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<p>James Franco</p>

James Franco

Credit: AP Photo

James Franco abandons directorial project 'Garden of Last Days'

Actor-director has left the project two weeks before shooting was set to begin

As I was saying the other day, James Franco has a lot going on. As an actor, he's already had four films out this year, others from Sundance and Berlin still awaiting release, while his sixth feature as a director, the William Faulkner adaptation "As I Lay Dying," just premiered at Cannes. He's got an art exhibition on the go in London, and, with his producer's cap on, is currently seeking crowdfunding for three feature-length adaptations of his short stories. Whether you love, loathe or are simply bemused by Franco, you can't accuse him of hiding his light under a bushel. 

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<p>Sure, you can build it, but does anyone really need another 'Terminator' movie?</p>

Sure, you can build it, but does anyone really need another 'Terminator' movie?

Credit: Warner Bros

No one needs another 'Terminator' movie but there's one coming in 2015

Be honest... what more do you need to know?

I'm staring at the same press release that a hundred other websites have either posted or that they're getting ready to post, and I am almost unable to summon up the irritation or the outrage or the interest to write, for what feels like the thousandth time, about another unnecessary "Terminator" sequel.

Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, who are attached to write the film, are two of my favorite people in town. And Laeta in particular comes with what I'm sure would be the hearty endorsement of James Cameron himself, which is as close to being anointed the Keeper of the Flame as you can get. I have no doubt that Laeta and Patrick can write a compelling action film set in the the somewhat strangled continuity that has already been established in earlier "Terminator" projects.

And I don't care.

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Jon Stewart returns to 'The Daily Show,' via Skype

Jon Stewart returns to "The Daily Show," via Skype

Stewart had to check in on John Oliver.

"Hannibal" reaches out to David Bowie

"We would love for him to play Hannibal's uncle, who is a character from the literature and in the books," says Bryan Fuller.

"The Wire" named the No. 1 TV show of all time by Entertainment Weekly; "The Sopranos" No. 5

The HBO drama beat out No. 2 "The Simpsons," No. 3 "Seinfeld" and No. 4 "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

Is "Naked and Afraid" faked?

A source tells the Daily Mail that female participant Kim Shelton received bread, rice and baby food from producers when she got food poisoning. She was even rehydrated with two IV drips.

In defense of Paula Deen: At this point, is she being bullied?
As Joshua David Stein explains, "There's a cognitive dissonance between knowing the sinner has sinned and in seeing a sinner, stripped bare and vulnerable, being punished. The desire for justice, itself a form of good, can so easily be replaced by a desire for vengeance, which is not so great." PLUS: Rev. Jesse Jackson says he'll help Paula Deen make amends for using the N-word, and "The Paula Deen Cruise" is filling up.

See more photos from the James Gandolfini funeral

Mourners were asked to put their arms around each other: "Close your eyes and think of Jim and hug too tight."

Don't hold your breath on a "Modern Family" gay wedding
While co-creator Christopher Lloyd said a Cam-Mitchell wedding could happen, he also considers gay marriage an "overt political statement" that could alienate viewers.

Where is the female Tony Soprano?
Glenn Close's "Damages" character Patty Hewes has been the only antiheroine to come close to James Gandolfini's iconic role in a drama series.

For publicists, Jay Leno is the gold standard of late-night hosts
PR people consider "The Tonight Show" the safest, most predictable option.

"Simpsons" fans build "The Homer" racecar

This Homer is actually going racing.

Mario Cantone likes hearing rumors that he's joining "The View"

Last time, there were rumors he'd replace Rosie. Now it's Joy Behar.

Susan Lucci lends her gown that she won a Daytime Emmy in to the Smithsonian
The Smithsonian is launching an exhibit telling the story of daytime television.

"Glee's" Matthew Morrison gets engaged
He's set to marry Renee Puente, his girlfriend of two years.

Olivia Munn takes us inside her "Newsroom" trailer

"This is what happens when we go into overtime. I get overly hungry and eat everything," she writes in text accompanying a photo of her food plate.

Check out "Parks and Rec" characters in children's books

"Green Eggs and Jammed."

"SNL" to begin airing on Utah's Mormon-owned NBC affiliate
KSL-TV hasn't shown "Saturday Night Live," which aired on another channel, since 1995 so that it could broadcast its Saturday night sports show. But KSL is famous for rejecting other NBC shows such as "The Playboy Club" and "The New Normal."

Oprah changed her mind about soaps after Tyler Perry's soap success
OWN didn't originally want to have "One Life to Live" and "All My Children."

New book examines the "Difficult Men" of TV's new golden age

Brett Martin's book delves into everybody from Tony Soprano to Walter White.

"Vampire Diaries" actor admits: I almost accidentally killed Ian Somerhalder

Nathaniel Buzolic recalls a fight scene gone wrong.

Is "Grey's Anatomy" good TV?

The Shonda Rhimes drama is the longest-running series to come out of the "now-storied 2004-05 season," approaching its 200th episode.

ABC keeping comedy pilot "Middle Age Rage" alive

The pilot stars Annie Mumolo as a fed-up middle-aged wife and mother.

"Dirty Jobs'" Mike Rowe selling his "C.R.A.P." on eBay for charity

"Over the course of Dirty Jobs, my garage has filled up with an endless supply of junk," says Rowe. "I call it C.R.A.P. -- it's an acronym -- Collectibles Rare And Precious."

New "Buffy" behind-the-scenes footage released

Watch 31 minutes of rare footage from stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt.

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<p>Channing&nbsp;Tatum and&nbsp;Bennett&nbsp;Miller on the set of &quot;Foxcatcher&quot;</p>

Channing Tatum and Bennett Miller on the set of "Foxcatcher"

Credit: Sony Pictures

Where will Bennett Miller's 'Foxcatcher' end up?

Sources say it could go to Sony Classics or be shuffled off to 2014

When you take a look across Sony Pictures' impressive slate for the upcoming fall movie season, it becomes clear that the studio has a lot to work with. There's George Clooney, fresh off "Argo"'s Best Picture Oscar win with his directorial effort "The Monuments Men." There's also another heavyweight from last year's Oscar race, David O. Russell, back in the saddle with a big cast in "American Hustle."

Those two would be more than enough for any awards campaign to handle, but then there's Paul Greengrass's "Captain Phillips," the true-life account of a 2009 Somali pirate raid starring Tom Hanks. And finally, "Moneyball" director Bennett Miller will be back with "Foxcatcher," the bizarre true story of convicted millionaire murderer John duPont with Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum. Something might need to blink, and the way I hear it, it may just be "Foxcatcher."

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QVC opts to drop Paula Deen -- for now

QVC opts to drop Paula Deen -- for now

The head of QVC said in a statement: "Some of you may wonder whether this is a 'forever' decision – whether we are simply ending our association with Paula. We don’t think that’s how relationships work. People deserve second chances. And we always strive to do the right thing." 

Maggie Gyllenhaal signs on for a Sundance miniseries

She'll star in "The Honourable Woman," playing the character Nessie Stein. "I couldn't put the scripts down," said the actress.

"The Price is Right" taped an All-Plinko episode

The episode, taped yesterday, was to celebrate the game show's 30th anniversary.

Sendhil Ramamurthy headed to "Unforgettable"

The former "Heroes" star will play a career criminal mastermind named Philip.

Martha Stewart admits to a one-night stand, sexting and "maybe" a threesome
Watch her take the Andy Cohen challenge.

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<p>Come on... tell me it's not perfect... I dare you.</p>

Come on... tell me it's not perfect... I dare you.

Credit: Marvel Studios/Universal Pictures

Vin Diesel refers to upcoming Marvel meeting and fuels online speculation

What do you think he's right to play?

Please let him be the voice of the raccoon. Please, please, please.

Normally, taking a meeting is not enough to generate a news story, but in this case, Vin Diesel took to Facebook to announce that he had been summoned by Marvel. I think this is good news no matter what, because if there is anyone working in Hollywood right now who looks like they were genetically modified to be a comic book character, it's Vin.

It pleases me enormously that his return to the "Fast and Furious" franchise has brought Vin's career roaring back to life. While I'm not sure I'd advocate casting him in every single film ever, when Vin is used properly, and when he's playing to his strengths, I think he's ridiculous amounts of fun. And from the very first time I dealt with him, at the first Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Austin all those years ago, he has revealed himself to be a genuine, no-apologies fanboy trapped in the body of a superhero. There aren't many action heroes who would give an interview about how much they love to play D&D, but Vin has.

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"Psychic Tia"

 "Psychic Tia"

Credit: A&E

Former Jersey detective 'Psychic Tia' to bring medium skills to A&E

The psychic brings a Jersey girl attitude to the job
A&E Network is predicting viewers (hopefully) for its latest original reality series “Psychic Tia.” The show is set to premiere with back-to back episodes on Saturday, August 3rd at 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET.
“Psychic Tia” centers on celebrity psychic medium Tia Belle and her ability to transcend the physical world and enter into the spiritual one.  As a former New Jersey police detective, Tia noticed that her psychic intuition was playing a key role in her detective work, so she decided to focus her ability in a new direction… her own business. At her New Jersey store The Craft, Tia shares her skills as both a medium and a psychic with her clients… and this Jersey girl tells it like she sees it.  
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<p>Kanye West</p>

Kanye West

Credit: AP Photo

Is Kanye West planning a 'Yeezus: Vol. 2?'

Producer Rick Rubin says 'maybe so'

Could “Yeezus, The Sequel” be on the way?

“Maybe so,” Rick Rubin told The Daily Beast. The producer  was brought in at the last minute to tighten up Kanye West’s new album, which tops the Billboard 200 this week.

Rubin spent two weeks on the album, working 15-hour days, in an effort to get the LP in shape as the deadline loomed. “To me it seemed impossible what he was asking,” Rubin said. “I panicked the whole time.”

One of the first decisions was to cut the 16 songs down to 10, leading to the possibility of releasing a second half, similar to how Justin Timberlake will release a second volume of music for “The 20/20 Experience” this fall.

Rubin says he spent most of his time stripping away from the tracks, instead of building them up. West’s direction was “instead of adding stuff, try taking stuff away.”


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<p>Monica Potter early last season on &quot;Parenthood&quot;</p>

Monica Potter early last season on "Parenthood"

Credit: NBC

Interview: 'Parenthood' star Monica Potter discusses her Emmy-worthy season

Conversation also includes bald caps, uncertain fates and more
It was mid-April when I sat down with Monica Potter at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena to talk about the most recent season of "Parenthood," specifically about the tremendously played cancer arc for her character, a powerful piece of acting that has many people talking Emmy.
Most of our conversation was about the choices Potter made in depicting Kristina's struggles and the gratification that comes from feeling like a job had been done well. We talked about all of the crying she got to do and she explained her decision to go with a bald cap for Kristina's post-chemo hair, rather than shaving her head. 
We also discussed the fact that "Parenthood" was, at the time, on the bubble and the hopes for a renewal. I meant to transcribe the interview immediately to support the Save "Parenthood" campaign, but then NBC renewed  the show less than a week late and that became moot and I decided to save the interview for the pre-Emmy nomination period. 
The ballot deadline is June 28 and whether or not you have a vote, I still think it's a good conversation about what was one of the season's finest performances.
Click through for the full Monica Potter Q&A.
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"Hillbillies for Hire"

 "Hillbillies for Hire"

Credit: CMT

'Hillbillies for Hire' brings redneck revenge to CMT

This backwoods 'Punk'd' promises pranks galore
If reruns of "Punk'd" are a little too upscale for you, CMT might have the solution. "Hillbillies for Hire" (Sun. July 14 at 9:00 p.m.) follows Jeremiah and Big Ox as they use their "backwoods ingenuity" (did you know that was a thing?) to prank people through their for-hire prank business (also a thing) in Polk County, Florida. The show premiere will follow "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt." 
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Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Beyonce's 'Standing On The Sun'; the full recorded version

The latest in a very odd game plan

We truly believe that at some point we will get an actual Beyonce single and a full fifth album, but in the meantime, Bey and her hive seem perfectly content to let little dibs and drabs of awesomeness from the forthcoming set leak out.

Today, we got the latest bit of what could be the full version of “Standing on the Sun.” The Island-tinged, summer tune first surfaced through an H&M commercial that previewed the tune, and then we posted a live version a few weeks ago. Now we get the entire recorded version of the  Sia-penned song, produced by Greg Kurstin.

So is all this spillage whetting your appetite or just death by a thousand paper cuts?


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"American Ninja Warrior"

"American Ninja Warrior"

Credit: NBC

Exclusive clip: Who will beat the 'American Ninja Warrior' course?

Watch as a wily contestant emerges as a stand-out
It turns out "American Ninja Warrior" is tougher than you'd think given all the squishy padding involved. But so far, not one American has conquered the course -- even though hundreds have done tough things like run marathons, summited Mount Everest and gotten painful body modifications. That's right -- not one.
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