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<p>&quot;Sleepy Hollow&quot;</p>

"Sleepy Hollow"

Credit: FOX

Interview: Producer Ken Olin on 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2 and getting Timothy Busfield naked

Director discusses the different templates that make 'Sleepy Hollow' unique

WILMINGTON, NC. Ken Olin's giant dog has the run of his office in the gloriously air-conditioned oasis that is the "Sleepy Hollow" production offices at EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

This is a fact I had forgotten until I went back to the recording of my interview with Olin and discovered that the audio is a fine conversation with a steady background of occasionally deafening panting. 

While "Sleepy Hollow" production has the run of large chunks of Wilmington, plus a variety of outdoor environments, EUE/Screen Gems Studios is the home to several stages housing a variety of regular interiors, as well as frequently repurposed sets like the tunnels and caves and caverns and various subterranean chambers that our characters constantly seem to find themselves navigating. [You can check out some non-spoilery pictures from the various stages here, as well as the photo of a dog who is NOT Olin's dog.]

The production offices are largely Olin's domain.

TV viewers of a certain age will perhaps always think of Olin as Michael Steadman from "thirtysomething" or, for those with a love of the esoteric and quickly canceled, Cameron Quinn from "EZ Streets." However, he's been directing since "thirty something" and for around 15 years that's been his primary gig. He has been a director and a directing producer on "Alias," "Brothers & Sisters" and "The Mob Doctor."

He's now director and executive producer on "Sleepy Hollow," helming a trio of episodes -- "Bad Blood," "The Sin Eater" and "Blood Moon" -- last season and Monday's (September 22) Season 2 premiere. 

The premiere reunites Olin with "thirtysomething" veteran Timothy Busfield, who plays Benjamin Franklin in which is apparently a rather revealing turn. Olin immediately lights up talking about this latest collaboration with his longtime friend. [Like Olin, Busfield is also a steadily working director and producer, who happened to be local because of his work in those capacities on ABC's midseason drama "Secrets and Lies." Peter Horton has taken the same career path, with his own midseason drama as producer and director, making one wonder what, exactly, was in the water on "thirtysomething."]

During my day on the "Sleepy Hollow" set, I chatted with Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, John Noble, Katia Winter, Lyndie Greenwood and Matt Barr, but I relished the chance to talk to Olin, because I love the nuts-and-bolts perspective on the process. And also because of the air-conditioning.

In the conversation, Olin talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the early production start and the 18-episode order for this "Sleepy Hollow" season, as well as the unique challenges that "Sleepy Hollow" presents that he's never experienced before.

He also explains why getting Timothy Busfield naked was a career high point.

Check out the full interview...

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'Saturday Night Live' Season 40: 10 Burning Questions

'Saturday Night Live' Season 40: 10 Burning Questions

Big Questions loom for Cecily Strong, Michael Che and more

With the fortieth season of “Saturday Night Live” just around the corner, we have a few questions about the upcoming year. It’s a huge year for the show, and we have some big queries for it before the September 27 premiere.

Chris Pratt will host the September 27 premiere with Ariana Grande as musical guest. They'll be followed by Sarah Silverman and Maroon Five.

Bill Hader will return for the October 11 episode with Hozier as musical guest.

And that leads to our Burning Questions...

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Doctor Who - Time Heist
Credit: BBC

Recap: 'Doctor Who' - 'Time Heist' is an old-fashioned bank robbery with a twist

How do you break into the most impenetrable bank in the universe?

After last week’s episode, which was arguably one of the strongest entries into the Whovian lore in years, can the show maintain that momentum? “Time Heist” looks like a straight forward bank caper in the vein of the Rat Pack or the new Rat Pack Ocean’s Eleven. But things are rarely, if ever, straight forward when the Doctor is involved.

Away we go!


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Credit: Starz

Recap: 'Outlander' - 'The Wedding' is less important than the honeymoon

Alternate episode title: "MORE WINE!"

Last week Claire — and the audience — were subjected to a harrowing experience. We got up close and personal with an honest-to-God psychopath wrapped in a shell of gentility. Black Jack Randall is welcome to die in a fire. 

But with the help of Scottish Santa, Claire escaped…and was immediately betrothed to Jamie to save her from falling back into the British army’s clutches. So without further ado, on to “The Wedding!”


Full disclosure: By the end of this episode,  I am still solidly Team Frank. 

Instead of opening at the wedding, or with a flurry of wedding preparation spearheaded by Mrs. Fitz (because she’s back at Castle Leoch), we open at another wedding. Claire and Frank’s to be precise. Just grind that salt into the wound harder, Starz.

Frank and Claire are holding hands and walking past the courthouse when Frank stops. Claire is puzzled but she looks so sharp in that off-white ensemble that I’m momentarily distracted. Why is 1940s fashion so pretty!? But it’s a good thing Claire is wearing a wedding appropriate outfit because her beau just proposed. Why wait to get married?

We just learned a few interesting things. Whenever this is taking place, Claire has not yet met her future in-laws. Frank is far more spontaneous than I would’ve pegged him for. And he’s also romantic and cares not for convention. He just wants to spend the rest of his life with his lady love, the societal pressures of his family be damned! He pops the question on the spot and Claire kisses him…

…but we are never to know if they went into the courthouse before heading to dinner as the new christened Mr. and Mrs. Randall. Claire was having a flashback to a happier moment while kissing Jamie. At THEIR wedding. Awkward. 

During some voice-over narration, our heroine tries to explain her current mindset. She compares her situation to broken string of pearls, with each pearl being a memory of her life with Frank. Slowly, each one is rolling away from her and into the darkness, and one day she might not remember it at all. As a happily married woman, this analogy terrifies me. Someone is getting a super long hug later. 

While Claire voices one my literal worst nightmares, we transition to the honeymoon suite. Jamie enters and looks uncomfortable as hell. Whether this is because his wife has been on the verge of tears all day, because he has no idea what he’s supposed to be doing, or because all the boys downstairs won’t leave until the marriage is consummated, is left up to viewer discretion. I’m going with “all of the above.”

Trying to diffuse the mood, Jamie quips that only Tweedle Hagrid and Tweedle Dumb have to watch the consummation. In a delightful moment of time-forgetfulness, Claire sarcastically calls him a “regular Bob Hope.” Jamie — and any audience members under the age of twenty-five — are confused. Who?

Speaking Claire’s language, Jamie hands his new wife a decanter of wine. It’s not Rhenish, so she tucks in fast to get drunk enough to handle what is about to happen. Three glasses disappear in quick succession. Poor Jamie tries to save the moment by giving a lovely speech about their new life together but Claire just pours herself another glass, while maintaining a look that screams she’s either about to pass out or throw up. 

Damn girl, you and Cersei Lannister are lush sisters separated at birth. Slow down!

Awww. Jamie thinks she’s knocking back enough fermented grapes to kill a small horse because she’s afraid he’s going to force himself on her. Claire is like, “Hahaha! I would never have thought that. Excuse me while I get another bottle,” before distracting her new husband from any thoughts of sexytimes with an impromptu Q&A session. 

We are thrust into our second flashback of the episode as Jamie explains why he would even agree to this. Budget Ben and Dougal have cornered our lad in the stables. You can tell this is serious because BB has a huge book of law. If Jamie hadn’t agreed, my money is on they were going to beat him with the letter of the law until he relented. They let Jamie know that if he doesn’t agree to this, Claire is going right back into the tender care of Black Jack and nobody wants that, DO THEY?? When Jamie asks why Dougal even cares what happens to Claire, it boils down to she didn’t rat them out to the British and one good turn deserves another. 

After laying on the guilt nice and thick, Dougal is forced to reveal the kicker. For the law to stick, it has to be a proper wedding. Jamie will actually have to sex Claire up…because just lying about it or making it look like they had sex is too complicated for these masters of law manipulation. I mean, she’s not a virgin. How would they even prove it? If Jamie came out and was all “Yep, it’s done,” who’s going to argue with him? Hell, pull an “Easy A” and have the two of them jump on the bed and moan to make it convincing! 

I am so disappointed in their lack of commitment to Sparkle Motion. Even Jamie’s Fairy Godfather is all “Dougal, you are supposed to be anti-rape. man!” But Dougal would rather split hairs about “persuasion.” And just like that he is back on my shit list. I’m getting whiplash from his numerous conflicts of personality. Dude, just be good or evil. Stop acting like a three-dimensional person! God!

Back in the present, we’re all distracted by Claire’s cleavage. And if you claim otherwise, you are a liar. She is one deep breath away from a wardrobe malfunction. 

Jamie makes another attempt to get the conversation back around to wooing his new bride. He says now that they’re married, she is safe. Claire has his name, his clan, and his protections. “AND MY AXE!” yells Gimli, wandering in from the wrong universe. 

It seems to be working, they go in for a kiss and…”TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FAMILY!” Super subtle, Claire. But it works. Somehow she manages to keep her husband’s mind off sex for hours as they swap stories about their families and lives, all while going through enough wine to put Dionysus to shame. So long in fact, they end up having to light candles. Maybe even too long, because suddenly Tweedle Hagrid and Tweedle Dumb! They burst in hoping to find the couple In flagrante delicto, but alas they’re just boring old talking. In their clothes still. The boys are disappointed but beat a hasty retreat before they are struck down where they stand.

So, did Jamie seriously not lock the door? If not, rookie move man. You’ve clearly never had college roommates.

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Best and Worst of 'The Maze Runner': Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter, that Ending

Best and Worst of 'The Maze Runner': Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter, that Ending

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Warning: Read this article and story gallery at your peril if you have not seen the movie yet.  Spoilers lie ahead...

After months of hype, another potential YA franchise has hit movie theaters, "The Maze Runner" (aka the Dylan O'Brien of "Teen Wolf" movie).  

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<p>Nicole Beharie of &quot;Sleepy Hollow&quot;</p>

Nicole Beharie of "Sleepy Hollow"

Credit: FOX

Interview: Nicole Beharie on 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2 and North Carolina summer heat

What will a new boss and new bounty hunter mean for Abbie?

WILMINGTON, NC. I sit down with "Sleepy Hollow" star Nicole Beharie at the end of a long day on the FOX series' North Carolina set and a cumulative sympathy has set in.

I'd talked to Tom Mison about his heavy coat.

I'd chatted with Katia Winter as she scratched at welts acquired on a night shooting in the woods.

I'd spoken to EP Ken Olin in the air-conditioned production offices as he explained the difficulties facing the stars in the muggy Southern environment.

And I experienced the tiniest taste of the "Sleepy Hollow" experience as an extra in an airless bar that started off comfortable and became rather less-so as the takes began to add up.

Normally, network TV shows are in production from the late summer through the early spring, but part of the reward for its early Season 2 pickup meant that "Sleepy Hollow" got to resume production in the late spring and plow through the entirety of the North Carolina summer. 

Perhaps that's why as late afternoon rolled around and Nicole Beharie sat down, my inquisitive instincts didn't go to the plight Abbie Mills found herself in at the end of Season 1. Yes, finding yourself in Purgatory after an act of self-sacrifice involving your time-traveling partner and his witchy wife is uncomfortable, but is it any worse than finding yourself in August in North Carolina in a leather jacket because you're pretending it's actually autumn in New York?

As with my interview with Tom Mison, a lot of my conversation with Beharie is predicated on the rather safe assumption that at some point -- they were on Episode 8 when I was there -- Abbie is extricated or extricates herself from where we left her in the finale. I don't know how. I don't know when. Beharie didn't say. 

She does, however, discuss how Ichabod's lie involving the map to Purgatory creates some trust issues and hints at the fresh dynamics brought up by new characters Sheriff Leena Reyes (Sakina Jaffrey) and Nick Hawley (Matt Barr). 

Beharie also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both the heat and the early ramp-up to Season 2 production and how comfortable she is or isn't feeling in her second season as a TV regular. 

Season 2 of "Sleepy Hollow" finally begins this Monday, September 22 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Full interview below...

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<p>Ryan Phillippe of &quot;Secrets and Lies&quot;</p>

Ryan Phillippe of "Secrets and Lies"

Credit: ABC

Take Me To The Pilots '14: ABC's 'Secrets and Lies'

No, it's not based on the Mike Leigh movie. Yes, it has Ryan Phillippe.

[In case you've Forgotten, and as I will continue to mention each and every one of these posts that I do: This is *not* a review. Pilots change. Sometimes a lot. Often for the better. Sometimes for the worse. But they change. Actual reviews will be coming in September and perhaps October (and maybe midseason in some cases). This is, however, a brief gut reaction to not-for-air pilots. I know some people will be all "These are reviews." If you've read me, you've read my reviews and you know this isn't what they look like.]

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'The Good Wife' is even better in Season 6
Credit: CBS

'The Good Wife' is even better in Season 6

NY Times TV critic blames Twitter for the backlash to her 'Angry Black Woman' Shonda Rhimes article

“The Good Wife” is even better in Season 6
The CBS series is, says Willa Paskin, "in almost unheard of shape for a drama heading into the latter stages of middle age. By Seasons 7 or 8, most series are thinking about retirement, or ought to be. Typically they’ve been flagging for years, the vim and vigor of their youth long since mellowed. But 'The Good Wife' does not know from flagging. As it begins its sixth season, it is sharper than it has ever been, the ageless, wiry athlete sprinting circles around other dramas, tacitly talking trash. 'Anything you can do, I can do 22 times a year, without cursing, without much violence, and without a hoity-toity cable-TV address,”'it winks, as it runs by in some impeccably tailored workout gear. 'The Good Wife,' a delectable, invigorating series of unprecedented depth and cynicism, is the best drama on TV.” PLUS: There will be a big secret revealed on the season premiere, and does Will’s death still loom large?

Neil Armstrong’s life story will be told in a TNT miniseries
The first man to walk on the moon will be the subject of “One Giant Leap” from a writer on “The Earth to the Moon” and “Apollo 13."

NY Times TV critic blames Twitter for the backlash to her “Angry Black Woman” Shonda Rhimes article
“The whole point of the piece — once you read past the first 140 characters — is to praise Shonda Rhimes for pushing back so successfully on a tiresome but insidious stereotype,” TV critic Alessandra Stanley said in a statement issued by The Times.

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12 most important seconds of Pitbull's new 'Fireball' music video

12 most important seconds of Pitbull's new 'Fireball' music video


Pitbull has released the David Rousseau-directed music video to his "Fireball" single featuring John Ryan, which dances us into the night at a club into which we'd never be invited. Listen for the nod to Aerosmith's "Walk This Way," were this nod be a great seismic shift causing the Earth to lurch and bodies fold upon themselves.

Here are the most important seconds of this music video:

0:14: In a demonstartion of impressive restraint, it is at this second that Pitbull executes the second of only two Pitbull Giggles.

0:34: Guitar face LOL

0:47: I would literally pay money to hear Pitbull distinguish the term "conquering" from "cumming," in person, aloud.

1:08: Dad dance

1:44: This is the part where I thought, this party actually looks fun. Then I can do the big reveal on my latest moves.

2:17: Butt scan, a scan of butt.

2:19: Your poker face sucks, dude.

2:34: This is what I do whenever I enter a room.

2:47: "The Mask" At 20: An Homage

2:59: "I'm going to steal your drink and pee in it," she whispered.

3:37: Slight breach of etiquette in the ladies' room, but at least she wasn't peeing.

And then Bruce Wayne's parents were shot, in the rain, in a dark alleyway.

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E!’s 'Fashion Police' will continue without Joan Rivers
Credit: E!

E!’s 'Fashion Police' will continue without Joan Rivers

E!’s “Fashion Police” will continue without Joan Rivers
E! announced today that “Fashion Police” will be back in 2015, starting with Golden Globes coverage in January. No further details about a possible replacement for Rivers were announced.

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HBO's Joe Paterno film starring Al Pacino is on hold
Credit: Associated Press

HBO's Joe Paterno film starring Al Pacino is on hold

Report: Jim Carrey to host 'SNL' sometime this fall

HBO's Joe Paterno film starring Al Pacino is on hold
“Happy Valley,” which would’ve reunited Pacino with “Scarface” director Brian de Palma,” has been in the works for nearly two years. It would’ve chronicled the life of the legendary Penn State football coach, whose tenure ended in a child molestation controversy. HBO says the project is on hold, but not dead: “We have not killed the project, so to say so inaccurate. We have suspended pre-production for a moment to deal with budget issues, but the project is still intact at HBO with the entire creative team as before.”

Report: Jim Carrey to host “SNL” sometime this fall
Carrey is expected to host to promote “Dumb and Dumber To,” which comes out Nov. 14, according to The Wrap. Carrey previously hosted in 1996 and 2011.

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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FX

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 247: 'Gotham,' 'Scorpion,' 'Forever' & more

Dan and Alan also review 'Madam Secretary' and the 'You're the Worst' finale


Happy Friday, boys and girls! We promised a double shot of Firewall & Iceberg Podcast this week, and we delivered! After wrapping up the "Friday Night Lights" rewatch on Tuesday, we got deeper into the flood of new fall shows with some talk about "Madam Secretary," "Gotham," "Scorpion" and "Forever" before answering a listener question and wrapping things up with some "You're the Worst" retrospective talk. Back Tuesday with even more debuts, including the fall's best new show, "Transparent."

The rundown:

"Madam Secretary" (00:01:10 - 00:11:40)
"Gotham" (00:11:40 - 00:23:25)
"Scorpion" (00:23:25 - 00:34:30)
"Forever" (00:34:30 - 00:44:20)
Listener Mail - How to Review a TV Show (00:44:35 - 00:52:00)
"You're the Worst" finale (00:52:00 - 01:06:55)

As always, send questions to You can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file, subscribe on IHeartRadio or stream it on Dan's blog.

There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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