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How to improve 'Gotham'
Credit: Fox

How to improve 'Gotham'

Laurence Fishburne: Justin Bieber acts 'Black-ish'

How to improve “Gotham”
The Fox Batman prequel is still one of the best new shows of the fall, but there are still several problems, including the overacting, the putting of every actor in each episode and too many villains already introduced. “Gotham” could also benefit from adding sex, becoming less of a procedural and, perhaps, killing “un-kill-able” characters.

Why does Kim Kardashian keep landing TV show cameos, like tonight on “2 Broke Girls”?
Kardashian has appeared on a number of shows, from “Last Man Standing” to “CSI:NY” to “How I Met Your Mother.” But at this point, it seems like a Kardashian cameo isn’t worth that much, ratings-wise.

Laurence Fishburne: Justin Bieber acts “Black-ish"
As the “Black-ish” star explained on “The View, “Depending upon on your perspective, for some people ('black-ish’) means when black folks kind of act white, for some people it means when white folks act black.”

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Credit: FOX

Review: 'Gotham' - 'Spirit of The Goat'

Bullock chases a killer from his past, while Nygma woos Kris Kringle

A review of tonight's "Gotham" coming up just as soon as I get tangled in some hussy's demon purse...

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Credit: CBS

'Scorpion,' 'NCIS: New Orleans,' 'Madam Secretary' & 'Stalker' get full-season orders

All four of the network's new fall dramas have been picked up

Last week on the podcast, Fienberg and I wondered what was taking so long for CBS to give full-season orders to "Scorpion" and "NCIS: New Orleans," given how well they had performed so far in this young season. ("Scorpion" in particular did very well last week recovering from a very poor lead-in from "The Millers" season premiere.) It appears CBS was simply waiting to get all its new drama ducks in a row, because tonight the network announced that all four of its newcomers — those two plus "Madam Secretary" and (yes) "Stalker" — had been given full-season orders.

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'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' blasts into outer space for Season 10
Credit: FXX

'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' blasts into outer space for Season 10

CBS gives full seasons to 'Madam Secretary,' 'Scorpion,' 'NCIS: New Orleans' and 'Stalker'

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” blasts into outer space for Season 10
Watch the “Right Stuff”-style cinematic trailer.

CBS gives full seasons to “Madam Secretary,” “Scorpion,” “NCIS: New Orleans” and “Stalker”
“These four shows have had an immediate impact on our schedule by improving nights, winning time periods and adding more hours of success  across our primetime line up,” says CBS Entertainment boss Nina Tassler.

“Sons of Anarchy" creator was rushed from the set to the hospital for an appendectomy
Kurt Sutter posted a photo of his appendix, which was removed after he experienced serious pain on the set of the FX series this morning.

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<p>&quot;The Theory of Everything&quot;</p>

"The Theory of Everything"

Credit: Focus Features

How 'Theory' DP Benoît Delhomme told Hawking's story with color and light

Also: Working in Hamburg with fellow photographyer Anton Corbijn on 'A Most Wanted Man'

I've had my eye on Benoît Delhomme's work since he brought an effortless grace to Anthony Minghella's "Breaking and Enterting" in 2006. He's made his way along a unique track in the industry and 2014 is a real coming out between Anton Corbijn's John le Carré adaptation "A Most Wanted Man" and James Marsh's Stephen Hawking biopic "The Theory of Everything."

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Exclusive: Rachel McAdams reminds us why 'A Most Wanted Man' is a 2014 top 10 contender

Exclusive: Rachel McAdams reminds us why 'A Most Wanted Man' is a 2014 top 10 contender

Will it end up on your list?

It's only the last week of October, but conversations are already starting about year end top 10 lists around the HitFix offices. Looking back over the past 10 months there are a number of films that are worthy of consideration. Some more obvious than others. One film that probably won't make a number of lists, but probably needs to be seen again because it's too good to ignore, is Anton Corbijn's "A Most Wanted Man."

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Exclusive: Coldplay, John Legend and Common enter the Best Original Song Oscar race

Exclusive: Coldplay, John Legend and Common enter the Best Original Song Oscar race

Tracks from 'Selma' and 'Unbroken' break out the heavy hitters this year

Last year's "Alone Yet Not Alone" shenanigans were a nice reminder that the Academy's Music Branch can certainly march to its own drum (no pun intended), for better or worse. So you never can tell how the Best Original Song Oscar race will turn out, and the highest of profiles isn't necessarily a guaranteed pass. Nevertheless, this year's race — already marked by contenders from popular music such as New Radicals' Gregg Alexander ("Begin Again") and the legendary Patti Smith ("Noah") — has just picked up a trio of heavy hitters.

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<p>It&#39;s Always Sunny in Philadelphia</p>

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Credit: FXX

The Gang blasts off in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' season 10 trailer

Can Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Sweet Dee and Frank return from orbit by January?

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" won't be back on FXX until January — for the 10th season of the little homemade comedy that could — but I've got a special bonus dose of the Gang that will hopefully tide you over til then: the latest cinematic "Always Sunny" season trailer, titled "Blaze of Glory."

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NBC is giving Neil Patrick Harris a variety show

NBC is giving Neil Patrick Harris a variety show

'The Bachelor' is getting a Rose Parade float

NBC is giving Neil Patrick Harris his own variety show
The future Oscar host is expected to host the American version of the British hit variety show “Saturday Night Takeaway,” which will ditch the name and the Saturday night airing, according to Vulture. Harris is expected to host the variety show from NYC, and NBC has given it a 10-episode commitment.

“Boardwalk Empire” ends up from last season
About 2.3 million watched the Season 5 series finale.

“The Bachelor” is getting a Rose Parade float
The New Year’s Day float will feature host Chris Harrison and “Bachelor” Chris Soules.

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Taylor Swift, '1989': Track-by-track album review

Taylor Swift, '1989': Track-by-track album review

You haven't been waiting for it, it's been waiting for you

Taylor Swift may be one of the last remaining pop artists on the planet to be able to sell a million albums in one week in the United States. The record industry has been hemorrhaging since the early aughts, but Swift has been adaptable, to say the least. She's a hustler, keeping her spirits and sounds current with the room temperature.

She started in 2006 with country-core self-titled set, then worked her ass off through the gazillion-selling "Fearless," the Grammys on "Speak Now," the massive crossover of hits like "I Knew You Were Trouble" and novelty "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" off of "Red."

The 24-year-old is firmly pop now for "1989," which will breed more certifiable radio staples than just "Shake It Off." "Blank Space" is apparently primed to be the official second single and it is an experiment to say the least (read the track-by-track below). "Welcome to New York" has legs because, well, New York City odes; "This Love" needs to make it's way to Adult Top 40, a la Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," and roost.

The common strings that runs through "1989" is Swift's image consciousness; shocks of lush synths; and the blight of the speak-sing. For the latter, there are scads of bridges and pre-choruses on which Swift resorts to little raps or conversational asides, where more literate vocal gymnasts like Ariana Grande, Sia, Jessie J and Beyonce would suss out as prettier fills.

But Swift is deft in other ways. She combined with heavy-hitting (and -handed) songwriters like Max Martin, Ryan Tedder and Jack Antonoff to make her very adult and pop-centered metamorphosis complete. Break-ups and flirtations still dominate the subject matter, but now they're bigger, and take more chances, burning away the memories of Swift as a barefoot-girl-with-guitar.

Below is a closer look at the effort, frame by frame. All those chances she takes? Don't always work. "1989" isn't a great album, but it's a good one, with lots of promise and further proof that Swift and her team figured out how to be the zeitgeist just by closely following it.

"Welcome to New York": Will survive for eternity because of every TV talk show, morning show, awards show, and New York-based sports event. With generalities like how New York is "like any great love, it keeps you guessing," you're like "Whatever Taylor Swift, you've lived in a $22 million loft for all of five minutes." Cloying, grandiose, simple. Grade: B-

"Blank Space": If this song were a human person, you would back away from him/her, slowly, even though you're tempted to ask him/her out. Swift puts on a pouty baby coo that would have Lana Del Rey flipping her hair, a batsh*t minxy, crazy-eyed ticking time bomb that would send Miley into a tongue flicking rampage. Lines like "Boys only want love if it's torture" or "You look like my next mistake" are the kind that will have mommies cringing at their daughters miming it in the car.

Lyrically, this is precisely the kind of song Swift would abhor in her current state of anti-tabloidian Zen, a boiling pot of modern pop starlet pitfalls. So I got to conspiratorially thinking, stick with me here: while "Bad Blood" is rumored to be the Katy Perry subtweet of "1989," I think catty lines like "Nightmare dressed like a daydream," the jealousy, "cherry lips," and the conversion of bad boys to good ones on the weekend align this song as more of a put-down to the "California Gurls" singer. It's a dressed-up barb. A nasty one, if you think about it. Grade: B

"Style": I completely forget that I'm even listening to A Song until that "slick" chorus kicks with a tight little skirt, and then you're doing twirls and big hand motions at yourself in the mirror. This is truly out of 1989. Grade: Mmmm

"Out of the Woods": Is damned near perfect. I moved the furniture so we could dance. Grade: A+

"All You Had to Do Was Stay": This isn't a Taylor Swift song, it's a Max Martin mid-tempo single, a moody kiss-off crammed into adolescent trappings, some cheerleader "heys," tinkling sky-scraped keyboards... make a mold, push this out the door. Grade: B

"Shake It Off": This is the kind of single where you start calling Swift by just her first name. She allows her Honest To Gawd personality into this one, has a lot of fun vocally and lets that charming, catchy choral phrase twirl around some flavorful new elements, like skronking horns, some live drums, the '50s hand-claps. The speak-sing of "this. sick. beat." and a misdiagnosed "hella" tarnishes this otherwise delightful tune. Grade: A-

"I Wish You Would": The tempo's too fast for Swift's performance, too dense for her quips, too '90s, too too. And the "it's-all-good" makes me want to set this whole jumbly problem track on FIRE. D+

"Bad Blood": Leave it to Taylor Swift to turn the word "cut" into three-syllables. Salting the wound, back stabbing, band-aids fixing bullet-holes... METAPHOR. WE GET IT. Mix her uncharacteristically bratty tone with the weakest beat and the softest cliches, this labor clunks to the finish line. Grade: C-

"Wildest Dreams": Taylor Swift's surely extensive dress collection makes another curtsy in this image-conscious rom-com, with lots of production color and bass like a heart beat. It sounds like an Instagram that's been toyed with too much, but the "tangled up with you all night" line? Yum, give this a hard house remix, stat. Grade: B

"How You Get the Girl": I literally listened to the album four times before I even noticed this song was on here. I forget it almost instantly. It sounds like a buffer episode of "Gilmore Girls," in timeliness and tone and activity. Grade: C

"This Love": The doubled vocals really emphasize Swift's little vocal tics, layered over top fluid, sumptuous harmonies and sonic arches galore, raising the hair on your arms. This song makes me want to tenderly place sentimental, rememberancy things inside a velvet-lined jewelry box; or shut the door to rooms filled with furniture covered in sheets; or drink a bottle of fernet and DM garbage to my exes. Grade: A-

"I Know Places": ...Is two different songs. She's barely confident enough for the high notes, especially on the bridge -- it's kind astounding that's the take they went with. Tedder really wanted this one to work. It could have benefited from dropping it down a key, stripping some of the octave doubles. But, God, does Ryan Tedder love a singing round as a finale. And, here, and so do I. This flirts with being "street," which is as street as this set gets.

PSA: The phrase "I know places..." will get you face-mased if you're a dude. Grade: B-

"Clean": John Hughes is that you? Imogen Heap, in songwriter mode, helped tell this tale about addiction, risk, wanting, not having, safety and daring. There's some beautifully intereting textural pings and pops in the rhythm section and a thumbbox dipping beneath some warped bass notes. Grade: B+

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Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly been cast as Sorcerer Supreme 'Doctor Strange'
Credit: AP Photo/Joel Ryan

Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly been cast as Sorcerer Supreme 'Doctor Strange'

Now that they've found the Sorcerer Supreme, who's next?

Sometimes it's funny the way these things work out. When the casting rumors began for "Doctor Strange," one of the very first names attached to the role was Benedict Cumberbatch. During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, I was convinced that the real reason Cumberbatch was in San Diego had nothing to do with the "Penguins of Madagascar" film, and that Marvel was going to bring him out and introduce him as the Sorcerer Supreme.

At that time, though, Marvel was evidently deep in conversations with Joaquin Phoenix. I still have trouble seeing him in the role, and knowing how reluctant he is to repeat himself from film to film, the idea of locking him into a six-film contract to play one character seemed like lunacy to me.

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<p>Lyndie Greenwood of &quot;Sleepy Hollow&quot;</p>

Lyndie Greenwood of "Sleepy Hollow"

Credit: FOX

Interview: 'Sleepy Hollow' co-star Lyndie Greenwood on Jenny Mills' mental state

Actress discusses her Sarah Connor character intro and more

WILMINGTON, NC. We're finally reaching the end of the interviews I conducted during my time on the set of FOX's "Sleepy Hollow."

I've saved Lyndie Greenwood for last not because Jenny Mills is anything less than awesome. Anybody who can pull off a Sarah Connor-style intro is worthy of respect and Jenny has proven to be a valuable, if frequently underused, piece of the Revolutionary War/Apocalypse Scooby Gang.

No, I held my Greenwood chat for last just because it became a little truncated because we were summoned down to a makeshift nightclub to be extras in a "Sleepy Hollow" scene that I'm already apologizing for in advance. Whether I should be apologizing to viewers or to the editors who had to cut around me remains to be seen.

It's still a good conversation as Greenwood discusses Jenny's muscular introduction, her psychological state and some of her genre favorites. It isn't even slightly spoiler-y, so don't worry.

"Sleepy Hollow" avoided any kind of World Series preemption and its next episode airs on FOX on Monday, October 27. 

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