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Scott Bakula will star in the 'NCIS' New Orleans spinoff

Scott Bakula will star in the "NCIS" New Orleans spinoff

The 2nd "NCIS" spinoff will feature Bakula as NCIS Special Agent Pride, who "embodies" New Orleans.

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'New Girl' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' score big ratings from Super Bowl

"New Girl" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" score big ratings from Super Bowl
About 25.8 million viewers stuck around for Prince on "New Girl," while "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" attracted 14.8 million. "New Girl's" ratings topped the last sitcom to air after the Super Bowl, "The Office" in 2009.

Bruno Mars tops Beyonce
Bruno Mars' Super Bowl halftime show barely topped Beyonce's performance last year, at least based on early numbers.

Lorne Michaels talks "SNL" -- his typical week, his lack of a succession plan, the show's diversity
Does Lorne have a succession plan? "In terms of people who I think can do this job, I think there's probably five or six who care enough about it," says the 69-year-old "SNL" boss. "But I have no plan. It’s as if somehow thinking about it will … you know. Milton Berle, George Burns, and Bob Hope, they all made it to 100 or pretty close. So, you never know." PLUS: Check out a cartoon drawing of Seth Meyers' Weekend Update, AND Seth's name joins the "SNL" nameplate collection of ex-cast members and writers.

"Desperate Housewives" star Shawn Pyfrom admits to drug abuse following Philip Seymour Hoffman's death
The 27-year-old actor, who played Andrew Van Der Kamp for eight seasons, wrote on Tumblr: "I just read the news about Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman, and against the (advice) of others; I had to write this open letter. I can't stay quiet anymore about this. … I am an alcoholic and a drug addict,"

"24: Live Another Day" adds James Bond franchise star Colin Salmon

Salmon, who also appears on "Arrow," will play the character of General Coburn.

See a preview of "The After," the Amazon pilot from "The X-Files" creator

Viewers will get to decide if Chris Carter's post-apocalyptic drama gets made.

Watch Lena Dunham's roast of Howard Stern

"I lost 15 pounds to be here with you."

"Blue Bloods" is headed to syndication

The CBS drama is expected to land on WGN America and Ion, plus there is a video on demand deal in the works.

Allison Janney: I'm returning for "Masters of Sex" Season 2
Says the "Mom" star: "I know they're trying to work out the schedule right now."

HLN cancels "Showbiz Tonight," but A.J. Hammer will stick around
"Showbiz Tonight" will end with Thursday's show.

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<p>Nick Stoller directs Seth Rogen and Zac Efron in the new comedy 'Neighbors'</p>

Nick Stoller directs Seth Rogen and Zac Efron in the new comedy 'Neighbors'

Credit: Universal Pictures

Director Nick Stoller discusses making Seth Rogen uncool and frat warfare in 'Neighbors'

'Sarah Marshall' director on pitting Rogen versus Efron

When I visited the set of "Neighbors," it was still being referred to as either "Townies" or "The Untitled Zac Efron/Seth Rogen Movie." Naturally, one of the first questions I had for director Nick Stoller was about the search for the right title for the film.

"Right now, Evan [Goldberg] keeps pitching me 'Fraternal Deception.' It's so stupid," he laughed.

"That sounds like Glenn Close should star in that and it should be 1992," I replied.

"Totally. Glenn Close and Bill Pullman." Stoller shuddered at the thought.

I've known Stoller for a while now. I spent a week on the set of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," along with a few pick-up days back in Los Angeles, and I also visited him for "Get Him To The Greek" and "The Five-Year Engagement." Stoller strikes me as a guy who has a very particular sense of humor and he is fortunate enough to have found the right collaborators and the right environment where he is able to pursue his vision of what a mainstream comedy can be with the full support of a very talented ensemble of comic performers.

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<p>A moment from Kylie's new video</p>

A moment from Kylie's new video

Credit: Parlophone Records

Kylie Minogue's sexy new video for 'Into the Blue'

Isn't this how your weekend went?

Kylie Minogue is having a good night in her sexy video for “Into The Blue.”

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<p>Percy Harvin returns a kickoff for a TD in Super Bowl XLVIII</p>

Percy Harvin returns a kickoff for a TD in Super Bowl XLVIII

Credit: Matt Slocum/AP

TV Ratings: Seahawks' Super Bowl XLVIII rout helps FOX rout Sunday night

Lots of people watch 'New Girl,' but we don't know how many yet
Fast National ratings for Sunday, February 2, 2014.
There will probably be no records for Super Bowl viewership this year after a Big Game that was a Seattle Seahawks rout starting from the very first play. Still, FOX dominated Sunday night in all key measures thanks to Super Bowl XLVIII. Duh.
The Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl came in far below last year's Ravens-49ers game in preliminary Fast National ratings, but that's not especially reflective of anything, so don't make any judgments.  
It always bears repeating: These are not the ratings for the Super Bowl. These are time period ratings. For the first time in recent memory, the Super Bowl didn't make it into Pacific Time Zone primetime at all. So stay tuned for actual ratings this afternoon. The same is true with "New Girl," which aired its entire post-Super Bowl episode in primetime, starting at 10:20-ish for while, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" started at 10:50-ish and then extended out of primetime.
The other three competing networks were up from last year, albeit not by so much that it's notable.
So stay tuned for real FOX numbers later. Here's what we have for now…
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<p>Musician Ben Folds with a piano</p>

Musician Ben Folds with a piano

Credit: Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP

Interview: Ben Folds on his classical turn and why pop fans shouldn't be afraid

Pianist starts 18-month tour in March

Ben Folds is taking a classical turn. The musician has just finished a three-movement, 25-minute piano concerto. In fact, the day we caught up with him, he had just sent the piece to the copyist.

Co-commissioned by the Nashville Symphony, Folds tells HitFix he will begin 18 months of international touring with symphony orchestras next month. The first date is March 13 with the Nashville Symphony.

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<p>Cate Blanchett and Woody Allen on the set of &quot;Blue Jasmine.&quot;</p>

Cate Blanchett and Woody Allen on the set of "Blue Jasmine."

Credit: Sony Classics

Roundup: Ethical issues invade the Oscar race

Also: Keeping the foreign-language race fair, and a weekend of sad losses

With Woody Allen under fire following the resurfacing of his estranged daughter's abuse allegations, and the "Alone Yet Not Alone" scandal leaving a bitter taste, Michael Cieply ponders the unexpected ethical issues that have entered this year's Oscar race. "By and large, Oscar voters are lucky if they can find time to see the nominated films, let alone sort through a court case or a secret military operation. But they, including actors, are increasingly being asked to do just that," he writes, before citing Roman Polanski's surprise 2002 win as an example of the Academy "[using] the awards to send a message about focusing on art, not behavior." [New York Times]

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<p>Terry Crews and Andre Braugher in &quot;Brooklyn Nine-Nine.&quot;</p>

Terry Crews and Andre Braugher in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'Operation: Broken Feather'

A post-Super Bowl episode loaded with guest stars still managed to showcase the regulars

A review of last night's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I'm starring in an Albanian remake of "The Cosby Show"...

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<p>We'll give you a hint.. Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is most likely modeled on someone who is reading this photo caption... right... now!</p>

We'll give you a hint.. Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is most likely modeled on someone who is reading this photo caption... right... now!

Credit: Lionsgate

Who is Jesse Eisenberg really playing in the 'Man Of Steel' sequel?

We have a theory, and you're probably not going to like it

Who is Jesse Eisenberg actually playing in "Man Of Steel 2"?

There's not a trick answer to this. When Warner Bros. announced last week that Jesse Eisenberg had been hired to play Lex Luthor in the sequel to last year's "Man Of Steel," that is correct. He is playing Lex Luthor. But when they say that, it's still not a definitive explanation of what you're going to see when that film arrives in theaters on the now-scheduled date of May , 2016. Which Lex Luthor is he going to play? For comic book fans, there are many possible answers to that question, and for fans of the various live-action and animated interpretations, there are even more possibilities in the mix.

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Super Bowl Blowout ratings down from last year, but in the Top 5 all-time

Super Bowl Blowout ratings down from last year, but in the Top 5 all-time

Four of the Top 5 Super Bowls of all-time have happened in the past four years. PLUS: Super Bowl stadium is covered in snow less than 12 hours after the game.

Fox and Jerry Seinfeld insist "Seinfeld" reunion wasn't a commercial, even though it promoted his Crackle web series
No money was exchanged for the promotion. As Jerry Seinfeld says in a statement: "Fox approached Larry and me about doing some kind of ‘Seinfeld’ reunion for the halftime broadcast because of the New York connection. So we thought throwing Jerry, George and Newman into a ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ was a fun way to do it. Larry and I wrote the script in one sitting, just like old times, and working with him, Jason and Wayne was a total blast, as it always was." PLUS: What a disappointing reunion!, and it was much ado about nothing.

Watch all the "24: Live Another Day" Super Bowl trailers
Featuring Jack Bauer and "Goth Chloe." PLUS: Watch Super Bowl ads for Fox's "Cosmos" and "The Following."

Bruno Mars gets credited with "rescuing" boring Super Bowl
Mars suddenly became the main event as the Broncos were getting blown out in the first half. And he lived up to the billing. PLUS: Mars' halftime was "solid-meh," the Red Hot Chili Peppers got the biggest cheers, and Mars delivered after baring scrutinized over his inexperience.

Super Bowl champion QB Russell Wilson will be on Letterman tonight
It's become a tradition for the Super Bowl-winning quarterback to appear on "The Late Show" first.

Seattle Seahawks use "Community's" Jeff Winger in celebrating their Super Bowl victory
Joel McHale is, of course, a diehard Seahawks fan.

"SNL" had its 2nd-best ratings of the season, thanks to Seth Meyers' farewell
Apparently viewers were tuning in for Seth's goodbye, not Melissa McCarthy.

Opera superstar Renee Fleming was "living and breathing" the national anthem for weeks
"This is not for civilians," says the Super Bowl soprano.

Super Bowl ads: Less risqué and crude, more warm and fuzzy
There was also a lot of nostalgia this year, including a Radio Shack '80s reunion ad and, of course, the "Full House" reunion. PLUS: "Puppy Love" wins USA Today's Ad Meter.

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad brings out a racist backlash
Some "ugly Americans" were ticked off to see "America the Beautiful" sung in foreign languages.

Aziz Ansari tweeted a "Friday Night Lights" Super Bowl -- "Street" and Vince Howard join the fun
Ansari's all-day Sunday tweet fest inspired a photo from Scott Porter and Michael B. Jordan.

All performers on Letterman this week will sing Beatles songs
"The Late Show" and the Ed Sullivan Theater is commemorating Sunday's 50th anniversary of the Beatles famous performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Time Warner's Super Bowl ad features "Duck Dynasty" cast minus Phil Robertson

The controversial "Duck" star was conspicuously absent from last night's commercial.

Puppy Bowl vs. Fish Bowl vs. Kitten Bowl

Which put on the cutest performance vs. the Super Bowl, Animal Planet, Nat Geo or Hallmark Channel?

Hillary Clinton sent a tweet joking about Fox News during Super Bowl

"It's so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked! #SuperBowl"

Kim Kardashian in Vogue?
The E! star reportedly was photographed for the fashion magazine this weekend.

Prince and Zooey Deschanel had a duet on "New Girl"
Prince did sing on last night's Super Bowl episode.

Stephen Colbert had his head cracked open in Super Bowl ad
Watch Colbert pitch pistachios.

Meet the "Supernatural" spinoff characters

All new spinoff characters will be introduced on the CW series' 20th episode. PLUS: Jared Padalecki under fire for calling Philip Seymour Hoffman's death "stupid."

Rainn Wilson tweets a childhood photo of him wearing a Seahawks shirt
"This goes out to all the as*holes calling me a #Bandwagon fan."

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Jerry Seinfeld's 'Seinfeld' reunion was to promote "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"

Jerry Seinfeld's "Seinfeld" reunion was to promote "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"

Watch the bit he, Jason Alexander, Wayne Knight and Larry David did for Fox's Super Bowl coverage.

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<p>Anthony&nbsp;Hopkins holds the Best Actor Oscar aloft at the 64th Academy&nbsp;Awards in 1992.</p>

Anthony Hopkins holds the Best Actor Oscar aloft at the 64th Academy Awards in 1992.

Credit: AP Photo

TCM's 'And the Oscar Goes To' documentary skips a stone across the Academy's 85 years

A rare glimpse behind the veil of Hollywood's biggest night

I remember for a number of years I used to own a VHS tape called "Oscar's Greatest Moments," a unique peek at the Academy Awards over a 20-year stretch, from 1971 to 1991. Unique because the Academy rarely offers up this sort of material, for whatever reason. The organization's YouTube channel has been a nice resource in recent years, but it's been a while since we've seen something quite like Turner Classic Movies' "And the Oscar Goes To" documentary, which premiered Saturday night and aired again this evening directly after the Super Bowl.

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