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Listen: Queens Of The Stone Age's awesome 'My God Is the Sun'

Listen: Queens Of The Stone Age's awesome 'My God Is the Sun'

'... Like Clockwork' due in a month

Queens Of The Stoneage will release their first album in six years on June 4. Judging from first single "My God Is the Sun," it will be worth the wait.

Just listen to those crunchy guitars. You could spread butter on them and a sell 'em at Whole Foods but, like,   the hard rock version of Whole Foods, which I think may be opening in Norway later this year. Anyway. Every part is exacted and I feel an amphitheatrical rising in my chest when the bass takes the lead in those first few bars. Josh Homme -- who now goes by Joshua Homme, apparently -- keeps his operatic tenor in the same wheelhouse as ever, but the mix is all gnarls and groove.

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<p>Brad Paisley's &quot;Wheelhouse&quot;</p>

Brad Paisley's "Wheelhouse"

Credit: Sony Nashville/Arista

Album Review: Brad Paisley's wide-ranging 'Wheelhouse'

Hear his provocative song with LL Cool J, 'Accidental Racist'

Brad Paisley is country music’s consummate artist: he writes, sings, plays guitar, and entertains at a higher level in all four areas than most acts do in just one. On his ninth studio album, “Wheelhouse,” out Tuesday (9), he adds producer to the list.

“Wheelhouse” opens with a few seconds  of  the WW1 chestnut, “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm,”  which segues into “Southern Comfort Zone,” Paisley’s No. 1 hit about exploring the rest of the world, while still feeling there’s no place like home.

[More after the jump...]

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"So You Think You Can Dance"

"So You Think You Can Dance"

Credit: Fox

'So You Think You Can Dance' to return May 14 with new guest judges

New series "Toxic Office" also gets an air date

True dance fans, rejoice. You no longer have to slog through amateur hour on "Dancing with the Stars," as Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" is set to return for its tenth season with a two-night premiere on Tues. May 14 at 8:00 p.m. and Wed. May 15 at 9:00 p.m.

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Listen: Selena Gomez releases new single 'Come & Get It'

Listen: Selena Gomez releases new single 'Come & Get It'

Tablas and little tiny race cars

Vanessa Hudgen's first song since starring in "Spring Breakers" was much inspired by Spring Break in general. For Selena Gomez' "Come & Get It?" Her new boppy, fun track has some Indian influence.

Check out the Disney star's full-throated singing on "Come & Get It," rife with tablas and adages that are most definitely not about Justin Bieber, according to her interview with Ryan Seacrest. The pop personality was the first to present Gomez' single this morning, and among the first to hear that harmlessly bitter-sweet bridge on the "death of me." It's backed by synths that sound like really little race cars racing.

Dust off your na na na nas and eh eh eh eh eh ehs: this is like Rihanna Lite and will undoubtedly be on all summer long. Is the the first of the 2013 Certified Summer Jams?

"Come & Get It" is off of Gomez' next, as-yet-untitled album, due this summer. The song goes on sale tonight.

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<p>David Geffen</p>

David Geffen

Credit: AP Photo

David Geffen donates $25 million to the Academy, gets a theater named after him

The David Geffen Theater will be a premiere-sized venue at the Academy Museum

Lots of rumblings from the lab over at the Academy these days. Details have surfaced on what to really expect from that big May 4 membership meeting and today the organization has announced that entertainment industry magnate David Geffen has donated $25 million to the Academy's ongoing Museum of Motion Pictures project, which is enough to land his name on the big theater planned for the space. Hawk Koch sure is making a lot of waves on his watch.

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<p>B&eacute;r&eacute;nice Bejo in &quot;The Past.&quot;</p>

Bérénice Bejo in "The Past."

Credit: Memento Films

Bérénice Bejo not so silent in French trailer for Cannes-bound 'The Past'

No subtitles needed to get excited for Asghar Farhadi's follow-up to 'A Separation'

The lineup for next month's Cannes Film Festival is announced next week, and while much of it is still shrouded in mystery, at least one title we're certain will show up (and one of those we're most eagerly anticipating) is Iranian auteur Asghar Farhadi's "The Past."

The Iranian director of the Oscar-winning "A Separation" has never played the Croisette before; "A Separation" and his 2009 breakout "About Elly" were both Berlinale premieres, but it's time for a move up the hierarchical festival ladder. And given that Farhadi's latest is a French production, Cannes is the obvious place to unveil it -- most likely in Competition. (It opens in France on May 15, presumably simultaneously with its festival premiere.)

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Listen to The National's first new single 'Demons' from 'Trouble Will Find Me'

Listen to The National's first new single 'Demons' from 'Trouble Will Find Me'

New track looks back at the past and sighs heavily

Grab your chalk and run crying toward "Demons," The National's new single from forthcoming album "Trouble Will Find Me."

As singer Matt Berninger intimated, the new music seems to deal with the past, and growing older, as the chorus to this wistfully cinematic, chugging track suggest "I stay down with my demons." It name-checks people of his past and sideways glances at the rock band's former album "Alligators."

I'm loving the singing in octave, unison with Berninger's looow baritone, and the strings and piano finale, like Rick Rubin was sitting on and smiling. "Wanna see the sun come up above New York/Oh, everyday I start so great/Then the sunlight dims," he sings. Everyone shivers.

This little heartbreaker is the second track on 13-song "Trouble Will Find Me," due May 21 via XL. It was recorded in Rhinebeck, NY, produced by the band and mixed by Craig Silvey, Peter Katis, and Marcus Paquin.

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<p>Fiona (Emmy Rossum)&nbsp;on &quot;Shameless.&quot;</p>

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) on "Shameless."

Credit: Showtime

Season finale review: 'Shameless' - 'Survival of the Fittest'

A lot of characters head out of town in what felt almost like a series finale

A review of last night's "Shameless" season finale coming up just as soon as I write a letter to Santa wishing for your death...

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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

 "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion scorecard pt. 1: Did Kenya win, lose or whine?

Porsha does her research to take on her nemesis

And so it begins. The first part of a three (yes, three!) part reunion for "The Real Housewives" aired tonight, and the women wasted no time getting into it. Or throwing shade. Or cutting to the white meat or something. There was a lot of yelling, basically. Because this is going to drag on and on for a few more weeks, I thought it  might be helpful to come up with a scorecard of who wins which argument. I suspected Kenya, who loves arguments the way some people love wine, savoring their nuances and earthy undertones, would pummel a few of the other Housewives into submission. But guess who brought a gun to a knife fight? Porsha, or all people! Yes, it was a night of many surprises. And some really great eyeshadow. This season, the women on all the reunion shows look like tweens who've hijacked Mommy's make-up box or drag queens, but I kind of love it.

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<p>Elisabeth Moss of &quot;Mad Men&quot;</p>

Elisabeth Moss of "Mad Men"

Credit: AMC

Interview: 'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss discusses Peggy's return and lying to reporters

Also, we discuss why Peggy-Don 'shipping is just plain wrong
Across the six interviews I did with various stars of AMC's "Mad Men," I don't know if a single actual plot-point was spoiled. Matthew Weiner runs a tight ship.
The sixth interview probably could, in some hyper-sensitive circles, be considered a spoiler merely by the actor in question.
Yes, Elisabeth Moss is going to be back on "Mad Men" this season. I'm sorry if Peggy's presence in last season's finale didn't give that away, or if that fact was also unspoiled despite Moss featuring in both promotional images and trailers for the new season.
Elisabeth Moss and Peggy, Don Draper's favorite protegee, will be back on "Mad Men" this season. 
Of course, you may have been fooled last spring when Peggy took a new job offer and abandoned Don and then Moss gave a number of interviews saying that she didn't know what was next for Peggy and that her fate was in Weiner's hands. 
In this interview, Moss admits to perhaps a wee bit of lying last spring and discusses how Weiner told her about what was coming next for Peggy. We talked about the "Mad Men" culture of secret keeping and then we had a long back and forth about why it's strange people have to keep asking if Don and Peggy are eventually going to hook up. 
Click through for the full conversation
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<p>In the &quot;Mad Men&quot;&nbsp;season premiere, Don Draper (Jon Hamm)&nbsp;finds himself alone at a bar yet again.</p>

In the "Mad Men" season premiere, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) finds himself alone at a bar yet again.

Credit: AMC

Season premiere review: 'Mad Men' - 'The Doorway'

Don's affected by a trip to paradise, Peggy has a crisis at work and Roger deals with a loss

"Mad Men" is back, and I have a review of the season premiere coming up just as soon as I leave everything to the zoo...

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<p>Arya (Maisie Williams, center)&nbsp;and friends on &quot;Game of Thrones.&quot;</p>

Arya (Maisie Williams, center) and friends on "Game of Thrones."

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Game of Thrones' - 'Dark Wings, Dark Words'

The Stark kids are all in a pickle, while Margaery learns how to talk to Joffrey

A review of tonight's "Game of Thrones" coming up just as soon as I forbid you to die...

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