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<p>Marion Cotillard in &quot;Blood Ties.&quot;</p>

Marion Cotillard in "Blood Ties."

Credit: Lionsgate

Cannes Review: Starry, diverting 'Blood Ties' is no thicker than water

Matthias Schoenaerts the ensemble standout in overlong period thriller

CANNES - Fans of New York-based writer-director (and lovingly adopted son of France) James Gray are getting a lot of bang for their, well, Euro at this year's Cannes Film Festival. His long-awaited new feature "The Immigrant" may be the main attraction, of course, but he also has a writing credit on Guillaume Canet's thriller "Blood Ties" -- a film that might be described as too James Gray for Gray to have directed himself. Between its elegiac genre qualities, its fuzzily gray visual textures, even its age-old tale of brothers on opposite sides of the law, it's a veritable checklist of attributes from the director's past films; small wonder it took a Frenchman to make it.

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Credit: AMC

AMC's 'Showville' finds small-town talent but lacks a bigger picture

It's not quite 'Waiting for Guffman' but not exactly 'Idol,' either

The concept behind "Showville" (AMC, Thursdays at 9:00 p.m.) is pretty simple. Hollywood blows into small towns, auditions the hams in the populace for four slots in a local talent show, then two coaches help the final four refine their acts so that one victor can take home $10,000 and bragging rights as the town's favorite act. The problem is that finding a focus and, more importantly, a tone for this hour-long is not so simple. Just as "Showville" searches for talent, it's still seeking its own focus. 

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<p>On &quot;Hannibal,&quot;&nbsp;Jack (Laurence Fishburne)&nbsp;and Will (Hugh Dancy)&nbsp;discuss their latest victim with the team.</p>

On "Hannibal," Jack (Laurence Fishburne) and Will (Hugh Dancy) discuss their latest victim with the team.

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Hannibal' - 'Trou Normand'

Will gets lost in a case, and Lecter tries to protect Abigail Hobbs

A review of tonight's "Hannibal" coming up just as soon as I criss-cross the state line of regret...

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Jason Sudeikis tells Barbara Walters he doesn't know his 'SNL' future -- 'If you stay I stay'

Jason Sudeikis tells Barbara Walters he doesn't know his "SNL" future -- "If you stay I stay"

"Will I be working there in the fall? ... I don't know. I sincerely don't know at this point," Sudeikis said today on "The View."

Check out the complete TV show rankings for the 2012-13 season
"NCIS" is No. 1, "LA Complex" is No. 151.

Jennifer Hudson may become an "Idol" judge
Fox could already have a deal done with the Oscar-winning "Idol" alum.

CCH Pounder is the latest "The Shield" alum to pop up on "Sons of Anarchy"
She'll appear next season, playing the local DA.

Dana Carvey shows off his Jimmy Fallon impression to Jimmy Fallon
Turns out Carvey can do a pretty accurate Fallon.

Sen. Al Franken made up to $50,000 last year in "SNL" royalties
The former "SNL" star had to reveal his earnings in new senate disclosure forms.

Nat Geo to fix struggling churches with "Divine Intervention" reality show
The show will be sort of a "Kitchen Nightmares for churches."

Lifetime's Jodi Arias film will air June 22

The film will be followed by "Jodi Arias: Beyond the Headlines."

Russell Simmons inks HBO deal

He'll produce and create projects for HBO as part of a two-year deal.

Cartoon Network sued over "Annoying Orange"

An ad agency claims it came up with the idea of a talking orange first.

Examining "Saved by the Bell's" graduation episode

The final regular version of "Saved" aired 20 years ago this week.

Orson Welles' TV miniseries idea was rejected by HBO

Welles had a disastrous pitch session in the '80s.

Brazilian woman's virginity auction to become a reality show

"Virgins Wanted" will tell the story of a man and a woman who each auction off their virginity.

Fact-checking the Upfronts
Fox, CBS and NBC each claimed to have the No. 1 new show of the season. Which network was right?

"Mad Men" meets Daft Punk

Watch a mashup of Ken Cosgrove's dance. PLUS: "Stan Rizzo" talks about his epic beard.

"Fashion Police" writers picket E!

They carried signs today that read: "Bitch Stole my Check!"

Reality TV may be the last bastion of family viewing
Kids and their parents can watch reality shows together, while most scripted shows aren't suitable for family viewing.

"Rookie Blue" returns, 6 months later

Producers wanted to start Season 4 in a "different place."

How to fix "Dancing with the Stars"
No more Disney stars! No more sports stars!

"Honey Boo Boo": A terrific cultural ambassador for America
The TLC reality show recently made its debut in Britain.

Fox's office reality show "Does Someone Have to Go?" is as bad as you would think
The reality show where somebody may get fired is as sleazy as it gets. PLUS: It feels agonizingly real, and Fox denies that it's evil.

NBC begins burning off "Save Me" tonight
The Anne Heche comedy is the latest network TV failed attempt to make a cable series.

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Kelly Clarkson won't judge 'American Idol'

Kelly Clarkson won't judge "American Idol"

A rep for the Season 1 "Idol" winner, responding to a report that past contestants may join the judging panel, says she won't become a judge in Season 13.

Universal Orlando opening a "Simpsons" theme park

Called Springfield, the new theme park-in-a-theme park will be centered around the already existing "Simpsons" ride.

Kate Walsh, David Boreanaz, Minka Kelly join Neil LaBute's DirecTV drama

The all-star cast of "Full Circle" also includes Billy Campbell, Keke Palmer, Julian McMahon, Cheyenne Jackson, Robin Weigert and Ally Sheedy.

"Arrested Development" on Netflix will have nudity, longer episodes
At least one episode will run 35 minutes, and at least one character will be in the buff, says Mitch Hurwitz. PLUS: Hurwitz hopes to make new "Arrested" episodes every two to three years.

Steven Soderbergh poised to direct, Clive Owen to star in Cinemax series

After directing "Behind The Candelabra" for HBO, filmmaker Soderbergh is in talks to try a 1900-set TV series with Owen, titled "The Knick."

FX's "The Bridge" gets July 10 premiere date
Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir star in the border/serial killer drama.

Watch Ke$ha drink her own urine

See the scene that has bothered the Parents TV Council.

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<p>There's a chance Quicksilver will be joining this line-up, but first it looks like Marvel and 20th Century Fox may push their relationship to the breaking point in the process.</p>

There's a chance Quicksilver will be joining this line-up, but first it looks like Marvel and 20th Century Fox may push their relationship to the breaking point in the process.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Why are Fox and Marvel having a showdown over 'X-Men' and 'The Avengers 2'?

They can both use the same character, but will it be worth it?

Ever since the record-annihilating opening weekend of "The Avengers" last year, I've been hearing speculation and questions about whether or not other studios who have the rights to certain Marvel characters would end up trying to strike a deal with Disney and Marvel Studios to include those characters in some sort of cross-over situation that would allow them to appear in a future "Avengers" film.

At the moment, I would not bet on that happening with 20th Century Fox.

This is not a situation where the two different companies are working together to try and create a sense of a larger shared world. In fact, if either of them could get the other to back off, they would. The thing is, Bryan Singer has designed a sequence that he feels only works with Quicksilver, and Joss Whedon feels that there is a pressing reason for Quicksilver to show up in "The Avengers 2," and so what we're going to see is a legally-negotiated stand-off in which we'll get two totally different versions of one character. While they may act like things are amicable in public, HitFix sources say otherwise.

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Summer jam contender: Watch Dan Black and Kelis' 'Hearts' video

Summer jam contender: Watch Dan Black and Kelis' 'Hearts' video

Human time-lapse

We're approaching the longest days of the year, folks, and you'll need summer jams to fill those days. Add Dan Black and Kelis' "Hearts" to that playlist, why don't you?

The music video to the uplifting tune is a time lapse from a roof, with minimal movements to maximum effect. Gorgeous and hip-moving, I think this will for sure make my rotation.

The song was co-written by the two artists, and will be featured on Black as-yet-untitled sophomore album, due sometime this year.


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A&E cancels 'Intervention' after 243 interventions

A&E cancels "Intervention" after 243 interventions

The final five episodes, debuting June 13, will wrap up 13 seasons of the A&E series that premiered in 2005.

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<p>Neko Case during Wits</p>

Neko Case during Wits

Credit: American Public Broadcasting

No joke: Listen to Neko Case's crazy cover of Iron Maiden's 'Number of the Beast'

Ball's in your court, Bruce Dickinson

Neko Case covered Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" for the Wits public radio show in St. Paul, Minn., and was eye-, ear- and all other orifice-opening.

Head here to hear it; fast-forward to 54:30 if you want to skip other Case and Kelly Hogan performances. The show also featured comedian Rob Delaney.

Feist and Mastodon got together to make a Feistodon split 7" for Record Store Day last year, so I ask: Is the ball not in your court now, Bruce Dickinson?

Neko Case helped out on the New Pornographers' last, 2010 album "Together" and guested on New Pornos frontman A.C. Newman's 2012 album "Shut Down the Streets." She and is working on her sixth full-length solo album in 2013; her last was 2009's "Middle Cyclone."

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Credit: A&E

'Intervention' to sign off after eight years of rehab help

The final five episodes begin airing June 13
Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that "Intervention" first started filming addicts, telling them they were just part of a documentary, then surprising them with coach plane tickets and an offer of rehab? After thirteen years and eight seasons, it's probably almost impossible to surprise these people (addicts have TVs, too, at least until they sell them for drugs), and so A&E is unfortunately signing off on the groundbreaking series which has sobered up a remarkable 156 people. The final five episodes begin airing June 13 at 9:00 p.m.
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Lena Dunham not thrilled with the 'Girls' porn parody

Lena Dunham not thrilled with the "Girls" porn parody

"I wish I had a better attitude about the Girls porn parody," she tweeted. "I really can never predict what will trouble me and it's simply exhausting." PLUS: 6 better titles for the "Girls" porn parody.

Watch the CBS new fall show full-length trailers
Last week, CBS only released behind-the-scenes previews of its fall entries.

3 years later, Damon Lindelof is still not over "Lost"
The "Lost" co-creator tweeted today, on the 3rd anniversary of the finale: "They say it takes half the duration of the entire relationship to get over someone. Three years ago, LOST ended. I still miss her."

Chart shows how younger viewers are fleeing network TV

The vast majority of returning shows this season lost viewers in the key 18-49 demo. PLUS: 11 winners and losers of the TV season.

VH1 Classic tonight pays tribute to Ray Manzarek of The Doors
Tonight's programming includes "The Doors: Live At The Bowl."

"Modern Family" delivers one of its best episodes in a long time
Was the Season 4 finale an aberration? PLUS: Does changing the scenery push "Modern Family" to step up its game?

Neil Patrick Harris to introduce a special USA airing of "Milk"
USA is kicking off Gay Pride Month on June 1 with the special airing of the Harvey Milk biopic starring Sean Penn.

IFC will air 53 "Arrested Development" episodes starting Saturday morning

The 26 1/2-hour marathon begins at 6 a.m ET.

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"Breaking Pointe"

 "Breaking Pointe"

Credit: The CW

The CW moves up second season premiere of 'Breaking Pointe'

The ballet docuseries returns on July 22

If you simply can't wait for more ballet class drama, the good news is that you don't have to find a ballet class. The CW has announced that the docuseries "Breaking Pointe" will return for another  season one week earlier than previously announced.  The new premiere date is Monday, July 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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