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Credit: IFC Films

From Coldplay to Lorde, take a trip through 12 years of music with 'Boyhood' playlists

Plus: Enjoy Ethan Hawke's curation of 'The Black Album'

Have you had a chance to see "Boyhood" yet? If so, have you told us what you thought?

This one is really feeling like something special, and I must admit, early on I had doubts about whether IFC would apply the proper mustard for a campaign, but it's increasingly clear this is a special case for them. Masterpieces are left hanging out to dry during Oscar season all the time, but this one really is maintaining a hold. It's hard to ignore something this special, so the indie haven could be in line for its first-ever Best Picture nomination.

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<p>Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black</p>

Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black

Credit: BBC America

'Orphan Black' brings Tatiana Maslany & friends to Comic-Con: Live-blog

How will fans deal with an undersized room for the second year in a row? And what will we learn about other clones?

A year ago, the Comic-Con organizers badly underestimated the appeal of "Orphan Black," putting the BBC America cult hit into one of the convention center's smaller rooms for a TV panel, which led to a long and angry line and an overcrowded room. But rather than automatically award the show a promotion to Ballroom 20 (seating capacity of around 4,000), the Con organizers only bumped "Orphan Black" up to a room with a capacity of around 1,000 — double a year ago, but still likely not enough to accommodate the show's many fans.

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Stephen Colbert showed up on Capitol Hill dressed as a fencer

Stephen Colbert showed up on Capitol Hill dressed as a fencer
Colbert was likely filming a “Better Know a District” segment on Friday with Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio).

Dan Harmon will try to bring Donald Glover back to “Community”
“The first thing I want to do is get Donald Glover back,” he tells TV Line, “and I will do anything to make that happen.”

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” characters are writing a self-help book
Its title: "The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today.”

“Bates Motel” promotes Kenny Johnson
"There's a great deal of unfinished story in the relationship of Caleb to the Bates family,” co-showrunner Kerry Ehrin says of Johnson, who’s becoming a series regular. PLUS: Nicola Peltz will also be back, and watch “Bates Motel” audition tapes.

Starz unveils new “Outlander” trailer
The adaptation of author Diana Gabaldon’s historical novels debuts Aug. 9.

Fox bans all advertising on a Boston radio station whose host called Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch” who should “drop dead"
In addition, all Fox Sports and Fox Entertainment personalities are banned from appearing on Boston’s WEEI and its sibling radio stations.

“Archer” Season 6: ISIS spy team returns, with guest-voice Allison Tolman from “Fargo”
“We treated season 5 as a vacation,” creator Adam Reed said at Comic-Con. "We’re happy to be home and we’re excited to get back to what we normally do after a fun summer of cocaine."

“Marvel’s Agents of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” casts Lance Hunter, details Lucy Lawless’ role
Hunter will be played by British actor Nick Blood, while Lawless will play Isabel Hartly, a veteran S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. PLUS: Reed Diamond will play Kraken, watch the gag reel, Marvel Studios movie directors will direct episodes next season, and Mockingbird is coming aboard.

Read all the dirt on “TMZ”
The website that has spawned three TV shows “was the first entity to successfully transfer web content to television,” notes Buzzfeed, in a lengthy article revealing the tradeoffs that have resulted in TMZ's many scoops. But TMZ won’t write anything negative about Ellen DeGeneres -- she's a TMZ corporate sibling.

“OITNB’s” real-life Piper and Larry recall meeting in a San Francisco restaurant, with a little help of “Melrose Place”
As Larry Smith recalls: "Piper didn't have a TV and her friend Kristen was hell-bent on watching the season finale of 'Melrose Place,' so I invited them to my place two blocks away to watch it. My roommate David was in a gay and lesbian book club and Piper and he bonded, so she started coming over for book club. I wasn't invited. But I was glad she kept coming by.”

Nathan Fielder explains the difference between him and “Nathan For You” self
"I try to play a version of myself from my early 20s and late teens; I just revisit that mindset,” says Fielder, who is married. He adds: "I'm a bit more oblivious to social cues (on the show) than I am in real life.”

Cable TV has blended into an indistinguishable swamp of reality TV
There’s not much difference these days between A&E and History.

Check out “Bones’” Booth in prison
Here’s the first footage from Season 10.

Watch “The Originals” Season 2 trailer
Exec producer Michael Narducci told Comic-Con attendees: "The very thing that they cling to... is now coming into jeopardy, and the antagonist is their mother, the person you should feel the most love from.” PLUS: See “The 100” Comic-Con trailer.

See “The Simpsons’” Homer Dome at Comic-Con
You can literally walk inside Homer’s head.

“Mad Men’s” Vincent Kartheiser is selling his “micro-home”
The 1912-built Hollywood bungalow was featured last year in Dwell magazine.

Comedy Central teases animated Rob Lowe in “Moonbeam City”
Check him out as an “‘80s Nagel Hunk.”

“Buffy’s” Charisma Carpenter posts, deletes a nude photo on Twitter for her 44th birthday.
"Yes, my bday suit for my bday,” she said in the tweet which displayed in which she posed topless.

There’s 1 good reason to watch “True Blood’s” final season: The cast member deathwatch
That’s the fun of this season, says Inkoo Kang: “As a viewer who's sat through every single episode of this show and slowly watched the characters morph from lovable Southern Gothic caricatures to unrecognizable strangers whose whims don't make a lick of sense (remember Nice Eric?), it's damn near impossible to resist the near-nihilistic wish that all the characters would meet the true death.”

Is drama TV’s murder trend coming to an end?
Bloody, brutal shows are apparently out of style.

David Lynch: “There are no plans yet” for a new “Twin Peaks” movie
Lynch has been too busy with the “Twin Peaks” Blu-ray set.

Kathie Lee’s son interviews Regis Philbin
Cody Gifford, who’s now 24 and a master’s student at Oxford University, interviewed Reege for his student newspaper.

Joel McHale weighs in on British TV
Which UK shows would he remake for American viewers?

History channel delves into World War I with "WWI: The First Modern War”
The four-part documentary, airing all of Saturday night, focuses on four lethal inventions from The Great War: “Armored Beasts, “Giant Airships,” “Poison Gas” and “Submarines."

“Ice Lake Rebels” and “Escaping Alaska” offer the sight of snow on TV during the hot summer months
The respective Animal Planet and TLC reality shows follow residents in northern Canada and Alaska.

WGN America’s “Manhattan” is an unlikely attempt to cross-pollinate “Lost” with “Mad Men”
“Episodes,” says Todd VanDerWerff, "are constructed so that characters are keeping secrets from each other (and occasionally the audience), and the show's larger plot is built around the deeper mystery of what this strange base in the middle of the desert is up to. But because everybody watching will have some rough idea of what the Manhattan Project was all about, it makes the mystery show aspects wrinkle the brain in a very different way. This is a conspiracy show in reverse, where the aims are known to the audience but the methods aren't always.” PLUS: The first episode is too crammed with self-seriousness, it’s historical TV done right, it’s missing the spark needed to make it a great show, it is complicated and captivating, and “Manhattan” creator sees his show connected to Wikileaks and Edward Snowden.

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Credit: The CW

Stephen Amell and the 'Arrow' team tease Season 3 at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

How many questions will relate to Olicity and Mirakuru?

I'm not sure I understand everything in that panel for "The Originals," but I live-blogged it anyway. I definitely understood the "H20" question for Phoebe Tonkin.

But anywho...

When last we left Oliver Queen and "Arrow," the Flashback Oliver had awakened in Hong Kong, Slade was in a SuperMax prison after Felicity and Oliver flirted their way into stopping him and Thea was leaving town.

Let's see what Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and the "Arrow" cast have to say about what's in store for Season 3...

Click through for all of the Ballroom 20 excitement...

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<p>Daniel Radcliffe</p>

Daniel Radcliffe

Credit: AP Photo

8 things we learned from Daniel Radcliffe's Comic-Con debut

Wearing 'Horns' can be pretty damn empowering

SAN DIEGO — Finally, after years of false starts, the one and only Daniel Radcliffe came to Hall H at Comic-Con. He wasn't here for "Harry Potter" or the upcoming "Frankenstein" from 20th Century Fox. No, Radcliffe came down for his acclaimed fantasy horror drama "Horns," which debuted last September at the Toronto Film Festival, but is opening in theaters from Radius-TWC in October.

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New trailer for Chris Nolan's 'Interstellar' shows off the strong '2001' influence
Credit: Paramount

New trailer for Chris Nolan's 'Interstellar' shows off the strong '2001' influence

This looks like one surreal science-fiction trip

When Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey took the stage of Hall H on Thursday afternoon, it was a genuine surprise to most people in the room. As it turns out, it was a pleasant surprise for the studio as well, who weren't sure it was going to happen until very early Thursday morning.

If they had not been there, the new trailer for the movie would have had to speak for itself, and I suspect it would have been fine. Instead, the director and the star did a nice job of setting the table for the trailer, which should be in theaters soon, and presumably online as well.

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'The Originals' team seasons Season 2 at Comic-Con: Live-Blog
Credit: The CW

'The Originals' team seasons Season 2 at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

Julie Plec, Phoebe Tonkin and a slew of Original Vampires hit Ballroom 20

First, my confession: I'm a good chunk of episodes behind on the first season of The CW's "The Originals." I fell behind on both of my CW vampire dramas this past season, but I was able to catch up on "The Vampire Diaries" in recent weeks. I'll catch up on "The Originals" before the second season premieres, but I'm not there yet. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself with this live-blog, but if I say anything stupid, you'll know why. Apologies.

That was an intense two hours in Hall H.

I live-blogged the "Walking Dead" panel, which included a premiere date.

And I live-blogged the "Game of Thrones" panel, which included a bunch of casting for Season 5.

Now it's time for an afternoon of CW live-blogs.

Up first, The CW's Hour With Phoebe Tonkin panel, which has been mislabeled as "The Originals" in your Comic-Con program and features a lot of people who aren't Phoebe Tonkin at all. 

Then it'll be time for "Arrow."

But follow along for vampire, werewolf, witch and New Orleans updates...

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<p>Chris Terrio</p>

Chris Terrio

Credit: AP Photo

Warner Bros. wants Oscar-winning 'Argo' writer to pen 'Justice League'

The last time we saw Chris Terrio he was shocking Tony Kushner fans at the Dolby Theatre

Over at Deadline Mike Fleming is reporting something that has been floating around in the ether for a while now: that Warner Bros. wants Oscar-winning "Argo" scribe Chris Terrio to pen the studio's planned superhero team-up film "Justice League."

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<p>Hayley Atwell in &quot;Marvel&#39;s Agent Carter.&quot;</p>

Hayley Atwell in "Marvel's Agent Carter."

Credit: ABC

Marvel brings 'Agents of SHIELD,' 'Agent Carter' & maybe more to Comic-Con: Live-blog

Will 'Daredevil' & friends join SHIELD agents past and present?

It's Marvel TV time at Comic-Con, with an hour-long panel that promises to feature Jeph Loeb plus still-unnamed castmembers from both "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" and "Marvel's Agent Carter." The question is, will Marvel stop with just the two ABC dramas, or will they start trying to build excitement for the four upcoming Netflix series by, say, bringing in "Daredevil" stars Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll for surprise appearances? (Woll has a long and impressive history of Comic-Con cosplay, including stints as Hit Girl and Axe Cop, so I wouldn't be shocked in the least if she came dressed as Elektra — or Daredevil, for that matter.) And will Loeb be as bombastic as in his usual interviews, or will he acknowledge how rough so much of "Agents of SHIELD" season 1 was before "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" finally gave the show direction?

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Comedy Central renews 'Drunk History' and 'Nathan For You'

Comedy Central renews “Drunk History” and “Nathan For You”
Both will return next year for their 3rd season.

Sam Raimi is working on an “Evil Dead” TV series
The acclaimed movie director expects to get “Evil Dead” veteran Bruce Campbell to star in the TV adaptation, which he's working on with his brother.

“Big Bang” writers at Comic-Con talk “Star Wars,” Wil Wheaton and why they avoid Penny’s last name
“At this point, we’ve come so far, it’s a bit of a superstition for us,” showrunner Steve Molaro says of Penny’s last name.

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'Game of Thrones' announces 9 new cast members, including “Whale Rider” star Keisha Castle-Hughes

“Game of Thrones” announces 9 new cast members, including “Whale Rider” star Keisha Castle-Hughes
Castle-Hughes will play Prince Oberyn’s eldest bastard daughter, Obara Sand. She'll be joined by veteran actor Jonathan Pryce and a new actress to play Cersei's daughter. PLUS: Watch the "GoT" blooper reel.

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Nicki Minaj

UPDATED: Why Nicki Minaj and her butt can't have it both ways

She protests a little too much over her latest controversy

UPDATED: Minaj has delayed the release of "Anaconda" a week for unspecified reasons. The single will now come out Aug. 4. She also released a new photo of her in the same outfit as the single cover, this time from the front, surrounded by a yoga mat, weights, and work out ball. All in pink, natch.


So Nicki Minaj wants to know why models get no push back— so to speak—when they flash their asses in photo spreads and yet the world is all over her famous backside after she posts a shot of her “Anaconda” single cover that features her derriere.

After the photo went viral and threatened to break the internet, Minaj got some praise, but she also got her share of grief, so last night, she started posting photos of such things as the last Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover and asking why that’s “angelic”and yet her butt shot is “unacceptable.” She even threatened to post some more explicit photos, but decided better of it… or maybe she’ll just wait for that until the next time she’s desperate for some publicity.

Well, Nicki, you have every right to cop a squat and show off your formidable rear, but here’s a few reasons why you're causing such a stir and why you may want to think this through.

1. Your shot is aggressively in your face in a way the model shots are not. Add high heels and it would be a trademark stripper pose. Whether it’s the crouched position or the disappearing pink thong or the come hither look, your shot is sexualized in a way that the other shots are not. That's fine if you want to be known primarily for that asset as opposed to others, but maybe not such a smart move, if not.

2. The sad fact is that women can still not have it both ways. I’m not saying that it’s OK that we can’t, I’m just saying that we haven’t gotten to the place yet where a women who plasters her bare ass in a provocative pose all over the internet is then going to be taken completely seriously for her music. Some folks won’t see it as an issue, but given the comments flooding the internet, others do. You don't get to cry foul when people focus on your behind and your looks instead of your music if you're doing to flaunt your appearance this way. When Lil Kim showed up topless other than a pasty,  we all knew it was because the music was secondary to the spectacle. Is that the message you want to send?

3. You seem to be working really hard to clean up your image: the funny wigs are gone, you’ve been dressing classier at awards shows. No one says you have to wear a nun’s habit (actually, you’ve already tried that and it didn’t go over so well), but it feels like you back slid here. We’re not saying that women can’t express all different facets of themselves, but there’s sexy and there’s tacky and this seems more of the latter.

4. Look at you. Everyone’s talking about you. Again. Good for you. But wouldn’t it be nice if they were talking about the music instead of your ass?  With "Pills N' Potions," people were talking about the song and how it showed a different side of you. But now, everyone's just talking about your butt. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but for someone who has pretended for the last 24 hours that those doesn’t care what people think, you’re spent a lot of time on Twitter fanning the flames.

What do you think? Is the photo too much?


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