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Amber from 'Big Brother'

Amber from 'Big Brother'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother" Wednesday - The Power Of Veto And The Power Of Amber

Cody fights to keep his emotions in check as Caleb's jealousy infects everyone's strategies

Last time on “Big Brother,” Team America successfully completed another challenge but probably did more harm than good to their individual game plans. This feels like a prime pivoting point in the season, one in which the type of female-centric alliance that Joey tried to form might actually coalesce after Sunday’s semi-ludicrous nominations. Anything’s possible, including someone like Victoria actually doing something meaningful this season. Like I said: anything’s possible!

Let’s get to the live blog for Wednesday (July 23) and find out what happens…

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'New Girl' casts Jessica Biel as Jess’ nemesis

“New Girl” casts Jessica Biel as Jess’ new nemesis
The “7th Heaven” alum will guest-star in the Season 4 premiere.

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The 'most likely plan' is for Letterman to retire in May 2015, and Stephen Colbert to take over in September

The “most likely plan” is for Letterman to retire in May 2015, and Stephen Colbert to take over in September
According to late-night expert Bill Carter, “There will need to be a hiatus between the two — most likely for several months — as Mr. Colbert installs a new set to the theater and his staff moves in to old Letterman offices. The most likely plan is a farewell to Mr. Letterman at the end of May, with a September premiere for Mr. Colbert.” PLUS: Why Colbert would never move to L.A.

Watch a preview of “Nathan For You’s” Dump Starbucks episode
We’re finally going to see the result of Nathan Fielder’s widely publicized stunt.

Fox cancels “Jump of the Century” live event
Stuntman Eddie Braun and daredevil Big Ed Beckley were going to jump over the Idaho Snake River Canyon on the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel’s failed attempt, but production had slowed as the budget ballooned.

President Obama tonight visits Shonda Rhimes’ house
The “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” honcho is hosting a fundraiser for the president and the Democratic National Committee.

Bill Maher: HBO’s "Real Time” wouldn’t survive under Rupert Murdoch’s ownership
"So many ways for a guy like me to lose his job, but I never dreamed these two would marry,” he says of Murdoch’s attempt to buy Time Warner, which owns HBO.

CW cancels “Backpackers” and “Seeds” — “Next Top Model” premiere moved up
The online series and Canadian import won’t get their CW debut. Instead, “America’s Next Top Model” has been moved up to Aug. 18.

Check out Colton Haynes as “Arrow’s” Arsenal
Roy Harper will become a full-fledged member of Team Arrow in Season 3.

“Community’s” Charley Koontz joins “CSI: Cyber”
He’ll play a social introvert agent who's a tech genius on the “CSI” spinoff.

2 “Vampire Diaries” stars get married
Joseph Morgan and Persia White are now husband and wife.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Lorde, Iggy Azalea, One Direction to headline iHeartRadio Festival

Nicki Minaj, Eric Church and other superstars set for Sept. 19-20 event

Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Coldplay, Zac Brown Band and Iggy Azalea will play the Clear Channel’s fourth annual iHeartRadio Music Festival, set for Sept. 19-20 at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

Also on the bill are Usher, Ariana Grande, Motley Crue, Eric Church, Ed Sheeran, Train, Lorde, Calvin Harris, Bastille, and more.

Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the 2-day fest, which will air on stations in 150 Clear Channel markets, stream on Yahoo, and be condensed into a two-night prime time special on The CW, Sept. 29-30.


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Credit: WGN

Review: WGN takes a big step forward with its 'Manhattan' project

Historical drama a pleasant surprise after the campy 'Salem'

"Salem," WGN's first original scripted drama, is an unapologetic piece of trash, perhaps best summed up by the scene in the pilot where a naked Janet Montgomery — playing an actual Salem witch in a way that weirdly justifies all of the religion-fueled paranoia of the period — lets a toad suckle at a nipple on her thigh. While a channel's first scripted show isn't always representative of what follows, they tend to create expectations for what's to come, and it would have been easy to assume that WGN's plan was to lean heavily on campy genre fare.

But "Manhattan," WGN's second original drama (it debuts Sunday night at 9), is as far in tone and ambition and quality from "Salem" as the New Mexico desert of 1943 is from 17th century Massachusetts. At a minimum, it suggests you shouldn't assume anything about whatever the channel's going to do next.

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Magic's 'Rude' spends a second week at the top of the chart

Could Sam Smith be headed to his first No. 1?

Magic! continues to cast a spell on the Billboard Hot 100 this week as “Rude” remains at No. 1 for a second week.

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Stephen Colbert’s 'Late Show' will stay at the Ed Sullivan Theater

Stephen Colbert’s "Late Show” will stay at the Ed Sullivan Theater
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced a deal that would give CBS $11 million in tax credits and a $5 million grant to renovate the Ed Sullivan Theater after David Letterman retires. As part of the deal, CBS agrees to commit to about 200 New York-based  jobs to support the program's year-round production schedule.

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Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Willams

Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus get playful in 'Come Get It Bae' video: Watch

Cyrus pours some sugar in a non-Def Leppard way


Miley Cyrus leaves the tweaking to others in the video for Pharrell Williams’ “Come Get It Bae.”

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Pharrell taps Alicia Keys as his 'Voice' advisor

Pharrell taps Alicia Keys as his “Voice” advisor
The pair have collaborated before, most notably on the theme for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

“Game of Thrones” alum Michelle Fairley joins “Resurrection”
After a stint on "24: Live Another Day,” Fairley will recur in Season 2 of the ABC series as “the formidable matriarch of the Langston clan.”

“Big Bang Theory” is giving Penny a new job, bigger paycheck
Says Chuck Lorre: "She's going to start making some money, which will unbalance (her and Leonard’s) relationship as the power shifts.”

A&E sued over “Duck Dynasty’s” camo clothing
An apparel company is claiming A&E is violating its trademark on its cameo line.

Shemar Moore will return to “The Young and the Restless,” but for only 2 episodes
The “Criminal Minds” star will reprise his role as Malcolm Winters.

Syfy and Nick Cannon are creating a sci-fi fantasy improv show
Two teams will battle it out in fantasy-related sketches on the proposed series.


Ricky Gervais tries to convince Letterman not to retire
"You're going to spend a lot of time in a shed pretending to do stuff,” Gervais, in his 26th “Late Show” appearance, warned Dave.


Prolific comic book writer Warren Ellis is creating his 1st TV series with the help of “The Walking Dead’s” Gale Anne Hurd
Says Hurd: "I am very excited to be able to collaborate in bringing his unique vision to television for the first time."

USA will promote “Dig” at Comic-Con with a scavenger hunt
More than 40 clues will be hidden around the Gaslamp district.

Anti-Juan Pablo "Bachelor” search is reportedly down to 2 “Bachelorette” alums
Arie Luyendyk Jr., Emily Maynard’s runner-up, and Andi Dorfman fan fave Chris Soules are the top 2 “anti-Juan Pablos” who E! says are finalists for the job.

“Black-ish” gets a very colorful poster
Check out the cast wearing bold colors.

“Buffy” reunites with “Giles”
Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a pic of her and Anthony Stewart Head.

“SNL’s” Jay Pharoah spoofs Usher
Watch his “Bad Kisser” music video.

George R.R. Martin responds to a 13-year-old fan’s request to be killed off in his “Game of Thrones” book
Read one fan’s heartfelt letter. PLUS: Sophie Turner faces herself in “Another Me” trailer.

Chris Pratt shows off his French-brading skills on an “ET” intern
Watch the “Parks and Rec” star French braid an intern’s hair during an interview.

“Real Housewives” star explains why she threw her prosthetic leg across the room
Aviva Drescher claims she was “provoked” and “attacked” during filming of the “Real Housewives of New York” reunion.

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Exclusive song premiere: Adebisi Shank's 'World in Harmony'
Credit: Sargent House

Exclusive song premiere: Adebisi Shank's 'World in Harmony'

From 'This Is The Third Album From A Band Called Adebisi Shank'

Imagine a green pasture through which you and an army of one thousand synthesizers charge toward the ocean on pixelated horses, the sky is gold glitter, and you are a stick of candy dynamite.

That's one approximation of "World in Harmony," the opening track from Irish trio Adebisi Shank's new self-evidently titled "This Is The Third Album From A Band Called Adebisi Shank," due Aug. 12. Check out the HitFix exclusive premiere of the track below.

"We were trying to make something euphoric and huge, a universe of our own imagination that we could escape into," said bassist Vin in a statement. "Our inspirations were more cinematic and fantastical."

It should tell you something that the band lists video games, movies and one particular HBO hit series among its other more musical inspirations.

Want more to sample? Below "World in Harmony" is "Voodoo Vision" and "Big Unit," too.

Here is the tracklist for "This Is The Third Album From A Band Called Adebisi Shank":

1. World In Harmony
2. Big Unit
3. Turnaround
4. Mazel Tov
5. Thundertruth
6. Sensation
7. Chaos Emeralds
8. Voodoo Vision
9. (trio always)

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<p>&quot;Guardians of the Galaxy&quot;</p>

"Guardians of the Galaxy"

Credit: Marvel Studios

'Guardians of the Galaxy' screenwriter talks cosmic passions and the Marvel experience

How Nicole Perlman got to be an outer space geek on the studio's most unique cinematic property

HOLLYWOOD — You might not have heard the name Nicole Perlman much as it pertains to Marvel properties, but she's a big reason why "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be making its way to theaters next weekend. She toiled away as a screenwriter for a few years after her days at NYU, cooking up projects with a science bent because that's where her passions lie — projects like "Challenger," a fascinating account of the investigation of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster written as a love letter to Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. Then, she made her way to the comic book giant under the company's now-defunct screenwriting program and plucked the intergalactic heroes from obscurity, setting them on a crash course for the silver screen.

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'Scandal' books Portia de Rossi

“Scandal” books Portia de Rossi
Ellen DeGeneres tweeted that her wife will be part of a “top secret” multi-episode arc next season.

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