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Fergie's comeback single 'L.A. Love (La La)' is very Fergie... and 'Rack City'
Credit: AP Photo

Fergie's comeback single 'L.A. Love (La La)' is very Fergie... and 'Rack City'

Don't be mad at DJ Mustard

Don't blame DJ Mustard that his impermeable hip-hop formula is so wide spread. It's certainly made its way onto Fergie's radar.

The Black Eyed Peas singer and Fergalicious rapper is back, with a new single "L.A. Love (La La)." Stream it below. She tapped DJ Mustard to co-produce and co-write the tune, which is a little swirl of "Rack City" with, I dunno, maybe The Fugees' "Ooh La La La," those "las" bopping in the high registers on the chorus.

Fergie's been all around the world, and whole world exists in Los Angeles, which means she's trying on an array of accents and "ratchet" inflections, many which will drive you up the damn wall. "Lohn-dohn" and "Switzerland" don't bang the same, my dear; that is how it go.

That is, I'm nervous for the music video. Proceed with caution, you wild multi-platinum pop artist.

"L.A. Love (La La)" is Fergie's first new tune since her contribution to last year's "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack, "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody." She is currently working on a follow-up to her 2006 solo album "The Dutchess."

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<p>Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey on the set of &quot;Interstellar&quot;</p>

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey on the set of "Interstellar"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Off the Carpet: Christopher Nolan, Brad Pitt and AFI Fest on deck

Could 'Interstellar' finally be the one for Paramount?

The New York Film Festival has added David Fincher's "Gone Girl" to the equation and will do the same for Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice" in due time, but let me skip ahead a bit. The "Interstellar" onslaught, you see, has begun. New posters, interviews, a new trailer, TV spots during Sunday Night Football, more imagery, a reported (massive) running time, etc. Nolan's film is finished and has been shown here and there over the last week or so and, well, on a movie like this, it's hard to contain the trickle of buzz (even if everyone is probably signing NDAs). And the buzz is mostly great.

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'Family Guy,' 'The Simpsons' and 'Once Upon a Time' return to bigger ratings
Credit: Fox

'Family Guy,' 'The Simpsons' and 'Once Upon a Time' return to bigger ratings

Jon Hamm's next TV role: A British “Black Mirror” Christmas special

“Family Guy,” “The Simpsons" and “Once Upon a Time” return to bigger ratings
In fact, “Family Guy’s” crossover with “The Simpsons” ranked as the no. 1 program in the demo. Meanwhile, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” matched last year’s premiere while “Resurrection” was down 42%.

Jon Hamm's next TV role: A British “Black Mirror” Christmas special
The “Mad Men” star will join “Game of Thrones” alum Oona Chaplin in "three interwoven stories of Yuletide techno-paranoia” for UK’s Channel 4.

“The Simpsons” had its most bizarre couch gag yet
Oscar-nominated independent animator Don Hertzfeldt tried to imagine what “The Simpsons” would look like in Season 800.

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<p>Selfie &amp; Bad Judge</p>

Selfie & Bad Judge

Credit: ABC/NBC

When your heroines are too bad or not bad enough: ABC's 'Selfie' & NBC's 'Bad Judge'

One show is too obsessed with social media, while the other show isn't about anything at all

Even in the era of Walter White, Don Draper and the gang from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," broadcast network executives are still obsessed with the idea of likable and admirable heroes, especially when it comes to comedy. You'll occasionally find your questionable morality in network dramas like "Scandal" and "The Good Wife," but sitcom protagonists tend to have their rough edges sanded off as quickly and artlessly as possible.

One new network comedy debuting this week illustrates why the suits tend to freak out about likability, while another demonstrates the pitfalls of trying to tone down bad behavior. ABC's "Selfie" (Tuesday at 8 p.m.) features a heroine so obnoxious that one wishes the network had stepped in to soften her up, while NBC's "Bad Judge" (Thursday at 9 p.m.) stripped away many of its heroine's most questionable traits from the original pilot and didn't bother replacing them with anything worth watching for.

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Credit: AP Photo

Listen to Lorde's new song for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'

'Yellow Flicker Beat' is all colors and quiet violence

"I'm a princess carved in marble / smoother than a storm," sings Lorde on her new song "Yellow Flicker Beat." "And the scars that mark my body, they’re silver and gold... I'm locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me."

The track is less so about the New Zealand artist herself, but more an ode for Katniss Everdeen, as it was crafted for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" soundtrack. The Grammy Award-winning songwriter curated the entire soundtrack, with "Yellow Flick Beat" the first reveal of the tracklist. No word which other artists will appear on it.

"Yellow Flicker Beat" has a determined plod to it, topped with Lorde's descriptive and headstrong lyrics. Her hypnotically wavy voice hets harmonies over the big choruses, with production work from Adele helmer Paul Epworth to amplify the drama.

I think this one may be a grower for fans of Lorde's "Pure Heroine," but it certainly evades your typical syrupy end-credits ballad. Academy Award nominee Lorde, maybe?

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" is in theaters Nov. 21. We'll update you on when to expect the soundtrack.

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<p>DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys</p>

DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys

Credit: ABC

TV Ratings: NFL, 'Family Guy'-'Simpsons' crossover and 'Once' lead Sunday

'Revenge' premiere struggles for ABC

Fast National ratings for Sunday, September 28, 2014.

NBC's Saints-Cowboys telecast led Sunday night in all measures, but there were a slew of other big numbers in primetime, including a strong return for ABC's "Once Upon a Time" and impressive figures for FOX's "Family Guy"/"Simpsons" crossover hour. 

In addition, CBS got strong overall numbers for the second weeks of "Madam Secretary" and "The Good Wife."

ABC's "Resurrection" and FOX's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" got off to decent starts on Sunday, but ABC's "Revenge" may have passed its sell-by date.

CBS and FOX both had NFL overrun in many markets, while NBC had its usual football, leading to the predictable and inevitable changeability of these numbers.

On to the preliminary ratings...

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Emma Watson
Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Emma Watson joins Daniel Brühl for Chilean coup thriller ‘Colonia’

Oscar-winning director Florian Gallenberger will make his English-language debut

"Harry Potter" and "Perks of Being a Wallflower" star Emma Watson made waves last week for her impassioned United Nations speech on the topic of feminism. Watson's “HeForShe" campaign made waves in the social sphere and continues to snowball with support, but it appears the endeavor won't disable the star from going about her day job. Deadline reports that Watson is on board a Chilean docudrama, fresh territory for the worldly 24-year-old actress.

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Julianne Moore - Still Alice
Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Julianne Moore set for Best Actress race as 'Still Alice,' 'Maps' secure qualifying run

The actress tackles early onset Alzheimer’s in the film

Update: The 2015 Oscar race may be a twofer for Julianne Moore, with word that "Maps to the Stars" may sneak in a short release to qualify for the race. More details below.

One of the major surprises out of this year's Toronto International Film Festival was Julianne Moore's heartbreaking, subdued work in "Still Alice." A film that could easily have shriveled up into a ball of schmaltz, Moore, along with directors Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, explore the debilitating effects of early onset Alzheimer's with confidence and familial tenderness. "Still Alice" doesn't twist its knife to illicit a sob-fest — the tears come naturally.

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'Simpsons' boss explains the major death: 'We’re not the kind of show that does these really horrific things to its characters'
Credit: Fox

'Simpsons' boss explains the major death: 'We’re not the kind of show that does these really horrific things to its characters'

'The Simpsons'/'Family Guy' crossover: One of the most 'fascinatingly weird' things to happen to TV

“The Simpsons” boss explains the major death: “We’re not the kind of show that does these really horrific things to its characters"
"It was something that would be a good exploration of the characters," says exec producer Al Jean. "I thought it’d be good to say, 'This is what people think of heaven but it’s not exactly what you’re going to get—it’s more what you do on Earth that matters.'…. If you look back at the clues we gave, everything adds up, so I would find that satisfying. I wouldn’t feel like I was misled.” He adds: "We didn’t want a crazy death, or anything shocking, just true human emotion.” PLUS: Some fans were disappointed, Krusty the Clown isn’t a strong enough character to warrant an entire episode, and in defense of the major death.

“The Simpsons”/“Family Guy” crossover: One of the most “fascinatingly weird” things to happen to TV
"Was 'The Simpsons Guy' just a craven marketing thing?” wonders Darren Franich. "One of the weirdest things about the episode was how all the rampant self-deprecation felt unnecessary. Make no mistake, this was 'Family Guy' worshipping The Simpsons: a feast of fan service, even if it was mostly fan service for people whose major Simpsons touchstones happened almost 20 years ago.” PLUS: Here's everything that the crossover mocked, including crossovers.

“The Amazing Race” tumbles in its new Friday timeslot
The CBS reality competition was down 45% in the demo with its 25th season premiere.

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<p>John Noble of &quot;Sleepy Hollow&quot;</p>

John Noble of "Sleepy Hollow"

Credit: FOX

Interview: 'Sleepy Hollow' star John Noble on Season 2 and what drives War, Henry and Jeremy

The 'Fringe' veteran discusses playing another character with many sides and incarnations

WILMINGTON, NC. There was a point a few years back when I seemed to talk with John Noble every few weeks about the universe-bending twists and turns of FOX's "Fringe."

We talked on the drama's Vancouver set. We talked at FOX summer press days on multiple occasions. We talked via satellite. We talked at Comic-Con. Because of the constantly evolving nature of "Fringe" and Walter Bishop and Walternate and various permutations on each character, Noble never repeated himself in our conversations and always impressed with a passion for the subject matter that extended to his hosting duties on Science's "Dark Matters: Twisted But True."

Noble probably wasn't worried about the year or two that he spent not being interviewed by HitFix. He did some Australian TV. He guested on CBS' "The Good Wife" a couple times. And he began work on another FOX drama "Sleepy Hollow," in which he got to play yet another character who turned out to have two or three very different layers.

Introduced as Sin Eater Henry Parrish, we were later told that Henry was actually Jeremy Crane, son of Ichabod and Katrina. And as if that dead-cheating secret wasn't enough, we also discovered that Henry/Jeremy was actually War, the Second of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It sounds confusing, but in context it all makes sense in that way that nearly everything in "Sleepy Hollow" sounds confusing, but all kinda makes sense in context. And don't worry, it's a challenge for John Noble to understand as well.

Last month, I sat down with my former scene partner in a makeshift press holding area above a "Sleepy Hollow" location in Wilmington, North Carolina. After years of the "Fringe" grind, Noble seemed enthusiastic and energized with his responsibilities on "Sleepy Hollow." Just two days from his 66th birthday, Noble was all smiles, talking his relative surplus of downtime, which gives him the chance for music and painting, among other pursuits. 

It's also giving him time for research. Just as "Fringe" let Noble delve into a passion for physics, "Sleepy Hollow" is letting him research magic and witchcraft and he sounds every bit as invested in this character as he was in the role he spent five years playing previously. In this interview, he talks about his approach to the Henry/Jeremy/War trinity and the challenges of playing a character so frequently shrouded in mystery and conflicted motivations.

"Sleepy Hollow" will air its second episode on Monday (September 29) night.

Click through for the full John Noble Q&A.

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<p>Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex</p>

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex

Credit: Showtime

Season finale review: 'Masters of Sex' - 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'

Familiar faces return and truths come to light in the second season finale

"Masters of Sex" has wrapped up another season. I spoke with showrunner Michelle Ashford about various decisions that went into this year's stories, and I have a review of the finale coming up just as soon as I have all the gravitas of a toothpaste commercial...

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<p>Caitlin FitzGerald and Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex</p>

Caitlin FitzGerald and Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex

Credit: Showtime

'Masters of Sex' creator Michelle Ashford talks season 2

When is it okay to rewrite history? And why so much Cal-o-Metric?

“Masters of Sex” wrapped up an alternately excellent and frustrating second season tonight. I reviewed the finale here , and I had a long talk with “Masters” creator Michelle Ashford about the various big decisions of season 2, including the time jump, fictionalizing more aspects of the Masters and Johnson story and… Cal-o-Metric? All that coming up just as soon as I’m a doctor who also went to medical school…

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