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<p>Max Greenfield and Merritt Wever in &quot;New Girl.&quot;</p>

Max Greenfield and Merritt Wever in "New Girl."

Credit: FOX

Review: 'New Girl' - 'Winston's Birthday'

Jess and Nick are distracted by her father, and Schmidt scares away Elizabeth again

A review of tonight's "New Girl" coming up just as soon as the school goat hangs himself...

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<p>Ben Affleck winning the Best Picture Oscar for &quot;Argo.&quot;&nbsp;</p>

Ben Affleck winning the Best Picture Oscar for "Argo." 

Credit: AP Photo/John Shearer

Ben Affleck to direct his second Dennis Lehane adaptation with 'Live By Night'

His debut, 'Gone Baby Gone,' was also based on the Boston crime writer's work

After Ben Affleck won the Best Picture Oscar for "Argo" -- and, apparently, the admiration and sympathy of the industry at large -- at February's Academy Awards ceremony, he could probably have persuaded Hollywood to greenlight just about anything he felt like making. Those on the lookout for a grand, overreaching folly in the actor's fourth outing behind the camera, however, may be disappointed to hear he'll be on familiar turf: like his 2007 debut "Gone Baby Gone," "Live By Night" will be an adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel.

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<p>Kanye West</p>

Kanye West

Credit: AP Photo

Kanye West ramps up hype for new album with performance at the Met: Watch

Hudson Mohawke also oiling the hype machine?

Even as his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was whipping fashion-watchers up in a frenzy, Kanye West still managed to be the belle of the ball at the Met Gala last night. The punk-themed evening was, coincidentally, a fine match for what appears to be fits of screaming coming from the rapper and producer, who intro'ed his set with the phrase "I am a god."

What follows is a series of Vine clips from the event, including what appears to be an ode to his pregnant girlfriend: "You're awesome."

And what matters less is how they sound: what's more is that West is previewing new material at all.

A second case-in-point is that his production protege Hudson Mohawke, who's signed to Ye's GOOD Music label, reportedly spun two new West tunes during a gig last night [via Fake Shore Drive]. Details are a little more hazy on this one, but Kanye West forum Kanye To The ran a couple of short videos, having had some input from Kanye cohort Mike Dean.

Considering the clips haven't been pulled, and that Mohawke has no need to bite the hand that feeds, either they weren't finished enough to offend or he got Ye's blessing to throw them on.

West took to his vacated Twitter account over the last week, to post just the words "June Eighteen."

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<p>Henry Cavill's a new Superman with his very own theme</p>

Henry Cavill's a new Superman with his very own theme

Credit: Warner Bros.

Full-length preview 'Man Of Steel' track gives a dazzling tease of Hans Zimmer's work

Will fandom be able to let go of the Williams original?

No matter how many times the topic comes up, there are still people who seem upset about the absence of the John Williams "Superman" theme from the upcoming Zack Snyder film "Man Of Steel."

That's a testament to the emotional connection that people have with film music, some of which is conscious, some of which is involuntary. There are things that we connect with at various points in our lives that have a nearly chemical reaction on us when we encounter them later, and you can rail about it or struggle with it or try to ignore it, but that's the truth of it. Most of the time, our love of certain pieces of art goes deeper than we can explain, and I suspect that for a generation of people, that 1978 "Superman" is a deeply felt piece of childhood. It certainly was for me.

And let's put that in perspective. Today, if you're a regular moviegoer, you're used to powerful sonic experiences as a routine thing. Even a basic surround set-up these days can be impressive, but in 1978, Dolby surround was brand new, and not everyone knew what to do with it yet.

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Carrie Underwood to sing NBC's 'Sunday Night Football' theme song

Carrie Underwood to sing NBC's "Sunday Night Football" theme song
The producer of "SNF" says the former "Idol" winner was the first and only choice to replace Faith Hill.

Report: Nickelodeon cancels "Supah Ninjas"

Nick hasn't confirmed the cancelation of the 2-season series, but its creators have said it's over.

"The IT Crowd" coming back for 1 last episode
Creator Graham Linehan will gather the cast of the geeky British sitcom for a one-off special.

Watch the "Robot Chicken" guys create a couch gag for "The Simpsons"

Here's Part 1 and here's Part 2.

Dave Chappelle starred in a mid-90s spinoff of "Home Improvement"
Chappelle, 22, starred in the short-lived "Buddies" in 1996 after he and future "SNL" star Jim Breuer appeared on "Tool Time."

Tweets on TV -- an annoying trend

The on-screen Twitter clutter is getting out of hand.

Jerry Seinfeld & Jimmy Fallon discuss their jean jacket-wearing past

At the Met Costume Gala, the two also talked about why they don't have tattoos.

Phil Hartman's 1970s album is getting animated
The former "SNL" star recorded "Phil Hartman's Flat TV" when he was with the Groundlings.

Couples are partaking in "Game of Thrones" engagement shoots
"The Wedding is Coming."

"New Girl" props, explained
From Schmidt's crotch cast to Nick's squirrel photo. PLUS: Watch this "New Girl" auto-tune.

"Duck Dynasty" star releases his memoir

Phil Robertson recalls his wild early years and later discovering God in "Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander."

Whatever happened to "Arrested Development's" Annyong "Hello" Bluth?

Justin Lee, who played the role at age 14, is now 23 and not expected to appear on the Netflix season. PLUS: New "Arrested" poster makes clear this is a limited run Netflix series.

PBS tackles America's founding document in "Constitution USA"

"Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me" host Peter Sagal uses a lot of look-at-me gimmicks in the four-part series, beginning tonight.

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Kal Penn

 Kal Penn

Credit: Discovery

Kal Penn talks 'Big Brain Theory,' POTUS and why we need girl nerds

Watch a clip of the 'Harold & Kumar' star's latest project

I had a chance to talk to Kal Penn at the premiere of his new show, "Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius," and found that the "Harold & Kumar" franchise and "House" star as well as former Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement (say that ten times fast) has some, as you might expect, big ideas. The show (which airs Wed. at 10:00 p.m.) challenges 10 real-life rocket scientists, engineers and brainiacs to solve tricky problems and, on occasion, blow up stuff, all while living together. Here's what Penn had to say about doing battle with stupidity, why girls are underrepresented on the show, and why STEM classes count.  

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<p>Doc Savage was rocking a Fortress Of Solitude before someone else ever went up, up, and away. Awkwaaaaard.</p>

Doc Savage was rocking a Fortress Of Solitude before someone else ever went up, up, and away. Awkwaaaaard.

Credit: Bantam Books

Shane Black's 'Doc Savage' becomes official and may be his next movie

Every baby step towards this becoming a reality is big news for us

I never expected to actually see a studio announcing "Doc Savage".

Sure, we've reported on the various blips and bloops about this one over the course of the development so far, and just over a week ago, we mentioned this as a very real possibility for Black to return to as his next film.

Now it appears to be official. Sony sent out the press release a little while ago announcing a formal deal with Shane to write and direct what I'm sure they all hope will be the first of many "Doc Savage" movies. This is a thrilling moment on a lot of levels. First, Shane Black has never been more white-hot than he is right now. Even the release of "Lethal Weapon" can't compare to this based on what a commercial juggernaut "Iron Man 3" has become. I'm sure everyone expected it to be a hit, but it's a sensation. The money it's earning is sort of amazing. Marvel defies all expectations each time out.

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Watch: Yeah Yeah Yeahs' 'Mosquito' music video

Watch: Yeah Yeah Yeahs' 'Mosquito' music video

It will suck your blood

One of your least favorite things about the summer months is the featured creature in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Mosquito" music video. The famed blood-sucker spends the clip doing as the song says.

The CGI winged nuisance also changes shape over the duration, taking on neon colors and getting greedy, chowing down on a little boy's hand. Curiously, director Shimbe Shim shows the mosquito's victim's face in the lower right hand corner, making a display of him watching us and watching it, without the ability to do anything to warn him. The insect ultimately gets his, but it is a very uncomfortable time up until then.

Perhaps the wily song has the same initiative: to make the listener a little perturbed and slightly violent, a little raging weirdo among the other weirdos on the album that shares the same name as this track.

Whatever, just keep it away from me.

Read our review of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Mosquito" here.

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<p>Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco play four magicians who take on the 1% in the upcoming heist thriller 'Now You See Me'</p>

Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco play four magicians who take on the 1% in the upcoming heist thriller 'Now You See Me'

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Summit kicks off the Diamond Heist Challenge to tease the release of 'Now You See Me'

Check out our exclusive piece of the puzzle now

I'm still not entirely sure I understand the "Diamond Heist Challenge," but then again, I find myself baffled by a lot of the real-world tech games that fans love to play, so that's nothing new.

What I do know is this: Summit is try to come up with fun ways to get you thinking about "Now You See Me," their upcoming thriller by Louis Leterrier about a supergroup of magicians who decide to push the filthy rich by staging a bold series of heists. It's one of those trailers where I realized halfway through it that I'm not supposed to worry about what is or isn't real. They're not trying to make a movie that is about the real art of stage magic, but instead, they're making a souped-up Robin Hood riff with a lot of visual razzle dazzle.

Here is the official description that Summit sent over to explain what the "Diamond Heist Challenge" is:

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"RuPaul's Drag Race"

 "RuPaul's Drag Race"

Credit: Logo

Is the mainstream ready for 'RuPaul's Drag Race'?

The show is currently niche programming, but should it be bigger?

Last night I was watching the season finale of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and marveling at how much better at being Tyra Banks RuPaul is than, well, Tyra Banks. Over the years, "America's Next Top Model" has become a campy parody of itself, which isn't such a bad thing. Banks clearly understands where fashion and performance intersect, and she's not above some knowing self-parody. 

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<p>&quot;The Office.&quot;</p>

"The Office."

Credit: NBC

'The Office' series finale expands to 1 hour, 15 minutes

"The Office" series finale expands to 1 hour, 15 minutes
The May 16 finale will be preceded by a one-hour "Office" clip show and it will be followed by a 45-minute "Hannibal."

"Mad Men's" "Ted Chaough" speaks, says he and Don Draper are like Magic and Larry
"It reminds me of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson back in the day," says actor Kevin Rahm. "Two men at the top of their class who played better when they played each other." PLUS: Don's fake ads are terrible compared to real '60s ads.

"The Americans" promotes "Nina" and "Martha"

Annet Mahendru and Alison Wright will become series regulars next season.

Jason Collins to make his first late-night visit on Jimmy Kimmel

The NBA player, who came out last week, will be joined by his twin brother Jarron next week on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"Downton Abbey" could last 10 seasons
"I think it is going to go on for a while," says exec producer Gareth Neame. "Right now the show is still growing in the U.S. and it would be awful to think of the show ending."

Michael Bay's pirate drama "Black Sails" premieres in January
The Starz series features Toby Stephens as Captain Flint 20 years before "Treasure Island."

Stephen Colbert taking on Oprah with "cOlbert's Book Club"
Its first book: "The Great Gatsby."

Jason Collins to make his first late-night visit on Jimmy Kimmel
The NBA player, who came out last week, will be joined by his twin brother Jarron next week on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

See Justin Bieber, "Simpsonized"
Bieber makes a brief cameo on Sunday's episode.

"Teen Mom's" sex tape breaks Kim Kardashian's record

Farrah Abraham's sex tape was so popular it crashed Vivid's servers.

Fuse orders "The Hustle," a hip-hop dramedy

Fuse's first scripted series will be followed by "The Hustle After Party," a talk show like "The Talking Dead."

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<p>TV&nbsp;Tattle lives &mdash; now at HitFix!</p>

TV Tattle lives — now at HitFix!

HitFix partners with TV Tattle to bring popular TV news blog back to life

Same site, same editor, slightly new location

For the last 13 years, one of my favorite stops on my daily circuit around the internet was TV Tattle, a TV news blog run by Norman Weiss. Even in the age of Twitter, TV Tattle remained a valuable repository of the day's most interesting bits of TV news and commentary, and when Norman chose one of my pieces — particularly on a subject that many, many critics and reporters had written about — I still felt the sense of professional pride I did in the blog's early days, when "Who did Tattle Boy pick today?" became a competitive party game among most of the critics I knew.

Even in the age of Twitter, Tattle remained a hugely valuable resource, as Norman would inevitably catch a lot of good reads each day I might have otherwise missed. So when he announced last month that the site was shutting down — which he later explained was due to a struggle to generate ad revenue — I was hugely disappointed. Many people on Twitter asked if I could recommend a similar site to fill the void, but none existed that I was aware of.

That's why I'm incredibly pleased to announce that HitFix has partnered with Norman to bring TV Tattle back to life. Starting today — right now, in fact — you can find TV Tattle at, or through its original URL, Nothing changes about the site; Norman has full editorial independence to pick whatever links he likes. We wanted Tattle to continue to exist as it always has.

We don't have the power to uncancel shows most of the time, but we did have the ability to uncancel TV Tattle. Sounds good to me.

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