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<p>Ming Na-Wen is front and center in this week's episode, but is 'Repairs' the character showcase it should have been?</p>

Ming Na-Wen is front and center in this week's episode, but is 'Repairs' the character showcase it should have been?

Credit: ABC/Marvel Studios

Agent May's past plays a big part in this week's creepy new 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Is the reveal worth all of the build-up?

We're nine episodes into the season now. At this point, there's really no point in saying things like "Wait for it to find its voice" or "they're still figuring it out." Sure, things can continue to change, but this is "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.", and it's time to stop grading on a curve. Besides, this episode is written by Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon, the creators of the series, so this is a chance for them to demonstrate what the show they think they're making really is.

Heading into the episode, my first question is whether or not they're really going to give us Agent May's full backstory and the explanation of her nickname "The Cavalry" already. If so, then I think it's clear the paradigm in serialized television has changed and become more season oriented than ever before, with set-ups and pay-offs coming closer together, presumably to avoid pulling a "Red John" or a "Lost" or a whatever you want to call the sort of home-stretch fumble that's making "How I Met Your Mother" such a chore as it tries to wrap things up.

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<p>&quot;We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks&quot;</p>

"We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks"

Credit: Focus World

PGA surprises with documentary nominees, but Alex Gibney makes the cut

Will any of their choices show up on the Academy shortlist?

Unlike their award for narrative features, which tends to closely mirror the Academy's Best Picture race, the Producers' Guild of America Award for documentaries is far less predictable and more idiosyncratic. The PGA may have agreed with the Academy (as did pretty much every major awards body) on "Searching for Sugar Man" last year, but the year before, not a single one of their nominees wound up in the Oscar race.

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<p>Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher in &quot;Brooklyn Nine-Nine.&quot;</p>

Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'Thanksgiving'

Everything comes together in the freshman comedy's funniest episode to date

A review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I make the cover of Hair Pulled Back Magazine...

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<p>Broken Bells and Anton Yelchin in &quot;After the Disco&quot;</p>

Broken Bells and Anton Yelchin in "After the Disco"

Credit: PopFilms/Columbia/The Creators Project

Jacob Gentry, Anton Yelchin talk Broken Bells space adventure

Kate Mara also stars in the retro-cool intergalactic love story

By now you may have seen Part 1 and Part 2 of music crew Broken Bells' mini-film "After the Disco." What you may not know is what Bob Fosse has to do with any of it.

Helmed by Jacob Gentry ("The Signal") and starring Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin, this sentimental space journey is both retro-cool and futuristic, a look the director intended with the eye-popping space-scapes against throwback colors schemes and costumes.

"Science fiction is my favorite genre," Gentry said in our interview, an it shows. His first go with Broken Bells -- which consists of James Mercer of the Shins and producer/songwriter Danger Mouse -- was for 2010 music vid "The Ghost Inside," featuring Christina Hendricks literally selling pieces of herself to enjoy an intergalactic utopia straight from of a 1940's style Hollywood postcard.

The love story for "After the Disco" had Yelchin's character, boring and lifeless, finding his way into the arms of space cadet Mara, then lulled into the belly of a ship and a dance party that goes on forever. Sweet living, no? Tough luck, sweethearts, the scene goes sour. Read a full Q&A with Kate Mara on the video and more here.

"I wanted to take the deign elements of 'Logan's Run' and give it a melancholy," Gentry continues, mentioning that Broken Bells' "bold pop music references" suited the scope of a small story in a big universe. Gentry and Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) have known each other since college and each being a fan of each others' work appears to have helped with the shorthand and creative vision it takes to shoot a story like this in only two days.

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'Spring Breakers,' 'Short Term 12' and 'Mud' lead 2014 Spirit Awards snubs and surprises

'Spring Breakers,' 'Short Term 12' and 'Mud' lead 2014 Spirit Awards snubs and surprises

It's a tough awards season if you're an indie or studio player

This morning's 2014 Independent Spirit Awards nominations were, as expected, dominated by Steve McQueen's "12 Years A Slave," but the nominating committees did spread the love around more than most pundits would have expected. Many awards players earned one or two expected nominations only to be overlooked in key categories you would have expected a nod in. As HitFix's own Kris Tapley noted in his Spirits analysis, there may just be too many fantastic movies to go around this season, independently or studio produced.

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Baz Luhrman may direct Stanley Kubrick's unfinished Napoleon script for HBO


Steven Spielberg, who is producing the Kubrick script, is said to be courting Luhrman for the miniseries on Napoleon Bonaparte.

"They killed my show," he says. "And I have to take some responsibility for that myself." PLUS: Joan Rivers defends Baldwin by uttering slurs.

Hewitt, who gave birth to Autumn James today, recently married her "Client List" boyfriend Brian Hallisay.

The Brian Griffin decision, explained.

Sarah's ex-husband will resurface on Episode 13.

The movie legend's great grandson recalls: "We'd watch bad TV and eat popcorn."

He explains: "If I really get pressed, I've already established that red comet. I can just have it hit Westeros and wipe out all life."

The Oprah network will also air NBA family reality series "Mom's Got Game."

About 2.18 million watched the Season 4 finale.
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<p>Oscar Isaac at the 2013 BFI&nbsp;London&nbsp;Film&nbsp;Festival</p>

Oscar Isaac at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival

Credit: AP Photo

An epic interview with 'Inside Llewyn Davis' star Oscar Isaac

And an attempt at nailing down the ethereal genius of the Coens

CULVER CITY, Calif. — A few weeks ago we ran an interview with the Coen Bros. about their latest film, "Inside Llewyn Davis." I put it up in a Q&A format rather than the usual prose kind of thing because the back and forth was so interesting to me. And for a pragmatic pair whose answers almost have more power in the context of the question, it made a lot of sense.

As I sat down to write up a lunch interview with star (and recent Spirit Award nominee) Oscar Isaac, it became apparent to me that it would benefit just as much from that treatment. The discussion has a natural flow and Isaac is so thoughtful in all of his responses that it would seem wrong to pick and choose the quotes that work best for a piece about the themes and character-building that went into the film.

Which brings me to another point about why a simple Q&A made a lot of sense. Just like the Coens, Isaac — as you'll plainly see in his answers — isn't too caught up in affectation and applying meaning to art. The existence of the thing is the thing. So the conversation, then, is the conversation. No fluffy piece built around choice excerpts. Just an hour-long chat about nostalgia, the life of a nomad, the impact of artists on community, music as an outlet, the inspiration of Buster Keaton and the danger of an actor's personality becoming bigger than the work itself.

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<p>We oughta be in pictures (or something): scenes from the first Firewall &amp;&nbsp;Iceberg video show.</p>

We oughta be in pictures (or something): scenes from the first Firewall & Iceberg video show.

Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 1: 'Treme,' 'Boardwalk Empire' & more

Our first video show talks HBO drama and how the broadcasters are doing this fall

Happy Tuesday, boys and girls, and welcome to the very first installment of the Firewall & Iceberg show, video-style!

On this week's inaugural edition, Dan and I introduce the basic format before moving on to advance discussion of "Tremé" and spoiler discussion of the "Boardwalk Empire" finale, sandwiched around a segment where we grade the broadcast networks on how they've done so far this fall. We also announced that, going forward, you can send us questions — for both the video and audio shows — to, though you're certainly welcome to do it the old way if you prefer.

The video show will also be part of the same RSS feed, and therefore iTunes feed, as the audio podcast (which will be back tomorrow with an all-"Breaking Bad" discussion featuring a very special guest). And every episode of the video show, and the podcast, will be archived here.

We hope you like it. And as with the audio show, we will strive to keep getting better at this.

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"Risky Listing"

 "Risky Listing"

Credit: Esquire Network

Exclusive clip: It's a million dollar disaster on 'Risky Listing'

Two sellers change the terms of a major deal
Being a real estate agent isn't easy, it turns out, as sometimes you have to deal with crazy idiots. In "Risky Listing" (Tues. at 9:00 p.m. ET on Esquire Network), Picken Real Estate cuts deals for the most stylish restaurants, bars and nightclubs in New York City. The problem is, of course, that some of the players involved aren't entirely sane.
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"Untold Stories of the ER"

 "Untold Stories of the ER"

Credit: Discovery Fit & Health

Exclusive clip: Man goes superhero nuts on 'Untold Stories of the ER'

A wild man can't be controlled - even with massive amounts of drugs

If you're already feeling like a post-Thanksgiving lump on Friday, you may want to watch "Untold Stories of the ER" (Discovery Fit & Health, 10:00 p.m. ET). No, it won't help you digest that wad of food that's probably still sitting uncomfortably in your stomach, but you can at least comfort yourself in knowing that you aren't sitting in an ER where people like the guy in this exclusive clip might be running around. 

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<p>'Hello, it's the super. Could you let me in?&nbsp;I've come to make sure your remake is bland and largely ineffective.'</p>

'Hello, it's the super. Could you let me in? I've come to make sure your remake is bland and largely ineffective.'

Credit: Film District

Review: Josh Brolin comes out swinging but Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' can't land a punch

The very definition of an unnecessary remake

A man is kidnapped and forced to spend 20 years in isolation, in captivity, controlled but not harmed. He is finally allowed to escape and then he is given a single question to answer: who kidnapped him, and why?

It's an almost irresistible set-up for a film, and when Chan-wook Park adapted it as the middle part of his "Vengeance" trilogy, it was a perfect match of filmmaker and material. There is a fury to the film that is still somewhat terrifying when you see it, and Park delivers each new twist to the narrative like he's holding a knife that's already buried deep between two ribs, like he is enjoying each twist, knowing exactly what damage he's doing. While much of Spike Lee's best work is driven by a simmering anger, it's a very different kind, and his new version of "Oldboy" feels like someone stranded by material rather than someone liberated by it.

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'New Girl' brings on Adam Brody


The former "O.C." star will play Jess' ex, Berkley.

CBS is tops in total viewers, but "The Voice" and "Sunday Night Football" powered the Peacock to No. 1 in the all-important 18-49 demo.

Gilligan presented the "Better Call Saul" timetable at a gathering last night to promote the new documentary "No Half Measures."

From "White Collar" to "Modern Family."

"Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart" is packed full of quotes.

Lara Logan and her producer, Max McClellan, are being blamed for the Benghazi screw-up.

He'll be part of the "Hot in Cleveland"/"Kirstie" crossover.

The former "Malcolm in the Middle" star's mini stroke was the 2nd one in a year.

The Fox drama attracted 6.6 million viewers last night.

Nev Schulman's "In Real Life" will explore relationships in the digital age.

The new TLC show, premiering on Monday, will follow Buddy Valastro as he fixes broken pastry shops. This marks Valastro's 4th show.

It was a 2nd boy for the former "O.C." star.

"Once Upon a Time" vet Tom Ellis to star in USA's "Rush"

The former Robin Hood will play an on-call doctor.


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