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'X Factor' Season 3 Interviews: The Girls - Rion Paige, Ellona Santiago and Khaya Cohen

'X Factor' Season 3 Interviews: The Girls - Rion Paige, Ellona Santiago and Khaya Cohen

Why do Rion, Ellona and Khaya think you should vote for them?
The Top 12 acts from the current season of "The X Factor" hit the red carpet at Beverly Hills' The Bazaar on Monday (November 4) night.
I already posted my interview with series creator/mentor/judge Simon Cowell, who discusses his category, the Groups. 
HitFix also caught up with all 12 acts, to discuss their journey so far and to ask them what the American people don't know about them that will make viewers want to vote for them. [In case you're curious, the answer to that standard question was, "Because I'm just an ordinary guy/girl" in the vast majority of cases.]
I'll be posting my interviews with the Finalists by category, starting with  the Girls, who are mentored by Demi Lovato.
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<p>Ben Affleck returns to awards season, whether he likes it or not, with &quot;Live By Night&quot; on Christmas Day 2015.</p>

Ben Affleck returns to awards season, whether he likes it or not, with "Live By Night" on Christmas Day 2015.

Credit: AP Photo

Oscar Bait: Clint Eastwood's 'Jersey Boys' and Ben Affleck's 'Live By Night' get dates

Could either impact future awards seasons?

It's never too early to look at future awards season players. Today, Warner Bros. slotted two potential players with new release dates.

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<p>Cobie Smulders seems more than ready to sign up for as many Marvel movies as possible.</p>

Cobie Smulders seems more than ready to sign up for as many Marvel movies as possible.

Credit: HitFix

Cobie Smulders says you always say yes when superheroes come calling

Maria Hill will be back in several new Marvel movies, and Smulders seems thrilled

I'm curious to see how filmmakers cast Cobie Smulders in the future. She's had an interesting decade with "How I Met Your Mother" launching her to prominence. A mere ten years ago, she was one of the young stars of ABC's flash-in-a-pan series "Veritas: The Quest," but once she was part of the break-out ensemble comedy that's wrapping things up with a controversial final season right now, it seems like she would suddenly start getting bigger roles.

Oddly, that's not how it has played out. I like "The Slammin' Salmon," and I think she's funny in it, but that's the biggest film role she played before "The Avengers," where she made her first appearance as Maria Hill. "Delivery Man" is still a smaller supporting role, but it's a step in the right direction. Next year, she's starring in a David Wain comedy along with some folks like Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Michael Shannon, Ed Helms, and Christopher Meloni. In addition, she's the voice of Wonder Woman for "The LEGO Movie," and she'll be back as Hill for the S.H.I.E.L.D.-centric "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

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Cheyenne Jackson joins Ryan Murphy's HBO human sexuality drama

Cheyenne Jackson joins Ryan Murphy's HBO human sexuality drama
The "Glee" vet will play a "handsome meth addict" on "Open."

FX announces premiere dates for "Justified" and "Archer"
Raylan Givens returns for Season 5, while "Archer" will be paired with gay white rapper comedy "Chozen" starting Jan. 13.

What was Cee Lo Green smoking on last night's "The Voice"?
Green was captured on camera with smoke coming out of his mouth, but NBC has edited the smoking out of the online version.

Damon Wayans Jr.: "New Girl" set has changed since I left
Wayans, who returns tonight as Coach, says: "There weren’t as many rooms when they shot the pilot. It was weird not knowing where stuff was." Meanwhile, "New Girl" creator Liz Meriwether recounts casting Wayans and losing him, and having to create the character of Winston. PLUS: How Coach will change the group, and Hannah Simone answers questions on Reddit.

Jason Ritter: No, I won't star in a "Three's Company" spinoff
Suzanne Somers proposed the idea, with Jason Ritter playing the son of Jack Tripper and Chrissy Snow.

Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" head writer will assume the same role on "The Tonight Show"
A.D. Miles has been Fallon's head writer during the entirety of Jimmy's "Late Night" run.

Conan O'Brien joins Chris Rock tonight on BET's "Real Husbands of Hollywood"

Says Conan: "I'm gonna hit that network like a ton of plain yogurt."

David Arquette is having a baby with his "ET" girlfriend

Arquette's girlfriend, Christina McLarty, is four months pregnant. Arquette already has a 9-year-old daughter with Courteney Cox.

Jimi Hendrix tonight gets the "American Masters" treatment, but is it too polite?
"Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin'" tends to smooth out the rough edges of his life, even the circumstances of his death.

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<p>Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens on &quot;Justified.&quot;</p>

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens on "Justified."

Credit: FX

'Justified,' 'Archer,' 'Chozen' part of FX winter schedule

'Archer' moves to Monday, and 'The Americans' premiere date is TBD

FX has announced a winter schedule that again has "Justified" on Tuesdays starting in January, "Archer" moving to Mondays around the same time, and "The Americans" debuting a bit later. And "Chozen," which was set to be the first brand-new series to debut on spin-off channel FXX, will instead be paired with "Archer" on the mothership, while repackaged episodes of "Da Ali G Show" will wind up on FXX with "Legit."

Let's go one at a time:

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History channel is remaking 'Roots'

History channel is remaking "Roots"

The 12-hour classic high-rated 1977 miniseries is being remade as an eight-hour miniseries that, according to Deadline, "will draw both on the book and the original mini from a contemporary perspective." A History exec adds: "We would like to revive that cultural icon for a new audience."

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'2 Broke Girls' will host the People's Choice Awards

"2 Broke Girls" will host the People's Choice Awards

Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings will take over hosting duties from Kaley Cuoco, who hosted the last two years. PLUS: Check out the list of People's Choice nominees.

"Game of Thrones" taps a Russian actor to play Styr, the Magnar of Thenn
Yuri Kolokolnikov joins Season 4 as the leader of the Thenn, "the most warlike tribe from beyond the Wall."

Lifetime adapting Broadway's "Trip to Bountiful" with Cicely Tyson and Vanessa Williams
They'll reprise their roles, while Blair Underwood and Keke Palmer will join the cast for the movie.

Pitbull to host the American Music Awards
The rapper/pop star will also perform with Ke$ha at the Nov. 24 ceremony.

Report: Paul Ryan prepped for his GOP Convention speech by watching HBO's "Game Change"
The new 2012 campaign book "Double Down" by the authors of the 2008 campaign book "Game Change" reveals that little tidbit, adding: "Ryan was riveted, but soon regretted it."

NBC orders more "Sean Saves the World" scripts
The four-script order is a sign NBC is confident in the freshman comedy.

Jason O'Mara joins USA's "Complications"
The "Vegas" and "Terra Nova" alum will play an ER doctor who's involved in a gang shooting in the drama from "Burn Notice" creator Matt Nix.

Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin will host CNN's New Years coverage for 7th straight year
The duo have provided many memorable moments over the past six New Year's Eves.

"Mob City" unveils its poster

It's by legendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan, who's designed posters for "Star Wars," "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Harry Potter."

Alexis Denisof to star in "Finding Carter" on MTV

The "Angel" alum will play the dad of "Skins" alum Kathryn Prescott in the coming of age drama.

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2014 Adapted and Original Screenplay Oscar Contenders: Most competitive year ever?

2014 Adapted and Original Screenplay Oscar Contenders: Most competitive year ever?

This year's field of originals and adaptations is incredibly dense

As we begin to taper off the weekly category run-downs (we have just one more left, Best Animated Feature Film), we move on to the screenplays. It's an interesting mix and the two categories, while not loaded with a ton of contenders, are still quite dense with multiple hopefuls sporting a fair shot at recognition from the writers branch.

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<p>David Bowie</p>

David Bowie

Win a David Bowie 'The Next Day' Extra CD prize pack! Enter our Retweet contest

Receive the 3 CD/DVD 'The Next Day' Extra and three rare vinyl singles

David Bowie’s album, “The Next Day,” is one of the year’s most acclaimed releases of the year. Songs like “Where Are We Now, “ “The Stars (Are Out Tonight,” and “Love is Lost” showed the legendary British visionary still had plenty to say, and said it in his beautifully unique style.

Today (5), Bowie releases “The Next Day” Extra, a deluxe 3-CD/DVD package that includes eight bonus songs, two new remixes, a DVD containing all 4 music videos from “The Next Day,” exclusive artwork, photos and more.

But wait! You don’t have to buy it because we’re giving it away for free to one lucky HitFix reader.

And there’s more!

The prize pack includes:

“The Next Day” Extra
AND 3 rare David Bowie vinyl singles:
-“The Next Day”
-“The Stars Are Out Tonight
-“Valentine’s Day.”

Here’s how you enter:
RETWEET the below tweet about the contest AND follow me @HitfixMelinda


RETWEET this tweet and follow @HitFix



RULES:  You must be a U.S. resident, 18 and older to win. Tweets from Private Twitter accounts will not be counted (because we can't see them). Contest ends Nov. 8 at 11:59 p.m. PT. HitFix retains the right to discount any tweets we deem inappropriate or suspicious. Winner will be selected randomly from retweets of both the above tweets. Winner will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter.


And after you enter, check out David Bowie's latest video for "Love is Lost," made for $12.99.


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<p>Disney's &quot;Frozen&quot;&nbsp;looks to be the frontrunner in this year's race.</p>

Disney's "Frozen" looks to be the frontrunner in this year's race.

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

19 animated features submitted for 2013 Oscar race

If at least 16 of them qualify the category will stretch to five nominees

The Academy has announced that 19 films have been submitted for consideration in this year's Best Animated Feature Film race. Per Academy rules, 16 qualifying films are needed for the category to extend to five nominations. But all 19 may not qualify. For instance, "The Smurfs 2" was submitted by Sony, but as with the first film in that franchise a few years ago, it could be dismissed by the Academy as ineligible due to various factors.

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A 'Glee' spinoff for Lea Michele?

A "Glee" spinoff for Lea Michele?

According to Radar Online, Ryan Murphy is developing a spinoff starring Rachel Berry that would give him a "viable exit plan" for "Glee." PLUS: Michele recorded a song in tribute to Cory Monteith.

"Low Winter Sun" star admits: "It wasn't a good show"

James Ransome says he'd be surprised if AMC renews the crime drama for a 2nd season. "I had higher expectations going in," he adds. "They can't all be winners."

"Walking Dead" star Steven Yuen's car was broken into while attending a fan convention
The actor lost a Macbook, an iPod and a moleskin notebook "full of my dumb ideas that I will never use," Yuen posted in an Instagram message to the "a**hole that broke into my car." Yuen also posted a video of himself driving with a broken window.

CW developing another superhero drama, "Hourman"
The DC Comics hero centers on a pharmaceutical analyst who can see tragic events an hour before they occur.

Jimmy Kimmel will host Howard Stern's 60th Birthday Bash

"Howard Stern's Birthday Bash" will be broadcast on Sirius on Jan. 31, celebrating Stern turning 60, which happens on Jan. 12.

"South Park" this week tackles Miley Cyrus vs. Sinead O'Connor
"You don't have to show your strange to get attention."

Cobie Smulders teaches Grover how to be courteous
Watch the "HIMYM" star's visit to "Sesame Street."

Stephen Colbert launches a Twitter that changes positive movie reviews into praise for Fox News

The Twitter feed @RealHumanPraise offers a new tweet of Fox News praise every two minutes.

"Mike & Molly" returns down despite CBS calling it "The New Mike & Molly"
The CBS comedy was down 4% from last year's premiere. PLUS: "The Voice" ratings slip for live premiere.

NBC News paid more than $100,000 for footage of skydivers' plane collision
Watch "Today's" exclusive that it paid for via "licensing fee."

Cher's "Dancing" stint includes mistakes, bleeping
ABC spent quite a bit of time censoring last night's guest judge.

ABC teams with bestselling novelist Patricia Cornwall on "Greta Stone"
The project would revolve around a female cop who is great a solving crimes.

"48 Hours" helps get a Missouri man's murder sentence overturned
Ryan Ferguson had served 10 years of a 40-year sentence when "48 Hours" came to his rescue.

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"Top Gear"

 "Top Gear"

Credit: History

Exclusive clip: 'Top Gear' gets electrically charged up

Rutledge puts the pedal to the metal in an electric car

"Top Gear" is getting a new time slot this week (Tues. Nov. 5 at 10:00 p.m. on History), and to kick things off the show is putting electric cars to the test. The show hosts drive three of the best sellers through Michigan to see which one elevates electric beyond just being a so-called green option into actual coolness. In this exclusive clip, Rutledge discovers what it's like to be able to access all of a car's power the second you hit the "gas." Turns out you can go pretty fast.

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