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'Duck Dynasty's' ratings continue falling

"Duck Dynasty's" ratings continue falling

Last night's episode was watched by 6.65 million, down from the 8.5 million who watched the season premiere. That's the lowest viewership since December 2012.

Fox picks up reality show "Utopia"

"Utopia" from "Big Brother" creator John de Mol puts 15 people together to create their own small society.

"Hot in Cleveland" is getting animated

The stars of the TV Land comedy will travel the world as cartoon characters in a special animated episode.

"HIMYM" reveals new mom-centric opening credits for Episode 200

Shot from The Mother's perspective.

U2 will debut a new song during a Super Bowl ad

The commercial in partnership with (RED) and Bank of America will help raise money to fight AIDS.

Lindsay Vonn could join NBC's Olympics coverage
NBC is trying to figure something out since the injured skier can't travel to Sochi.

Get to know "SNL's" new Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost
He's written for Nickelodeon, he writes for the New Yorker and he began dating Rashida Jones after meeting her at Seth Meyers' wedding. PLUS: See some of Jost's standup.

Stephen Colbert promotes his pistachio Super Bowl ad

Watch as Colbert gets crackin'.

Mindy Kaling & B.J. Novak speak French in the trailer for his new book

See the former "Office" castmates in an ad for Novak's "One More Thing."

"Tori & Dean's "Dean McDermott checks into rehab
Dean is rehabbing amid reports he cheated on his wife.

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Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey sign on for 2 more years of 'Grey's Anatomy'

Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey sign on for 2 more years of "Grey's Anatomy"
Their new contracts will keep them on the ABC hit through Season 12.

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HBO cancels 'Family Tree' and 'Hello Ladies,' while 'Getting On' is poised for renewal

HBO cancels "Family Tree" and "Hello Ladies," while "Getting On" is poised for renewal

The Stephen Merchant and Chris O'Dowd comedies are not going forward.

"About a Boy" books Adrianne Palicki

She'll play David Walton's love interest in a reunion with Jason Katims, who also produced "Friday Night Lights."

Lauren Graham's CW dramedy project will be called "Unfamous"

"Unfamous" is based on Graham's debut novel, "Someday, Someday Maybe."

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"Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor"

 "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor"

Credit: TLC

Exclusive clip: 'Trailer Park' security guard gets his heart stolen

Love inspires a security guard to pick up his megaphone
Is anything more romantic than a guy standing outside your home reading poetry through a megaphone? No? Well then, you should enjoy this exclusive clip from this week's episode of TLC's "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor" (Thurs. Jan. 23 at 10:00 p.m.). Head of Security Marvin wants a do-over with Anne, and what better way to get one than to read her a poem? Very, very loudly?

!-- break -->

Also in this episode, Bandit shows up and wants to move back into the trailer park…on a house boat. Becky hires a new hunky handyman to fix things up and Amanda is immediately smitten. Marvin investigates whether a new Myrtle Manor resident is conducting illegal activities out of her trailer. And a deejay visits the park to see if it’s the best in Myrtle Beach. Can you stand it?
Are you watching "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor"? 
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<p>Macklemore &amp;&nbsp;Ryan Lewis</p>

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

2014 Grammy Predictions: Best New Artist

Will James Blake be the surprise winner?

As we get closer to the Sunday’s Grammy Awards, we’re making our predictions in the Big Four categories: Record, album, song of the year and best new artist.

Monday,  we tackled Record of the Year. Tuesday, we looked at Album of the Year. Yesterday, it was Song of the Year. Today, we make our pick for Best New Artist.

The nominees for Best New Artist are:

James Blake
Kendrick Lamar
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Kacey Musgraves
Ed Sheeran

You could hear gasps in the press room when Lorde and Imagine Dragons weren’t included in this category given that they were two of the biggest success stories of the year. Having said that, it’s hard to argue with this bumper crop —with one exception. The one act who shouldn’t have been nominated is Ed Sheeran. Given that he received a song-of-the-year nomination last year for his break-through hit, “The A Team,” last year would have been the time to nominate him for this award. It used to be that if you had been nominated for a Grammy, you couldn’t be eligible for Best New Artist subsequently, but that rule changed a few years ago.

I would say that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have a lock on this award, but the Grammy voters are notoriously hard to predict here, for example, picking Bon Iver, who had already had enough success that he shouldn’t have been eligible in 2012,  or jazz darling Esperanza Spalding in 2011. If the Nashville contingency all votes for Kacey Musgraves, she could take it, just as Zac Brown Band did in 2010. And I’d never rule out Blake somehow nabbing it.

Should win: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Will win: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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CNN schedules a Justin Bieber special in wake of his arrest

CNN schedules a Justin Bieber special in wake of his arrest
"Bieber's Troubles" is scheduled for Friday at 10 pm.

Judge Judy's "Hot Bench" to air in the fall

The Judy Sheindlin-created judge show will feature a panel of three judges hearing a case, and arguing it out before rendering a verdict.

TNT acquires "Transporter" TV series
TNT will air "Transporter The Series," based on the movie franchise, starting this fall.

"Idol's" ratings may be down, but it's still beating the competition
With 13.2 million viewers, "Idol" was tops on Wednesday.

Bill O'Reilly will once again interview President Obama before the Super Bowl

Fox will air the interview live during the Super Bowl pregame show.

Syfy swaps Monday timeslots

"Bitten" will move to 8, while "Lost Girl" will be back in its old 10 pm timeslot.

Where did "Sean Saves the World" go wrong?

Sean Hayes' NBC sitcom comeback has been wholly disappointing.

Charlie Sheen is Jay Leno's most-canceled guest

On last night's "Tonight Show," Sheen recalled the time he staged a car accident to avoid sitting on Leno's couch.

Benedict Cumberbatch accepts a UK TV award while wearing board shorts

The "Sherlock" star beat out Idris Elba as TV's best detective at the National TV Awards.

A sleeping Sofia Vergara photobombed by her "Modern Family" co-stars
Vergara fell asleep while shooting scenes in Las Vegas.

"Parks and Rec's" Andy Dwyer pays a musical tribute to Jean Claude Van Damme
Watch this deleted musical moment.

"Mom" casts Nick Zano to romance Anna Faris

He'll appear on two episodes starting on Feb. 3.

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<p>'The One I Love'</p>

'The One I Love'

Credit: TWC/Radius

Elisabeth Moss' 'The One I Love' is officially coming to theaters

Sony Pictures Classics nabs rights to 'Love is Strange'

"Love" was all around at Sundance this week, as Radius-TWC gave some love to the Sundance entry "The One I Love," while Sony Pictures Classics fell for "Love is Strange."

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'SNL' names new 'Weekend Update' co-anchor: head writer Colin Jost

"SNL" names new "Weekend Update" co-anchor: head writer Colin Jost
Jost, the former president of the Harvard Lampoon who has been head writer at "SNL" since 2012, will replace Seth Meyers starting March 1. He has been with "Saturday Night Live" since 2005, joining the show at age 22 straight out of Harvard.. PLUS: Watch Jost performing standup on Fallon, and Jost is dating Rashida Jones.

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'The Crazy Ones' will host a 'Mork & Mindy' reunion when Pam Dawber visits

"The Crazy Ones" will host a "Mork & Mindy" reunion when Pam Dawber visits
Dawber will reunite with her former TV husband Robin Williams.

What will CNN do with "Piers Morgan Live"?

Piers Morgan's 9 pm show has been underperforming in its timeslot.

"The Americans" stars Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys get sexy for GQ

The TV couple posed for racy pics amid rumors that they're in a real-life relationship.

Jake Johnson recalls working with Prince on "New Girl"

Prince only watches two shows, the news and "New Girl." PLUS: Watch Prince's "New Girl" promo.

AMC to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with the "Zombie Bowl"

Every episode from Seasons 1 and 2 will be shown on Feb. 2.

Constance Zimmer boards "Entourage" movie

She'll reprise her role as film exec Dana Gordon.

"Teen Mom 2" returns with Jenelle Evans' abortion

Turns out Jenelle got pregnant twice between Seasons 4 and 5.

NBC: Harry Connick Jr. turned us down for "America's Got Talent"
"We always had our eye out for him as a judge on 'America's Got Talent,'" says NBC's reality boss.

Neil Patrick Harris named Harvard's Hasty Pudding Man of the Year

He's the 2nd "HIMYM" star to receive the honor, after Jason Segel.

Happy 50th birthday, Mariska Hargitay!

The "SVU" star is celebrating the Big 5-0 today.

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<p>Zach McGowan and Toby Stephens as rival pirate captains in &quot;Black Sails.&quot;</p>

Zach McGowan and Toby Stephens as rival pirate captains in "Black Sails."

Credit: Starz

Review: Starz's 'Black Sails' a draggy, landlocked pirate saga

Lots of talk, minimal action in new Michael Bay-produced series

"Black Sails," Starz's new Michael Bay-produced pirate adventure series (it premieres Saturday at 9 p.m.), opens with an elaborate battle sequence between two ships at sea. Cannons roar, swords flash, bodies go flying through the air, and if there isn't a chyron saying, "Look at all the money we put on the screen!," it's at least implied.

This sense of epic, expensive swashbuckling action lasts about five minutes, an elaborate bait-and-switch before "Black Sails" settles into landlocked tedium, as the series suggests a pirate's life for me, you or anyone else involves far more bureaucracy than pillaging.

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<p>From &quot;Under the Electric Sky&quot;</p>

From "Under the Electric Sky"

Credit: Jason "Ohdagyo" Fenmore

Sundance Review: 'Under the Electric Sky' is a long-form Electric Daisy Carnival commercial

Music festival utopia is loud and homogenous

The Electric Daisy Carnival – one of the preeminent dance music festivals in the world – threw itself a parade in new Sundance-selected documentary “Under the Electric Sky." And why shouldn’t they? As a three-day gathering in Las Vegas, EDC was sold-out this past summer with a 115,000 cap each night, with seven stages and more than 200 DJs. It’s a festival so successful that it may launch into a second weekend, a la Coachella, with top-tier dance music superstars continually, annually gravitating toward it.

The film starts out with a countdown. The organizers lay out their plans for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where the June 2013 fest will be held. Directors Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz begin their journey with a handful of characters and crews with A Story To Tell. There’s Jose, an EDM lover who is confined to a wheelchair, and Sadie, an outcast in her Texas hometown. There are two couples, one of which is a duo of lifelong ravers who intend to marry at the fest. A group of beer-chugging bros that call themselves The Wolf Pack plan their RV pilgrimage in order, in part, to honor their friend who died of a drug overdose.
These varying archetypes are presented and shaped by the constant flow of music in the film, as though the viewer is already in the parking lot and heading to the gate. The soundtrack is dotted with huge dance hits from Avicii and Calvin Harris, artists like Afrojack and Tiesto having their say, Fatboy Slim and Riva Starr's anthem “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” repeating, and top-tier DJ Kaskade providing an energetic score.
Under the electric sky, there are happy tears and hugs and candy, misfits finding other misfits and dancing in a circle. All the performances are equally entertaining, all the stages are off-the-hook unbelievable and every night goes off without a hitch. No puke, no litter, no assault; it’s affordable and comes with a soft recommendation that ticket-holders stay hydrated and say no to drugs. None of the subjects take molly or get hangovers. When they wake up, they leave fulfilled.
“Under the Electric Sky,” indeed, is a carnival, a parade. It’s an 85-minute commercial.
Like at any major music festival, you can also draw at least a pretty, vague portrait of youth – pretty in this case being the operative word. Despite the banner that EDC draws fans from all walks and its lead subjects of the film so purposefully diverse, the vast majority of the doc’s B-roll and crowd shots center on fist-pumping six-packers, the most attractive bikini-wearers, so many white people between the ages of 17 and 22 representative of the hetero-normative ideal it’s like a glossy cruise pamphlet.
Should its filmmakers wish to give a tip of the hat at rave forebears or even contemporary maestros, then they also did a gross disservice to the gay community in this portrait. The story of EDM becoming a mainstream juggernaut is simply incomplete without acknowledging queer community. Cameras pan a dozen hot girls kissing each other – spring break forever, y’all -- and yet there’s no panning to men with other men, no hand-holding or kissing, no meet-cute like other couples’ tales. The concession is their following a group of hard-partying young guys and girls whose kinship is so strong they all wish to marry each other at the fest, their travels framed so comically that any underlying message of pride and PLUR is buried under a tapestry of conventionally attractive giggles and animal hats. The movie only barely touches on EDM and rave’s transition from underground to its international popularity, and it leaves behind some of where this “community” was actually bred.
And if the subject of marriage and romantic fulfillment seems like an overarching theme, it’s even weirder that hook-up culture, sexual fashion, and overt sexuality of festival-going is tamped down in favor of a safer, and frequently infantilized vision. There’s an odd shot of fest founder (“Electric Sky” exec producer) Pasquale Rotella clinking glasses of champagne with his new fiancée Holly Madison in the VIP section of the fest, like “Hey, let’s keep this thing classy,” while there’s a toothless (privates-less?) approach to the gaggle of the nearly-nudes in neon pink thongs below their raised platform.
This is not to judge the people in the pink thongs and the animal hats. The film does an exquisite job of creating a judgment-free environment, hand-in-hand with its advertisement for EDC’s particular brand of utopia. Its intention is to show what a festival should be. When Sadie has an anxiety attack at the festival, there is no wait for a nurse and -- lucky for her! – she’s the one fan out of tens of thousands chosen to get up on stage to drop the beat during Above & Beyond’s set. For electronic and dance music lovers, that storyline may hit the spot, especially with the non-stop throb and the colorful scenery. There is no competing version, which is “Under the Electric Sky’s” triumph, and also its problem.


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<p>The stars of &quot;Land Ho!&quot;</p>

The stars of "Land Ho!"

Credit: Andrew Reed

Review: 'Land Ho!' offers understated charm and comedy

Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson shine in Sundance favorite
Fortunately, it isn't my job to figure out what Sony Pictures Classics is going to do with its brand-spanking-new Sundance pickup "Land Ho!"  
The part of me that attempts to ponder the commercial possibilities of film festival acquisitions looks at "Land Ho!" and sees a tonally challenging international roadtrip comedy about a couple senior citizens played by a pair of stars who aren't just unknowns to mainstream audiences, they're barely-knowns even to art house snobs.
Fortunately, that's not a hat that I'm ever called upon to wear, at least not in practical terms. 
All I know is that "Land Ho!" plays. 
It's a funny and moving film about aging, but it's also a wacky journey across Iceland with two characters who are instantly likable and ultimately quite lovable. And with Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson, it's a perfectly cast buddy romp.
Getting audiences to see Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz' writing-directing collaboration won't be easy -- "Land Ho!" is playing in the NEXT program at Sundance and up until yesterday, it was flying way under the radar -- but once you're watching, it's hard not to be taken in my charm.
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