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Why CBS decided to air 'Big Brother' racism

Why CBS decided to air "Big Brother" racism
"It was ultimately part of the story in the house," says exec producer Allison Grodner, noting that Aaryn's ascension to temporary house leader "gave us a launching pad to be able to tell this story."  She adds: "I do feel it would be irresponsible to put hate on the airwaves just for hate's sake. You need to have some sort of context."

"GMA" beats "Today" by the widest margin in more than 21 years
Last quarter, the two morning shows were separated by an average of 789,000 total viewers.

Jerry Seinfeld's kids -- ages 7, 10 and 13 -- have started watching "Seinfeld"
But they haven't seen "The Contest."

Elton John slams "The Voice" for creating "nonentities"

"Nobody on 'The Voice' in America has had a hit record," he says. "Nobody on 'The Voice' in England has had a hit record - they're nonentities." PLUS: Chris Mann weds, and Jessie J drops out of "Voice UK."

How can "Parks and Rec" take advantage of Chris Pratt's new buff body?
How about adding Andy's long-lost brother Randy?

"Brooklyn Girls" book series hopes to capture the popularity of "Girls"
The new feel-good book series revolves around "Pia," instead of Hannah.

Why Bravo should pull the plug on "Princesses: Long Island"
At this point, all the controversies seem to be manufactured for publicity. PLUS: Why can't I stop watching "Princesses"?

truTV orders a spinoff talk show for "Impractical Jokers"
"Jokers After Party" will feature the "Impractical Jokers" stars chatting about their favorite pranks.

Mandy Moore talks about being on 2 failed pilots this year

"You win some and you lose some, and you just have to get back up to bat again," says Moore, who was on ABC's "Pulling" and CBS' "The Advocates."

Watch Betty White host her own NBC talk show nearly 60 years ago
"The Betty White Show" from 1954.

MTV's new Moonman reeks of desperation

The cable network is trying to attract young viewers with its move to Brooklyn and new Moonman, but most young viewers don't remember a time when MTV played music videos.

Can Paula Abdul revive "SYTYCD"?
Ratings have been down 27% this season, and Paula's association with "American Idol's" glory days may help reverse the show's downward trend. PLUS: Erin Andrews will also guest-judge on Tuesday.

Elisabeth Moss gets "Fresh Air"

The "Mad Men" star talks about Peggy Olson's evolution with Terry Gross. PLUS: Watch "Meow Men" featuring cats.

Rob Kazinsky didn't know about his "True Blood" character until after joining the show

"I auditioned to play Ben," he says.

How "Game of Thrones" empowers social outcasts
A former stripper writes how impressed she was that the HBO series showed sex workers to be tough and complicated. PLUS: "GoT" meets Gotye, see the concept art of "Game of Thrones," and Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have a "vinception."

It's a "Buffy" reunion
Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon came together for Comic-Con Paris.

Listen to the "Doctor Who" theme slowed down to 20 minutes

20 minutes of otherworldly mood music.

"Laguna Beach": Then & Now

As MTV begins re-airing the first two seasons, check out the O.C. reality stars evolved.

BBC America presents "Dangerman"

The reality show premiering tonight stars Jonathan Goodwin -- "The Incredible Mr. Goodwin."

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<p>Rooney Mara</p>

Rooney Mara

Credit: AP Photo

Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen join the cast of Stephen Daldry's 'Trash'

Richard Curtis writing the adaptation of Andy Mulligan's children's novel

British director Stephen Daldry currently holds what I believe is a unique record: all four of his films to date have received Oscar nominations for either Best Picture, Best Director or both. That he's managed to maintain this Academy favor even when his last two films -- "The Reader" and, in particular, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" -- ran into some critical opposition means any new project of his will be regarded in some quarters, however blindly or cynically, as a prestige player.

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Watch: Franz Ferdinand's new single 'Right Action' gets an instructional video

Watch: Franz Ferdinand's new single 'Right Action' gets an instructional video

Remember the 2000s

Do you remember Franz Ferdinand's 2004 breakout single "Take Me Out?" Their new music video for fresh single "Right Action" should jog your memory.

The slick animated clip features a similar style of instructional-manual-meets-lyric-video, as the band mugs old-school. The quartet rocks through their cool chorus and lead singer's Alex Kapranos allows his wry sarcasm over lines like "Sometimes I wish you were here / weather permitting."

The instrumentals feel a bit forced, which is why the video helps it to work a bit better, smoothing its odd angles.

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<p>Ellie Goulding</p>

Ellie Goulding

Watch Ellie Goulding's new music video for 'Burn'

Four minutes of lens flare

A lot of music videos send their stars out into the country, to walk on train tracks for no good reason. Or send them to abandoned warehouses to suffer. Ellie Goulding went out to an airfield, but her MO was to start a dance party.

The British singer and dance artist gets stunning styling in her new music video for "Burn," a song burdened by repetition but makes up for it because Goulding's at least an authoritative and unique vocalist.

For the clip, she also benefits from an apparent co-sponsorship from J.J. Abrams, because it's five minutes of lens flare.

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"Inside: Secret America"

 "Inside: Secret America"

Credit: NatGeo

Exclusive clip: A bath salts dealer shares with 'Inside: Secret America'

He tells NatGeo why his trade is like 'finding gold'

Ever wonder what the big deal is about bath salts? Watch an exclusive clip from this week's episode of NatGeo's "Inside: Secret America" (Wed. July 10 at 10:00 p.m.) to get a glimpse of why this dangerous trend is trending with dealers. 

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Watch Mumford & Sons' new video for 'Babel'
Credit: Island Records

Watch Mumford & Sons' new video for 'Babel'

They sure get around a lot

Just how many guys are in Mumford & Sons after all?

The video for “Babel,” the title track from the British quartet’s current album, features the four members in what seems like a single (though it can’t be) shot of the band playing the song in different parts of the room as the camera moves through a once-elegant, now dilapidated, graffiti-covered mansion until Marcus Mumford ends up exactly where he started at the end, sitting on the stairs holding his guitar. We especially like the "fail" grafitti.

[More after the jump...]


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Donald Glover will only appear in 5 of 13 'Community' episodes next season

Donald Glover will only appear in 5 of 13 "Community" episodes next season
The deal between Sony and the actor's reps will allow Glover to focus more time on his music career as the Childish Gambino while saving Sony money since Glover will only be paid for his five episodes.

Michelle Fairley's "Suits" cameo is being promoted as "Game of Suits"

In homage to "Game of Thrones."

"Ray Donovan's" ratings rise in Week 2

That's the first time a freshman drama saw its ratings grow in the 2nd week.

"HIMYM" begins work today on the final season
Check out the final season premiere script.

CBS renews streaming deal with Netflix
Shows like "Star Trek" and "Twin Peaks" are covered under the deal, as well as newer shows like "L.A. Complex" and "CSI:NY."

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Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 191: 'The Bridge,' 'The Newsroom' & more

Dan and Alan also review NBC's "Camp" and revisit "The West Wing" pilot


We're back on Monday again for this week's busy Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, which had so many notable premieres — "The Bridge," "Camp," "Orange Is The New Black" and "The Newsroom" — that we passed the 90-minute mark without even dipping into the mailbag. Comic-Con may leave next week's schedule up in the air, but whether it's Monday, Wednesday or later, we'll be following today's "The West Wing" pilot discussion by looking at the pilot of "The X-Files." 

The lineup:

he Bridge" (00:00:55 - 00:21:20)
"Camp" (00:21:20 - 00:35:25)
"Orange Is The New Black" (00:35:00 - 00:54:20)
"The Newsroom" (00:54:25 - 01:11:00)
Summer Pilot Rewatch: "The West Wing" (01:11:10 - 01:35:10)
As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file or stream it on Dan's blog.
And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.
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Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul 

Credit: FOX

Paula Abdul to guest judge on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

She'll join FOX Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews at the judges' table
The judges' table on "So You Think You Can Dance" is going to get a little crowded tomorrow night. Former "American Idol" judge and choreographer  Paula Abdul will join Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and FOX Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews as a guest judge on the show (Tues., July 9, 8:00 p.m.) Abdul will lend her expertise to critique and praise the dancers, and possibly do her famous slow clap. 
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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 191

Dan and Alan talk 'The Bridge,' 'Newsroom,' 'Camp' and much more


Happy Monday, Boys & Girls!
Lots to review in this week's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
We've got FX's new drama "The Bridge," Netflix's dramedy "Orange Is The New Black," NBC's very Australian "The Comedy" and the second season of HBO's "The Newsroom."
Will you be surprised by how much we now love "The Newsroom"? Listen to find out!
And we also talked about "The West Wing" in this week's Summer Pilot Rewatch.
Next week's Summer Pilot Rewatch, in honor of the Comic-Con panel celebrating its 20th anniversary, will be FOX's "The X-Files." 
Here's today's breakdown:
"The Bridge" (00:00:55 - 00:21:20)
"Camp" (00:21:20 - 00:35:25)
"Orange Is The New Black" (00:35:00 - 00:54:20)
"The Newsroom" (00:54:25 - 01:11:00)
Summer Pilot Rewatch: "The West Wing" (01:11:10 - 01:35:10)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed.] 

And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.



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<p>Time to start crying, &quot;Community&quot; fans:&nbsp;Donald Glover will only be part-time in season 5.</p>

Time to start crying, "Community" fans: Donald Glover will only be part-time in season 5.

Credit: NBC

Donald Glover to be part-time on 'Community' season 5

Actor will reportedly appear in 5 of 13 episodes to focus on his Childish Gambino rap career

Troy and Abed sep-uh-raaaaating!

Well, this new piece of news about "Community" season 5 is not cool cool cool: as first reported by Vulture's Joe Adalian, Donald Glover will only be appearing in 5 of next season's 13 episodes of the NBC comedy.

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<p>Josh Brolin in &quot;Oldboy.&quot;</p>

Josh Brolin in "Oldboy."

Credit: FilmDistrict

Poster for Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' remake is something a little out of the box

Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley star in the October release

As I've already written, 2013 would appear to be the year that South Korea and Hollywood have become formally acquainted. Park Chan-wook and Kim Jee-woon made their US debuts with "Stoker" and "The Last Stand" respectively, while Bong Joon-ho has "Snowpiercer" coming our way. And in a tidy coincidence, one of Park's most well-regarded films, 2004's Cannes Grand Prix winner "Oldboy," is getting the remake treatment this year courtesy of Spike Lee. 

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