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A 'Sharknado' sequel? Syfy execs have to move past this 'whirlwind day' before deciding

A "Sharknado" sequel? Syfy execs have to move past this "whirlwind day" before deciding

"Everyone — my mom, dad,  wife, my kids have asked me that question," says Syfy programming boss Thomas Vitale. "Everyone at the office and obviously the producers. The truth is that this has all happened so quickly. It’s been such a whirlwind day. We’ve had a lot of meetings, emails. I'm not being coy, (but) that’s obviously being talked about. There may be some kind of announcement coming forth but there’s nothing going to be announced now just because we haven’t had real discussions with the real people we have to talk to about that."
Taiwanese animators unveil "Sharknado 2: Sharphoon"
Syfy: "If we don't have a good title, we're not going to make the movie"
"Sharknado's" original title: "Dark Skies"
The genius of "Sharknado": It was  "80-odd minutes straight of footballs in the groin"
"Sharknado" producers' next project: "3-Headed Shark Attack"
Screenwriter studied real-life weather patterns to write his script
The "nado" part is what makes "Sharknado" special -- people love saying "nay-do"
Visual effects supervisor: "They wanted it to be absurd when you watched it"
L.A. County Fire Dept. says it is prepared for a Sharknado
Before "Sharknado," Syfy had a slew of terrible shark movies
How "Sharknado" explains the federal reserve
"Sharknado" shows how out of touch Washington is
U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services cracks a "Sharknado" joke
9 harsh political realities of "Sharknado"
Tara Reid is up for a sequel
Ian Ziering: Maybe this is my "John Travolta 'Pulp Fiction' moment"

"Parks and Rec" won't make a big deal out of Chris Pratt's rock-hard abs

Co-creator Mike Schur says he has already written a "little tiny acknowledgement or nod to the fact that he looks very different to the way he normally looks. I don't think beyond a little joke about it that we'll end up doing anything significant. We're not going to suddenly say that Andy became a fitness nut because that doesn't ring true."

Can Oprah rehabilitate Lindsay Lohan's image?
An OWN reality show either will be good or bad for Lindsay's career.

Why "Honey Boo Boo" is superior to "The Newsroom"

Hank Stuever says one show gives you more to think about -- "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." He adds: "The show you're supposed to pay attention to has nothing to tell you, and the show that’s supposed to rot your brain actually turns it on."

Jay Leno to Eliot Spitzer: "How can you be this stupid?"
The disgraced former New York governor explained his decision to run for New York City Comptroller today on "The Tonight Show." Sitting next to him was "SNL's" Eliot Spitzer -- Bill Hader.

USA teams Greg Grunberg & Diane Farr to play mom and dad for comedy pilot
They're starring in "Divide & Conquer."

Jenny McCarthy has begun dating Donnie Wahlberg
They met when he was a guest on "The Jenny McCarthy Show."

Jane Lynch files for divorce

Lynch separated from her wife of nearly three years in February.

"Parenthood" gives Monica Potter a new hairdo
She got a short bob as her character comes back from chemo.

Janice Dickinson hospitalized
A closing garage dark struck the former "Next Top Model" star in the head yesterday in Beverly Hills.

Simon Cowell and his new "X Factor" judges appear to have good chemistry
The chemistry between Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio and Cowell and Lovato was described as "infectious" during this week's L.A. auditions.

Virginia Madsen joins "Witches of East End"
She'll appear in a multi-episode arc of the Lifetime series.

"Suits" hopes to lure younger viewers by hooking up with a hook-up app
The USA show will be promoted on the casual-dating service Tinder.

Mary-Louise Parker signs on for a Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movie

She'll star in "Christmas in Conway."

How Chuy Bravo became a "Chelsea Lately" sensation
Bravo, who was recently on "Splash," came to L.A. as a teenager.

Alyssa Milano sparks "Charmed" controversy by comparing the set to high school

Holly Marie Combs responded to Milano's "Watch What Happens Live" comments by saying "Charmed" was nothing like high school, while Shannen Doherty chimed in that there was no drama on set.

As he gets Oscar buzz, Michael B. Jordan recalls his "Wire" and "Friday Night Lights" past
With "Fruitvale Station," there's talk of the 25-year-old Jordan getting an Academy Award nomination.

Ex-"Storage Wars" star ordered to pay A&E's legal fees
A judge has ruled that David Hester must pay $122,692 after losing the first round of his rigging lawsuit.

"The Bridge": Finally, a realistic portrayal of autism

With Diane Kruger's character, the FX series "appears to be committed to creating a nuanced protagonist with autism without making it the defining feature of the series, or even the character," says Emily Shire.

The average NYC rent is $3000/month -- which TV characters can afford that?
Could Carrie Bradshaw survive these days in the city?

Katee Sackhoff: A fan once asked me to sign his penis
"It was very weird," the "Longmire" star says of the request.

Food Network hasn't dumped Paula Deen's recipes

About 1400 of Deen's recipes are still on the Food Network website.

"Downton Abbey" hits the beach
Check out the cast at seaside.

See the giant "Doctor Who"-themed corn maze

Complete with a 300-meter-tall Dalek.

Mads Mikkelsen: A "Hannibal" cookbook might be in the works

The Danish actor admits: "Hannibal is a much better cook than I am."

Watch Patton Oswalt's first paid acting gig, at age 19

He got $300 for an educational video about student loans.

LEGOS to hand out "Arrow" action figures at Comic-Con
Hundreds of little Green Arrows will be given away next week.

"Ray Donovan" star Ambyr Childers is pregnant

This will be her 2nd child.

"Scrubs" meets "CHiPs"

Zach Braff and Donald Faison describe their friendship in a picture.

Watch an Olivia Pope makeup tutorial

From a star of "Sh*t White Girls Say."

"Mad Men" costume designer worked more than a year on her new reality show
"I wanted to do a show that combines my passions of film, costume design, and fashion design," Janie Bryant says of "Janie Bryant's Holllywood."

Elisabeth Moss: I'm not a TV snob -- "I totally watch reality TV"

"I love all those 'Housewives' shows," says the "Mad Men" star adding, that she also watches "'Nashville' and I just finished 'Scandal.' So the chances are with any show I've probably seen it."

"The Newsroom" is greatly improved in Season 2

Give Aaron Sorkin another chance, as he's made the show sharper and edgier, says Verne Gay. "What this show needed to do -- and in the first episode, absolutely has done -- is get tougher, leaner and create that sense that the 'newsroom' is a real place, and not a soapbox for McAvoy (as proxy for Sorkin) to occasionally ascend. Sunday's episode is much more about process -- the manifold little things that add up to one very big thing, a nightly TV news broadcast." PLUS: Season 2 has less moralizing, so there's more to like, Season 2 is both really good and really bad just like last year, the new "Newsroom" is a lot more fun to watch, and Olivia Munn is able to overcome the Sorkinese.

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<p>Michael B. Jordan and Melonie Diaz in &quot;Fruitvale Station.&quot;</p>

Michael B. Jordan and Melonie Diaz in "Fruitvale Station."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Review: The train misses a few stops in well-acted but phony 'Fruitvale Station'

Ryan Coogler's debut hints at a powerful story, but where's the rest of it?

This year's annual compromise candidate between Sundance and Cannes's otherwise divergent definitions of a festival film, "Fruitvale Station" is a clean-scrubbed tragedy that aims for a commendable reversal: taking a real-life human subject best known for the way he died, Ryan Coogler's debut feature instead builds its drama around the way he lived. 

At least, it purports to do so. In Coogler's angry but unremittingly adoring portrait, how close you feel to Oscar Grant, the 22-year-old Bay Area proletarian whose life was cut unaccountably short by a brute transit officer on New Year's Day in 2009, may depend on how much truth you see in its tidily condensed life-in-a-day structure. And that, unlike the incontestable video-phone footage of Grant's death that Coogler unspools as early as the prologue, is strictly in the eye of the beholder. It is one thing to present us with an atrocity that we know, and possibly even remember, happened. It is another to make us believe it.

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<p>Arcade Fire</p>

Arcade Fire


Arcade Fire announces new album release date via Twitter

Apparently, they were just waiting for someone to say something nice

One of Arcade Fire’s twitter followers was definitely in the right place at the right time. Yesterday, one of the co-ed Canadian band’s fans simply tweeted, “@arcadefire you’re my favorite.”  And the band responded with way more than a simple “thanks” (though, being Canadian and, therefore, very polite, they did thank him).

The Montreal-based band spilled the release date for its new album as Oct. 29, and included two photos of a sphere and of the band that are almost suitable for framing or could be part of the album artwork. No word on the title yet.

The album will the the group’s first since 2010’s “The Suburbs,” which snagged album of the year at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Arcade Fire had been previewing material over the last year, including a tune called “Crucified Again,” last November.  LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is producing the new set.

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Comedy Central to air Bill Cosby's 1st TV special in 30 years

Comedy Central to air Bill Cosby's 1st TV special in 30 years
"Far From Finished," directed by Robert Townsend, will air on Nov. 24.

Syfy will re-air "Sharknado" next Thursday

Meanwhile, final numbers revealed that 1.369 million watched the Syfy special.

Play "The Newsroom" Bingo
Here's a fun way to keep up with Aaron Sorkin's Sorkinisms.

"Lost's" Henry Ian Cusick is heading back to Hawaii

He'll play a terrorist on the season premiere of "Hawaii Five-0."

A Bruce Lee TV project is in the works -- based on material written by Lee himself

"Fast & Furious" director Justin Lin is behind the project, a one-hour drama.

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Oprah lands Lindsay Lohan for a sit-down interview -- and a reality show

Oprah lands Lindsay Lohan for a sit-down interview -- and a reality show

Lindsay's interview will tape and air next month, while her eight-episode "docu-series" will be shown in 2014.

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Justin Timberlake's new song, 'Take Back The Night' in full: Listen
Credit: AP Photo

Justin Timberlake's new song, 'Take Back The Night' in full: Listen

Plus, all the details on 'The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2'

After teasing a snippet of new single, “Take Back The Night,” Justin Timberlake unleashed the full 6-minute song today on YouTube.

The disco tune is the first single from “The 20/20 Experience- 2 of 2,” the sequel to “The 20/20 Experience,” which comes out Sept. 30.

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A Twitter sensation, 'Sharknado' didn't get big ratings

A Twitter sensation, "Sharknado" didn't get big ratings

Preliminary numbers from the biggest cities show that just 1.4 million watched the Syfy event -- a bust by Syfy original standards. Still, Syfy paid very little for the movie, yet reaped tons of free publicity. PLUS: San Jose Sharks not happy with ESPN's "Sharknado" joke.

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Hulu sale canceled

Hulu sale canceled

Instead of selling the streaming website, the media companies who own Hulu have opted to invest $750 million in Hulu to boost its growth.

Anne Heche joins "The Michael J. Fox Show"
She'll play the news anchor at the TV station where Fox returns to work as a correspondent.

AMC teases "Breaking Bad's" final episodes
Is this all-new footage? PLUS: The cast talks Season 8.

"Big Brother" racism persists despite warnings from other housemates
Last night on the live feed, Aaryn was captured saying in a mock accent, "Whatchu gon do gurrl? Where’s yo class?"

"SVU" promotes Raul Esparza
Assistant DA Rafael Barba will become a regular next season.

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"Big Brother"

 "Big Brother"

Credit: CBS

Listen: CulturePop No. 21 - Troy DeVolld, 'Duck Dynasty,' Kardashians

If you have any interest in reality TV, you must listen to this

This week Melinda and I had the great pleasure of having reality TV producer Troy DeVolld ("Hollywood Game Night," "Basketball Wives") as our guest on the show. I think it's safe to say that both Melinda and I learned a lot about how our favorite (and least favorite) shows work. We also talked about the Kardashians. A lot. It's tremendously reassuring to learn that an expert in the field thinks that their fifteen minutes might someday tick out, too. 

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<p>Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in &quot;Philomena.&quot;</p>

Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in "Philomena."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Is Judi Dench in 'Philomena' the Weinsteins' secret weapon?

First glimpse of Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in the adoption-themed dramedy

Looking ahead to the upcoming awards season, pundits are spoiled for choice when it comes to predicting the Weinstein Company's annual prize pony. But while obviously baity titles like "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" (which just unveiled a teaser trailer today) and "August: Osage County" dominate that particular conversation -- along with established festival hit "Fruitvale Station" -- Stephen Frears's "Philomena" is quietly waiting to pounce, most likely at the fall festival season.

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'Sharknado' director: 'If this is 'Star Wars,' then you've got to make 'Empire Strikes Back'

"Sharknado" director: "If this is 'Star Wars,' then you've got to make 'Empire Strikes Back'"
Anthony C. Ferrante last night reacted to the frenzy over his movie, and said he's ready to do a sequel. "I mean, what do you do after 'Sharknado'? You've got to up the ante. I don't want to compare this to 'Star Wars,' but if this is 'Star Wars,' then you’ve got to make 'Empire Strikes Back' — whatever version of that 'Empire Strikes Back' is of a 'Sharknado' sequel. Number twos are usually pretty damn good." PLUS: "Sharknado's" bizarre geography, 6 things about L.A. "Sharknado" got wrong and right, "Sharknado's" brilliance explained in Gifs and Vines, watch Ian Ziering talk "Sharknado," and more than 604,000 tweets were generated last night -- more than "Game of Thrones" Red Wedding.

Keith Olbermann could return to ESPN with a late-night talk show on ESPN2
According to the NY Daily News, Olbermann is in talks to host a New York-based talk show.

"Revenge" casts Justin Hartley as Victoria's long-lost son
The "Smallville" alum will appear in a multi-episode arc this season.

NBC's "Dracula" will be partnered with Van Helsing

"In our tale, Dracula and Van Helsing are actually partners," says exec producer Tony Krantz. "They've partnered up to fight a bigger bad, which is called The Order of the Dragon, a secret organization."

Honey Boo Boo goes to Washington

The TLC stars were photographed yesterday outside the White House.

See the "Clear History" posters, one for Larry David and another for Jon Hamm
Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, J.B. Smoove, Eva Mendes and Amy Ryan also each got their own poster for the HBO movie.

Jimmy Kimmel updates "Schoolhouse Rock's" "How a Bill Becomes Law"
Check out "You're Screwed." PLUS: Kimmel helps trick-shot toddler get revenge on Fox News host.

The original "Voice" judges are back together
Here's the first image from Season 5.

"Real Housewives" star Brandi Glanville now has a broken hand
It's been a tough week for the Bravo star after her wardrobe malfunction.

"Hollywood Game Night" has an okay debut

About 4.1 million watched the premiere of the celebrity-driven game show.

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<p>A scene from &quot;Mandela:&nbsp;Long Walk to&nbsp;Freedom&quot;</p>

A scene from "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom"

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Hear the voice of Idris Elba's freedom fighter in the teaser trailer for 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'

Justin Chadwick's biopic is part of a loaded Weinstein Company slate

At the risk of sounding crass, one has to wonder how Nelson Mandela's current state of health will impact the upcoming film "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom," starring Idris Elba as the South African revolutionary. Thankfully things seem to be looking better for him than they were a week ago.

Meanwhile, Elba takes flight today with his first big leading role in "Pacific Rim," and The Weinstein Company has seized the opportunity to offer up a little tease of Justin Chadwick's film to go along with it. It isn't much. One helicopter shot of Mandela walking surrounded by children. It focuses more on Elba's accent as the actor speaks a monologue over the scene.

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