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Dr. Phil quickly deletes tweet asking: "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her?"

Dr. Phil quickly deletes tweet asking: "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her?"
The TV talk show host got a lot of heat when he tweeted to his more than 1 million followers the following, "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused."

Miss Universe pageant is staying put in Russia, despite anti-gay laws

The pageant says it's "deeply concerned" by the new laws but won't change plans to hold the pageant on Nov. 9 in Moscow.

Elmore Leonard was "amazed" by "Justified"
Leonard, who had an executive producer credit on the FX series, said last year at a "Justified" panel: "I think it's a terrific show. I love all of the writing, and I'm amazed sometimes that they've got the characters better than I put them on paper. They are doing a good job, really a good job."

Walker Stalker Con: Atlanta to hold the first "Walking Dead" convention
The fan-created convention will be held in the AMC show's hometown from Nov. 1-3. PLUS: Universal Studios Hollywood opening its backlot on Halloween for "Walking Dead" zombie invasion.

"Big Brother" champ Hayden Moss will join his girlfriend on "Survivor"
Moss' girlfriend is "Survivor: One World's" Kat Edorsson.

Convenience store clerk critically injured trying to stop David Hasselhoff sign thieves
More than 500 Hoff-themed signs for Cumberland Farm have been stolen in recent months.

CW buys dramedy project from Rashida Jones and her older sister

The proposed series from Rashida and Kidada Jones revolves around a payback business.

Courtney Stodden is reportedly joining "Celebrity Big Brother" with her "Lost" alum hubby
The teen bride and husband Doug Hutchison are poised to enter the UK reality show on Thursday.

Here are 10 songs that should be retired from TV

From Mama Cass' "Make Your Own Kind of Music" to "Hide and Seek" from Imogen Heap.

Meet the "Breaking Bad" DEA agent with the incredible mustache

Robert Sanchez has been in a number of DEA-themed scenes over the years, and got his job thanks to Dean Norris.

Simon Cowell confirms he's going to be a father
"I'm proud to be a dad," he tells the BBC. PLUS: See Cowell's "X Factor" poster.

Details of Gia Allemand's suicide released

According to official documents, "The Bachelor" star's boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson told her, "I don't love you anymore," in the hours before she killed herself.

"Breaking Bad's" Albuquerque studio lands 2 network shows
NBC's "The Night Shift" and ABC's "Killer Women" will be filmed at ABQ Studios. The decision to shoot in Albuquerque is another blow to Hollywood.

Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank: "House of Cards" demeans the democratic process

Frank calls the Netflix series unfair, inaccurate and unfortunate.

"Drunk History" costume designer says her job is "fast and furious"

"Every day we shot a different mini movie in a different time period," says  Christina Mongini, who also works on "The League" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

"Orphan Black's" Dylan Bruce joins Lifetime's "Flowers in the Attic"
He'll play Heather Graham's husband.

Watch Yahoo! new show trailers from Ed Helms, Jack Black, Cheryl Hines
Yahoo! is premiering five new shows on Sept. 9.

How "Orange is the New Black" became one of the year's best shows
Creator Jenji Kohan turned a fish-out-of-water tale on its head. PLUS: See the "Orange" cast as paper dolls.

"Duck Dynasty" star speaks out against abortion
Phil Robertson has previously said the A&E reality show plays down his and his family's religious views.

Louis CK plays Letterman an answering message from Andrew Dice Clay

"Jerkoff face..."

"Shahs of Sunset" star hit with a restraining order from ex-boyfriend
GG allegedly threatened her ex with her cache of deadly knives.

"True Blood's" Rutina Wesley files for divorce

Wesley has been married her Julliard classmate since 2005.

Cole Hauser joins "Rogue"
He'll co-star with Thandie Newton in Season 2 of the DirecTV series.

PBS begins an examination of "The Life of Muhammad"
The multi-part documentary could also be called "Islam 101."

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<p>Chiara Mastroianni and Vincent Lindon in &quot;Bastards.&quot;</p>

Chiara Mastroianni and Vincent Lindon in "Bastards."

Credit: Wild Bunch

Toronto completes lineup with Masters, Discovery and Maverick programmes

Claire Denis, Gia Coppola, Jia Zhang-ke among directors joining the fest

The Toronto International Film Festival lineup, staggered as it is over multiple announcements, never quite seems to be complete: just when you think they can't possibly add any more films to the gargantuan programme, a fresh batch is added.  Today's additions, however, appear to be the last ones, and here's the final tally: this year, 288 features and 78 shorts will play in the 11-day festival. A whopping 146 of those features are world premieres. I've never been to Toronto, and am not going this year, but the very thought makes me want to lie down with a cool flannel over my head.

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<p>Miley Cyrus's &quot;We Can't Stop&quot;</p>

Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop"

Credit: RCA Records

Countdown to MTV's Video Music Awards: Best Female Video

Can anyone beat Miley Cyrus' unstoppable 'We Can't Stop?'

As MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards approach, we’ll countdown to the Aug. 25 ceremony, which airs live at 9 p.m. ET from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Justin Timberlake and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis lead the nominations with six each, closely followed by Bruno Mars, Pink, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Among the artists performing on the show are Lady Gaga, who will open the awards; Timberlake, Mars, and Cyrus.

We’ll look at a different category each day leading up to Aug. 25.

Best Female Video
Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko, "Stay"
Taylor Swift, "I Knew You Were Trouble"
Miley Cyrus, "We Can't Stop" 
Pink feat. Nate Ruess, "Just Give Me A Reason"
Demi Lovato, "Heart Attack"

We can pretend for a hot minute that anything other than Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” will win here, but her wacky video is a shoo-in. Remember, it’s a fan voted away and the clip has already garnered close to 150 million page views on Vevo in two months. But for the sake of argument: Rihanna lets her vulnerability, and a lot more, show in her clip for “Stay.”  She spends most of it sitting naked in a tub, until Mikky Ekko comes into the same bathroom with Rihanna no longer there.  It’s beautifully shot, but there’s not a lot more to it than that. Not that there needs to be. Pretty much the same thing with Pink’s video for “Just Give Me A Reason”: nice and emotional (this time on a floating bed instead of in a bath) but not strong enough to topple Cyrus. Like Rihanna, Demi Lovato shows herself with very little make-up, which signifies vulnerability, in “Heart Attack,” which is a glorified performance clip with some very cool effects. On “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Taylor Swift wakes up lying on the cold ground from a most un-Swift-like rave. It’s a bit of a change of pace for Swift who takes off with the bad boy after a long voice over and dabbles in dubstep. Not her best, though admittedly intriguing.

Who Should Win: Miley Cyrus, “We Can’t Stop”
Who Will Win: Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop”


Best Male Video


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<p>Britney Spears</p>

Britney Spears

Credit: AP Photo

Britney Spears starts countdown clock on her website: To new single? Vegas dates?

Watch for an announcement on Sept. 17

Heads up, Britney Spears fans. Something Britney this way comes on Sept. 17.

Spears posted a countdown clock on her website today with the words “Britney Spears” and “All Eyes On Me” with the clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to some big event.

Is it a new single? A new album? Her long-awaited Las Vegas residency a Planet Hollywood?

We know that Spears has been working on a new album. She’s talked about it plenty without really saying anything in that Spears-ian way of hers.

She’s collaborating with William Orbit, Naughty Boy, and, who is the executive producer for her eighth studio set.

Spears told Ryan Seacrest in June, “Will has a lot of really interesting different tracks that I've listened to that are really cool that I haven't actually written on yet, but there's a lot of guitar and I think people will be surprised with this album. It's gong to be really different."

Given that Spears says she and were in the “beginning stages” in June, it seems unlikely that Sept. 17 will signal an album release. Maybe it’s more news about a potential album release. We will add, however, that albums drop on Tuesdays and Sept. 17 is  a Tuesday.

As far as “All Eyes On Me,” an eagle-eyed commenter on, noted that the phrase appears in the words to Spears’ song, “Circus.” I’m not really sure there’s anything to be made from that, but there you go.
What do you think will happen on Sept. 17?

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'Justified's' Elmore Leonard tributes are already in the works

"Justified's" Elmore Leonard tributes are already in the works
Creator Graham Yost says "we knew" the author's death was coming since his stroke. "It was pretty clear that it wasn't looking good," he says. So tributes for the Season 4 DVD and for the Season 5 premiere are already under way. PLUS: David Simon pays tribute.

Report: Kanye West turned down "Idol" judging gig

"He didn't want to go that mainstream," a source tells Us Weekly. "He didn't want to lose any street cred. So he turned it down."

NBC renews "Hollywood Game Night"

Jane Lynch's game show will be back next summer, or sooner.

"Girl Meets World" casts Riley's first crush, Cory and Topanga's youngest child

Peyton Meyer will play the crush, while August Maturo will play the youngest child.

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TBS renews 3: 'Sullivan & Son,' 'Men At Work,' 'Deal With It'

TBS renews 3: "Sullivan & Son," "Men At Work," "Deal With It"
The two comedies and Howie Mandel's hidden-camera show will all be back in 2014.

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"The Little Couple"

 "The Little Couple"

Credit: TLC

Exclusive: 'Little Couple' gets all wet

The family heads for the beach to introduce William to the water

TLC's "Little Couple" (Tues. at 10:00 p.m.)is back with Jen, Bill and now baby Will, who may be the cutest baby ever. This season will be all about Jen and Bill introducing Will to their world, Jen struggling to find a work/life balance, and, unfortunately, some medical procedures for Will. For now it's all about Will...that is, until Jen and Bill head to India to pick up their daughter Zoey. 

But until then, enjoy this exclusive-to-HitFix clip of Will  encountering the surf for the first time. It is, of course, the cutest.

Watch Will meet the beach with Mom and Dad in this exclusive clip.

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"Heroes of Cosplay"

 "Heroes of Cosplay"

Credit: Syfy

'Heroes of Cosplay': Girl power and cool costumes aren't all of it

This look into the world of cosplay may be more complex than it appears

In the times I've been to Comic-Con, what I've been most struck by is how nice everyone is. Day after day, people wait in lines, sometimes without reward, milling around the San Diego Convention Center in crushing masses of people -- and yet, I've never seen tantrums (okay, maybe when someone brings a baby, but that's it). I've never witnessed the truly bad behavior you expect at, say, a crowded amusement park or other kinds of convention. You can easily strike up conversations with the people in line, ask questions, compare notes. It defies logic how nice everyone is, but that is the glory of self-described nerds. 

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<p>How many times do I have to tell Tom Cruise that just hiding part of his face isn't fooling anybody?</p>

How many times do I have to tell Tom Cruise that just hiding part of his face isn't fooling anybody?

Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft's 'Watch Dogs' already in development as movie before its PS4 debut

Could Ubisoft be the company to finally get game-to-movie adaptations right?

I can't wait to get my hands on a PS4. I'm dying to play many of the games I've seen teased for this fall, and just the other day, I started updating my GameFly queue to make sure I had PS4 titles on there as well.

I don't get to play games as much as I'd like. I'll frequently go three or four weeks at a time without putting a single game into the PS3, which is primarily a Blu-ray player in my house. Even so, I'm excited for "inFamous: Second Son" based on how much fun those first two games were, and "Killzone: Shadow Fall" will hopefully be a big jump forward from the three games Sony's released in that series so far.

There is no other title this fall, though, not even "Grand Theft Auto V," that has me as excited as "Watch Dogs." Ubisoft is a great developer in general, but there's something about the mechanics of this title that just plain does it for me. When they showed the very first gameplay video, I was hooked at that point. If you haven't see anything about the game yet, you play the character Aiden Pearce, a hacker who snaps when his family is taken from him by a violent crime. He decides to exact his own form of justice by taking over Chicago's ctOS, the operating system that runs pretty much every major function in the city. It allows Aiden to control everything, from cameras to mass transit to the traffic lights in the streets.

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'Breaking Bad's' Jonathan Banks hired as a 'Community' prof

"Breaking Bad's" Jonathan Banks hired as a "Community" prof
Banks will appear in 11 episodes next season as "an intense criminology professor with a mysterious background in military and police work."

"Justified" pays a succinct tribute to executive producer Elmore Leonard
"We were blessed by the time we got to spend with him and we will miss him. Our thoughts are with his family. Take it easy, Elmore," said a statement from the cast and crew. "PS," they added. "We wrote longer versions of this statement, but as Elmore always said: Leave out the parts people tend to skip."

"True Blood" boss addresses Alexander Skarsgard's fate
Will he return next season? And what was he reaction to getting completely naked?

Nickelodeon "Fred" star Lucas Cruikshank comes out

Cruikshank, who turns 20 later this month, released a video today announcing he's gay, though his friends and family have known for years.

NBC enlists its stars to promote "Sunday Night Football"

Ken Jeong, Matt Lauer, Heidi Klum, Joan Rivers and Howie Mandel are among those who filmed promotional videos for "SNF."

Robert Rodriguez's "El Mariachi" to be remade for Latin American TV
Sony plans to make 70 episodes of the television version of the 1992 film.

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"The Real Housewives of Orange County"

 "The Real Housewives of Orange County"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of Orange County': Is Gretchen a victim?

Vicki also acts strangely horrified by the very concept of marijuana

Well, this is a first, at least for me. Rarely do I watch "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and think, gee, poor Gretchen. But that thought occurred to me fleetingly during the second part of the show's season reunion, when it seemed that everyone else had gotten together and declared it Pile on Gretchen Day. Gretchen, of course, seems perfectly capable of screaming and yelling with the best of them, but when she dissolved into tears at the end of the episode, I had to think it had all been a little much. When those false eyelashes get saturated, they can stretch delicate, possibly Botoxed skin, people! Think! 

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Credit: Esquire Network

Watch: You'll want to quit the gym once you see 'Boundless'

Two guys, five months and eight hellish races

Two athletes. Five months. Eight of the toughest races in the world. Oh, and one show. "Boundless" premieres on the Esquire Network Wed. Sept. 25 at 10:00 p.m., and it basically shows what two guys can do when they quit wasting time at the gym and go do fun stuff instead to stay fit. Athlete-pals Simon Donato and Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock run, climb, bike and do other exhausting things as part of this eight-part documentary series.  

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