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<p>Reggie (Owen Wilson) and Jake (Woody Harrelson)&nbsp;head back in time in the odd family comedy 'Free Birds'</p>

Reggie (Owen Wilson) and Jake (Woody Harrelson) head back in time in the odd family comedy 'Free Birds'

Credit: Relativity Media

Review: Wilson and Harrelson can't make uneven animated comedy 'Free Birds' fly

Silly time travel comedy really doesn't work

If you didn't read my "About Time" review earlier this week, it serves as a sort of unintentional preamble to this review, since by one of those weird quirks of film development and release, they're both time travel movies.

Richard Curtis uses the idea of time travel to explore the idea of what the heart wants. It's that simple. If you could do it, how would you build yourself the perfect life? It is a device that allows him to write about everything, really. He explores a lot of ideas in his film, and in some very personal ways.

"Free Birds," on the other hand, asks a big silly question: what if turkeys could change the first Thanksgiving so turkey never makes it on the national menu?

But… wait… is that a silly question? The film opens in a turkey farm, and it makes explicit in the first few moments that these turkeys are being fattened up for eventual slaughter. Reggie (Owen Wilson) is the one turkey who can see through to the code of the Matrix. He knows what's coming. And as a result of his near-constant state of panic, he's ostracized, an outsider.

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Lorne Michaels on adding a black woman to 'SNL': 'It will happen. I'm sure it will happen'

Lorne Michaels on adding a black woman to "SNL": "It will happen. I'm sure it will happen"
"It's not like it's not a priority for us," Michaels says in his first comments about "Saturday Night Live's" diversity controversy. PLUS: A civil rights group wants Michaels to respond to "SNL's" diversity problem.

Attorney General Eric Holder visits the "Homeland" set in Morocco

Holder stopped by the set Wednesday and chatted with (spoiler!) a certain cast member.

Season 1 "Survivor" B.B. Andersen, the 2nd person voted off the island, dies at 77

Andersen died of a brain cancer on Tuesday. As a contestant on Borneo, Andersen asked to be voted off on the 2nd episode of the very 1st season of "Survivor."

Which other TV stars are stuck at LAX?
"Curb Your Enthusiasm's" JB Smoove and NFL Network's Rich Eisen are among the celebrities stuck after this morning's shooting.

FXX teams with Sacha Baron Cohen, will air "The Ali G Show" with new intros
Cohen has signed a production deal with FXX to develop a new show and to air his old one retitled "Ali G: Rezurection."

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"Secret Princes"

 "Secret Princes"

Credit: TLC

Exclusive clip: Lorenzo seeks 'model' love, sex on 'Secret Princes'

The gooniest prince on the TLC show seeks his perfect girl in Texas

Oh, "Secret Princes," (Fri. at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC) what are we going to do with you? Prince Lorenzo de' Medici of Italy is determined to find love in the Lonestar State, but he's going about it all wrong, the silly squirrel. Actually, he may find the language barrier plays in his favor, as everyone thinks it's charming when he says he's good at the sexy, and this probably sounds even less smooth in his native tongue. In this exclusive clip, we see the man in action. We won't even comment on his neckerchief. 

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<p>Asa Butterfield in &quot;Ender's Game.&quot;</p>

Asa Butterfield in "Ender's Game."

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Tell us what you thought of 'Ender's Game'

The controversial sci-fi adaptation hits U.S. theaters today

Lots of talk about Gavin Hood's "Ender's Game" this week -- not all of it the kind a potential sci-fi franchise-starter might want. The controversial homophobic beliefs of Orson Scott Card, the film's producer and author of the popular source novels, have prompted a widespread campaign to boycott the film, regardless of its own merits. That's unfortunate since, as I wrote in my review, it's rather impressive: smart, idea-driven mainstream entertainment that doesn't patronize its young audience, and has a promising lead turn from star Asa Butterfield. But what do you think? The film's been out in other territories for a week, so a number of you might have caught it by now -- or are you joining the boycott? Share your thoughts in the comments, and vote in the poll below.

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<p>Naomi Watts in &quot;Diana.&quot;</p>

Naomi Watts in "Diana."

Credit: Entertainment One

Review: Naomi Watts is a plastic people's princess in misguided 'Diana'

Sadly, Oliver Hirschbiegel's dreary biopic is as bad as its reputation suggests
How do you solve a problem like "Diana?" How do you catch a bomb and pin it down? How do you find a word that means--okay, that's enough of that. Since its UK release six weeks ago, Oliver Hirschbiegel’s Princess of Wales biopic has been pinned down, all right. Exhaustively humiliated by critics and more unexpectedly rejected by the British public, it’s this year’s chief sacrificial lamb of the prestige film season, the turkey dressed in ragged swan’s clothing – choose your own demeaning fauna-based metaphor – and many reviews have jeered its gold-plated aspirations as much as its own chipboard flaws.
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Lifetime cancels 'The Client List' after standoff with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Lifetime cancels "The Client List" after standoff with Jennifer Love Hewitt
Hewitt, who is pregnant and a producer on the show, wanted her real-life fiance to play her on-screen baby daddy -- to the objections of Sony TV and Lifetime. Ultimately, Lifetime decided it didn't need a 3rd season of "The Client List" after the success of "Devious Maids" and "Witches of East End."

"Modern Family" books Jesse Eisenberg, Jane Krakowski and John Benjamin Hickey
Eisenberg will play Mitch and Cam's "eco-nut" neighbor, while Krakowski will battle Gloria as the mean mom of Manny's classmate. PLUS: Bryan Cranston was back this week directing "Modern Family."

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<p>Matthew McConaughey in &quot;Dallas Buyers&nbsp;Club&quot;</p>

Matthew McConaughey in "Dallas Buyers Club"

Credit: Focus Features

Tell us what you thought of 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Matthew McConaughey's awards play hits theaters today

The more this year's Oscar-contending crowd thins out a bit, the better "Dallas Buyers Club" is looking for a last hurrah Best Picture bid for Focus Features. Sure, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are strong in their races, but the passion vote could really help this one. I'm a big fan, particularly of how much the story of Ron Woodroof resonates in interesting ways with the zeitgeist. We've talked to McConaughey, Leto and director Jean-Marc Vallée and given you all the angles, but now the film hits theaters and you get to decide. Is McConaughey worthy of the Best Actor buzz? Can the film land more than acting nominations? Tell us in the comments section and feel free to vote in the poll below.

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2 "MythBusters" stars were in LAX terminal when gunman opened fire

2 "MythBusters" stars were in LAX terminal when gunman opened fire
Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci say they heard gunfire before they were safely evacuated. PLUS: "The Bachelor's" Chris Harrison and James Franco were also at the airport.

Shane West jumps from "Nikita" to "Salem"
He'll star in WGN America's first scripted series, set in 17th-century Massachusetts.

Allison Williams wasn't the 1st choice for "Girls"
Producers originally wanted Lena Dunham's best friend, Audrey Gelman, who turned down the role to work in politics. Gelman has made several "Girls" cameos.

"Hostages" premiere sees 110% jump in 30-day DVR viewership, "Mom" rises 72%
CBS released data also showing that "The Crazy Ones" pilot was watched by 24 million.

Heidi Klum transforms into an elderly woman for Halloween
Check her out at age 100. PLUS: Aziz Ansari was Thomas the Tank Engine.

Ken Jeong will co-anchor tonight's "SportsCenter"
The "Community" star will help tip off ESPN's NBA game coverage.

Fox sends Amaury Nolasco to "Gang Related"
The "Prison Break" alum will play the head of a cartel on the Fox series.

See the funny courtroom sketch of Guy Fieri

Fieri, testifying in the case of his stolen yellow Lamborghini, appears in what's described as "the most wonderful illustration of all time."

From The Onion: NBC cancels "Piven"
What if Jeremy Piven had his own sitcom?

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"Untold Stories of the ER"

 "Untold Stories of the ER"

Credit: Discovery Fit & Health

Exclusive clip: It's raining blood on 'Untold Stories of the ER'

Watch what happens when a man's stitches blow

While this comes just one day late for Halloween, I'd like to think that this blood-spurting exclusive clip from tonight's episode of "Untold Stories of the ER" (Fri. Nov. 1 at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery Fit & Health) might extend the holiday for you just a little bit. It's not a zombie apocalypse, but it's something!

In this clip, we learn about how one patient's vomiting jag rips apart the carotid patchwork on his throat. The result is one big mess that may not be possible to fix. There's a storm in town, and the small hospital isn't equipped to help this guy, who's too unstable to move. His I.V. has come out, the nurse can't find a vein, and he's going into shock. It's a nail biter, but I'm hopeful, aren't you?

Will you be watching "Untold Stories of the ER"? 

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'Scandal' dominates Halloween

"Scandal" dominates Halloween
Most other shows saw declines last night, but "Scandal" maintained last week's season low ratings.

Watch Kerry Washington's "SNL" promos with Eminem

"I love cupcakes."

Joshua Malina dresses as Olivia Pope, Jimmy Kimmel is Snow White
"I didn't do the full Julianne Hough," Malina said of the "Scandal" character. PLUS: Mindy Kaling dresses as Captain Hook.

"Glee" mulls sending Kurt to anti-gay Russia
That's one of three options being considered, including moving the entire series setting to NYC.

Jon Stewart says "Go F*ck Yourself" to Fox News for repeatedly invoking his name

"The Daily Show" host insists he's not that powerful.

NBC casts the von Trapp kids for "The Sound of Music"
Seven children have been cast including Gretl.

Rachel Maddow previews her "Simpsons" cameo
"I will never achieve anything this cool ever again in my life," she said on last night's show.

Vinnie Jones to tar in ABC's "Galavant"

The former British soccer star will play the king's henchman.

January Jones' Halloween costume: "Mad Men's" Betty Draper?
Jones looked like her AMC self while taking her son trick or treating.

Adam Levine is launching a Kmart Womenswear Collection
Turns out "The Voice" star's men's line is a success.

Watch Bob Odenkirk as a 1994 Conan sketch performer
The then-"Late Night" writer was "The Nicknamer."

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Credit: ABC

'Scandal' recap: Did Fitz commit a heinous crime?

Secrets come unraveled this week

I'm happy to report that, after last week's shaky episode, this week's "Scandal" bypassed the "Law & Order: SVU" true crime theatrics and dug deeper into the storyline that I hope will drive the rest of the season -- re-election. Everyone is digging for dirt, and everyone has secrets. Welcome to Washington D.C.! What I appreciate about this episode is that the secrets come in a rainbow of flavors (did I just reference Skittles? I blame the Halloween candy), some innocent and others far from it. I would say things are getting dark in the Fitz White House, but the reality is they've always been that way -- we just didn't realize how bad it really was. 

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<p>&quot;It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown&quot;&nbsp;</p>

"It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" 

Credit: ABC

TV Ratings: 'Great Pumpkin' helps ABC split Thursday, while 'Elementary' outdraws 'Scandal'

Halloween delivers spookily low 'Vampire Diaries' ratings
Fast National ratings for Thursday, October 31, 2013.
"Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" comfortably outdrew ABC's normal 8 p.m. dramas and helped the network lead Thursday night among young viewers. Overall, though, CBS won despite a repeat of "Big Bang Theory" leading to significant drops for both "The Millers" and "Crazy Ones."
While CBS' comedies were down, CBS can be enthusiastic about "Elementary" beating "Scandal" overall for the first time this season, even if "Scandal" still dominated "Elementary" among young viewers.
A "Saturday Night Live" Halloween special gave NBC a big boost in the 8 p.m. hour over the network's usual comedies and helped "Sean Saves The World" outdraw "The Michael J. Fox Show" for the second straight week and also top its 9 p.m. companion among young viewers.
Halloween siphoned a lot of viewers away from "The Vampire Diaries," but The CW can take some solace in flat week-to-week demos for "Reign." ["Vampire Diaries" was preempted in New York City, which may account for some of the decline.]
And, finally, an "X Factor" clip show drew no interest at all for FOX, which had been hoping this would be a night dominated by Game 7 of the World Series.
On to the numbers... Keep in mind that TV usage is appreciably lower on Halloween night.
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