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Recap: 'Doctor Who' - 'Listen'
Credit: BBC

Recap: 'Doctor Who' - 'Listen' to the sound of the entire fandom gasp simultaneously

Perhaps the most unexpectedly lore heavy episode in a long time.

Last week saw Twelve and Clara in a stand-alone episode. “The Robot of Sherwood” had some great dialogue and character insights wrapped in a candy coating of absurdity. I don’t know about you guys, but I was along for the ride right up until the last ten minutes. A leap of faith via suspension of disbelief is acceptable…even expected…but the “golden arrow” might be the new “jumping the shark.” Can this week’s episode “Listen”, written by showrunner Steven Moffat, right the ship? 


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Benjamin McKenzie suffered a 'Gotham' head injury on his 36th birthday
Credit: Instagram

Benjamin McKenzie suffered a 'Gotham' head injury on his 36th birthday

Benjamin McKenzie suffered a “Gotham” head injury on his birthday
"Happy Birthday to me,” the actor wrote on Instagram. "Fight sequence gone awry. Don't ram your head into concrete pillars kids. #gotham.” McKenzie is expected to be back at work on Monday.

“Orange is the New Black” writer left her husband for an actress on the show
Lauren Morelli, who joined the Netflix series as a writer soon after her marriage, realized through the writing process that she’s a lesbian. And now she’s dating Samira Wiley, AKA Poussey.

“Barney Miller” co-creator dies
Theodore J. Flicker wrote the pilot "The Life and Times of Captain Barney Miller,” which ABC aired in 1974. The pilot paved the way for the hit series, which ran from 1975 to 1982.

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Cecily Strong reacts to leaving 'SNL’s' Weekend Update desk
Credit: NBC

Cecily Strong reacts to leaving 'SNL’s' Weekend Update desk

Plus: More TV stories from around the web

Cecily Strong reacts to leaving “SNL’s” Weekend Update desk
"I don't see this as me leaving update,” she wrote on Instagram,
"just as me being on update in a looser, goofier way that is a lot more fun for me and in a way I think I'm better at. Unless you are just a person who enjoys being angry or sad. Then I guess play on, playa. Also, I danced.” PLUS: Why a woman is needed on “Update."

“Utopia” plummets yet again
The 3rd airing of the year-long “reality experiment" slipped to 2 million viewers.

Watch Conan, Weird Al and more sing at “The Simpsons” at the Hollywood Bowl
Conan O’Brien performed "The Monorail Song."

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Best and Worst of the Toronto Film Festival: 'Nightcrawler,' 'The Judge,' Julianne Moore

Best and Worst of the Toronto Film Festival: 'Nightcrawler,' 'The Judge,' Julianne Moore

How many movies did Adam Driver appear in again this year?

Another edition of the Toronto International Film Festival is effectively over and the powers that be have a lot to ponder before the planning for 2015 begins. Yes, there were famous faces such as Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Aniston and Channing Tatum strutting their stuff on the venues' red carpets. Yes, the festival got extremely lucky with five buzzworthy world premieres ("Still Alice," "The Theory of Everything," "Nightcrawler," "Top Five" and, no joke, "Tusk"). Yes, they made some unexpected awards season noise with Julianne Moore and, in some people's eyes, Jennifer Aniston. And yes, they had a lot of fun with Bill Murray Day. But…

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<p>Two new pioneers head for &quot;Utopia&quot;</p>

Two new pioneers head for "Utopia"

Credit: FOX

'Utopia' ratings update: Friday premiere falls, Sunday gets a DVR bump

FOX execs have promised patience, but how long will that last?

We're still two Fridays away from the full return of regular programming and therefore the full return of regular Friday night ratings reports. However, with FOX's "Utopia" having a premiere for a time period it is scheduled to occupy for six weeks -- with an emphasis on "scheduled to occupy," because it's hard to predict how long it will actually be there -- it seemed worthwhile to look at the numbers, especially since FOX has also released Live+3 DVR figures for Sunday's launch.

Let's check out those numbers.

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<p>ABC&#39;s &quot;Galavant&quot;</p>

ABC's "Galavant"

Credit: ABC

Take Me To The Pilots '14: ABC's 'Galavant'

Timothy Omundson is the bright spot in this medieval musical fairy tale

[In case you've Forgotten, and as I will continue to mention each and every one of these posts that I do: This is *not* a review. Pilots change. Sometimes a lot. Often for the better. Sometimes for the worse. But they change. Actual reviews will be coming in September and perhaps October (and maybe midseason in some cases). This is, however, a brief gut reaction to not-for-air pilots. I know some people will be all "These are reviews." If you've read me, you've read my reviews and you know this isn't what they look like.]

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ABC is moving forward with its Chevy Chase-Beverly D’Angelo comedy
Credit: Warner Bros

ABC is moving forward with its Chevy Chase-Beverly D’Angelo comedy

ABC is moving forward with its Chevy Chase-Beverly D’Angelo comedy
The proposed comedy reuniting the “National Lampoon's Vacation” stars has received a script commitment from ABC and ABC Studios.

“The Office’s” Angela Kinsey signs on for an ABC buddy comedy
Kinsey will also co-create the comedy about an ex-wife who becomes BFFs with her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

“Nashville” gets Mykelti Williamson to sing
The “Forrest Gump” star will play a brilliant musician-turned-nomad over four episodes on the ABC series.

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Kathy Griffin slams TV execs over lack of female late-night hosts
Credit: Bravo

Kathy Griffin slams TV execs over lack of female late-night hosts

Kathy Griffin slams TV execs over lack of female late-night hosts
“I was interested in the Ferguson spot long before it was announced because I had a feeling things might shift,” Griffin tells The AP. “My joke phrase is, ‘I can start Monday.’” She says the response she got from one executive was “they’re not considering females at this time."

Joan Rivers’ death: Endoscopy clinic director fired
Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the medical director of Yorkville Endoscopy, has been on administrative leave since Aug. 28.

Why did Twitter suspend the account for “SNL's" Cecily Strong?
Strong hasn’t commented on Twitter about her Weekend Update exit because her @cecilybecily account has been suspended. PLUS: Colin Jost can’t wait to welcome Cecily back on Update “Girl at the Party."

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Finally, a trailer for 'Serena' with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

Finally, a trailer for 'Serena' with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

The film will bow at the London fest next month

What else can you really say about Susanne Bier's "Serena?" We're still waiting. "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle" have come and gone (the latter having begun and ended production with "Serena" wrapped) and still the Depression Era drama has yet to come out and play. The cards will be on the table next month, though, as the film premieres at the London Film Festival ahead of an Oct. 24 UK bow. Will it be worth the wait?

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Leading contenders for Grammy's Album of the Year

After Beyonce, who else is a sure bet?

The eligibility period for the 2014 Grammy Awards is drawing near: to be considered for the most coveted award of all, album of the year, a record had to come out between Oct. 1, 2013 and Sept. 30, 2014.  A number of acts who would normally be considered leading contenders, including Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift, will miss this year’s cut-off.

Below is a list of albums we think will be under heavy consideration as the first-round ballots go out to Grammy voters over the next few weeks.

In no particular order:

Beyonce,” Beyonce: I’d say this is a sure thing, but I thought a nod for Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” was a given last year and it got blanked. Even though it didn’t spawn many radio hits, “Beyonce” loomed large since its surprise December release, not only for the critical hosannahs it received, but for the overall arc of the project’s music, videos, and Beyonce and tour.

“Morning Phase,” Beck: An album of stunning beauty both lyrically and musically, “Morning Phase” is an immersive experience that is meant to be heard as a whole as each song unfolds and builds on what has come before it. It’s a sequel of sorts of 2002’s “Sea Change,” but Beck couldn’t have made this album before now

“Lightning Bolt,” Pearl Jam:Not a deep as some of Pearl Jam’s past albums, both in terms of lyrical content and in terms of deep bench, but “Lightning Bolt” still has some gems, including the title track and “Siren,” one of the best songs the band has ever done—and that’s saying a lot. Given its release nearly a year ago, it may be a forgotten gem when it comes Grammy time.

“Prism,” Katy Perry: She was nominated in this category before for “Teenage Dream.” While “Prism” hasn’t felt like it was the cultural milestone that “Teenage Dream” was, the album has held up well and is a solid pop effort.  

Reflektor,” Arcade Fire: The Canadian group’s last album, “The Suburbs,” stunned everyone by winning album of the year at the 2011 ceremony, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable that “Reflektor” would get shown some Grammy love, especially given its success and the growth the band has experienced since “The Suburbs.”

“The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” Eminem: Marshall Mathers has been up for this award three times before, including for 2000’s “The Marshall Mathers LP,” yet has never won. This won’t be his time either for the grand prize, but

“In The Lonely Hour,” Sam Smith: It’s a beautiful album and he’s sort of the male equivalent of Adele while we wait for her to return.

“Ghost Stories,” Coldplay: No, it’s not Coldplay’s greatest album, but it’s been reliably sturdy and has had a depth that not many of the nominated albums have this year. Plus, doesn’t everyone want to see Chris Martin bring Jennifer Lawrence as his date to the awards and thank her when Coldplay wins?

“Lazaretto,” Jack White: “Blunderbuss” got a best album nod a few years back, but “Lazaretto” seems to have burned out relatively quickly after a strong start. Having said that, the Grammy voters like what White stands for and appreciate his love of artists from an earlier era.

“Ultraviolence,” Lana Del Rey: It’s a fine album and one that showed that Del Rey has staying power and isn’t just a flavor of the month. Plus, Grammy voters like to think they’re hip and Del Rey has hipster cred.

“Hypnotic Eye,” Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: It’s not the band’s best, but it’s a darn fine effort and it landed TP & the HB their first No. 1 album ever. Voters can feel good about nominating a band that is still churning out great music, unapologetically without relying on gimmicks, reality shows, contests or anything but solid grooves.

Other contenders:
“1000 Forms of Fear,” Sia
“High Hopes,” Bruce Springsteen
“Supernova,” Ray Lamontagne
“The River & The Thread,” Rosanne Cash
“My Krazy Life,” YG
“X,” Ed Sheeran
“G I R L,” Pharrell
“Turn Blue,” Black Keys
“Cheek to Cheek,” Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
“Platinum,” Miranda Lambert
“The New Classic,” Iggy Azalea

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Review: Smart kids once again save Winter in sweet 'Dolphin Tale 2'
Credit: Warner Bros.

Review: Smart kids once again save Winter in sweet 'Dolphin Tale 2'

It's more of the same, but that's not a bad thing

If I were the one running Warner Bros, I must admit it would not have occurred to me to pursue the idea of a sequel to 2011's "Dolphin Tale".

After all, the first film was the story of how a dolphin lost her tail in a crab trap, only to find her way to an aquarium and animal rescue facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she was eventually fitted with an innovative prosthetic. Story told, right? The sequel answers that question with a resounding no, and in doing so, it serves to highlight just how difficult it is for people, even with the best of intentions, to keep these animals in captivity and in good health at the same time. In its own small way, the film is part of the same conversation as "Blackfish," making the case that it's important work, but under carefully controlled circumstances only, and never at the expense of the animal.

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<p>McConaughey at the Emmys in August</p>

McConaughey at the Emmys in August

Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images

Matthew McConaughey is looking moody in first 'Sea of Trees' image

Is that a head wound last year's Best Actor winner is sporting?

It may not yet have a release date here in the United States, but we're still getting our first look at the new Matthew McConaughey film, "Sea of Trees." Directed by Gus Van Sant, the upcoming movie also stars Naomi Watts and Ken Watanabe.

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