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<p>Spider-Man is going to have a lot more to worry about in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' than just Electro.</p>

Spider-Man is going to have a lot more to worry about in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' than just Electro.

Credit: Sony Pictures

What secrets did the viral campaign for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' reveal?

Could Hobgoblin and Venom be in the future for the series?

Marc Webb's first outing as director of a "Spider-Man" film seems to have been largely embraced by audiences, and in particular, the chemistry between his leads has proven to be the most winning ingredient in the reboot of the series.

It seems like things have been quiet on the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" front lately, but honestly, why keep beating that publicity drum when all the winter movies are just about to come out and there are other movies in the spring aimed at that audience as well. Why not wait until it makes sense to really start hitting audiences hard, and until then, just buckle down and focus on finishing the film?

If you saw the video I ran this summer after Comic-Con, Andrew Garfield and I were very careful to talk our way around a pretty big spoiler for the film. I mentioned it to him before the interview, and he seemed pretty relieved that I didn't spring it on him when we were actually rolling tape. The thing we did not discuss is not the thing that we're going to talk about today, but it was related. In short, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is going to have a ton of villains in it.

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<p>FOX's &quot;Dads&quot;</p>

FOX's "Dads"

Credit: FOX

FOX picks up a full season of 'Dads'

Once again, Seth MacFarlane triumphs
Maximizing the totality of Friday's (October 25) news cycle, FOX has officially given a full-season order to the critically reviled, ratings challenged freshman comedy "Dads."
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"Secret Princes"

 "Secret Princes"

Credit: TLC

Exclusive: Meet the dorky royals of 'Secret Princes'

These guys may be royalty, but they're single for a reason

For every woman who grew up dreaming of a handsome, charming prince to sweep her off her feet, "Secret Princes" (TLC, premieres Fri. Oct. 25 at 10:00 p.m.) should fix that right quick. A reality TV show following four royals from different nations looking for love in Austin, Texas without benefit of their impressive resumes, this show suggests that at least some of these princes are neither charming nor handsome and may really want to call the royal matchmaker when they get back home. In this clip, the royals fight over who gets the better bedroom. The way these guys go at it, you'd think the losers had to sleep in a pup tent in the backyard. 

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Report: 'Entourage' movie is almost a done deal

Report: "Entourage" movie is almost a done deal
According to TMZ, Warner Bros. has resolved the pay dispute by promising  back-end pay. So a deal could be finished as early as today.

NBC hasn't officially announced "Celebrity Apprentice's" return, but it's "on track" to be made

The Peacock's reality boss sent out this cryptic statement about "Celebrity Apprentice's" future: "We are on track to produce The Celebrity Apprentice as always planned, coordinating among New York City weather conditions, sponsor needs, and celebrities’ schedules."

It's official: "Dads" gets picked up for a full season
The sitcom critics absolutely hated will run at least through May.

Lifetime renews "Drop Dead Diva"

A 13-episode 6th season has been ordered for next year.

"Catfish" gets a 3rd season

MTV has renewed the reality hit.

Rose McGowan's reaction to "Charmed" reboot: "lame lame lame lamertons"
"They really are running out of ideas in Hollywood," the former "Charmed" star tweeted. Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano had no reaction.

L.A.'s mayor signs TV pilot fees waiver
Mayor Eric Garcetti, who was joined by "Sons of Anarchy's" Ron Perlman, in making today's announcement.

Craig Robinson to guest on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
"The Office" alum will play a small-time criminal who helps out Andy Samberg.

ABC: High-profile "Scandal" blogger is an ex-roommate of one of our employees
The network conducted an "exhaustive" investigation to determine that a sales director wasn't responsible for blogging as "Scandal411."

Carrie Fisher will appear in Bravo's "Girlfriends Guide to Divorce" pilot
She'll make a cameo as Lisa Edelstein's book editor.

Why "Scandal's" love affair is tantamount to emotional abuse
Here are all the ways Olivia Pope's relationship with President Fitz is dangerous. PLUS: Watch "Scandal" cartoon summaries, Scott Foley talks Olivia and Jake, Katie Lowes likes to drop F-bombs, Tony Goldwyn is a binge-watcher, and Bellamy Young talks playing First Lady Mellie Grant.

"Once Up on a Time in Wonderland" casts "Force of Nature"
Aussie Peta Sargent will recur on the ABC spinoff.

Piers Morgan and Sarah Palin are feuding on Twitter
Palin isn't interested in Morgan's invitation to appear on "your shambolic show."

How "The Good Wife" became better than ever

The network model allowed writers the room to experiment, which resulted in the civil war story. PLUS: "Good Wife" boss talks "Hitting the Fan," and TV doesn't get better than Sunday's episode.

USA's "Modern Family" reruns getting writer commentary
Fans who sync the show with their computers will be able to get several extra features.

"SVU" vs. "Scandal"

Which show had the better Anthony Weiner storyline?

Why "Masterchef Junior" is TV's best reality competition show
As Willa Paskin notes, "Like the Scripps National Spelling Bee, 'MasterChef Junior' is a celebration of talent, precocity, merit, obsession, and, above all, losing."

Jon Cryer's ex-wife is demanding $88,000 a month for child support

The "Two and a Half Men" star's ex wants the child support payment for their 13-year-old son raised from $8,000 a month so he can compete with his peers.

A&E's "The Governor's Wife" essentially recycles dirt
The reality show, premiering Sunday, follows Louisiana's ex-con ex-governor, age 84, and his 30-something wife.

Fred Armisen on "SNL": "It's great not to be there"

Now working on "Portlandia" in Oregon, Armisen says, it's "been nice watching 'SNL,' and watching it grow, and become something else. That's how much I love that show. I still feel a responsibility towards it. It's great to not be there. And it's great to watch it, and it's great to be here. So, as hippie as it sounds, I'm like in perfect happiness."

Examining Bisexuality on TV
Shows like "Revenge" and "The Good Wife" have been creating quality portrayals of bisexuals.

"Gold Rush" is back

Season 4 begins tonight in Guyana.

For sale: "Golden Girls" Legos

An Etsy user has created Lego versions of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia.

"The Amazing Race": Which teams were the most amazing?
Here's a countdown of the Top 25.

"Eastbound & Down" is having a brilliant final season

Season 4 has brought everything back home again.

NBC's "Dracula" is bloody fun
The limited series beginning tonight makes good use of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' acting ability. PLUS: It's a rather drab show, Rhys Meyers' off-putting, snaky, dirty, louche vibe works in this setting, and how producers made this dracula more mainstream.

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"Untold Stories of the ER"
Credit: Discovery Fit & Health

Exclusive clip: Girl gets gross surprise on 'Untold Stories of the ER'

This puts a new spin on putting a bug in your ear

Have you ever put a bug in someone's ear? Literally? Probably not, but it turns out bugs can get in there, and the pain is so intense you might end up writhing and bucking so hard people think you're having convulsions. Learn something new every day! In this exclusive clip from "Untold Stories of the ER" (airs Sun. Oct. 27 at 9:00 p.m. on Discovery Fit & Health, then repeats Sat. Nov. 2 at 9:00 p.m.), see what a bug in your ear really looks like. Consider this your warning. Also, don't watch this right before you eat.

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Marion Cotillard in "The Immigrant."
Marion Cotillard in "The Immigrant."
Credit: The Weinstein Company

Marion Cotillard chases the dream in international trailer for 'The Immigrant'

Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner also star in the film, out next spring

It's getting to the time of year when early drafts of year-end Top 10 lists start forming in our heads -- and bar a sudden windfall of previously unseen masterpieces between now and December, one film I'm reasonably confident will be on mine is James Gray's extraordinary romantic melodrama "The Immigrant," in which Marion Cotillard plays a wide-eyed Polish ingenue tussled over by showman brothers Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner.

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<p>As long as they don't try to make Sherman cool, I'm down with it.</p>

As long as they don't try to make Sherman cool, I'm down with it.

Credit: 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks Animation

First 'Mr Peabody & Sherman' trailer makes time travel seem silly in a good way

Ty Burrell seems like a good fit for the world's smartest dog

Here's a perfect test case to see if you can sell a property that was made to exploit nostalgia when there's no genuine nostalgia for the property among the target audience. The only way this film adaptation of "Mr Peabody & Sherman" is a big hit is if kids go see it, and as far as kids today are concerned, "Mr Peabody & Sherman" is brand-new.

Dreamworks seems to know that this is going to take some special handling. Since they moved to 20th Century Fox, there have been at least three different press events for this particular film, and they've really been trying to sell us on how beloved the Jay Ward characters are. That's partially true. I grew up watching "Rocky & Bullwinkle" in all its various incarnations and repackagings, and I have every DVD of material they've released. There is a droll anarchy to those shows that I love, and I've certainly put them on a few times to try to share them with my kids.

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<p>The &quot;American Idol&quot; Season 13 judges</p>

The "American Idol" Season 13 judges

Credit: FOX

FOX sets 'American Idol,' 'Following' returns plus a 'Sleepy Hollow' finale

'Surviving Jack' will get an 'Idol' bump on Thursdays
FOX announced its Spring 2014 premiere dates on Friday (October 25) afternoon, a slate including confirmed returns for "American Idol" and "The Following," plus a scheduled boost for the comedy "Surviving Jack" and the Greg Kinnear drama "Rake."
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<p>Lady Gaga promotes her album in Berlin this week with a mustache</p>

Lady Gaga promotes her album in Berlin this week with a mustache

Credit: AP Photo

3 on 3: Has Lady Gaga lost her way?

Is Momma Monster still on the right track?

Lady Gaga's new album, "ArtPop," comes out Nov. 11, and almost every day now brings a snippet of a new song or new artwork. But in many ways, it feels as though some of the excitement for Lady Gaga has died down from the fever pitch of the last few years. For example, even though "Applause" did well, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, it wasn't the radio smash that some of her past hits have been. Plus, it's a crowded field out there for female artists right now, so artists like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are grabbing the spotlight for themselves.

In this round of 3 on 3, we question if Lady Gaga is still on the best career path or has she lost her way a little.

Has Lady Gaga’s pop spotlight  between eclipsed by Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus? Should she wait until next year to put out her album?

Gregory Ellwood: No, for someone who is the media cross hairs 24/7 pushing the album would be something of a publicity nightmare. Every reporter and commentator would be  At this point, her record company should just have lowered expectations internally or the album (which feels like Gaga's version of Madonna's "American Life").  What's unclear is if there is really a solid hit single on the rest of the album. "Applause" might have underperformed because of bad timing and Gaga's insistence of going all - for lack of a better word - "arty" with her promotion.  Is there really anything better on the album? We haven't seen any evidence of that so far.

Katie Hasty: I think those are very different artists who are popular for very different reasons. And the reasons that Lady Gaga feels a little eclipsed right now is because the reasons she became popular feels like they're on trial. The larger-than-life performances, the social messaging, the arty-ness of her brand is just not hitting in the massive way it had before. But that doesn't mean she should change it up, even for a less saturated release date. I love Lady Gaga, or at least the idea of her, so she should just keep beating her own drum.

Melinda Newman: Miley Cyrus has definitely stolen some of Lady Gaga’s thunder: one only has to look back to MTV VMAs  to know that: Lady Gaga opened the show with the world premiere performance of “Applause,” and yet no one was talking about that around the water cooler the next day (nor were they talking about Perry’s show closing performance). It was Miley 24/7 for several days. Gaga has an endless supply of tricks so she might want to pull a few of them out between now and 11/11. As for pushing the album back into 2014: no way. She will own the week of release; no other major commercial artist is coming out that day, so she has the field to herself. Beside, pundits are estimating “ArtPop” will sell up to 450,000 in its first week. Cyrus sold around 270,000 and Perry will top out around 300,000, so Lady Gaga still has it.

Are her other antics, such as appearing nude in the yoga/meditation video, fighting with Perez Hilton, and her other Twitter rants taking away from the music or just part of her celebrity?

Gregory Ellwood: Compared to some of her peers her public antics actually are not that bad. Gaga's problem at the moment is that she's just taking herself just a bit too seriously which is framing her music in an unfavorable light (and leading to some questionable creative decisions). This has actually been something of an issue for the past two years or so, but "Gaga" got away with it during the success of "Born this Way." At this point, the club-fun persona of "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" is long gone and an overly preachy performer stands in her place. And, well, it's just not as fun anymore to a majority of her crossover fans.

Katie Hasty: At times it seems Lady Gaga did much better with her rise to fame that she has maintaining it. Petty fights seem to be diluting what made her such a rare talent to begin with. Her appearing nude -- and not always in a pretty or sexy way -- has always been part of her celebrity, so in that case I think it give her at least the apparition of control over how she's perceived by her fans and her detractors. However, there's a hint that that control is lost when she goes on a tear online. It's a balance, for sure.

Melinda Newman: They are taking away from her music.  The meditation video felt like an almost desperate bid for publicity as she began gearing up for the “ArtPop” album cycle. As for the fight with Perez Hilton, such spats seem beneath someone who has strived so hard to show an almost preternatural love for her fellow misfits. Petty Lady Gaga isn’t a pretty. We’re used to her getting attention for her barely there and wacky outfits. Isn’t that enough?  Lady Gaga would have fit in perfectly with Andy Warhol’s Factory, but now, as in then, the artifice threatens to overwhelm the art.

Has any song you’ve heard from “ArtPop” so far gotten you excited about the album?
Gregory Ellwood: Sadly, just "Applause." The R.Kelly track is instantly forgettable and a misfire. Although, truth be told, it's fascinating to hear her morph into Grace Jones during parts of "Aura," but do you ever want to listen to it again?

Katie Hasty:I think "Applause" rules, it's very "her." I like the sexual vitriol of "Swine," there's something very "Bad Romance" cringe-y nasty about it. I'm just ready for a music video that makes me lose my mind, and so far I'm nonplussed.

Melinda Newman: Of the four songs I’ve heard, each has its moment, but none has held up as a song from start to finish that intrigues me.  Having said that, Lady Gaga’s music isn’t an instant grab for me. I usually find it has to seep in through repeated plays, something that first single “Applause,” has not done after several listening .While I like “Do What U Want” more than my colleagues, Katy and Greg, the only tune I’ve heard so far from “ArtPop” that feels it’s in Lady Gaga’s sweet spot is “Swine,” an EDM track that feels the least labored of any of the four tunes that have escaped so far.


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<p>Beyonce at her Oct. 16, 2013 concert</p>

Beyonce at her Oct. 16, 2013 concert

Credit: AP Photo

Pharrell on Beyonce's album: 'She's not going to put it out until it's ready'

Hit producer is also working on 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' score

Beyonce’s long awaited fifth studio album may be coming closer to being released. In an interview with Billboard, Pharrell, who has worked on the set along with a phalanx of other writers and producers, said Beyonce has been telling other people “Yeah, I’m almost done.” But he doesn’t sound like he’s so sure its arrival is imminent.

“B’s album is crazy. Let me tell you what it is,” he says. “She’s very particular. She’s a Virgo. And she’s not going to put it out until it’s ready and feels like it’s right to her. She’s got a very specific taste. I guess that’s the reason she’s Beyonce. Her name is recognizable around the globe and that’s huge. That comes from someone that has very particular taste. When you know what you want, you won’t stop until you get it.”
Plus, he adds that he’s going back into the studio with Queen B, so it sounds like we really might not get this one until 2014.

Beyonce has dropped a number of songs and/or song snippets over the past year and none of them have gained traction, despite being catchy: “Bow Down/I Been On,” “Grown Woman,” and “Standing On The Sun.” There’s no word if any of those tracks will be on the album.

In the meantime, as previously reported, The New York Daily News reported that Beyonce will drop a new single Dec. 3 and an accompanying video shot by Terry Richardson.

In addition to working with Beyonce —and appearing on the two biggest hits of the summer, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,”  Pharrell is working with a number of other artists and collaborating with Hans Zimmer on scoring “The Amazing Spiderman 2.”


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<p>Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz in &quot;The Counselor.&quot;</p>

Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz in "The Counselor."

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Tell us what you thought of 'The Counselor'

Ridley Scott's star-studded thriller has split the critics, but what do you say?

The advance buzz on Ridley Scott's "The Counselor" could hardly have been less encouraging. For a film from a major director -- written by Cormac McCarthy, no less -- with a dream cast including Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt, the fact that it was only shown to critics days before its release seemed to spell disaster. As it is, it seems Fox really wanted to prevent word of the thriller's supposedly nihilistic bleakness from spreading too far; the one thing the critics do agree on is that it's not a crowdpleaser.

Other than that, reviews are all over the map: many have excoriated it, but Manohla Dargis is chief among its vocal champions. Drew McWeeny is somewhere in the middle; I haven't had an opportunity to see it yet. So, over to you: it's pretty obvious this is no awards contender, but is the movie itself a misfire or not? Vote in the poll below, and share your thoughts in the comments.  

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CBS is rebooting 'Charmed'

CBS is rebooting "Charmed"
CBS is interested in a ""re-imagining" of the WB witch drama that ran from 1998 to 2006. "Charmed" is said to be one of the most binge-watched shows on Netflix.

Fox announces midseason schedule: "American Idol" Season 13 kicks off Jan. 15

"The Following" returns Jan. 20 after "Sleepy Hollow," while "Rake" will debut over two nights beginning Jan. 19 after the NFL's NFC Championship game. PLUS: Fox cuts "Idol" results show to 30 minutes.

"Dads" is closing in on a full-season pickup
The critically hated sitcom has been doing well for Fox.

Fox putting "Surviving Jack" after "American Idol"

However, the freshman comedy's order has been reduced from 13 to eight episodes.

Watch "Game of Thrones'" Richard Madden in "Klondike"

Here's the trailer for the Discovery Channel miniseries.

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