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Watch Kelly Rowland's emotional 'Dirty Laundry' music video

Watch Kelly Rowland's emotional 'Dirty Laundry' music video

Destiny's Child singer labors in a watery metaphor

Hey, if you weren't moved by Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry" as a song by itself, maybe watch the video and give it another try.

The former Destiny's Child singer features in a dark reliving (and darker laundry cycle) of her worser years with an abusive ex. As previously reported, "Dirty Laundry" name-checks her "sister" Beyonce, who was "killin' it" while Rowland suffered the crimes and bouts of self-doubt.

I think its especially beautiful when the water flies slow-motion across the screen, up against shots of tears rolling easily down the singer's cheeks, like NBD. There can be a tendency in emotional, personal music videos to wear negative energy like a garish accessory, but Rowland presents her struggles plainly and beautifully here.

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Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Naveen Andrews talks 'Wonderland' at Comic-Con

The 'Lost' star prepares to take on an iconic bad guy

I wasn't expecting any surprises from the "Once Upon A Time in Wonderland" panel at Comic-Con 2013, but lo and behold, there were plenty. In addition to learning that Alice in Wonderland (Sophie Lowe) would be a kick ass, pirate-fighting heroine, we also learned that the show, in addition to featuring a stand-alone storyline each season, would also be a mash-up of the genie in the bottle story with the Lewis Carroll classic. With Peter Gadiot playing the lovable genie Cyrus, there was a need for a villain. as creators Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz explained, Jafar seemed like the best candidate, but who to play him?

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Interview with 'Metallica' movie director Nimrod Antal and producer Charlotte Huggins
Credit: HitFix

Interview with 'Metallica' movie director Nimrod Antal and producer Charlotte Huggins

Film features 14 songs, Dane DeHaan's life on the line and 3D

SAN DIEGO - "Metallica: Through the Never" director Nimrod Antal and producer Charlotte Huggins were on hand at San Diego Comic-Con -- where they presented a new trailer for the film -- to attempt to tell us what the hell is going on in their film.

The concert documentary meets feature film as Dane DeHaan stars as a silent roadie for the band, representing the metal band's fans and its crew who are "willing to die for the band," Antal said in his interview with HitFix.

"There's something about the fan energy that's within the movie that exists also at Comic-Con," Huggins explained about how the band inspires a die-hard fandom.

Antal feels that listeners will be whipped into a frenzy over the 14-song set-list, which he calls a "greatest hits" approach. Metallica came into the project -- which shot last August -- with a specific set list in mind and worked with the "Predators" director to formulate a plot and structure around those songs. Songs like "Battery," "The Memory Remains," "Nothing Else Matters," "Master of Puppets" and "Enter Sandman" will be included. And it sounds sort of like a concept album in movie form, or a very long music video with 14 songs in it.

"Tonally and within the film structure -- with the atmosphere of the film -- there were certainly certain songs that played well into our hands. We stayed rel faithful to the band's set-list and tried to form a narrative we could weave into the concert," Antal said. "The band's persona, their energy and certainly the love they have for what they do, those made their way into the film. I'm very proud of it."

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Royal Baby bumps 'Siberia' from tonight's NBC schedule

Royal Baby bumps "Siberia" from tonight's NBC schedule

NBC will instead show a "Dateline" special tonight at 10 pm, titled "A Little Prince."

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"The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Is there hope for Teresa and Joe?

After the slugfest, a detente is reached - but for how long?

Didn't you enjoy the brawl between the two Joes this week? I can't condone violence, but I can laugh hysterically at the black stuff mystery. This dirty whodunnit was eventually solved when Joe Gorga admitted he SPRAY PAINTS HIS HAIR. Poor Melissa was fingered for the smudges when Teresa and Joe Giudice decided it was her stripperiffic make-up smearing all over the place. Of course, even when all evidence points elsewhere, they'd blame Melissa.

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'It's Always Sunny' debuts on FXX Sept. 4, along with 'The League' and 'Totally Biased'

"It's Always Sunny" debuts on FXX Sept. 4, along with "The League" and "Totally Biased"

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" will kick off its 9th season on the FX spinoff, followed by "The League" and "Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell."

"Anger Management" won't welcome O.J. Simpson
Reps for the FX show and Lionsgate were quick to dismiss a NY Post report that Simpson is eyeing a cameo with Charlie Sheen. An FX exec adds: "It will never happen."

"Bunheads" is on the verge of cancelation
ABC Family is expected to cancel the Amy Sherman-Palladino soon. "It's definitely on life support — at best," says her husband and consulting producer, Daniel Palladino. UPDATE: Cancelation is official.

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<p>Vin Diesel told us all about his next franchise, 'Stevie Wonder:&nbsp;Alien Hunter,' when we spoke at this year's Comic-Con.</p>

Vin Diesel told us all about his next franchise, 'Stevie Wonder: Alien Hunter,' when we spoke at this year's Comic-Con.

Credit: HitFix

Vin Diesel describes how fan feedback led him to never give up on 'Riddick'

'Fast and Furious' star talks about what it feels like to share footage in Hall H

SAN DIEGO - Vin Diesel is one of those people who has cultivated a larger-than-life reputation for himself, either intentionally or accidentally, and as a result, I genuinely didn't know what to expect from our encounter during the San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Several weeks ago, Universal approached me about moderating their panel at Comic-Con, and they told me that they'd be bringing two films. "Kick-Ass 2" is a natural fit for Comic-Con, of course, but they faced some special challenges dealing with the language and the brutal nature of some of the violence in the film, since you always have to assume that there are going to be kids in Hall H when you make your presentation. And while I've been covering "Kick-Ass 2" for a while now, including my visit to the set in London, I have to confess that it was the other title they mentioned that made me smile the most, if only because I know what a long uphill battle it's been for David Twohy and Vin Diesel to make "Riddick."

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<p>John Gallagher Jr. and Brie Larson are both amazing in Destin Cretton's shattering 'Short Term 12'</p>

John Gallagher Jr. and Brie Larson are both amazing in Destin Cretton's shattering 'Short Term 12'

Credit: Cinedigm

We've got a new poster for the remarkable 'Short Term 12'

We're prepared to beg if it'll get you to check out one of the year's best films

We've got plenty more Comic-Con coverage today coming your way, as well as a review of one of this summer's biggest geek events, but before we get into any of that, I want to direct your attention to one of the best movies of 2013 for a few minutes.

"Short Term 12" was a film I almost skipped at this year's SXSW festival because when I glanced at the title on the schedule, I assumed it was a shorts program. No offense to anyone who makes short films, because I certainly think it's a valid form and an important training ground for people who want to make features, but when I'm at a festival, there is rarely time for me to cover shorts. It's just a matter of how to spend my time. It wasn't until the SXSW jury gave "Short Term 12" an award for its performances that I realized it was a feature, and when I read the description of it, I realized it sounded like something that I might like.

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Syfy is set to adapt '12 Monkeys' into a TV series

Syfy is set to adapt "12 Monkeys" into a TV series
The 1995 Bruce Willis-Brad Pitt film directed by Terry Gilliam is poised to get the TV treatment.

Dennis Farina: An appreciation

Although he didn't work out "Law & Order," you always knew what you were going to get with Farina. PLUS: Read Dick Wolf's statement.

"Sex and the City" deserves credit for the rise of HBO and TV anti-heroes
Before "The Sopranos," there was "Sex and the City," and Emily Nussbaum says "Sex" should get credit for also being a "brilliant and, in certain ways, radical show. It also originated the unacknowledged first female anti-hero on television" Instead, "Sex's" impact is now glossed over -- its reputation "shrunk and faded, like some tragic dry-clean-only dress tossed into a decade-long hot cycle."

Watch Bryan Cranston remove his Walter White mask at Comic-Con
Cranston wore the mask as a disguise as he encountered "Breaking Bad" fans around Comic-Con. "It was the most fun I ever had," he said, adding: "I tried to use a higher voice."

"Teen Beach Movie" scores big for Disney Channel

About 8.4 million watched -- more than the premiere of "High School Musical."

"Axe Cop" and "High School USA!" does well for Fox

Although only 2.51 million tuned in for the "Animation Domination High-Def" preview, its ratings exceeded expectations.

Report: Lea Michele screamed when she learned of Cory Monteith's death
One of her friends tells People, "Lea started screaming, she was distraught. No one knew what to say. It was horrible. She couldn't believe it."

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are going on tour
The former "Mr. Show" stars will be joined by Brian Posehn in their first tour since 2002.

Falling TVs injures 1 child every 30 minutes in America

A new study found that the number of falling TV injuries jumped to 12,300 in 2011.

"Atlantis" coming to BBC America

The BBC series will air as part of BBC America's "Supernatural Saturday" block.

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Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 193: Comic-Con 2013 road trip!

Dan and Alan discuss all the best and worst panels on the road to John Wayne Airport


Happy Monday, boys and girls! With any luck, I've caught up on my sleep after taking a redeye home from Comic-Con. But before I got to lovely John Wayne Airport, Dan and I recorded our annual Comic-Con roadtrip podcast, discussing the highlights and lowlights of the last four-plus days in San Diego. No need for a rundown, as we largely just go through the notable events of each day, pause for a patented Dan rant or two, complain about traffic and noisy trucks, and somehow wrapped up before we crossed the Orange County line and launched into a horribly off-key duet of Phantom Planet's "California." Sorry. We have failed you. Don't know if we'll be resuming the pilot rewatch for the next podcast, which will be recorded at some point while we're together at press tour, starting on Wednesday for Dan and Thursday for me, but your homework remains "My So-Called Life,"

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file or stream it on Dan's blog.

And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.
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<p>Mike Myers</p>

Mike Myers

Credit: AP Photo

Mike Myers to make directorial debut with Shep Gordon documentary 'Supermensch'

A 22-year friendship yields a career study

So in 1991 talent manager Shep Gordon supposedly held Mike Myers over a barrel for a few weeks before filming on "Wayne's World" began regarding an Alice Cooper song that Myers wanted to use in the film. I assume that was "Feed My Frankenstein?" I dunno. Regardless, the two struck up a friendship that's still strong 22 years later, so much so that Myers will be making his directorial debut with a documentary of the legend.

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<p>The late Dennis Farina in a still from his role on &quot;Law &amp;&nbsp;Order.&quot;</p>

The late Dennis Farina in a still from his role on "Law & Order."

Credit: NBC

Remembering Dennis Farina, the great cop-turned-character-actor

From 'Thief' to 'Crime Story' to 'Midnight Run' to 'Luck,' an impressive second career

Dennis Farina had lived a life.

Even if you didn't know that Farina — who died Monday at the age of 69 after suffering a blood clot in his lung —  had spent nearly 20 years as a cop in his native Chicago before director Michael Mann decided to cast him in his movie "Thief," it was clear from all Farina's performances that this was a man who had done things and seen things that your average character actor had not. He had enormous ease in front of the camera, and could be wildly funny and charming, but there was always something behind his eyes suggesting that the disarming smile could go away in an instant and be replaced by something very cold and hard and dangerous.

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