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NBC News to air a 'Why We (heart) Vampires' special on Friday, before "Grimm" and "Dracula"

NBC News to air a "Why We (heart) Vampires" special on Friday, before "Grimm" and "Dracula"
The NBC News special, hosted by MSNBC's Tamron Hall and consisting of a collection of vampire-related news clips, will preempt this week's "Dateline."

See the final 2 script pages of the "Breaking Bad" finale

Vince Gilligan's script declares: "He's back with his True Love."

"SVU" gets Clay Aiken, Taylor Hicks and Ashanti to play "Idol"-like judges
This will be the 2nd time Aiken has played a fake judge on NBC this year. Aiken played a judge on the penultimate "The Office" episode.

Watch PBS' "American Masters" documentary on Lou Reed
The 1998 75-minute documentary looks back at the life of the rock legend, who died yesterday at age 71. PLUS: "The Late Show" pays tribute to "our friend" Lou Reed with by posting a 1994 performance of "Sweet Jane."

Did "Homeland" twist save the season?
Last night we got some payoff from the twist, resulting in the season's best episode. PLUS: Twist has given "Homeland" a jolt of energy, it would've made no difference if viewers had known all along, and what happened to Saul's spy skills?

New Yorker posts an excerpt of BJ Novak's new book

"One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories" will be released in February.

George R.R. Martin thinks the "Game of Thrones" porn parody is rather tame
Martin thinks his books are smuttier than "Game of Bones."

"The Daily Show" is auctioning off its giant "Sexy Vagina" costume
The winner of the costume, which Kristen Schaal wore last week, must photograph themselves wearing the costume.

"The Following" adds "Oz's" Lee Tergesen
He'll play a normal family man who may have a dark secret.

HBO releases a 2nd "True Detective" trailer

Watch Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in action.

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<p>Justin Bieber at his Oct. 24 concert</p>

Justin Bieber at his Oct. 24 concert

Credit: AP Photo

Justin Bieber's in 'Recovery' on new track

He's got amends to make on latest #MusicMonday release

Justin Bieber has some apologizing to do and all he wants to do is make it right. On “Recovery,” his fourth track in his #MusicMonday series of weekly releases, he’s making amends even if it’s too late.

“First I’ll acknowledge all trust has been broken...learning life through trial and error/just trying to make it right,” he sings on the Usher-lite R&B track. Set against a hypnotic synthetic, finger-popping beat, Bieber is missing his girl from a distance since he pushed her far away and realizes too late the mistakes he’s made.

It’s a fairly flat song without a noticeable chorus or a lot of variations, but that seems to be design instead of a writing flaw.

While Bieber has not name-checked ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in his tweets, he has made clear how much the song means to him. Shortly after its delivery early this morning, he tweeted, “It’s here. One of the most important songs to me I’ve ever written. #Recovery. Hope it helps you.”

What do you think?


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<p>Sean Bobbitt on the set of &quot;12 Years a Slave&quot;</p>

Sean Bobbitt on the set of "12 Years a Slave"

Credit: Fox Searchlight

Cinematographer Sean Bobbitt sought truth in contrivance on '12 Years a Slave'

The DP has been collaborating with Steve McQueen since the early art gallery days

Filmmaker Steve McQueen’s relationship with cinematographer Sean Bobbitt goes farther back than their 2008 collaboration on McQueen’s feature debut “Hunger.” For some six or seven years before transitioning to the cinema, the two worked together on a series of film and video installations designed for gallery-based presentation. These early works were silent, stark pieces, often with a focus on the body (frequently McQueen’s own body). That aesthetic has deepened through their work on the big screen.

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'Anna Karenina,' Ennio Morricone among tech winners at European Film Awards
Credit: Focus Features

'Anna Karenina,' Ennio Morricone among tech winners at European Film Awards

No below-the-line nominees this year as EFA changes to a juried system

Nominations for the 26th annual European Film Awards -- the Continent's answer to the Oscars -- will be announced on November 9, with the ceremony to follow on December 7 -- but winners in six categories can already start rehearsing their acceptance speeches, as the EFA has changed the voting system for their technical awards. Instead of nominations and winners being announced and elected simultaneously with the top races, a specially appointed jury has instead chosen a single winner in each case.

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'Dexter' joining Netflix on Halloween

"Dexter" joining Netflix on Halloween
CBS has struck a deal to put the first four seasons on Netflix starting Thursday. The final eight seasons will begin streaming on New Year's Day.

NBC buys a lesbian-themed comedy from Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is teaming with one of her former writers on a comedy about a lesbian woman and her straight male best friend.

"The Sopranos'" Michael Imperioli books "Rake" role

He'll play a restaurateur accused of bigamy.

Craig Ferguson to host a "Celebrity Name Game" game show
Courteney Cox and David Arquette are producing the syndicated game show in which contestants try to name famous people.

Meredith Vieira's talk show sold in 60% of the country
The former "Today" host's" new talk show is set to premiere next fall.

CNN renews Morgan Spurlock's "Inside Man"

The docuseries will return for an eight-episode 2nd season in the spring.

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'Sesame Street' spoofs 'Homeland' with 'Homelamb'

"Sesame Street" spoofs "Homeland" with "Homelamb"
The target: A big bad wolf on the lamb.

Alana De La Garza will reprise her "Law & Order" role on "SVU"

But instead of playing an ADA, she'll be a federal prosecutor.

"Strike Back" renewed for a 4th and final season

Cinemax's first primetime drama series will return next year.

Jerry Ferrera: An "Entourage" movie is "real close" to getting underway
A deal, he says, could be closed today.

Adam Scott's "The Greatest Event in Television History" offers a family portrait clue
Jon Glaser, Catherine O'Hara, Chelsea Peretti and Kathryn Hahn will join Scott in the 3rd edition of the Adult Swim special.

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<p>The last out of World Series Game 4.</p>

The last out of World Series Game 4.

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: World Series Game 3, NFL overrun lead FOX to Sunday wins

'Once Upon a Time' is up for ABC
Fast National ratings for Sunday, October 27, 2013.
While NBC's Sunday Night Football coverage topped FOX's World Series baseball among young viewers, FOX also had NFL overrun on Sunday night, helping the network to ratings wins in most measures.
Due to the nature of live sporting events, of course, FOX and NBC's ratings are preliminary and subject to change, as are the numbers for CBS, which had some minor NFL delays in a handful of major markets.
The only network that probably won't have any major changes was ABC and despite all the competition, the network saw small gains for "Once Upon a Time" and "Betrayal."
On to the numbers...
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"Revenge" (ABC)


Credit: ABC

'Revenge' recap: Has Emily lost 'Control' of Aiden?

Nolan is looking for love in all the wrong places, too

I'm not quite sure why Charlotte has become so peripheral to the twisty-turny drama of "Revenge," but for the past few weeks her appearances have seemed largely ornamental and, yes, kinda ridiculous. Tonight, she might as well have hung a sign around her neck stating, "I am the plot twist! Please ignore previous character development!" Granted, there hasn't been much of that this season anyway. Other than twirling around and muttering in French, she's seemed unclear about who she should be hating and why. Next week I'm expecting Emily to hand her some note cards so she can keep up.

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<p>No need to surrender yet, boys:&nbsp;&quot;Strike Back&quot;&nbsp;is coming back for a final season.</p>

No need to surrender yet, boys: "Strike Back" is coming back for a final season.

Credit: Cinemax

Cinemax renews 'Strike Back' for final season

One more year for the action drama that's always been better than it needed to be

The good news: Cinemax is bringing back its terrific action drama "Strike Back" for another season.

The bad news: it'll be the last one.

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Felicity Jones in "The Invisible Woman."
Felicity Jones in "The Invisible Woman."
Credit: Sony Classics

Roundup: Felicity Jones defeats category fraud

Also: Academy's e-voting upgrade, and screenwriters turning to adaptations

In last week's Best Supporting Actress contenders gallery, I mentioned how farcical it was that Felicity Jones was being campaigned in that category for her inarguable lead performance in the title role of Ralph Fiennes' biographical romance "The Invisible Woman" -- category fraud is a fixture of the race now, but some calls are still too dishonest to let stand. Evidently, enough people agreed for Sony Classics to let common sense prevail, as Scott Feinberg reports that the company has switched Jones' campaign to a leading one. A small victory on principle, then -- though Jones is unlikely to be nominated either way for her strong work in the film. (Now, how about an honest supporting campaign for Jones' superb co-star Joanna Scanlan?) [Hollywood Reporter

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'Sons of Anarchy's' Maggie Siff is pregnant

"Sons of Anarchy's" Maggie Siff is pregnant
Siff is expecting her first child, revealing the news via her Twitter bio's change to "future mom." No word yet if her pregnancy will have any impact on the FX series.

"The Good Wife" bosses explain "Hitting the Fan"
What will happen after this week's game-changing episode? PLUS: "Hitting the Fan" brought everything.

Alyssa Milano: CBS' "Charmed" reboot is too soon

Milano shared her thoughts on Twitter: "The thing about them doing a #charmed reboot is... it just... it feels like yesterday. It feels too close."

Jeff Probst will guest on "Two and a Half Men"
The "Survivor" host announced his Nov. 14 guest spot on Twitter, but didn't say if he'll be playing himself.

"Sleepy Hollow" is boosting tourism to Sleepy Hollow, New York
The tiny village in Westchester County has seen a threefold increase in tourism since the debut of the Fox series.

"SNL" puts "Don't Smash My Pumpkin" music video on the web

Watch Taran Killam's cut PSA. PLUS: "SNL" creates a Wes Anderson horror movie.

Martha Plimpton apologizes for calling Julianne Hough a "moron"
The "Raising Hope" star ranted on Twitter over Hough's blackface "Orange is the New Black" costume, saying: "Can we use this moment additionally to also recognize that elevating morons to celebrity status does not help the world in any way? Ever?"

Watch Greg Kinnear in Fox's "Rake"
Here's the first trailer for the Australian legal drama remake.

RIP Edna Krabappel: Remembering Marcia Wallace's "Simpsons" character
Here are Bart's teacher's 11 best episodes.

See the trailer for "Cosmos" from Seth MacFarlane and Neil deGrasse Tyson
Fox's "Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey" is a sequel to Carl Sagan's "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage."

Alfonso Ribeiro welcomes Alfonso Ribeiro Jr.
The "Fresh Prince" star welcomed his second child on Sunday.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are expecting
The couple met on the 2011 season finale of "Saturday Night Live."

"Simon & Simon" star Mary Carver dies
Carver, 89, played the mother of the two private-detective brothers.

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<p>Danny and Tim of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Danny and Tim of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Get Our Groove On'

It's off to Poland where a Double U-Turn awaits
I'm a little distracted by Game 4 of the World Series, so I may need to make this recap really simple.
Sunday (October 27) night's episode of "The Amazing Race" was a clean and solid hour of TV, without delivering anything truly spectacular. The Detour options each had advantages and disadvantages. The Roadblock offered the potential to be exhausting, even if it was built entirely on luck. The Double U-Turn came into play the way the producers wanted it to (even if I remain frustrated by the logistics of its implementation) and helped add drama to the episode. And a team I mostly like went home, which was disappointing, but at least they were gracious about it and they have nobody in particular to blame other than themselves. 
So yeah. A decent "Amazing Race" episode is a decent thing to have, even if it isn't nearly as decent as if the Red Sox could figure out where they left the best offense in the American League.
More after the break...
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