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Ex-NBC boss thinks Jay Leno is hiding his sadness over leaving 'The Tonight Show'

Ex-NBC boss thinks Jay Leno is hiding his sadness over leaving "The Tonight Show"

This time, Leno is said to be perfectly content with his exit. To which Don Ohlmeyer, NBC's West Coast boss in the '90s, says: "Oh, bullsh*t. I'm sure Jay says that to everybody who asks him, but for the Jay that I know, his heart has to be breaking about this."

Bravo orders "Game of Crowns" -- a beauty pageant reality show
Will Bravo be able to keep the "Game of Crowns" title?

Cary Elwes signs on for USA's "Horizon"
He'll play a mysterious man in World War II-era Washington, D.C.

Discovery hopes "Porter Ridge" is its "Duck Dynasty"
Discovery Channel is entering the rural reality TV field with a show about an isolated Indiana community that features a guy named "The Bear Man."

Rob Lowe likens playing JFK to playing Hamlet

"Actors play Hamlet all of the time," the "Killing Kennedys" star told reporters at TCA. "A lot of people will play JFK in the future. He's one of our great American icons... You just look at what you can bring individually as an actor."

Donald Trump joins Vine
"The Apprentice" star made his debut on the six-second video service to urge Anthony Weiner to stay off Vine.

Google unveils Chromecast -- is this the future of TV?
The tiny $35 device plugs into your TV's HDMI port, allowing you to stream content from your computer or mobile device.

CBS unveils key art for its fall comedies

Check out "The Millers" in the bathroom.

"Girls" puts a wig on Lena Dunham

Check out her temporary Season 3 look. PLUS: Dunham analyzes Anthony Weiner.

Seth Meyers' 30 Rock ID photo is from 2001 when he joined "SNL"
"I'm really desperate to try to keep it until I'm, like, 65 years old," says Meyers whose new "Late Night" show will originate from 30 Rock.

Aubrey Plaza talks to Conan about masturbating on her new movie

The "Parks and Rec" star talks about her "nice scene." PLUS: GQ puts Plaza in a bikini.

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Watch: P.T. Anderson's music video for Fiona Apple's 'Hot Knife'

Watch: P.T. Anderson's music video for Fiona Apple's 'Hot Knife'

Paul Thomas Anderson works with the songwriter again on closer track

Honestly, "Hot Knife" was my least favorite cut from Fiona Apple's last album "The Idler Wheel..." -- though that whole set was my favorite from 2012. But Apple has reunited with director Paul Thomas Anderson for her latest music video, and now I like the song a little bit more than I did.

All the vocal parts and the kettledrum were filmed individually and then laid out like a round, which is essentially all the minimalist track is. Footage of Apple's gorgeous (lip-synced) delivery unwinds in black and white and an area of sepia and color tones. I like how, in her main melody clips, you can't see her hands, for some reason. It's kind of mesmerizing.

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<p>Aubrey Plaza is front and center for 'The To-Do List,' a new film by writer/director Maggie Carey.</p>

Aubrey Plaza is front and center for 'The To-Do List,' a new film by writer/director Maggie Carey.

Credit: CBS Films

Exclusive debut of Dave Berns artist's poster for Aubrey Plaza's 'To-Do List'

Maggie Carey's movie gets a special variant one-sheet

This is one of the first years we've had a partner for our annual preview night of Comic-Con HitFix party, and it was CBS Films on behalf of "The To-Do List," the new comedy written and directed by Maggie Carey, starring Aubrey Plaza in what one might argue is the first real test of her as a stand-alone lead in a film.

I'm fascinated by Plaza. I think she's got one of the few truly original comic personas in film right now. I'm not sure I think she's found the right overall showcase so far, but she's great on "Parks and Recreation," she's the secret weapon in "Safety Not Guaranteed," and she gives the most "are you f**king with me?" inscrutable interviews possible these days. She's given herself permission with her comedy character to really screw around with people, and she seems to be enjoying that license these days.

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CW is using the Royal Baby to promote 'Reign'

CW is using the Royal Baby to promote "Reign"
Ad Age points out that CW "is slapping" ads for "Reign" on photos of Prince Harry and Kate Middleton's newborn son.

Teacher fired for appearing shirtless on "Princesses: Long Island"
Stefan Serie, a middle school health teacher, upset his bosses when he flexed his abs on the Bravo reality show.

Nat Geo to show a rock climber scaling "one of the tallest buildings in the world"

"Rock climbing superstar" Alex Honnold will be shown live climbing a skyscraper, but the cable channel wouldn't say which one.

CBS unveils "The CBS Dream Team," its new Saturday morning block targeting teens

The three-hour teen block will include shows like "All In With Laila Ali," "Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals," "Game Changers With Kevin Frazier" and "Recipe Rehab."

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" may yet go on past Season 10

Glenn Howerton says of his comments in Rolling Stone that Season 10 would be the last season: "That was a misquote in Rolling Stone, y'all."

Dean Cain to host "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" on Spike TV

The reality competition will pit nine teams of "lifelong Bigfoot hunters" in a competition taking place in the Pacific Northwest.

Gail Simmons to play herself on "Royal Pains"

The "Top Chef Masters" judge is heading to the Hamptons.

Aaron Paul forced to confront his "Beverly Hills 90210" past
Watch him cringe at the clip of him playing Romeo from "Romeo & Juliet," shown by Jay Leno.

Josh Holloway visits "Yo Gabba Gabba!"
Watch the former "Lost" star sing as "Farmer John."

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<p>James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Nicole Holofcener's &quot;Enough Said.&quot;</p>

James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Nicole Holofcener's "Enough Said."

Quick takes on the initial 2013 Toronto International Film Festival selections

Hard choices, people, hard choices

There are arguably five great film festivals in the world: New York, Sundance, Cannes, Venice and Toronto. (Yes, you could argue Berlin is in that mix as well, but how many noteworthy premieres do they really get?) Out of that group, no festival has as many artistic highs and lows as Toronto. It's partly because of their huge program, partly because it's a pseudo fall film market and, well, they sort of like to have lots of famous people walk their red carpets (tough love, TIFF, tough love).

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"So You Think You Can Dance"

"So You Think You Can Dance"

Credit: Fox

'So You Think You Can Dance' cuts two more and the quickstep returns

Carly Rae Jepsen guest judges for no particular reason

We kick things off with an unimpressive routine from Stacey Tookey and Peter Chiu which mostly seems to consist of taking off red latex coats to reveal boring underwear. Of course, the choreography may be stunning, but it turns out that when you dress dancers in matching red coats, turn on red lights and generally bathe the stage in red, nothing seems to pop. Considering that Tookey has done consistently great work, I think I blame the lighting guy.

Our judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and singer-songwriter... Carly Rae Jepsen? Um, why? No one questions this, so we move on. Seven Emmy nominations! Nigel is not doing a good job of playing humble.

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<p>Caesar's back and he's leading a revolution this time in 'Dawn Of The Planet&nbsp;Of The Apes,' one of the films discussed in our final wrap-up from the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.</p>

Caesar's back and he's leading a revolution this time in 'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes,' one of the films discussed in our final wrap-up from the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

'Lego,' 'Warcraft,' 'Apes' and Tom Cruise round out our Comic-Con 2013 coverage

Plus we recount the single most serious and awesome moment of the Con

SAN DIEGO - There's no way to give everything that happens in San Diego during Comic-Con the full print attention that it deserves, and that's because from the moment you arrive in town on Wednesday, everything's a blur. One day at Comic-Con can pack in as many things as I normally do in a month's worth of work in Los Angeles, and so we publish what we can publish as fast as possible, and almost always end up with some spare odds and ends that we don't know quite what to do with. To that end, I'd like to share some impressions from the rest of the Con.


Chris Hardwick was everywhere this year, evidently, I'm pretty sure that the real purpose of Nerdist Industries is to create clones of Hardwick to handle moderating duties everywhere for everything. The geek world's Ryan Seacrest is unstoppable now, and he plays along with the theatricality of a lot of these presentations. For example, during the Warner/Legendary panel on Saturday morning, Chris stopped at one point to take a phone call from Thomas Tull. He said he had to take it "because Thomas owns me."

He pretended that Tull had just ordered them to reveal something that was not on the original schedule, and it turned out to be a very short proof of concept thing for a movie based on Blizzard's enormously popular "Warcraft" franchise.

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<p>Sandra Bullock's a long way from her comfort zone in Alfonso Cuaron's thrilling story of survival in space, 'Gravity,' part of this year's Comic-Con presentation from&nbsp;Warner Bros.</p>

Sandra Bullock's a long way from her comfort zone in Alfonso Cuaron's thrilling story of survival in space, 'Gravity,' part of this year's Comic-Con presentation from Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Cuaron and Bullock show off 'Gravity' footage: Watch the 2 minute clip

The Oscar-winner's first trip to Hall H is a success

SAN DIEGO - Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" seems like an odd fit with Comic-Con. Sure it's set in outer space, but it's not another "Guardians Of The Galaxy." There's no bad guys, no Joseph Campbell structure, no outrageous genre-bending twists. It's a hard science survival story, something closer to "127 Hours" than "Star Wars." Still, Warner Bros. couldn't have made this thing cheaply, and if they're going to turn this movie into a hit this year, they've got to sell it to everyone.

[Watch a portion of the footage Cuaron screened at Comic-Con in the embed at the top of this post.]

Cuaron hasn't made a feature film since "Children Of Men," and that seems absolutely cruel when you think about how strong his filmography was, how much life and raw talent was apparent in his work. "Gravity" has been a long time coming, a four year process for the filmmaker, and when he showed up at Comic-Con to share some footage, he seemed worn out but pleased.

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Henry Winkler coming to 'Parks and Rec'

Henry Winkler coming to "Parks and Rec"
He'll play Jean-Ralphio's dad.

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'Bates Motel' taps Michael Vartan

"Bates Motel" taps Michael Vartan
The "Alias" alum has been cast as Norma's new love interest. PLUS: Kenny Johnson & Rebecca Creskoff are also joining the A&E series.

Dennis Farina's "Family Guy" cameo was taped before his death

Farina was among a number of big names announced at Comic-Con.

British "Doctor Who" fans are ticked off that the 50th anniversary trailer premiered at Comic-Con
As one UK fan put it on Facebook, "No offence to American fans, but this is a British show ... The least we can get is a trailer when we are the ones who pay the license fee!"

Listen to the "Downton Abbey" opening theme -- with lyrics

Legendary lyricist Don Black penned lyrics to the show's theme song.

"America's Got Talent" is allowing votes by tweet
The NBC reality show is believed to be the first to allow voting by tweeting.

"Orange is the New Black" outperformed "Arrested Development" and "House of Cards"
The prison series from "Weeds" creator Jenji Kohan did better in its first week than any other Netflix series. PLUS: The show is better than the book.

"The Bachelorette" proves there's not enough words for love

Desiree has been a lousy "Bachelorette," says Andrew Palmer, but "no other cultural product today so consistently and entertainingly dramatizes the inadequacy of the English language in the face of love, or whatever it is that without fail seems to actually develop, despite our skepticism, between the show's star and one or more of its contestants."

"Party of Five": One of the great forgotten dramas of the '90s
Why is it forgotten? Because, says Todd VanDerWerff, "it's become a synonym for a kind of TV that's not cool anymore, dominated more by emotional reactions than high-stakes drama, filled with basically good people trying to do what’s basically the right thing."

Aaron Sorkin finally got  the Internet in this week's "Newsroom" episode
Sorkin, the writer of the Facebook movie, had, before Sunday's episode, treated the internet as "something used by unserious people in basements who never get out of their pajamas," as Glynnis MacNichol points out. "It's as though Matthew Weiner had decided to do a show about Madison Avenue in the 1960s in which the rise of television was just ignored."

Chris Pratt: "I've never really felt any douchier than the day after I sent that photo out"

The "Parks and Rec" star say of his six-pack selfie: "I had all my friends tearing me apart on that one."

How offensive is "Princesses: Long Island"?

The most offensive show in TV history?

Michelle Forbes joins "Chicago Fire"

"The Killing" and "True Blood" alum will play a consultant with the State Fire Marshal's office.

34-year-old actress played a teenager on TV for 2 decades
Actress Bianca Lawson was on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" 20 years ago, and was a teen on "Pretty Little Liars" last year.

Check out Captain Hook trailer for "Once Upon a Time"

"One Charming Villain."

Jeff Garlin sued for smashing a woman's window
The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star is being hit with litigation from last month's arrest.

WEtv picks up its 1st scripted series, co-created by "Scandal's" Tony Goldwyn
WE is also developing a "Headhunters" drama with Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana.

British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has created a song that samples "Buffy"
""It's not actually on this album," he says of the unreleased track. "I just made a tune sampling some background music from Buffy. I love Buffy, I watch it a lot, and some of the soundtrack is brilliant."

Kel from "Kenan & Kel" to guest on "Sam & Cat"
Kel Mitchell is returning to Nickelodeon.

Jerry Seinfeld tackles cronuts
Watch the comedian devour the new NYC pastry.

Watch a preview of "Hell on Wheels" Season 3
Here's an inside look at the AMC series.

Hannah Murray: From "Skins" to "Game of Thrones" to "Skins"
The actress who plays Gilly on the HBO series talks about returning to her "Skins" role as the anorexic Cassie.

Nat Geo Wild's Big Cat Week kicks off with 2 NFL stars racing a cheetah

Also, Betty White plays a zookeeper.

Meet "True Blood's" 10-year-old werewolf
What was Chloe Noelle's favorite memory on the show?

Piper Perabo: "All of the hens will come home to roost in Season 4"
The "Covert Affairs" star says to expect this season to be very satisfying.

Watch a preview of "Community" creator Dan Harmon's cartoon "Rick and Morty"

The Adult Swim series is inspired by "Back to the Future."

ABC Family's Martha's Vineyard reality show wants to be "The Hills"
"The Vineyard" is as "unscripted" as the MTV series.

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Jimmy Fallon becomes a dad to a baby girl

Jimmy Fallon becomes a dad to a baby girl
The "Late Night" host and wife Nancy Juvonen Fallon apparently kept the pregnancy under wraps. Their daughter was born this morning.

John Travolta going to TV Land to reunite with Kirstie Alley

The "Look Who's Talking" will appear together on Alley's TV Land sitcom "Kirstie."

Report: Juan Pablo offered "The Bachelor" gig
It's his if Juan Pablo Galavis wants it, according to E!

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Claire Holt

Claire Holt

Credit: HitFix

Watch: 'Vampire Diaries' star Claire Holt talks 'Originals,' sibling staking

The actress talks about the new show and Rebekah's loyalty

While actress Claire Holt has the same (well, almost the same) accent as Rebekah, the lovelorn, lonely, pouty and often miserable vampire she plays on "The Vampire Diaries" and is now taking to the spin-off "The Originals," otherwise she seems to have little in common with the character. That, of course, can only be considered a good thing.

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