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Credit: A&E

'Intervention' to sign off after eight years of rehab help

The final five episodes begin airing June 13
Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that "Intervention" first started filming addicts, telling them they were just part of a documentary, then surprising them with coach plane tickets and an offer of rehab? After thirteen years and eight seasons, it's probably almost impossible to surprise these people (addicts have TVs, too, at least until they sell them for drugs), and so A&E is unfortunately signing off on the groundbreaking series which has sobered up a remarkable 156 people. The final five episodes begin airing June 13 at 9:00 p.m.
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Lena Dunham not thrilled with the 'Girls' porn parody

Lena Dunham not thrilled with the "Girls" porn parody

"I wish I had a better attitude about the Girls porn parody," she tweeted. "I really can never predict what will trouble me and it's simply exhausting." PLUS: 6 better titles for the "Girls" porn parody.

Watch the CBS new fall show full-length trailers
Last week, CBS only released behind-the-scenes previews of its fall entries.

3 years later, Damon Lindelof is still not over "Lost"
The "Lost" co-creator tweeted today, on the 3rd anniversary of the finale: "They say it takes half the duration of the entire relationship to get over someone. Three years ago, LOST ended. I still miss her."

Chart shows how younger viewers are fleeing network TV

The vast majority of returning shows this season lost viewers in the key 18-49 demo. PLUS: 11 winners and losers of the TV season.

VH1 Classic tonight pays tribute to Ray Manzarek of The Doors
Tonight's programming includes "The Doors: Live At The Bowl."

"Modern Family" delivers one of its best episodes in a long time
Was the Season 4 finale an aberration? PLUS: Does changing the scenery push "Modern Family" to step up its game?

Neil Patrick Harris to introduce a special USA airing of "Milk"
USA is kicking off Gay Pride Month on June 1 with the special airing of the Harvey Milk biopic starring Sean Penn.

IFC will air 53 "Arrested Development" episodes starting Saturday morning

The 26 1/2-hour marathon begins at 6 a.m ET.

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"Breaking Pointe"

 "Breaking Pointe"

Credit: The CW

The CW moves up second season premiere of 'Breaking Pointe'

The ballet docuseries returns on July 22

If you simply can't wait for more ballet class drama, the good news is that you don't have to find a ballet class. The CW has announced that the docuseries "Breaking Pointe" will return for another  season one week earlier than previously announced.  The new premiere date is Monday, July 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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<p>Judi&nbsp;Dench at the 2013 BAFTA&nbsp;Awards</p>

Judi Dench at the 2013 BAFTA Awards

Credit: AP Photo

Weinstein acquires Stephen Frears's 'Philomena' with Judi Dench for Fall 2013 release

This one looks poised for an awards run

The Weinstein Company came to Cannes ready to show off with films like "Only God Forgives" (via VOD shingle RADiUS), "The Immigrant" and "Fruitvale Station" in tow, not to mention a big presentation of material including peeks at biopics "Grace of Monaco" and "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom". There were rumblings that footage from Judi Dench starrer "Philomena" at the film market had revved the distributors engines, and indeed, today TWC has announced acquisition of the title in the US, UK and Spain and positioned it in the fall of 2013, obviously aiming for an awards trajectory.

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<p>New movie poster for &quot;Metallica: Through the Never&quot;</p>

New movie poster for "Metallica: Through the Never"

Watch the trailer for 'Metallica: Through the Never' featuring Dane DeHaan


My, if the first trailer for "Metallic: Through the Never" doesn't make it look freaking awesome to be in the band Metallica...

Dane DeHaan is featured in this feature-concert documentary hybrid, as "a young roadie sent on an urgent mission during Metallica’s roaring live set in front of a sold-out arena." In the clip, he's featured driving a van with a case that may be very precious cargo. He's hit and then crawls out into what appears to be a riot against police.

And then there's pyrotechnics and smoke machines and a 360 stage. James Hetfield's vocals are sounding a bit weak on "Master of Puppets," but the mix and the rest of the band sound heavy and ready.

The Nimród Antal-directed film was shot in 3-D and heads to IMAX theaters on Sept. 27 and to the rest on Oct. 4.

As reported yesterday, Metallica is also at work on new songs for the follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic."

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<p>&quot;Michael Jackson ONE&quot;</p>

"Michael Jackson ONE"

Credit: Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil

Inside 'Michael Jackson One,' the new Cirque du Soleil show

Go behind the scenes of the new magical Las Vegas extravaganza

Tonight, “Michael Jackson One,” Cirque du Soleil’s new show heralding the King of Pop, starts previews at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Will the show, which officially opens June 29, bring the same fervor and excitement as Cirque’s “Love,” which features the music of the Beatles?

Hitfix got a sneak peek at “MJ One” a few weeks ago when we saw four production numbers in the tale that follows four misfits: each one comes into possession of a certain article associated with Jackson: his sequined glove, his dancing shoes, his bowler hat and his sunglasses and the story follows their journey of discovery.

Through 22 different Jackson tunes, different scenes play out. For example, during “Bad,” the dancers and acrobats swing from scaffolding in a city landscape complete with a running subway.. For “Tabloid Junkie,” they find themselves pursued by “Matrix”-like futuristic paparazzi who come complete with cameras built into their shoulders. It’s a reinterpretation of Jackson’s songs via Cirque’s magical world.

“It’s expressing and experiencing things in a new way,,” says the show’s director and writer Jamie King, who toured with Jackson as a dancer on the “Dangerous” tour. “It’s taking Michael’s videos like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Beat It’ and being able to put a twist on them in the very fantastical way Cirque has. Imagine taking the ‘Thriller’ dance from the sky? What could that look like? There were all these opportunities.”

Indeed, Welby Altidor, the show’s director of creation (how’s that for a title?), says the Cirque troupe re-envisioned Jackson from a 360 perspective. “If Michael were an acrobat, how would he move? How would he fly?  How would he do some of the things that Cirque du Soleil is known for doing?” Take those elements and tie in inspiration from urban dance, hip-hop and many other dance forms and those ideas created the springboard for the show.

The idea was also for the spectacular to focus on Jackson’s theme of unity. “The message we heard in many, many of his songs [was] togetherness, oneness. It’s something we want to explore and celebrate in his show.”

“He had a very simple message at the end of the day,” King says of Jackson. “We are one.”

“One” is the second show  created by the estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil. Unlike “Immortal,” the tremendously popular touring show about Jackson, “Michael Jackson One” features his songs in their near entirety, as opposed to in mash-ups, as well as follows a narrative based on these four characters.

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<p>Fixin' for a bloody outcome one last time with &quot;Deadwood&quot;&nbsp;season 3.</p>

Fixin' for a bloody outcome one last time with "Deadwood" season 3.

Credit: HBO

Are you ready for the summer? (2013 edition)

Announcing this summer's blog rewatch series

It's that time once again, boys and girls. The broadcast network TV season ended last night at 11, and now we move into the summer, which will be a mix of leftover network programs (set your clocks now for the return of "Zero Hour"!), cheap foreign imports and co-productions (ABC's "Motive," NBC's "Crossing Lines"), and a bunch of cable series to be excited about ("Breaking Bad"!), nervous about ("The Killing"!) and some combination of the two ("The Newsroom"!).

As always, I'll be mixing and matching in terms of what shows I'm writing about — will I have enough new things to say about each "Newsroom" episode? — and as usual, I'll also be revisiting a classic TV season from the past, one week at a time. And that season is (in case you couldn't tell from the picture and its caption)...

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ABC Family orders 'Spell-Mageddon,' a spelling bee reality show

ABC Family orders "Spell-Mageddon," a spelling bee reality show

"Spell-Mageddon" will mash-up a spelling bee with "Wipe Out"-style distractions.

"Nightline" in primetime won't be called "Nightline"

The primetime "Nightline" editions -- a make-good by ABC for moving the news show to 12:35 -- will instead be called "ABC's The Lookout" due to its consumer-centric focus.

"Glee's" Lea Michele to write her 1st book: "Brunette Ambition"
The 26-year-old's book, due next spring, will be part memoir, part how-to and part style guide.

"Idol" alum Matt Rogers to host USA's "Summer Camp"

The reality show will send 16 adults back to summer camp.

"Modern Family" and "Criminal Minds" down from last year's season finales
Both season-enders dropped 12% and 25%, respectively, from 2012.

CMT gets "Hell's Kitchen" reruns
The cable network says Gordon Ramsay "s a perfect companion to the CMT brand."

Jimmy Fallon as the Khaleesi?

Check out another preview of Fallon's "Game of Desks," premiering Friday.

Discovery launching TestTube, an online network aimed at young men
It will include such shows as "Shots of Awe," "Laci Green's Sex+" and "Thanks, Disaster."

11 shows that wouldn't exist without "Arrested Development"

From "30 Rock" to "The Office." PLUS: "Arrested" meets "The Godfather."

Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt welcome their first child, a girl

The couple first met as co-stars on Fox's 2006 drama "Standoff."

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<p>Bruce Dern and Will Forte in &quot;Nebraska.&quot;</p>

Bruce Dern and Will Forte in "Nebraska."

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Cannes Review: Alexander Payne goes home, but doesn't hit home, in 'Nebraska'

Amusing moments outweighed by sour notes in minor-key family drama

CANNES - "Nebraska," Alexander Payne's latest dramedy of American ennui and mislaid family relationships, opens with a vintage monochrome Paramount Pictures ident standing in for the flashier, CGI-enhanced mountain peak of recent years. It's a detail that may strike you either as a cute throwaway (hey, the film's in old-timey black-and-white!) or something rather more calculated. Like so many of his peers, Payne is deeply indebted to the American new wave of the 1970s, and with its Bogdanovich-esque lensing and revival of Bruce Dern, "Nebraska" cops to that debt pretty openly with this badge of cinematic classicism. That's all well and good, but is it stretching to detect a certain smug conservatism there too, a whiff of self-congratulation in its resistance to the new?

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<p>On &quot;Modern Family,&quot;&nbsp;Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson)&nbsp;has his day in court.</p>

On "Modern Family," Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) has his day in court.

Credit: ABC

Season finale review: 'Modern Family' - 'Goodnight, Gracie'

The Dunphys and Pritchetts head to Florida for the funeral of Phil's mom

A review of the "Modern Family" season finale coming up just as soon as I spend a summer at the nation's smallest B'nai Brith chapter...

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'NCIS' vs. 'Sunday Night Football': Which was the season's No. 1 program?

"NCIS" vs. "Sunday Night Football": Which was the season's No. 1 program?
CBS and NBC, using their own criteria, are squabbling over which show deserves the top spot.

Nick Carter and his fiancée are getting a reality show
The former Backstreet Boys star is shopping a half-hour show about his life.

J.J. Abrams will put a Conan easter egg into the next "Star Trek"
Abrams promises to add "jub-jub" in the next "Trek" film.

Rob Lowe relives his "West Wing" past at the White House
"Sam Seaborn" took the podium yesterday, to the delight of White House reporters.

Eva Longoria graduates with a master's degree

For the past three years, the former "Desperate Housewives" star has been working on her Chicano Studies degree at Cal State Northridge.

"Homeland" is back at work
Here's an on-set photo from Morgan Saylor.

"S.W.A.T." star Steve Forrest dies
Forrest, 87, played Lt. Dan "Hondo" Harrelson on the '70s ABC action series.

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<p>Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat seem genuinely happy to be awkward around each other once again in the new season of 'Arrested Development'</p>

Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat seem genuinely happy to be awkward around each other once again in the new season of 'Arrested Development'

Credit: HitFix

Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat talk about returning to the roles of loving cousins for 'Arrested Development'

Our conversation was an afternoon delight

When I first heard about "Arrested Development," the synopsis I read included a description of the relationship between George Michael Bluth (Michael Cera) and Maeby Funke (Alia Shawkat), and my first thought was that it sounded incredibly tasteless and silly.

Now, of course, I'd say the opposite. I think the way the relationship between the two of them has been handled over the course of the show speaks to the way Mitchell Hurwitz and his amazing writing staff handle even the most difficult material. George Michael and Maeby are better people than any of the adults in their families. Maeby is a giant con artist, but is it any wonder? She would rather create one fantasy world after another than deal with the reality of Lindsay and Tobias, who can barely function as individuals, much less as a couple.

When I met Michael Cera for the first time, "Arrested Development" was already in his past, and while many of the cast members have been hounded by questions about the possibility of a return of the show, Cera has always somewhat avoided the issue, building a body of work for himself that stands separate from the show. When you're a young actor and you're known for one thing, I can see why you would want to show that you're able to play a range of things and you aren't just that one role. I thought the most interesting thing about his return to the series was the idea that he was part of the writer's room this time, giving him say in the fate of the Bluths.

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