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<p>Indiana Jones</p>

Indiana Jones

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Disney whips up a deal to purchase Indiana Jones from Paramount

So does this make Harrison Ford the new Mickey Mouse?

In a move that should be a surprise to absolutely no one, Walt Disney Studios have acquired the rights to any future Indiana Jones movies, while Paramount Pictures will still own the first four movies. This has been pending since Lucasfilm was first purchased by Disney, but the rights to Indiana Jones have been separate and a complicated negotiation. Much like the Marvel deal, Paramount will continue to have a financial stake in any future Indiana Jones films, but as a silent partner.

Right now, Disney's full attention is obviously focused on "Star Wars Episode VII." After the amount of money they spent getting hold of the rights in the first place, it could be argued that there is no more important film for the studio to get right in the immediate future. The pressure on JJ Abrams must be enormous, and for Kathleen Kennedy, her future as the president of Lucasfilm Ltd. depends on her ability to manage the assets of the studio in a way that makes Disney feel like they're squeezing everything out of it that they can.

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AMC cancels "Low Winter Sun"

AMC cancels "Low Winter Sun"
The Detroit-set crime drama lost much of its viewership after debuting to 2.5 million after "Breaking Bad."

Fox delays "The Following's" return, expands "Sleepy Hollow" finale to 2 hours
"The Following" will return on Jan. 27, one week after "Sleepy Hollow's" finale.

"Scandal" taps Jon Tenney as Mellie's possible love interest
"The Closer" alum will recur during the final part of the season.

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<p>Mark Strong in &quot;Low Winter Sun.&quot;</p>

Mark Strong in "Low Winter Sun."

Credit: AMC

AMC cancels 'Low Winter Sun'

Detroit cop drama had low ratings, weak reviews

Surprising absolutely no one, AMC has canceled "Low Winter Sun," the Detroit-set cop drama that was ignored by viewers and dismissed by critics during its run this fall.

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Watch the Best Original Song lock 'Let it Go' from 'Frozen' sung by Idina Menzel

Watch the Best Original Song lock 'Let it Go' from 'Frozen' sung by Idina Menzel

Will we ever see the 'Wicked' star sing it live?

The Best Original Song Oscar race was effectively over after "Frozen's" massive box office take this past weekend. The film's critical acclaim and record Thanksgiving animated haul has put Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez's "Let it Go," sung by Tony Award winner Idina Menzel,  in the driver's seat to win the coveted Academy Award. In fact, Menzel's version of the song is actually outselling the Demi Lovato cover version on iTunes at the moment.

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<p>Nicole Beharie and Tom &nbsp;Mison of &quot;Sleepy Hollow&quot;</p>

Nicole Beharie and Tom  Mison of "Sleepy Hollow"

Credit: FOX

FOX gives 'Sleepy Hollow' a 2-hour finale, adjusts 'The Following' premiere again

It's the third January switcheroo in six weeks for FOX
In the third revision of its January schedule in less than six weeks, FOX has fiddled a little with the first season finale of "Sleepy Hollow" and the second season premiere of "The Following."
Try to contain your surprise.
FOX announced on Friday (December 6) afternoon that "Sleepy Hollow" will now have a two-hour finale airing from 8 to 10 p.m. on Monday, January 20. To make that possible, an encore of "Sleepy Hollow" will now air on January 6 after a new "Almost Human."
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Love burns brightly in Daft Punk's 'Instant Crush' video

Love burns brightly in Daft Punk's 'Instant Crush' video

The Strokes' Julian Casablancas does the heavy lifting here

Can a video be romantic and deeply creepy at the same time? Yes it can, especially if it’s Daft Punk’s new clip for “Instant Crush,” featuring Julian Casablancas. You’ll never look at museum dioramas the same way.

Taking a cue from “Night At the Museum,” the video “stars” two figures: a Napoleonic War soldier and the beautiful maiden he just happens to be positioned across from. Their tragic love story plays out in different parts of the museum and it’s a tribute to the video makers that even though the mannequins' expressions never change, the viewer totally feels the intense love between the two and the indignation the soldier feels for her during one pivotal scene.

In addition to singing the song, Casablancas does the heavy lifting here as the the helmeted duo are nowhere to be seen. Instead, it’s The Strokes lead singer performing on a podium while the  life and death drama plays out.

I think it's one of the best videos of the year. What do you think of "Instant Crush?"

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'Scandal' Season 3 cut down to 18 episodes amid Kerry Washington pregnancy rumors

"Scandal" Season 3 cut down to 18 episodes amid Kerry Washington pregnancy rumors
The ABC drama was originally supposed to produce 22 episodes this season.

Another "Terminator" TV series is in the works

The new "Terminator" will be made in conjunction with the rebooted film franchise.

ESPN will release Ron Burgundy's "SportsCenter" interview with Peyton Manning
The interview, which was teased earlier this week and which was to have aired on Thursday, will be shown across all ESPN platforms.

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'The Little Couple's' Jen Arnold will let TLC cameras to document her battle with cancer

"The Little Couple's" Jen Arnold will let TLC cameras to document her battle with cancer

Arnold recently learned she has a rare form of cancer.

Discovery Channel to air "The Making of Mandela" on Sunday

Narrated by "Homeland" vet David Harewood, the documentary will air in the middle of the day on Sunday.

Twitter's CEO's goal is to get Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy to start tweeting
They are the holdout CEO Dick Costelo most wants tweeting on his social networking site.

Shonda Rhimes explains last night's "Scandal" torture scene
"Everybody in the (writers') room accepted it because we're not watching the show," she says. "I feel like we're fighting against the very traditional idea that we see these people and we identify with them and therefore they must be good. On our show, we see these people and we identify with them — that doesn't mean they're good by any stretch of the imagination." PLUS: Jeff Perry on Cyrus, and examining all of Mellie's hairdos.

"Murphy Brown" stars to reunite in NYC
They'll celebrate the 25th anniversary on Wednesday at The Museum of Modern Art.

MTV orders "Shannara" from Jon Favreau and "Smallville" creators
Terry Brooks' popular fantasy books are set to become an MTV drama series, with Favreau producing and direction.

Introducing Seth Meyers' "Late Night" writing staff
Meyers' writers will be headed up by current Weekend Update head writer Alex Baze.

ABC locks up "Peanuts" through 2020
Charlie Brown and his specials are staying on ABC.

PBS sending out a "Downton Abbey" tea truck on the streets of NYC
The mobile truck will provide free tea and biscuits in advance of the season premiere.

Conan and Jim Parsons raid "The Big Bang Theory" set
The CBS comedy films nearby the "Conan" set.

See Marge Simpson finally get a new outfit, thanks to "Project Runway"

"The Simpsons" star was part of last night's "All-Stars" challenge.

Mandy Patinkin shaves off his "Homeland" beard

The clean-shaven Patinkin talked about Saul Berenson this week in an interview with Charlie Rose.

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<p>Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer of &quot;The Sound of Music&quot;</p>

Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer of "The Sound of Music"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'The Sound of Music' soars for NBC on Thursday

It's NBC's best non-sports Thursday since several huge finale nights
Fast National ratings for Thursday, December 5, 2013.
Get ready for Kat McPhee in "Cabaret" and and Phillip Phillips in "Sweeney Todd," because NBC has a new hit franchise on its hands.
Thursday night's live broadcast of "The Sound of Music," starring "American Idol" veteran Carrie Underwood," delivered massive numbers for NBC across the board, even crushing CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" (overall, not in the key demo) as it won the night in all age ranges. 
[At the request of Alan Sepinwall, this ratings story will include no puns, so don't look for any jokes based on this being "'Music' to NBC's ears," "Solving a problem like NBC" or "A few of viewers' favorite things" or "'Music' offers a ray of golden sun."]
This was NBC's best non-sports Thursday in total viewers since May 13, 2004 (the night of the "Frasier" finale) and NBC's best non-sports Thursday among adults 18-49 since 2009 (the night of the "ER" finale).
Among the shows that took the brunt of the "Sound of Music" juggernaut were "X Factor," "Glee," "Big Bang Theory," "Grey's Anatomy," "Elementary" and "The Vampire Diaries," which all lost either overall audience, young viewers or both.
Oddly, "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" was up slightly in young viewers, but that may be related to ABC having the NFL preemption in Houston.
On to the actual numbers...
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'The Sound of Music Live's' huge ratings: 18.5 million tuned in

"The Sound of Music Live's" huge ratings: 18.5 million tuned in
The live musical was the highest-rated Thursday NBC program since "ER's" finale in April 2009.

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<p>Tom Hanks in &quot;Forrest Gump.&quot;</p>

Tom Hanks in "Forrest Gump."

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Roundup: The Oscar champs that aren't yet national treasures

Also: Nelson Mandela's life in film, and Scorsese honored by ADG
I've always been interested in the decision-making behind which films are added to the National Film RegistryRebecca Ford looks into the process of selecting films for the National Film Registry -- the 600-title list of US films deemed "culturally, historical or aesthetically significant," and therefore preserved in the Library of Congress. Rebecca Ford looks into the process, and finds that it doesn't always favor consensus classics or popular favorites: among the 25 Best Picture Oscar winners that haven't yet made the cut, for example, are "Amadeus," "Rebecca" and "Forrest Gump." National Preservation Board chairman Roger L. Mayer says, "This is not a popularity contest. It's an attempt to tell people about the history of film and the way film portrays history."[Hollywood Reporter]
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'The Sound of Music Live' wasn't a travesty, but Carrie Underwood can't act

"The Sound of Music Live" wasn't a travesty, but Carrie Underwood can't act
The "Idol" alum sure could sing. But, says Hank Stuever, "When Underwood spoke her lines, she was as flat as the label on a Swiss Miss package of cocoa." Even Stephen Moyer struggled in this unusual format. PLUS: NBC's gamble paid off, give NBC credit for tackling the challenge, and "Vampire Von Trapp" alternated between German and English accents while Underwood spoke in a Southern accent.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler attempt to sing in their first Golden Globes promo
Here's a preview of their "opening song."

DiGiorno tried to sell pizzas by live-tweeting "The Sound of Music Live"
"DOUGH a crust an unbaked crust RAY, a guy that likes pizza ME a pizza liked by a guy named ray FAH no idea what fah is SO so LA a city T tee."

Regina King joins "The Strain"

She'll play the manager of a rock star on the FX Guillermo Del Toro series.

Watch Paul Rudd's "SNL" promos with One Direction
Or as Rudd says, "The band I used to be in but was unceremoniously asked to leave."

You can now buy a "Breaking Bad" snow globe

With blue crystals that land on an RV when you shake it.

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