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<p>On &quot;The Good Wife,&quot;&nbsp;Alicia (Julianna Margulies)&nbsp;talks to Clarke (Nathan Lane).</p>

On "The Good Wife," Alicia (Julianna Margulies) talks to Clarke (Nathan Lane).

Credit: CBS

Review: 'The Good Wife' - 'The Decision Tree'

Alicia gets a surprise inheritance, while Florrick/Agos throws a party

A review of last night's "The Good Wife" coming up just as soon as I press the farting button...

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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

 "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Should Porsha leave home?

Plus, is Kandi's relationship with Todd doomed?

This week on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," we saw several things I never expected to see. One, Peter gave Apollo advice, and it didn't suck. Two, NeNe gave Cynthia parenting advice, and it also didn't suck. And finally three, fiercely independent Kandi turned into a puddle of spineless goo when confronted with a difficult situation, which did, in fact, suck. But hey, if everyone insisted on behaving themselves with such exceptional reserve, this was going to turn into a Very Special Episode of "Downton Abbey" or something. 

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"HIMYM's" 200th episode will be told from The Mother's perspective

"HIMYM's" 200th episode will be told from The Mother's perspective

Cristin Milioti will be featured prominently in the episode titled "How Your Mother Met Me."

"The Walking Dead's" midseason finale: It's about time
Finally, something big happened on the AMC series. PLUS: Showrunner Scott Gimple always had this ending in mind, what it's like learning you're expendable, this episode was all over the map, and "Walking Dead" returns Feb. 9.

"Mob City" will tweet out Episode's 1 script, except the ending
Starting Monday morning up until its Wednesday premiere, the TNT series will tweet out the script of the first episode in hopes of building interest in the Frank Darabont series.

Sharon Osbourne calls MTV's "The Osbournes" "the biggest mistake I ever did"
Osbourne said on the BBC's "Graham Norton Show, "It was the biggest mistake I ever did, but would I have wanted to live a lesser life?  You make the most of what you have."

Roseanne goes on Twitter rant: "I'm never going to work in television again"
Roseanne Barr complained on Twitter Saturday that TV has treated her like garbage, especially in the past year. "I feel as if I've been insulted/assaulted for over a year," Roseanne explained. "Actually, for many years — from my first reality show to my second and two failed development details. Don't call me-I won't call you. I'm gone." PLUS: Mindy Kaling & Roseanne have lunch.

UK baby names are being influenced by "Game of Thrones," "Homeland," "Breaking Bad"
The most popular baby names of 2013 in Britain include Skyler, Brody and Arya.

Watch a 14-year-old Paul Walker on an '80s kids game show with his sister
"The Fast and the Furious" star, who died Saturday at age 40, appeared on TV numerous times before he became a movie star, including a guest appearance on "Who's the Boss?"

"The Good Wife" 100th-episode shocker, explained
Says co-creator Robert King: "It's meant to be comic and worrisome at the same time."

Google has begun its Festivus celebration

The "Seinfeld" holiday includes a traditional aluminum pole in Google search results.

Lady Gaga's Muppets Thanksgiving special draws few viewers

"Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular" was especially down from her previous holiday special from two years ago, "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving."

"Girls" unveils its Season 3 poster
"Happily Whatever After."

"Cheers" reunion: Kirstie Alley hooks up "Carla" and "Norm"
Here's a preview of George Wendt's guest appearance on "Kirstie," as Rhea Perlman's old flame.

CNN's Erin Burnett welcomes a baby boy
The anchor gave birth to her first child on Friday.

Maria Bello reveals she has a girlfriend
The former "ER" and "Prime Suspect" star discussed her long-term relationship with her best female friend in a NY Times column.

"The Honeymooners'" other Trixie dies
Jane Kean, 90, played Trixie in the '60s revival of the classic sitcom.

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<p>Just eat the darned cobra!</p>

Just eat the darned cobra!

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Cobra in my Teeth'

Eating cobra, boiling eggs and applying makeup come into play
I just wish there was a way to avoid the inevitability that plagued Sunday (December 1) night's "Amazing Race."
I knew it was a Non-Elimination Leg before we started watching.
You knew it was a Non-Elimination Leg before you started watching. 
I can't say with absolute certainty that the contestants were able to do the math and know that it was a Non-Elimination Leg, but despite nearly constant references to timing during Sunday's episode, there was no sign that any of the four remaining teams felt an iota of urgency, so I'm guessing that they were reasonably confident on the math. When "Amazing Race" teams feel no urgency or drama, it's hard for people watching the show to feel much urgency or drama. 
And that sucks when you have an "Amazing Race" Leg which, under different circumstances, would have been filled with amusing things. Instead, it was just teams shuffling positions ahead of what will be a much more exciting first hour to next weekend's finale. 
More after the break...
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<p>Julianne Nicholson and Lizzy Caplan in &quot;Masters of Sex.&quot;</p>

Julianne Nicholson and Lizzy Caplan in "Masters of Sex."

Credit: Showtime

Review: 'Masters of Sex' - 'Fallout'

The study begins to have physical and emotional consequences, while the hospital participates in an A-bomb drill

A review of tonight's "Masters of Sex" coming up just as soon as they open a new Woolworth's at Pompeii...

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<p>The Governor and his tank pay the prison a visit on &quot;The Walking Dead.&quot;</p>

The Governor and his tank pay the prison a visit on "The Walking Dead."

Credit: AMC

Mid-season finale review: 'The Walking Dead' - 'Too Far Gone'

The Governor's forces attack the prison in a bloody, thrilling and frustrating hour

A review of "The Walking Dead" mid-season finale coming up just as soon as we make plans to celebrate our anniversary...

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<p>Kermit Ruffins pumps up an Election Day crowd in the &quot;Trem&eacute;&quot;&nbsp;season premiere.</p>

Kermit Ruffins pumps up an Election Day crowd in the "Tremé" season premiere.

Credit: HBO

Season premiere review: 'Treme' - 'Yes We Can Can'

New Orleans goes to the polls on Election Day as the final season begins

"Tremé" returned for its final season tonight. I reviewed the season in advance on Friday, and I have a few specific thoughts on the premiere coming up just as soon as I ask why you would call someone a suck-you butt...

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<p>Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes and Rupert Friend in &quot;Homeland.&quot;</p>

Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes and Rupert Friend in "Homeland."

Credit: Showtime

Review: 'Homeland' - 'Good Night'

Carrie and Saul watch as Brody tries to get into Iran

A quick review of tonight's "Homeland" coming up just as soon as I offer you a stick of my lucky gum...

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"Once Upon A Time"

 "Once Upon A Time"

Credit: ABC

'Once Upon A Time' recap: Can Henry be saved?

The race is on to stop Pan from gaining his full powers

It's back to Neverland, and we seem close to wrapping up and heading back to Storybrooke. It can't be soon enough, if you ask me, as Neverland has been a dark and depressing place where story lines became clunky, Pan's motivations bent awkwardly in the service of forwarding Emma, Regina, Snow and Charming's stories and it all felt a little more claustrophobic than I imagined it would. But I'm not giving up hope yet, mind you. Anything is possible in Neverland, right?

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<p>Leonardo DiCaprio goes wild in &quot;The Wolf of Wall&nbsp;Street&quot;</p>

Leonardo DiCaprio goes wild in "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Is 'The Wolf of Wall Street' just what the doctor ordered this Oscar season?

Martin Scorsese's dark comedy finally screens and it could take the edge off

It's been quite the somber season in some ways: slavery and racial tension, piracy and health care, dementia-addled fathers and embittered folk crooners. Even the year's biggest spectacle achievement, Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity," ultimately takes its weightless heroine to weighty moments of emotion and catharsis (not that we're complaining). It almost feels like what the 2013 film awards season needs is a nice prestige-level dose of the outrageous, something bonkers, something to take the edge off. And Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" is here to answer the call.

The film isn't set to screen for the press at large for another week, but this weekend it began making its way through guild screenings, where plus ones and crossover memberships with critics and the film commentariat are just unavoidable. So it was Saturday afternoon that I made my way to the first of two SAG screenings of this absolutely unrepentant entry (hopefully that caveat saves the studio some disgruntled phone calls — over 100 people were turned away from the two screenings, which were filled to the brim). Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Rob Reiner, Cristina Milioti, Jon Favreau, P.J. Byrne and Kenneth Choi were on hand to discuss working with a master filmmaker and the life and times of a man, Jordan Belfort, who by anyone's measure should probably be dead by now.

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<p>I sincerely hope his extended family of colleagues and friends feel blessed to have known him in what must be an awful moment for them all.</p>

I sincerely hope his extended family of colleagues and friends feel blessed to have known him in what must be an awful moment for them all.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Thoughts on Paul Walker's passing and the way we deal with celebrity death

Sometimes, all you need to do is be decent when others are in pain

The worst thing about dying young is the hole you leave in so many lives. Paul Walker's car accident tonight must have shocked and devastated the people he's worked with over the years, and I can't imagine how this feels for the people who are part of the "Fast and Furious" franchise. No one could have predicted that they would be shooting a seventh film right now when the first one opened a mere 12 years ago, and they certainly couldn't have predicted the way the franchise became a family affair over time, both onscreen and off. I can't think of any other action series that is so explicitly focused on the notion of the way we build our families, and I suspect that's a big part of the completely unironic appeal of the films.

More than anything tonight, I am haunted by the idea of someone having to tell his daughter about his passing. Meadow Rain is only 14 years old, and while there is no good age for lose a father, the pain of losing one right as you're entering one of the most confusing, difficult, emotionally turbulent times of life seems profoundly upsetting to me. Whatever reaction I'm having to Walker's passing tonight isn't about the movies he made or the movies he might have made or how I did or didn't feel about his work. It doesn't have to be. More than anything, it's that simple sharp pang of empathy at the thought of how his passing affects the community around him, both personal and professional.

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<p>Ally, Ashley and an elephant on &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Ally, Ashley and an elephant on "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Ally & Ashley talk 'The Amazing Race'

Ice Queens discuss their alliance with the Afghanimals and more
The "Amazing Race" friends are all gone. 
Earlier this "Amazing Race" season, we went through a four-week streak of eliminations for the various all-male teams. After the "Amazing Race" eliminations for Nicky & Kim and, this past week, Ally & Ashley, the season is now left with a married couple, a dating couple, a pair of cousins and whatever the heck Tim and Marie are.
From the outside, Ally & Ashley weren't necessarily the most likely candidates to finish as the season's top team of friends, but the LA Kings Ice Crew girls greeted every task with enthusiasm, made a smart alliance with Leo & Jamal and stayed competitive throughout. 
And for a brief period in last Sunday's "Amazing Race" episode, Ally & Ashley were in the lead, until everything went haywire on a Detour in Indonesia. They went to feed elephants at a zoo without going to the market to get the food for the elephants. They had to make two trips between the market and the zoo due to difficulties transporting bulky sugar cane. And then just when it seemed like Nicole's problems at the Indonesian Roadblock might doom the powerful ER Docs, Amy guided her friend through the musical task, leaving the Ice Queens unable to catch up.
In this week's "Amazing Race" exit interview, Ally & Ashley discuss outlasting the other teams of friends, describe their alliance with the Afghanimals and talk about their big, brief blow-up.
Click through for the full Q&A...
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