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Watch Ciara and Nicki Minaj's new video for 'I'm Out'

Watch Ciara and Nicki Minaj's new video for 'I'm Out'

Singer and dancer now has two certifiable bangers

Ciara already had a certifiable summer hit in 2013 with "Body Party," out in March this year. Now she's got a bangin' follow-up with Nicki Minaj on "I'm Out," with an equally charged music video.

The two R&B and hip-hop stars start out in all-white (is it bad when I'm like, for once, "Wow, look at Minaj wearing a full outfit complete with shirt and pants?") and then diverge into underground dance party, where Ciara dances better than you'd ever dream of dancing. Minaj indulges in her slow flow before launching into warp speed, while Ciara's kiss-off coverage is topped with product placements. Minaj then throws on her Lil Wayne style around 3:30 and here you are dialing the salon for a head of hair like that.

The siren means start clapping, and that text from your old beau means bad news. Easy to follow, easy to toast.

"I'm Out" is on Ciara's self-titled album, due on Friday (!), July 5.

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Stephen King responds to 'Under the Dome' critics

Stephen King responds to "Under the Dome" critics
"Many of the changes wrought by Brian K. Vaughan and his team of writers have been of necessity, and I approved of them wholeheartedly," King writes in a note on his website. PLUS: Ranking King's TV adaptations, and "Under the Dome" books Mare Winningham.

Here's your 1st look at "Downton Abbey's" 1st black character

Actor Gary Carr today filmed scenes as American jazz singer Jack Ross.

"The Walking Dead's" season premiere title revealed
What does "30 Days Without an Accident" mean?

"Goodwin Games" co-creator begs other networks to pick up his Fox sitcom

The beleaguered comedy from the "HIMYM" team ends its brief run tonight, despite good reviews.

RJ Mitte may start modeling after "Breaking Bad"

"I've talked to Milan and I've talked to Fashion Week," Mitte says of the response to his recent photo shoot.

Melissa McCarthy: ESPN ESPYs host?

ESPY Awards producer Maura Mandt says, "I would love to see a woman take on the show."

How Jennifer Carpenter keeps on delivering an intense "Dexter" performance

"I work with this character from a very emotional place," she says of Deb. "I don't know how to do anything without going full out." PLUS: This season is already an improvement, and James Remar on playing Dexter's dad.

Baby names ruined by TV characters: From Gustavo to Hannah
Also ruined: Enoch, Don and Rayna.

Joey Lauren Adams joins "Switched at Birth"
The "Chasing Amy" star will appear in two episodes as Nikki's mom.

"Ray Donovan": Enough with TV anti-heroes!
The new Showtime series isn't terrible, says June Thomas, but it's yet another rerun of a damaged tough guy that we keep on seeing with nothing new to say. PLUS: Does Paula Malcomson have the worst Boston accent?

Demi Lovato: I had suicidal thoughts when I was a a 7-year-old on "Barney & Friends"
"The X Factor" judge talks about her struggles in an interview with Cosmo.

Has tweeting about Sunday TV become too obnoxious?

Tweeters are, for instance, watching "True Blood" together with their own annoying inside jokes and slang.

"Under the Dome" looks like a network TV game-changer
More networks will look to investing in high-quality summer program after CBS' massive hit.

DC Comics is coming out with a comic book tribute to the '60s "Batman" TV show
Says Adam West: This Batman is "The Bright Knight."

Seth Myers wants to interview fake people on "Late Night" like he does on "SNL"

"I think it would be nice to have hybrid performers like Conan did in the early days," says Myers in a comedy roundtable with Mike Meyers, Ben Stiller and Michael Ian Black. "I really do like playing with the straight man character."

"Futurama's" David X. Cohen answers questions on Reddit
Will there be closure with this 3rd series finale? "I feel like we're starting to get pretty good at writing series finales -- it's a bad sign when you have a lot of experience doing that," he explains. PLUS: "Futurama" takes a dig at NBC.

Coming soon: Holographic TVs?

New technology is making it possible to create a holographic television display.

Eric Mabius is coming to the Hallmark Channel
The "Ugly Betty" alum will star in "Dead Letters," a TV movie that could end up becoming a series.

"Outsourced's" Ben Rappaport joins "The Good Wife"

He'll play a four-year associate next season.

"The Killing's" butch teenage lesbian might be the best thing about Season 3

The character of Bullet is someone you rarely see on TV these days.

"MasterChef" contestant deletes racist tweets
Krissi Biasiello allegedly used the N-word.

Bravo goes "Below Deck" in new boating reality show
Premiering tonight, "Below Deck" follows the staff of a 164-foot charter boat.

"Breaking Amish" star poses for Maxim

Check out Kate Stoltzfus showing plenty of skin.

"Brooklyn Bridge" child star recalls Gary David Goldberg

Danny Lanzetta, now 36, writes: "After a rather whirlwind audition process, I was cast as Alan Silver, the dashing, athletic, impossibly smart young man at the center of Gary's newest show, 'Brooklyn Bridge,' which chronicled his Jewish upbringing in Brooklyn in the 1950s." PLUS: Why isn't "Brooklyn Bridge" on DVD?

"Sh*t My Dad Says" creator recalls his sitcom disaster
Justin Halpern, who's coming out this fall with the new Fox sitcom "Surviving Jack," says: "Even when we shot the pilot I thought, "f********ck. This is not my book. This is not working for this character."

Conan O'Brien's "Carson on TCM" begins tonight
Each hourlong episode, the first of which begins tonight, is divided into five different interview segments.

Dot Marie Jones doesn't know if "Glee" will have her back, but Naya River returning
"I'm still waiting to see if I'm coming back to 'Glee,'" says Jones.

"Beverly Hills 90210" reunion at Chippendales
Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty watched Ian Ziering strip in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Jimmy Kimmel to star in ads promoting Las Vegas, his hometown
The promos will begin airing this week during "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"True Blood" newbie: Nude scenes are "incredibly freeing and empowering"

They are also "really fun," says Rob Kazinsky. PLUS: Anna Camp on her return.

GSN renews "The Chase" before its premiere

The UK game show-inspired format debuts Aug. 6.

Check out 13 computer fails from '90s TV shows

"What the hell is e-mail?" says Seinfeld.

NBC's "Siberia" looks like "Survivor," but it's totally fake
The new "reality show" premiering tonight begs the question: What's the difference between "fake" and "real" reality TV?

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Watch: Pink and Lily Allen tear through colorful 'True Love' music video

Love hurts, so get off your bike

Pink's new video for "True Love" features Lily Allen, footage from her latest concert tour, some backstage with her family and some strong and colorful new footage of her beating up on her husband with handfuls of confetti.

It's that age-old conscript: the greatest love also sometimes brings out the hate in you. In "True Love," Pink draws straight from her own life with husband Carey Hart, their daughter Willow and her rambunctious career on the road. I've always appreciated Pink's candor in interviews, where she describes the hardships of making a relationship with a professional motocross star, and making time for her daughter. In "True Love," the viewer gets an actual sense of how annoying -- and blissful -- such unions can be.

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'Dexter' returns to a premiere high, 'Ray Donovan' sets a Showtime high

"Dexter" returns to a premiere high, "Ray Donovan" sets a Showtime high

About 2.4 million watched "Dexter's" final season premiere, while 1.35 million stayed for the debut of "Ray Donovan."

Check out ABC's "S.H.I.E.L.D." billboard
It's very black and pops out at you.

Liftime's "Anna Nicole" movie watched by 3.3 million
That's more than "Jodi Arias" but less than "Liz & Dick."

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"Inside the American Mob"

"Inside the American Mob"

Credit: NatGeo

Real mobsters tell all on 'Inside the American Mob'

Learn the three things that would get a mobster killed

Mobsters, both real and fictional, have long captured the attention of the American psyche. But rarely do mafiosi step out of the shadows to tell their own stories of violence, greed, omerta and La Cosa Nostra. Now, National Geographic Channel goes behind the scenes of the hidden empire of crime, money and violence for "Inside the American Mob," premiering Sun. July 28 at 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. ET.

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<p>Pharrell may be popping up everywhere this summer, but he seems pretty calm and cool about it all</p>

Pharrell may be popping up everywhere this summer, but he seems pretty calm and cool about it all

Credit: HitFix

Pharrell talks about his summer of Daft Punk, 'Man of Steel' and 'Despicable Me 2'

Talk about trying a little bit of everything

Someone's having a very big summer.

Pharrell's music was a big part of the charm of the first "Despicable Me," and it gave the film a sound that wasn't just a knock-off of every other animated movie out there. That's hard to do sometimes, and there was something so lovely and sunny about his "Despicable Me" songs that perfectly complimented the film.

I'm sure it was an easy decision to have him back for the second film, but honestly, timing must have been a nightmare. In addition to this movie, he also contributed to the Hans Zimmer score for "Man Of Steel," and of course, he's all over the latest record by Daft Punk, including the vocal track for the ridiculously catchy "Get Lucky."

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<p>&quot;Blue is the Warmest Color&quot; will not be eligible for this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.</p>

"Blue is the Warmest Color" will not be eligible for this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

Credit: IFC Films

With 'Blue is the Warmest Color' out of the running, a look ahead to the foreign Oscar race

France's Palme d'Or champ won't be competing this year, but what will?

Fairly soon, the first formal contenders will start trickling into the race for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, as individual national committees make their official selections and submit them to the Academy for consideration. It's a trickle that will swiftly turn into a flood as the submission deadline of October 1 nears. Last year, 71 countries entered the race -- an all-time record that could well be beaten this year. But in a race that's all but impossible to handicap at this stage -- dependent as it is on the whims and politics of different countries, rather than the Academy itself -- what are the films we're expecting to see in the mix?

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"Dance Kids ATL"

 "Dance Kids ATL"

Credit: TLC

Watch: 'Dance Kids ATL' brings kiddy hip hop to TLC

How do you think these kids compare to the ones on 'Dance Moms'?
If you like "Dance Moms" but don't like Abby Miller, this might be the show for you. At the heart of the hip hop scene in Atlanta is one dance studio that transforms raw talent into career driven superstars, where countless kids train at an early age to become the best dancers in the world. TLC takes viewers inside this destination, Dance 411, in the new one hour special "Dance Kids ATL" airing Wed. July 24th at 10:00 p.m.
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'The Walking Dead' unveils Season 4 poster

"The Walking Dead" unveils Season 4 poster
This "epic" poster will be unveiled at Comic-Con later this month.

Connie Britton teams with Planned Parenthood on a "What Would Tami Taylor Do?" T-shirt
The former "Friday Night Lights" star is lending her support to the T-shirt to raise money to fight a Texas measure that would restrict abortion across the state.

Kaley Cuoco dating "Superman"?
"The Big Bang Theory" star and Henry Cavill are an item, Us Weekly reports.

Lena Dunham: "Girls" provides me with free underwear every day
"Our costume dept has realized that if they want me in underwear they have to provide them," she tweeted. PLUS: Dunham admits she nearly bought a $24,000 couch.

ABC renews "Extreme Weight Loss"
The dieting reality show will be back for Season 4.

TLC's "Dance Moms" to spawn "Dance Kids"?

TLC will air the special "Dance Kids ATL" about young Atlanta dance students that could end up becoming a regular show.

NBC is developing a new sketch comedy show

The Peacock has begun a preliminary search for young talent for an "SNL"-like series that the network hopes will produce talent it could use on future shows.

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<p>Oscar Isaac in &quot;Inside Llewyn&nbsp;Davis&quot;</p>

Oscar Isaac in "Inside Llewyn Davis"

Credit: CBS Films

New 'Inside Llewyn Davis' trailer tunes up awards season

Will the Coen brothers' latest find its way to a Best Picture nomination?

Will the Coen brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" be a big awards player at the end of the year? CBS Films is sure positioning it for that but forget all of that, forget the Grand Prix win at Cannes, etc. I just really, really want to see this movie. A Coen film just feels like an oasis in every dreary film year, so while "The Lone Ranger" may be stinking up the multiplexes next weekend, remember, we have stuff like this coming around the corner.

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NBC nabs 'The Bible' sequel from Mark Burnett

NBC nabs "The Bible" sequel from Mark Burnett

"This will be attention-getting in every way," NBC Entertainment boss Robert Greenblatt says of "A.D.: Beyond the Bible," which will follow-up the ratings smash of History channel's "The Bible."

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<p>Ryan Coogler's &quot;Fruitvale Station&quot; played Sundance and Cannes and The Weinstein Company thinks it will be a Best Picture player. Will it be?</p>

Ryan Coogler's "Fruitvale Station" played Sundance and Cannes and The Weinstein Company thinks it will be a Best Picture player. Will it be?

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Off the Carpet: Half-time

With six months in the books, how does 2013 shape up for awards so far?

It seems like just yesterday Ben Affleck was on stage at the Dolby Theatre accepting his Best Picture Oscar for "Argo" and one of the more dramatic awards seasons was drawing to a close. Since then we've had a refreshing handful of months away from the fray, but today, we're going to ruin all of that, just for a moment.

Last week Greg, Guy and I offered up our "for your consideration" Oscar picks from the year's first half that we'd like to see remembered come year's end. With that as a launching off point, and with today marking the actual mid-way point of 2013, let's really dig in. How has the year shaped up for awards hopefuls so far?

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