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"I'm Having Their Baby"

 "I'm Having Their Baby"

Credit: Oxygen

Exclusive clip: Watch a tearful exchange on 'I'm Having Their Baby'

A young mom can't get the support she needs for the hardest choice

On Oxygen's "I'm Having Their Baby" (Wed. at 10:00 p.m.), each week we meet a new mom faced with a terrible choice -- place the baby she's carrying in the hopes he or she could have a better life, or try to raise the child with few resources and usually little support. That these women also face the condemnation of loved ones is just a given.

In this HitFix exclusive clip, Cathleen asks her mother to be with her when she has to hand off her son the the adoption professional. It's a request her mother doesn't take lightly, and the conversation that ensues isn't a pretty one. The milkshakes don't even help. 

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<p>Tom Hanks in &quot;Captain Phillips.&quot;</p>

Tom Hanks in "Captain Phillips."

Credit: Sony Pictures

Tom Hanks thriller ‘Captain Phillips’ to open New York Film Festival

Paul Greengrass’ Oscar hopeful will have its world premiere on September 27

Well, consider this a major coup for the Big Apple. Paul Greengrass’ “Captain Phillips,” a fact-based thriller about a hijacking at sea, was widely expected to make its festival debut in Toronto, or even Venice, ahead of its US release on October 11. Instead, however, it will have its world premiere as the Opening Film of the 51st New York Film Festival, which runs from September 27 to October 13.

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Watch Avicii's fashionable 'Wake Me Up' music video

Watch Avicii's fashionable 'Wake Me Up' music video

Get out of your po-dunk town, ye young and beautiful

Avicii's "Wake Me Up" music video has some advice for you: If you ever get the feeling you're too young and beautiful for your tiny, inbred, podunk town, then find your way to the closest metro and dance your ass off to Avicii.

The clip was shot as part of a fashion campaign (which rhymes with Lalph Rauren) and features several nonsensically beautiful models. A woman and a child are stared down by the townspeople as they strut through town.

"They don't like us... why?" the child asks the "mother."

Because you are traditionally pretty, immaculately conceived and wearing a belt, and that ish is just mind-blowing.

Conform and get a tattoo and turn up "Wake Me Up," featuring the talented Aloe Blacc.

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CBS renews 'Under the Dome'

CBS renews "Under the Dome"
Stephen King will write the Season 2 premiere, CBS announced today.

Report: "The View" is trying to poach Hoda Kotb from "Today"

She's been mentioned as a possible replacement for Joy Behar or Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

CBS boss Les Moonves: We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money to stay on "NCIS"
Moonves told critics this morning that the actress didn't want to return: "I really want to clarify: We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money — and then we offered her even more money."

Charlie Rose to make a "Breaking Bad" cameo
Rose let it slip during a conversation with Vince Gilligan. PLUS: The season premiere looks good, and Weird Al meets "Breaking Bad."

Les Moonves: "Big Brother" racism is "absolutely appalling" but we "handled it properly"

"It's the 15th iteration," the CBS boss told critics. "I find some of the behavior absolutely appalling, personally. It’s unfortunately reflective of how certain people feel in America. I feel we’ve handled it properly."

"Unforgettable" wins the night, but is down from Season 1
Season 2's premiere was down from Season 1, but that was expected because it's summer.

CBS delaying "The Millers" by 1 week for an extra "Big Bang" episode
The network wants to draw the biggest audience possible to the premiere of "The Crazy Ones" starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

"The Simpsons" is poised to debut in cable syndication for the 1st time

Broadcast stations had exclusive rights to "The Simpsons" that prevented 20th Century Fox from shopping the animated hit to cable stations. But things may change in the next year.

Carson Daly fills in for Matt Lauer on "Today"
Watch "The Voice" host co-anchor the first hour.

E! to show more seasons of "Burning Love"

Seasons 2 and 3 of the online spoof dating series will air on the cable network.

Showtime teases "Homeland" Season 3
With "Signals" but no video.

Tara Reid denies she's been cut from "Sharknado 2"

On Sunday, she responded to the TMZ report: "There is no script for sharknado 2 until i read it then i will make a decision but everyone that is saying i got cut that is not true#liars."

"Sherlock" gets a new villain
Lars Mikkelsen, an alum from the original Danish version of "The Killing," will play Charles Augustus Magnussen.

Ricky Gervais: "The Office's" David Brent may get a record deal

Gervais revealed his fictional alter ego is in the middle of a bidding war.

Disney Channel renews "Gravity Falls"

The cartoon will be back for Season 2.

Christian Siriano gets engaged
The "Project Runway" star is set to marry musician Brad Walsh.

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<p>Les Moonves</p>

Les Moonves

Credit: CBS

Press Tour Live-Blog: CBS CEO Les Moonves

The Big Boss makes a rare press tour appearance

It's been several years since we've had a Television Critics Association press tour session with Les Moonves, but with Nina Tassler unexpectedly called out of town CBS Corp's president and CEO is taking the dais on Monday morning.  

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"True Blood"

 "True Blood"

Credit: HBO

'True Blood' recap: 'In the Evening'

Arlene and Eric grieve, but Sarah is coming into her own

This week's episode is a little less giddily bloodthirsty and quite a bit more somber than usual, as befits a death in the "True Blood" family -- last week Terry Bellefleur (the always excellent Todd Lowe) was shot and killed. We knew it was coming, but I had been hoping for some random twist to save Merlotte's fry cook. Wishful thinking. But in losing Terry, our surviving humans are given an opportunity to deal with a loss both more straightforward than what we're used to seeing on this show (no vampires, no werewolves, that sort of thing) and yet more complicated than anyone has yet to realize. R.I.P., Terry. You're just one more casualty on a show that's positively silly with them -- and chalks up another big one this week as well. 

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"Big Brother"

 "Big Brother"

Credit: CBS

'Big Brother' recap: Will Aaryn keep her promise to Helen this week?

With a new HoH and a third nominee to be determined, no one is safe

I never thought Aaryn would be HoH for a second time, largely because I thought she'd have been sent home by this point in the game, but wonders never cease on "Big Brother," do they? By some incredible stroke of luck (or a very precise throwing arm), Aaryn is the queen of the castle this week -- which means almost anything could happen. The only guarantee? Clowny the creepy clown is back! Mwahahahahaha!

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<p>Liev Schreiber as &quot;Ray Donovan.&quot;</p>

Liev Schreiber as "Ray Donovan."

Credit: Showtime

'Ray Donovan' - 'The Golem'

What does everyone think of the Showtime drama so far?

Tonight's "Ray Donovanwas the last of the five episodes I saw before I wrote my initial review of the series. I was not crazy about the series (though I liked specific pieces of it), particularly as it moved along, and had felt that the pilot was the best of the five by a significant margin. So now that you've all had a chance to see what I've seen, I'm curious how you're feeling about "Ray." A number of you were fans of the pilot; do you still feel that way now?


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<p>Peter Sarsgaard in &quot;The Killing.&quot;</p>

Peter Sarsgaard in "The Killing."

Credit: AMC

Review: 'The Killing' - 'Six Minutes'

Linden tries to get Ray Seward a last-minute reprieve

A review of tonight's "The Killing" coming up just as soon as I explain that Salisbury steak is not steak...

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No Tara Reid for 'Sharknado 2'

No Tara Reid for "Sharknado 2"
According to TMZ, only Ian Ziering will return for the sequel.

Jurnee Smollett will become the 7th "Friday Night Lights" alum to appear on "Parenthood"

Exec producer likes brining actors from his old show on to "Parenthood."

Damon Lindelof worries a 10-year "Lost" reunion might be too soon

"Ten years does seem like the perfect time," Lindelof tells E! News. "But I also wonder if it's too soon? Especially if the announcement of such a panel would stir up rumors of MORE Lost, which is most definitely not in the cards at this time.  That said, if someone was organizing it, I would be foolish not to attend...It's just not anything we've initiated internally."

A Secret Service agent accidentally shot JFK, claims a Reelz channel documentary

"JFK: The Smoking Gun" is how Reelz will mark the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination this fall. PLUS: Reelz unveils "The Capones" and "Hollywood Hillbillies."

Adult Swim took out ads on Fox mocking "Animation Domination High-Def"

Fox was unaware of the stunt, as the ads were purchased directly through local Fox stations.

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<p>Star Lord, Groot, and Rocket Racoon are all part of next year's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'</p>

Star Lord, Groot, and Rocket Racoon are all part of next year's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

Credit: Marvel Studios

What did we learn about James Gunn's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' at Comic-Con this year?

And why is 'Movie 43' such a strong audition tape for Gunn to make 'Galaxy'?

I've been talking to people about "Guardians Of The Galaxy" for the last week or so, some who were at Marvel's Hall H presentation, many who were not, and I think at this point, it's safe to call this the single biggest risk on Marvel's calendar. I don't think there's much middle ground on this one. Either it wins people over and becomes a big hit, or it never gets past the initial impression that many people seem to have, which is, "There's a raccoon who does WHAT?!"

About a week ago, I finally sat down and watched "Movie 43," the anthology comedy film that has been vilified since its release at the start of the year. I think the film is dirty more than funny, intentionally trading shocks for laughs for the most part, but the segment that was directed by James Gunn is, in a very strange way, the single best audition tape that Gunn could have made for the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" job.

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<p>Cate Blanchett, Sally Hawkins and Andrew Dice Clay in Woody Allen's &quot;Blue Jasmine.&quot;</p>

Cate Blanchett, Sally Hawkins and Andrew Dice Clay in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine."

Credit: Sony Classics

'Blue Jasmine's' $102,167 per screen sets 2013 record

A career best for Woody Allen

Woody Allen films have had a built in art house audience for years, but this weekend buzzworthy reviews sent the box office for "Blue Jasmine" to record levels.

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