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Ricky Gervais is taking 'The Office's' David Brent on tour

Ricky Gervais is taking "The Office's" David Brent on tour
Gervais tweeted the news: "David Brent is going to do a couple of very cheap, very low key warm up gigs with Forgone Conclusion in London this October. Stay tuned."

"Girls" casts its first black female character

"Orange is the New Black's" Danielle Brooks says:  I will be the first Black woman to be on 'Girls,' so that's exciting for me."

How "Breaking Bad" filmed Walter White's horrifying phone call
Writer Moira Walley-Beckett and director Rion Johnson describe the challenges of shooting both Walt's and Skyler's side of the famous call. Says Walley-Beckett: "I personally feel like it wasn't open to interpretation." PLUS: That phone call seemed to be aimed at Skyler White haters, the bassist from Santana played a fireman, Steven Michael Quezada cracked jokes filming last night's episode, here is the barrel song, why Vince Gilligan did that to Hank, what "Ozymandias" means.

NBC will air a 30-minute Arcade Fire concert after the band's "SNL" appearance

The special will be shown immediately after "Saturday Night Live's" season premiere.

How will viewers juggle the Emmys with the penultimate "Breaking Bad," and the "Dexter" finale?
All three will be airing at the same time, along with the Steelers vs. Bear on NBC.

Andy Samberg recalls working on the Charlie Sheen version of "Spin City"
Samberg was a PA on the ABC sitcom, which filmed on the same lot that Samberg is shooting "Brooklyn-Nine-Nine" on.

Does Cory Monteith deserve a special Emmy tribute?

The late "Glee" actor's body of work doesn't compare to the other late TV people receiving special recognition this year.

All 3 "Big Brother" finalists have been fired for being racists

The finalists have been in an alliance called "the Exterminators." PLUS: "Big Brother" alum Britney Haynes' baby diagnosed with cancer.

"Two and a Half Men" hopes Amber Tamblyn brings debauchery back to the show

Her character is essentially the female Charlie Sheen.

Ellen meets "Orange is the New Black"

Watch "Ellen is the New Black."

"Arrow" goes shirtless to promote Season 2

See Colton Haynes' abs.

Michael J. Fox: Parkinson's made me a better actor
Says Fox: "That hesitation, that Parkinsonian affect, is an opportunity to just pause in a moment and collect as a character and respond to what’s happening and just gave me this kind of gravitas. It really gave me a new view of things."

Watch Bill Nye on "Dancing with the Stars"
It doesn't look like "The Science Guy" will last long on the ABC reality competition.

Check out Carrie Underwood's "Sound of Music" poster
Does she looked too photoshopped?

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<p>Saoirse Ronan in &quot;How I Live Now.&quot;</p>

Saoirse Ronan in "How I Live Now."

Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Saoirse Ronan compares Wes Anderson vs. Ryan Gosling behind the camera

From 'How I Live Now' to 'Grand Budapest Hotel' to 'How To Catch A Monster'

TORONTO - Saoirse Ronan has been in this business a long time. She may only be 19-years-old, but the best supporting actress nominee for "Atonement" has been a working actor for a decade.  She's already collaborated with filmmakers such as Joe Wright, Peter Jackson, Peter Weir, Neil Jordan and Gillian Armstrong. She's shot all over the globe and walked the red carpets at some of the greatest film festivals in the world.  Today, however, Ronan is lying on a couch in a downtown Toronto hotel room as we meet to discuss her latest endeavor, Kevin Macdonald's "How I Live Now."

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<p>I like it when Arnold plays to his age instead of trying to disguise it, and I can't wait to see how Cameron pictures him for 'Avatar 2'</p>

I like it when Arnold plays to his age instead of trying to disguise it, and I can't wait to see how Cameron pictures him for 'Avatar 2'

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger joining Cameron for bad guy role in 'Avatar 2'

It would be a welcome reunion, and opens up some interesting possibilities

Let's say El Mayimbe is correct. Let's say James Cameron has officially told Arnold Schwarzenegger to get ready to spend a year in New Zealand to shoot his role in the "Avatar" sequels as a bad guy in charge of leading Earth's forces back to Pandora to kick some Navi ass. Let's say the deal is done, the dates are set, and it's happening. If we accept all of that as a given, then I'd say this is about as exciting as casting news gets.

I have not been flipping out over the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to film after his time spent working in California state government. I liked "The Last Stand," sure, but I think he was the single most embarrassing thing about "The Expendables 2." I like many of the films he has starred in over the years, but I don't think he is the same person or the same actor today that he was in the '80s, and I don't think you can just step back in and pick up where you left off after a certain point in life. Arnold is older. He's physically different. He's gone through some pretty major life changes in that time. Why would we want him to try to be the same person he was 20 or even 30 years ago? I'd rather see him work with Cameron in some new way.

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"Dancing with the Stars"

 "Dancing with the Stars"

Credit: ABC

'Dancing with the Stars' recap: The celebs take the floor for the first time

It turns out Bill Nye has a very loyal and vocal fan base

It's baaaack! Yes, "Dancing with the Stars" returns, though in condensed form, and with a whole new mess of celebrities! Some of whom can actually dance! Though there won't be eliminations this week, when those start they'll be jammed into the performance episodes, so don't get too comfortable with tonight's casual, languorous pacing. Actually, I'm okay with that going away, actually. After a certain point, this feels less like a show about dancing and more like a show about talking about dancing.

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<p>Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in &quot;Sleepy Hollow.&quot;</p>

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in "Sleepy Hollow."

Credit: FOX

Series premiere talkback: 'Sleepy Hollow' - 'Pilot'

What did everybody think of the crazy new FOX drama?

On Friday, I published my review of "Sleepy Hollow." Now it's your turn. For those of you who tuned in tonight, what did you think? Too crazy, not crazy enough, just right? Did you enjoy Tom Mison and/or Nicole Beharie? How did you feel about how Clancy Brown and John Cho were used? Does the mythology interest you at all, and/or does it seem like gibberish? Once you've seen the Headless Horseman pouring automatic weapons fire into a police car, how much stranger can you imagine the show getting? And will you watch again?

Have at it.

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<p>Daniel Bruhl seems to be a lot quicker with a smile than the real Niki Lauda.</p>

Daniel Bruhl seems to be a lot quicker with a smile than the real Niki Lauda.

Credit: HitFix

Daniel Bruhl talks about the freedom of playing the blunt Niki Lauda in 'Rush'

Sometimes being an a-hole is liberating

TORONTO - When "Inglourious Basterds" came out a few years ago, most of the attention was focused on what became a break-out role for Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa, and I understand. It was exciting to see that kind of performance from a guy no one outside of Germany had ever heard of, and it earned him completely justified praise from all quarters.

The problem was, though, that the film featured a host of damn fine performances, and because of all the immediate buzz about Waltz, some of those other actors didn't get the praise they should have. I was impressed by the work Daniel Bruhl did in the film as a young German sharpshooter who essentially becomes the German version of Audie Murphy, a sudden media figure, a propaganda celebrity. It's great work, and it seemed to verify that the funny, moving performance Bruhl gave in "Goodbye, Lenin!" was no accident.

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<p>Jesse Eisenberg meets his exact duplicate in Richard Ayoade's willfully strange 'The Double'</p>

Jesse Eisenberg meets his exact duplicate in Richard Ayoade's willfully strange 'The Double'

Credit: Film 4

Review: Richard Ayoade's uneven 'The Double' makes strong use of twice the Jesse Eisenberg

Someone is a big fan of Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil'

TORONTO - It can be difficult understanding who someone is when you're simply looking at roles they've played in films or on television, because so often, actors simply book whatever jobs are available, and they aren't really responsible for the content of many of the films on their filmographies. Once someone starts to write and direct, you get a much more defined picture of who they are, and in the case of Richard Ayoade, I'm delighted that he turned out to be every bit as eclectic and sharp and funny as I would have hoped.

His first feature, "Submarine," is a small beautiful piece about teenage heartbreak, and it really hit me hard at Sundance in 2010. Well-observed, perfectly cast, it certainly felt like the work of someone who must have viewed "Rushmore" as a landmark in some way, but it also had enough specific voice of its own that I didn't mind that I could clearly sense his influences. Now, with his latest feature, "The Double," Ayoade appears to be making a public declaration of his love for Terry Gilliam's "Brazil," as seen through the filter of one of Fyodor Dostoevsky's most famous works. The script, written by Ayoade and Avi Korine, wrings every bit of uncomfortable humor possible from the piece, and it is willfully, proudly surreal.

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<p>The Killers</p>

The Killers

Listen: The Killers' new 'Night' song is very obviously produced by M83

Band's greatest hits album due in November: one of two new songs

The Killers and M83 got together, and their song together, "Shot at the Night," sounds precisely what you'd think an M83-Killers combo would sound like.

A little space-rock meets John Hughes closing credits jam meets Brandon Flowers' fatalistic longings in "Night," which is one of two new songs that grace "Direct Hits," the Killers' newly announced greatest hits album now due in November. "Direct Hits" includes tunes like "Mr Brightside," "Human," "Smile Like You Mean It" and "Miss Atomic Bomb," songs from the rock-pop band's four studio sets.

The other previously unreleased song on "Direct Hits" is "Just Another Girl," a collaboration with producer Stuart Price, who helmed the Killers' "Day & Age" (2008). The Deluxe version of "Hits" will include a Calvin Harris remix of "When You Were Young," the demo of "Brightside" and "Battle Born's" "Be Still." A fan deluxe version (oh, we're playing this little game...) will have the deluxe version of the album plus a DVD of a documentary on the band and five 10" vinyl records of the songs off of "Direct Hits." A fan deluxe supernova includes a hug from Flowers. I made that last one up.

"Direct Hits" is out on Nov. 11, aka Lady Gaga "ARTPOP" Day.

Check-in at the breakdown circa 3:00 and blast off. Seems like a much more short-term appropriation of Anthony Gonzalez' talents than that "Oblivion" soundtrack...

Here is the tracklist for "Direct Hits":

1.   Mr Brightside
2.   Somebody Told Me
3.   Smile Like You Mean It
4.   All These Things That I’ve Done
5.   When You Were Young
6.   Read My Mind
7.   For Reasons Unknown
8.   Human
9.   Spaceman
10. A Dustland Fairytale
11. Runaways
12. Miss Atomic Bomb
13. The Way It Was
14. Shot At The Night
15.  Just Another Girl

Deluxe Version Also Includes...

16. Mr. Brightside (Original Demo)
17. When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)
18. Be Still

**Plus a never-before-seen Killers Documentary DVD**

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HBO orders 'The Leftovers' from the co-creator of 'Lost'

HBO orders "The Leftovers" from the co-creator of "Lost"
Damon Lindelof's 10-episode post-Rapture series stars Liv Tyler, Justin Theroux, Christopher Eccleston and Amy Brenneman.

Iggy Pop joins "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland"

He'll play the voice of The Caterpillar.

"South Park" teases its return with Miley Cyrus, George Zimmerman, Edward Snowden

Watch the promo for Season 16.

Arsenio Hall had the best syndicated talk show debut in 7 years

Hall's new talk show remained solid all week, with the best syndicated talk show numbers since "Rachael Ray" in 2006.

"Super Fun Night" casts Jackie Weaver

She'll play Rebel Wilson's mom.

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<p>Ben Affleck at last year's Critics' Choice Movie Awards just hours after being snubbed by the Academy's Directors Branch.</p>

Ben Affleck at last year's Critics' Choice Movie Awards just hours after being snubbed by the Academy's Directors Branch.

Credit: AP Photo

BFCA (again) stakes out the night of the Oscar noms for 19th annual Critics' Choice awards

This year's ceremony will air on The CW on Jan. 16, 2014

I was pretty vocal last year about how the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, presented by the Broadcast Film Critics Association began to lean too heavily on red carpet glitz (adding more opportunities to honor celebrities with a wealth of new, dubious, categories) while sacrificing potentially great on-camera moments (leaving the great Tony Kushner to accept his screenplay award for "Lincoln" un-televised during a commercial break). Though it might be an uphill battle, I stand by those criticisms as a member of the organization handing out the awards.

This year, the BFCA has staked out the same territory it did last year for its annual awards show: the night of the Oscar nominations. The 19th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards will be held on Jan. 16, 2014, where the BFCA will hope to continue whatever hot topic conversation will have begun earlier that morning with the announcement of the Academy Award nominees. Last time, that conversation was significant: Ben Affleck, director of "Argo," had not been nominated for Best Director by the Academy. Yet his film went on to win the BFCA's Best Picture award, leaving the slighted helmer to say upon accepting the prize (tongue-in-cheek, of course), "I'd like to thank the Academy."

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"Little Couple"

 "Little Couple"

Credit: TLC

Exclusive clip: 'Little Couple' gears up for Father's Day

Watch Will being the adorable toddler he is

Could the "Little Couple" be any cuter? In this exclusive clip from the TLC show (airing Tues. Sept. 17 at 10:00 p.m. ET), Will helps his mommy Jen prepare for Bill's very first Father's Day. It's a little more poignant than it seems, as Will won't actually be feeling very celebratory on the day itself -- instead, he'll be having one of a series of surgeries he needs on Father's Day. Still, in this clip Will has other things than icky hospitals to think about, such as running around his room and reveling in his many, many Band-Aids. 

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<p>Katy Perry, seen here at the MTV Video Music Awards</p>

Katy Perry, seen here at the MTV Video Music Awards

Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Katy Perry ties record for most No. 1s on Billboard's Pop Songs chart

With whom does she share the title?

As Katy Perry’s “Roar” zooms its way 5-1 on Billboard’s Pop Songs radio airplay chart, Perry finds herself not only queen of the jungle (check out the video), but queen of the chart... or at least co-queen.

“Roar” becomes her 10th chart topper on the 21-year old Pop Songs chart, tying Rihanna, according to Billboard.

In third place is Pink, Billboard’s newly named Woman Of the Year, with nine.

Not only is Perry a chart topper, she’s a speedy one at that. She is the only act to take six weeks or less to send her songs to the top in eight years. Just as it took “Roar” six weeks to achieve the feat, she accomplished the same wtih “California Girls” in 2010.

As evident from the below list, women rule the chart, occupying seven of the top 10 positions.

10, Katy Perry?
10, Rihanna
9, P!nk
7, Lady Gaga?
7, Britney Spears?
6, Beyonce?
6, Mariah Carey?
6, Maroon 5
6, Bruno Mars?
6, Justin Timberlake


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