmy Fallon presents Emmys Bingo.

Donald Trump: Seth Meyers hosting the Emmys “is a total joke”
Trump weighed in this morning on his fellow NBC star hosting the Emmy Awards: "He is very awkward with almost no talent. Marbles in his mouth!” Trump tweeted, apparently still not over Meyers mocking him at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner.

It almost seemed like “SNL’s” Jay Pharoah hosted the VMAs
This year’s awards show was host-less, but Pharoah kept coming out with impressions of Kanye West and Jay Z that proved essential to last night’s broadcast. PLUS: What was up with that awkward Robin Williams tribute?, the best and worst of the VMAs, Kardashians texted during Michael Brown moment of silence, and the VMAs existed for Beyonce.

Miley Cyrus sending a homeless teen to accept her VMA award was inspired by Marlon Brando
Cyrus, according to her rep, modeled her “not a stunt” after Brando sending Sacheen Littlefeather to accept his Best Actor Oscar for “The Godfather” in 1973 as a protest against the movie industry’s treatment of Native Americans.

TiVo announces its first antenna-only DVR
The special DVR will cost $50 plus $15 a month in service fees.

Small Croatian town forbids “Game of Thrones” from filming a naked Cersei scene on location
According to TMZ, the film commission in Dubrovnik, Croatia won’t allow the “crucial” scene to be filmed because of pressure from the local Church of St. Nicholas.

John Oliver hits a piñata to slam the overblown headlines about "Last Week Tonight"
"Up until this point, I’ve just made some mean jokes about them,” the “Last Week Tonight” host said in a web exclusive video. "But now, for the sake of actual internet headlines, I will literally destroy them.”

HBO teases the final “Newsroom” season
Check out the copy machine promo.

Read an excerpt from Lena Dunham’s book
The New Yorker has an excerpt from "Not That Kind of Girl."

DirecTV and NFL are closing in on a $1.3 billion Sunday Ticket deal
The deal will go up over the next decade.

Watch the “Iyanla: Fix My Life” trailer from Ferguson
The special “Healing in Ferguson” airs Tuesday.

E! unveils its trailer for “The Royals”
E!’s first scripted series stars Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen.

Jim Parsons talks about the “Big Bang” contract dispute
“You see the word ‘strike’—’They’re walking out!’—but there was nothing to walk out from,” he says with a laugh. “That’s always hard, because part of you wants to explain to people what’s really going on. ‘Don’t worry, we’re not leaving, we want to do the show.'”

“Rising Star” crowns its 1st winner
But the West Coast had no say in Jesse Kinch winning.

Valerie Cherish pleads with the paparazzi in new “The Comeback” teaser
“Give her another take!”

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Usher dances through 'She Came To Give It To You' with Nicki Minaj at MTV VMAs

Ush also teases the official video for the song

Even though he was only up for one Video Music Award (for choreography for “Good Kisser”), Usher still showed up to perform his tune, “She Came To Give It To You,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

In a highly choreographed — and entertaining— performance, Usher surrounded himself with a phalanx of dancers and a full band for the vibrant performance. Minaj, who suffered a wardrobe malfunction earlier in the night, joined the ensemble, similarly clad in all white, midway through, as Usher jammed on bass.

Check out the energetic performance below, as well as a teaser for the official video for “She Came To Give It To You,” which Usher debuted Sunday night as well.


Get More: Usher,Usher videos
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Sam Smith

Sam Smith enchants with 'Stay With Me' at MTV VMAs: Watch

He doesn't need pyro and back-up dancers

In a show filled with big production numbers, Sam Smith let his voice be the main attraction during his stirring performance of his breakthrough hit, “Stay With Me” at the MTV VMAs

Standing still at the microphone and accompanied only by a keyboardist, Smith drew a standing ovation from the audience, including the all-important Kardashian clan.

Smith was up for two awards: best male video and artist to watch, but went home empty handed. However, he had Twitter to keep him warm, at the site blew up with praise for his spare performance, with some tweeted that he reminded them of Adele.

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Recap: 'Big Brother' Sunday - Boxing for Head of Household and Nominations
Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother' Sunday - Boxing for Head of Household and Nominations

Hamsters talk about big moves, but make predictable moves

I've been on MTV VMAs duty tonight, so this "Big Brother" recap is a bit late.


Since's it's already a bit late, I'm also not sure how much I'm likely to care about a Sunday telecast. 

Apologies for that as well.

But I'll try to convey the basics of what goes down on Sunday's (August 24) "Big Brother" telecast. 

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Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora draw you into their spiderweb with 'Black Widow at MTV VMAs

They cast a web of deceit

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora turned the MTV VMA stage into one big spiderweb Sunday night as the pair performed their fast-rising hit, “Black Widow.”

Both performers were clad in black bodysuits with spiderweb designs as they sung the tale of a spurned lover out for revenge.

It was an otherwise bleak night for Azalea. The Australian rapper, along with Beyonce, led all nominees with eight nods. However, she went home with only one: best pop video for “Problem” by Ariana Grande, featuring Azalea.

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