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<p>Ryan Gosling in &quot;Only&nbsp;God Forgives&quot;</p>

Ryan Gosling in "Only God Forgives"

Credit: RADiUS-TWC

Tell us what you thought of 'Only God Forgives'

...or anything else you might have seen recently

A mere two months ago people were clamoring to see Nicolas Winding Refn's "Only God Forgives" in Cannes. This afternoon, I watched it from my couch. Video-on-demand can be pretty awesome like that. The director's "Drive" follow-up hits theaters and VOD today and I know it's been at the top of a lot of people's lists, so assuming you've seen it or will over the weekend, tell us what you think. I found it to be little more than an exercise, but I guess I'm okay with Refn keeping in shape, so to speak. Guy wasn't too high on it at Cannes either, but that's us. Cut loose with your own thoughts in the comment section here and go ahead and vote in our poll below. And as always, feel free to discuss anything else you might have seen recently. Open thread.

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'Big Brother' scores its best ratings of the season

"Big Brother" scores its best ratings of the season
About 6.7 million watched last night's episode.

"Game of Thrones" alum Jason Momoa is headed to Sundance Channel
He'll play a sheriff in "Red Road."

Watch a preview of Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-like comedy

She's starring in "Geri: Life Sucks."

James Spader didn't watch "The Office" finale
"I didn't see it," the actor who played Robert California admitted.

Matt Smith: "Doctor Who" role could go to a man or woman
"It can be anyone," he says in a Comic-Con interview, "and that's the great thing about the part. If Helen Mirren did it or if, you know... there's so many female actresses who'd be amazing."

Nick Offerman gets "naked" in a Funny or Die music video
Warning: Not Safe for Work.

Bill Hader returning to "South Park" as a writer

The "SNL" vet was a notable part of the "South Park" writer's room in the documentary of the show.

Bob Saget meets a "Full House" superfan, one of Jimmy Fallon's writers
With Jesse and the Rippers performing tonight, it's been "Full House" week at "Late Night." PLUS: Fallon & Ryan Reynolds have a "Water War."

"Revenge" casts Jesus from "The Bible"
Diogo Morgado will play a doctor in the season premiere.

BET to air a "Scandal" marathon in August
All "Scandal" episodes will be shown over two weekends.

"America's Next Top Model" cast photo shoot: S&M theme?
Check out the cast in "pleather."

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<p>Radiohead in a promotional shot.</p>

Radiohead in a promotional shot.

Rare Radiohead demo set for auction block

Final Elvis Presley footage also up for sale

Gather your money together Radiohead fans: In September, a 9-song demo from Radiohead will go on the auction block. The cassette from the band, when it was known as  On a Friday, and before Jonny Greenwood joined the group, goes up for sale on Sept. 14 by Omega Auctions in Stockport, England.

Recorded with Thom Yorke and his bandmates were still in high school in 1986, the demo features such tracks as “Girl (In the Purple Dress)” and “Mountains (On The Move),” as well as “Lemming Trail” and “Lock The Door.”
Omega expects the cassette to go for at least $1,500, which, actually, sounds pretty low, but that could be because a many of the songs have appeared online over the years, according to NME.

If Radiohead isn’t your style, four hours of video from Elvis Presley’s last performances prior to his 1977 death will be auctioned on July 26-27 in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The footage includes Presley’s performances in Omaha, Neb., and Rapid City, S.D., as well as backstage footage and was originally shot for a CBS television special, which aired two months after his death.
According to the Reporter,  Elvis Presley Enterprises has never allowed the special to be released on home video and the winning bidder must promise to never broadcast, reproduce or publish the video. We have a hunch the footage will go for way more than $1,500.

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<p>Vera Farmiga in &quot;The Conjuring&quot;</p>

Vera Farmiga in "The Conjuring"

Credit: Warner Bros.

Tell us what you thought of 'The Conjuring'

...or anything else you might have caught up with lately

Warner Bros. wasn't shy about screening James Wan's latest horror film, "The Conjuring," which is why my thoughts on the film are now a number of weeks old. They knew they had a tight piece of genre filmmaking on their hands, and that it is; the film is a huge step up for Wan, a patient, rich exercise that doesn't reinvent the wheel but tells a compelling, familiar story with a lot of control and finely tuned atmosphere. "It is enormously confident, and yet it seems to have enough faith in the audience that it doesn't come across as a big noisy assault," Drew McWeeny wrote in his review. But now it's time to hear what you have to say, so when and if you get around to the film this weekend, chalk up your thoughts in the comments section and feel free to vote in our poll. And if you've caught up with anything else you'd like to discuss, consider this an open thread otherwise.

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<p>Ian McShane as Al Swearengen in &quot;Deadwood.&quot;</p>

Ian McShane as Al Swearengen in "Deadwood."

Credit: HBO

'Deadwood' Rewind: Season 3, episode 7: 'Unauthorized Cinnamon'

The camp leaders gather to figure out what to do about Hearst

For the third summer in a row, we're revisiting David Milch's classic revisionist HBO Western "Deadwood," this time discussing the third season.

While I once upon a time posted two separate reviews so people who hadn't watched the whole series would have a safe place to comment, almost no one bothered commenting on the newbie reviews last year, and they've been ditched. If you haven't finished the series, just avoid the comments of this review and you'll be fine.

Thoughts on episode 7, "Unauthorized Cinnamon," coming up just as soon as I interrupt your sleep with this beard...

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<p>Christoph Waltz appears to be having a very weird day in Terry Gilliam's new film 'The Zero Theorem,' which showed a preview at today's Comic-Con</p>

Christoph Waltz appears to be having a very weird day in Terry Gilliam's new film 'The Zero Theorem,' which showed a preview at today's Comic-Con

Credit: Voltage Pictures

The first 10 minutes of Terry Gilliam's 'The Zero Theorem' screened at Comic-Con 2013

Gilliam appears onscreen in Hall courtesy of NSA wiretap

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Comic-Con 2013 is in full swing, but to me, it still feels like it's revving up. Both times I was in Hall H today, huge sections of it were empty. That's no fault of the people on the stage, but it is a sign that Comic-Con sometimes seems to be scheduling things in the wrong venues. It sounds like Ballroom 20 was running at capacity all day today with wildly popular TV programming, when maybe a smaller, more intimate setting would have been a better place to see the panel I enjoyed this afternoon, a first look at the new film by Terry Gilliam.

Gina McIntyre, who writes for Hero Complex at the LA Times, was the moderator of the panel, which was nice to see after Anne Thompson asked me last night at the HitFix opening night party if there were any women I could think of who moderated any of the Hall H panels. I couldn't offhand, and Anne has a good point. As more and more of the programming here seems to be aimed at a very different audience than the stereotypical fanboy, it seems logical that you'd also see some more diversity in the people who moderate these events.

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<p>When it's not trying too hard, 'RED 2' does manage to deliver some big laughs and some charming chemistry between the leads.</p>

When it's not trying too hard, 'RED 2' does manage to deliver some big laughs and some charming chemistry between the leads.

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Review: Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker almost make 'RED 2' a worthwhile return

A lot of chemistry and a wafer-thin script can't quite pull it off

Sequels are never easy, which makes me wonder why Hollywood always seems to be in such a rush to get to them. I remember when sequels were still relatively uncommon, and the prevailing wisdom was that not every automatically deserved a second part. Just as I believe that filmmakers frequently are surprised by the reasons audiences fall in love with movies, I think they also often emphasize the wrong things when they make sequels, undermining that initial affection in the process.

One of the most direct parallels I can draw to the differences between "RED" and "RED 2" would be by using the model of "Romancing The Stone" and "Jewel Of The Nile." In both cases, the first film is ostensibly an action-comedy, but what really makes it work is the palpable romantic chemistry between the leads. The script for "Romancing The Stone" was written by the great Diane Thomas, who died much too young, and it is a wicked clever read that both mocks the conventions of the romance novels that Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) writes while also playing them straight enough to generate some real heat. When Mark Rosenthal and Lawrence Konner co-wrote the sequel, they needed to find a way to generate friction between Turner's character and Jack Colton, the Michael Douglas character, and it undermines the happily ever after of the first film's ending. That's fine if it ended up working, but instead of rekindling the heat of the first film, it soured the relationship between the two of them, making it all seem like less fun.

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Jennifer Carpenter fought back tears at 'Dexter's' Comic-Con panel

Jennifer Carpenter fought back tears at "Dexter's" Comic-Con panel

The cast came to Comic-Con having just filmed the series finale last week. PLUS: "Rita," "Doakes" and "LaGuerta" were in attendance, and the final season and complete series DVD will be released on Nov. 5.

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson celebrate the 20th anniversary of "The X-Files" at Comic-Con

Anderson said she'd be open to a third movie, but not a limited series.

"Hannibal" releases a gag reel

Also, it was announced at Comic-Con that Season 1 will hit DVD on Sept. 24.

"Workaholics" trio are making a movie together, with Seth Rogen
Rogen and his "Superbad" partner Evan Goldberg are writing an action-comedy film starring Adam DeVine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson. But the movie won't be related to their Comedy Central characters.

Eliot Spitzer inspired "The Good Wife," and now he's using the CBS drama for inspiration
What happens when art imitates life, followed by life imitating art?

Stop saying TV is better than the movies these days
Why that argument is lazy. PLUS: Cable is soaring thanks to the creative erosion in film and network TV.

Conan O'Brien opts not to play an '80s Atari "rape game" on his show

"Conan" producers didn't know about the contents of "Custer's Revenge" before adding it for a segment of "Clueless Gamer."

Why Jason Bateman's Emmy nomination was undeserved
He was the weak link on the Netflix season of "Arrested Development."

"Girls" Season 3 will "focus on financial stability"

Exec producer Jenni Konner says: "I can’t say much more. It's an age thing. There's only so long you can say you just graduated college."

Louis CK: Woody Allen pulled me aside and asked, "What if we were in a movie together, you and me?"
The "Louie" star talks about his seven Emmy nominations and his Woody moment.

Connie Britton has been nominated 4 years in a row, for 3 different shows
Will she win an Emmy for "Nashville"?

"Bunheads" creator still doubts there will be a 2nd season
"They are telling me nothing more than they’ve told you," Amy Sherman-Palladino tells Buzzfeed. PLUS: Why all the fuss over "Bunheads"?

"Survivor's" Kim Spradlin is pregnant

The "Survivor: One World" champ is expecting her first child.

We are living in the golden age of TV posters
"Welcome to the age of TV-poster public exegesis," says Laura Bennett. "TV culture has become so obsessive, so attuned to any sign of what's to come, that even its off-screen manifestations are subject to exacting scrutiny."

Linda Cardellini stunned by her "Mad Men" Emmy nomination
"When I started the part, I didn't know what it was I would be doing. And so having it unfold the way it did was amazing," she says.

"Teen Wolf" returns Jan. 6

Watch the trailer for the 2nd part of Season 3.

Watch Ricky Gervais' 1999 comedy pilot

He played a David Bowie impersonator two years before "The Office."

Food Network accused of reality TV fraud

The winner of "Giving You the Business" said instead of getting his own franchise, as was promised, he only got some stock.

"Orange is the New Black" promotes Taryn Manning

She'll become a series regular in Season 2.

HBO and NFL Films extend "Hard Knocks"
The two announced a "long-term renewal" today.

Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson sign on for the British version of "The Taste"

They'll be joined by French chef Ludo LeFebvre.

"Grey's Anatomy" adds 2

Bobby Campo and Heather Hemmens will play a couple involved in a major disaster.

Video: Library of Congress racing to preserve TV history
CBS News went inside the archiving process, as they convert hours of film into digital.

CBS: More than 20 million have watched "Under the Dome's" premiere

That's through live viewing, DVRs and video on demand.

"Big Brother's" Jeff Schroder is going back to "The Bold and the Beautiful"

He'll be part of "Room 8."

"Firefly" getting a role-playing game

 game is currently in development for iOS and Android.

"Full House" reunion: Lori Loughlin spends a night on the town with John Stamos

They also had dinner with Bob Saget this week.

TV Land orders 10 more episodes of "The Exes"

Those episodes will air later this year.

Josh Holloway: "Intelligence" isn't the new "Chuck"
"I thought 'Chuck' was a great show," the CBS star says. "But it's not 'Chuck' at all."

"Glee" bringing back Dot-Marie Jones

"I did hear that I'm coming back, but I honestly don't know to what to what extent," she says.

Honey Boo Boo retires from pageants

"We're done," says Mama June.

"Arrow" casts Black Canary

Actress Caity Lotz will take on the new role.

Here are 25 great sitcoms you can watch on YouTube
From "Dick Van Dyke" to "The Honeymooners."

Check out Ryan Seacrest as a shirtless teen model
Why was he wearing mom jeans at 19?

See Bryan Cranston's childhood photos

From his GQ cover story.

Check out "Game of Thrones" toys

And other products unveiled at Comic-Con, including a Ned Stark doll.

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"Teen Wolf"

"Teen Wolf"

Credit: MTV

Comic-Con 2013: 'Teen Wolf' panel covers twins, virgins, wolves

Plot twists are hinted at amidst a lot of screaming

The "Teen Wolf" panel at Comic-Con 2013 was only half full, but you wouldn't know that from the enthusiastic screaming. High pitched shrieks frequently erupted, sometimes during fan questions, sometimes during panelist answers, and pretty much all the way through the preview clip that aired. I think it's fair to say that the crowd was very, very receptive to anything the "Teen Wolf" crew had to say.

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"Project Runway"

"Project Runway"

Credit: Lifetime

'Project Runway' recap: Unicorn hugging, vajayjay and more!

One model's crotch has to be pixelated, but that's just the start

As much as I would like to luxuriate in the world that is "Project Runway," I'm afraid that this recap may be a little cursory. I'm in the throes of both Comic-Con madness and Emmy nominations glee, so I'm going to cut to the nitty gritty (vajayjay!) and hopefully dig a little deeper next week. Still, there was simply no way I was skipping over this season premiere. Not only does a hella lot happen, some of it is so crazy I'm not entirely sure I didn't hallucinate it. So, be warned. If you haven't watched the episode yet, you may want to before you read this lest you write, "YOU LIE, YOU CRAZY WOMAN!" in the comments section. It could happen.

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<p>Hugh Dancy in &quot;Hannibal.&quot;</p>

Hugh Dancy in "Hannibal."

Credit: NBC

Comic-Con 2013: 'Hannibal' panel live-blog

Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy and company preview season 2

A year ago, Bryan Fuller came to Comic-Con for a small panel to discuss two NBC projects he had in the works: his "Munsters" re-imagining "Mockingbird Lane," and a "Silence of the Lambs" prequel about the early serial killing career of "Hannibal." "Mockingbird Lane" wound up never being ordered to series, though NBC aired the pilot, while "Hannibal" recently finished a brilliant (if incredibly low-rated) first season and was renewed for a second.

I spoke with Fuller about the end of the season, and now he's back at Comic-Con with a show that fans have actually seen now, and with star Hugh Dancy in tow, along with director David Slade and producer Martha De Laurentiis. Convention center wi-fi permitting, I'll be live-blogging the discussion right here starting a little after 6:45 Pacific. 

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Credit: Showtime

Comic-Con 2013: 'Dexter' Live-Blog

Miami's favorite serial killer says farewell to Comic-Con

"Dexter" has become a Comic-Con staple in recent years with fans flocking to Ballroom 20 to ask Michael C. Hall the same questions about his own Dark Passenger and Jennifer Carpenter the same questions about swearing.

In its final Comic-Con adventure, "Dexter" will be attempting to stir up excitement after a weak day of movies in the cavernous Hall H.

Click through for my full live-blog...

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