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 Miley Cyrus and other child music stars who tried to make it in the grown-up world

Miley Cyrus and other child music stars who tried to make it in the grown-up world

Who was a hit and who was a miss in the transition

Miley Cyrus, 20,  is the latest in a long line of child music stars eager to leave their youth behind and be seen as artists with adult appeal. With “Bangerz,” out Monday (7), Cyrus tries once and forever more to leave Hannah Montana in the rear view mirror. Here’s a look at some other music artists who first hit stardom at a very young age and how they fared in their bid to navigate through some awkward years to become mainstream stars and remain on the Billboard Hot 100.


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<p>Ben Stiller in &quot;The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.&quot;</p>

Ben Stiller in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Roundup: A moderate start for 'Mitty'

Also: Mark Harris meets Spike Jonze, and Tarantino's best of 2013

The big reveal of the weekend was Ben Stiller's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," which was unveiled at the New York Film Festival to a mixed reception. Audiences seemed to respond to the whimsical romantic fantasy; perhaps unsurprisingly, critics were, on balance, a little cooler. David Hudson, as usual, does a good job of rounding up reactions to the film so far, which include warm (if not ecstatic) reviews from the trades, while the likes of IndieWire, Slant and are less convinced. (HitFix's own Drew McWeeny offered muted approval.) Too early and inconclusive, then, to draw any conclusions about its awards-season future; it may well come down to how it plays with the public. [Fandor]

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Coming soon: Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings

Coming soon: Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings

Nielsen plans to measure not just how many people tweet about a TV show, but how many view those tweets. For instance, a recent "Grey's Anatomy" episode had 98,600 people tweeting 225,000 tweets that were seen by millions of people.

Is David Boreanaz leaving "Bones"?

RadarOnline claims Boreanaz is planning to exit the Fox series after this season.

"Homeland's" Morgan Saylor isn't taking the intense hatred for Dana personally
Says the 18-year-old: "Anna Gunn wrote that op-ed for The New York Times about Skyler White. I kind of wanted to comment on it and be like, 'Yeah, I know how you feel.' But characters are not always supposed to be loved. You could look at most characters and see mixed reactions. I don’t know. I don’t take it personally. I think it's kind of interesting to see people, like, spending so much time focusing on something like that." PLUS: Watch Saylor's audition, the title "Uh .... Oo ... Aw ..." perfectly described this week's episode, and "Homeland" spent too much time on Dana this week.

"Boardwalk Empire" considered James Gandolfini as Nucky, but not seriously
Showrunner Terrence Winter had just worked with Gandolfini on "The Sopranos" when they were considering the Nucky Thompson role. "He also bore such an uncanny resemblance to the actual Nucky," he says. PLUS: Anthony Laciura talks last night's episode.

Albuquerque newspaper saw big traffic, sales from its Walter White obit
The obit was Albuquerque Journal's most-read article in seven years. PLUS: Vince Gilligan gives NFL back its Sundays, Bryan Cranston headed to Broadway as LBJ, watch an epic "Bad" tribute, and "SNL" uses Hillary Clinton to spoof "Breaking Bad."

"Girl Meets World" drops the older brother

Teo Halm, 13, tweeted the news that he had been cut from the show.

Sting will play himself on "The Michael J. Fox Show"

He'll appear in a holiday-themed episode.

"SNL" becomes "The Miley Cyrus Show"

The 30-minute delayed episode mostly revolved around Miley, which wasn't always a good thing.

"Shameless" actress to play Marg Helgenberger's daughter
Laura Wiggins is joining the cast of "Intelligence."

Carson Daly gets engaged
Daly is set to marry Siri Pinter, his former "Last Call" writer's assistant and the mother of his two children.

Ellen Pompeo has no plans to leave "Grey's Anatomy"

"Actors always think the grass is greener somewhere else — I didn’t want to do that," she tells the NY Post, noting that she has "an amazing life" with many houses and a daughter she gets to see every night. PLUS: Jesse Williams is expecting his 1st child.

Newly discovered lost "Doctor Who" episodes are going online

The Patrick Troughton-era episodes should be made available this week.

"Glee's" Dot-Marie Jones is engaged

Jones proposed to her longtime girlfriend, Bridgett Casteen, at Disneyland on Friday.

Will Ferrell playing "Anchorman" in new Dodge Durango ads

Ron Burgundy will be named today the new spokesman for the Durango.

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<p>Tom Hanks finds himself at the mercy of some truly desperate men in the based-on-a-true-story 'Captain Phillips'</p>

Tom Hanks finds himself at the mercy of some truly desperate men in the based-on-a-true-story 'Captain Phillips'

Credit: Sony Pictures

Review: Tom Hanks grounds the emotional and upsetting 'Captain Phillips'

Paul Greengrass tells another terrifically tense true-life story

There may be no filmmaker currently working in mainstream Hollywood who crafts dramatic narrative features that feel more like documentaries than traditional movies than Paul Greengrass. The way his best work plays makes the audience feel like observers of reality, and aside from one small but mystifying misstep, "Captain Phillips" represents a great example of what he does so well.

Based on the true story of a hijacking that took place off the coast of Somalia a few years ago, "Captain Phillips" stars Tom Hanks as Richard Phillips, and it's confident, subtle work from him. His performance captures perfectly the dawning horror of the situation, and there are certain sequences here that I would place among the finest things he's done on film so far. I love that Hanks is settling into this older stage of his career by making really interesting choices, using his still-hefty star clout to help make films that are provocative and adult and in some cases commercially difficult. Without a Hanks, there is no "Cloud Atlas," and it's hard to overstate how important it is for a movie like that to land a star who is both Oscar-vetted and box-office friendly.

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"The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Reunion Pt. 1

Things go from nice to weird in the lengthy special

Initially, the first part of the super sized "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion is so placid, so even-tempered and loving, it's creepy. I'm almost wondering if Teresa and her husband have decided to deal with the 39 counts of fraud, theft, and crimes against the English language (tonight, we get a new word to send my spell check into a tizzy: "meanful") by taking fistfuls of Xanax or showing up to the reunion drunk. Hey, most people watch it that way, right?

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<p>Leo of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Leo of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Zip It, Bingo'

Things get salty for the teams in Chile
My Non-Elimination Radar is probably only 75 percent accurate, though it gets much, much better as the season progresses and an NEL becomes a statistical inevitability. 
I had a radar misfire last night, but I was extremely relieved that it was a mechanical error and not an accurate reading, because if Sunday's (October 6) installment of "The Amazing Race" had been a Non-Elimination Leg, you'd have gotten an angry, frustrated recap tonight. 
Instead? I'll say that for an episode that began with an Equalizer and included a Detour in which neither task ended up being especially difficult, this was a pretty fun "Amazing Race" installment, albeit mostly if you happen to be a fan of boneheaded gameplay. Because if you like people doing inexplicably stupid things, ballsy-but-stupid things and just confusingly stupid things this could be your favorite group of "Amazing Race" contestants since whichever season featured the lovable Cowboys constantly going the wrong direction.
More after the break... 
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<p>Michael Sheen and Annaleigh Ashford in &quot;Masters of Sex.&quot;</p>

Michael Sheen and Annaleigh Ashford in "Masters of Sex."

Credit: Showtime

Review: 'Masters of Sex' - 'Race to Space'

The study hits a setback, while Masters' request weighs on Johnson

A quick review of tonight's "Masters of Sex" coming up just as soon as I put on a suit of armor to attack a plate of whipped cream...

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<p>Carrie (Claire Danes)&nbsp;runs afoul of the law on &quot;Homeland.&quot;</p>

Carrie (Claire Danes) runs afoul of the law on "Homeland."

Credit: Showtime

Review: 'Homeland' - 'Uh... Oh... Ah...'

Carrie and Dana both go back to the hospital, but for different reasons

A quick review of tonight's "Homeland" coming up just as soon as I want it to be us and appliances...

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<p>Michael Shannon in &quot;Boardwalk Empire.&quot;</p>

Michael Shannon in "Boardwalk Empire."

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Boardwalk Empire' - 'Erlkonig'

Van Alden stares down a riot, Eddie gets interrogated and Gillian's habit takes a turn for the worse

A quick review of tonight's "Boardwalk Empire" coming up just as soon as I require protection against Apaches...

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"Once Upon A Time"

"Once Upon A Time"

Credit: ABC

'Once Upon A Time' recap: Is Emma a 'Lost Girl'?

The enemy is within this week

I'm hoping that after this week, we get out of our main characters' heads and dig into some actual action. While these first two episodes have taken us to Neverland, introduced Peter Pan and opened the door to some dark and unexpected plot twists, not much is happening with all the navel gazing. But, if this is what it takes to lay the groundwork for what I hope will be (and expect can be) an exceptional season, so be it.

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"Witches of East End"

"Witches of East End"

Credit: Lifetime

Review: Is Lifetime's 'Witches of East End' silly girl stuff?

Is this a witchy romcom or worthy of the talent involved?

I get it, Lifetime. Clearly, the network directive is to go less chick-centric. You cancel "Army Wives" (and try to bump off "Drop Dead Diva" until fan protest forced you to reconsider) and  hop on the supernatural train everyone else is riding. That's fine. It's a shame, though, that you decided to rip a page from The CW in adapting "Witches of East End." So far, this show mostly serves to make me marvel at the fact Madchen Amick still looks this amazingly good naked at age 42, and sigh deeply that Julia Ormond and Virginia Madsen can't get better gigs.

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<p>Hoskote and Naina of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Hoskote and Naina of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Naina & Hoskote talk 'The Amazing Race'

The season's first eliminated pair discusses their lone Leg
As they briefly indicated during their lone Leg, father-daughter Hoskote and Naina Venkatesh went on "The Amazing Race" in large part because Naina wanted to prove herself to her traditional, India-born father. 
When I met with Naina and Hoskote before they departed, she proudly told me that he had agreed that in any point-of-contention on the Race, she would get to be the final arbiter, a prospect that she found unique and exciting for their relationship. 
She was skeptical, of course, that he would be able to set aside his usual role as patriarch to be flexible, but she was also hopeful.
Unfortunately, Naina and Hoskote were eliminated after only one Leg and without getting to make any crucial decisions at all. They got on a later flight to Chile that put their pack of four teams behind the lead group of seven and then a problematic cab ride put them behind the other three teams and that was that.
In their exit interview, Naina and Hoskote lament having an elimination so out of their control and try to emphasize that what looked like a clue-reading gaffe in the episode's second Roadblock wasn't a gaffe at all. Naina also expresses her disappointment at not getting to prove herself to her father. 
The full Q&A is after the break...
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