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Donal Logue joins Batman prequel 'Gotham'

Donal Logue joins Batman prequel "Gotham"

He'll be partnered with Ben McKenzie's James Gordon, playing Det. Harvey Bullock.

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<p>Donal Logue</p>

Donal Logue

Credit: Getty

'Terriers' star officially lands key 'Gotham' role

Donal Logue is set for regular mentor turn on FOX's Batman prequel
Yup. We're just casting up a storm now on FOX's Batman origin story "Gotham" and we appear to have stopped casting "O.C." stars entirely. However, you're probably a fan of two or three shows featuring the latest "Gotham" addition.
FOX and WBTV confirmed on Wednesday (February 12) that Donal Logue has been cast as Detective Harvey Bullock in "Gotham," which received a direct-to-series order. Donal's involvement has been rumored for a couple weeks, with some reports even suggesting he might be playing Future Commissioner Gordon. Now we have the final word.
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<p>Shaun White eyes the Olympics scoreboard</p>

Shaun White eyes the Olympics scoreboard

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: Shaun White's disappointing Olympics night gives NBC a big Tuesday

'New Girl,' 'Brooklyn' and 'Dads' all droop against the Olympics
Fast National ratings for Tuesday, February 11, 2014.
Even though reports had already broken earlier in the day that Shaun White failed to make it to the medal podium, NBC's Tuesday coverage of the Winter Olympics from Sochi still rose slightly from Monday and, of course, dominated in all measures.
Once again, the Olympics crushed most of the original programming in its path, sending the "Dads" finale, "New Girl" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" to impressively low numbers.
The one show that proved impervious to the Olympics steamroll? ABC's "Killer Women," which did almost exactly the same dismal numbers it did last week.
On to those numbers...
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Bob Costas is taking a 2nd night off

Bob Costas is taking a 2nd night off
Costas told "Today" by phone this morning that his eyes are so sensitive that they are tearing up even in dim light. So Matt Lauer will fill in once again. PLUS: Why Costas is essential to Olympics coverage.

Ryan Seacrest is launching a clothing line with help from Macy's
"Ryan Seacrest Distinction" will debut in 150 of Macy's 500 stores this spring, and it'll specialize in helping guys match the colors of their suit and tie. "I'm not a designer, nor do I think I am," says Seacrest. "I see an opportunity to help curate these different pieces for guys at an accessible level."

Is "How I Met Your Dad" a step down for movie actress Greta Gerwig?
Some are accusing Gerwig -- the "indie darling and Mumblecore queen" -- of "selling out" to television, especially after her highest-profile movie role in "Frances Ha." One publication accused her of stooping to TV.

"The Biggest Loser's" Rachel: "Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training"

Rachel Frederickson insists, though, she's "very, very healthy."

Check out Julia Louis-Dreyfus' date with the real "Veep"
Louis-Dreyfus sat next to Vice President Joe Biden for last night's White House state dinner honoring France. PLUS: Mindy Kaling tweeted pics from inside the White House.

"Dads" ends the season with 2.6 million viewers
The much-derided Fox comedy was down 30% from last week thanks to the Olympics.

"Nightline" co-anchor: I was on cocaine and ecstasy when I melted down on "GMA" 10 years ago
ABC News' Dan Harris is confessing that drug use was responsible for his panic attack on air in 2004.

"Veronica Mars" covers EW

See Veronica and Logan and marshmallows.

Lady Gaga is filming a music video with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
The "super-secret" video revolves around the Bravo cast.

Nathan Fielder tells Jimmy Kimmel he feared going to jail over Dumb Starbucks
The "Nathan For You" star says the health department could've jailed him for operating without a permit.

"The Office's" Oscar Nunez joins USA comedy "Benched"

He'll join Eliza Coupe and Jay Harrington on the legal comedy, playing a public defender.

"Army Wives" is exiting with a 2-hour farewell special

"Army Wives: A Final Salute" airing March 16 will feature comments from real-life military wives.

Sarah Silverman is dating Michael Sheen

Us Weekly says Silverman and the "Masters of Sex" star were recently spotted making out.

Former "Storage Wars" contestant wins a storage locker full of human ashes
Steve Monetti spent $550 on a locker full of containers filled with human remains.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' new music video

The "HIMYM" star is starring in a "SLEEP with neuro" drink campaign.

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<p>Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle in &quot;Brooklyn Nine-Nine.&quot;</p>

Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'Full Boyle'

Boyle falls in love too deeply, Holt faces a political challenge and a superhero visits the precinct

A review of last night's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as my itinerary to Rome connects through Vietnam...

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<p>Kevin Spacey and&nbsp;Robin Wright in &quot;House of Cards.&quot;</p>

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in "House of Cards."

Credit: Netflix

Review: Netflix's 'House of Cards' returns for season 2

Kevin Spacey's fun to watch, but 'Cards' is frustrating overall

"House of Cards" arrived a year ago as The Show That Would Change Television As We Knew It. It had nearly all the bonafides you could ask for — a terrific cast headed by multiple Oscar-winning star in Kevin Spacey, a murder's row of directors led by David Fincher, revered source material in the British political miniseries that inspired it — and it was going to bypass the traditional system by going straight to Netflix instead of HBO or Showtime, and by releasing every episode of its first season at the same time.

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<p>Oprah Winfrey</p>

Oprah Winfrey

Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Roundup: Oprah among stars attending the BAFTAs

Also: Oscar-nominated screenwriters' conference, and PGA nails a date

As David Letterman might quip: "Oprah... BAFTA." It's funny to think that Oprah Winfrey has been nominated for a BAFTA and not an Oscar this year -- I'm sure that if the BAFTA voters had been tipped off that she wasn't getting an Oscar nod, they probably wouldn't have voted for her. Anyway, good sports that she is, she'll be attending the ceremony, as confirmed today on a BAFTA guest list that also includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock and, of course, prohibitive frontrunners Chiwetel Ejiofor, Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong'o. (Best Supporting Actor? Search me.) The awards take place on Sunday. [Screen Daily]

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U2's new music video for 'Invisible' gets the Mark Romanek touch

U2's new music video for 'Invisible' gets the Mark Romanek touch

Is this a sneak peak into the look and life of the Irish band's next tour?

The music video to U2's "Invisible" is out, and it may be a little sneak-peak into the band's aspirations for their next live tour.

Bono's light-up, drop down mic has a big emphasis out of the black and white, shot by Mark Romanek; it's the rock band's first go-round with the director, who helmed a few little ditties including Nine Inch Nails' "Closer," Johnny Cash's "Hurt" and Michael Jackson's "Scream." So, yeah, the man loves his light. The bulb boards soar with movement behind the band and frontman Bono is able to navigate the catwalk in a sea of waving arms.

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<p>Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant had a competition to see who the prettiest person at the 'About Last Night' press day was, and they may have tied.</p>

Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant had a competition to see who the prettiest person at the 'About Last Night' press day was, and they may have tied.

Credit: HitFix

Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant on why scripts shouldn't be written 'black' or 'white'

And we discuss that obnoxious 'box-office' story that keeps coming up

For "About Last Night" to work, you have to buy into the relationship between Danny (Michael Ealy) and Debbie (Joy Bryant), and that's not really a problem.

Part of it is because they just plain make sense on a visual level. They're both striking actors, but they're not kids, which makes a difference. Bryant has a sort of non-nonsense beauty on "Parenthood," and they didn't go overboard to change her for the film. They both seem like people who are at home in their skin, happy with who they are, and open to something good happening. This movie doesn't feel like a standard issue romantic comedy precisely because it's about grown-ups who are trying to do the right thing by themselves and by this person they invite into their lives. The fact that they seem like they're trying to do things right only makes it more significant when they can't pull it off.

When we talked about the film, I wanted to talk about the attitude of Leslye Headland's script and how it gave the actors such great stuff to play, and they were happy to discuss not only the script but the general chemistry they had as well.

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<p>Johnny Knoxville in makeup as Irving from &quot;Bad Grandpa.&quot;</p>

Johnny Knoxville in makeup as Irving from "Bad Grandpa."

'Bad Grandpa's' Irving on the Oscars, Helen Mirren and finding tail

Plus: Best makeup nominee talks skin in sunlight

Even after $102 million at the box office and an Academy Award nomination for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, "Bad Grandpa's" Irving has just one thing on his mind: Yes, he still can't get enough tail.

Irving sat down with HitFix last week to talk about his neverending quest for tail, Billy's current status (let's just say he's under supervision), his affection for Helen Mirren and whether or not he has a ticket to the Oscars. It's an incredibly unconventional interview, but if you're a fan of "Bad Grandpa" you'll probably eat it up.

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<p>'Hey, did you see R.I.P.D.?' 'Yeah.' 'So what do we do about this?' 'Thank god Ryan Reynolds isn't in it.'</p>

'Hey, did you see R.I.P.D.?' 'Yeah.' 'So what do we do about this?' 'Thank god Ryan Reynolds isn't in it.'

Credit: Lionsgate

'Red' director Robert Schwentke signs on for the Shailene Woodley sequel 'Insurgent'

Should we take this as a cue to be nervous about the first film?

When "The Hunger Games" changed hands from Gary Ross to Francis Lawrence, there were nervous fans and plenty of reasons to be skeptical about Lawrence. After all, he's a guy who has made a number of studio movies now, and they haven't all been solid. In the end, "Catching Fire" felt like a refinement of the franchise, and I'm genuinely excited to see Lawrence handling the final two films in the series as well, but that mid-franchise creative shift can be nerve-wracking.

When Marvel ends up with a filmmaker they like and they start seeing dailies that work and a film starts coming together in the editing room, they are not above immediately hiring that filmmaker to do it again. The Russo Brothers are already hard at work on "Captain America 3," and if rumors are correct, James Gunn may be heading back to outer space again as soon as he turns in the first "Guardians Of The Galaxy." Of course, their biggest vote of confidence was in Joss Whedon, who started production on "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" today in Wakanda. Errrrr, South Africa.

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"Shahs of Sunset"

 "Shahs of Sunset"

Credit: Bravo

'Shahs of Sunset' season finale: Reza has a proposal for Adam

He isn't the one having a midlife crisis, though

The season finale of "Shahs of Sunset" was surprising for a lot of reasons, mostly because of what it wasn't. It wasn't a non-stop shrieking argument. It wasn't bubbling over with jealousy, resentment, hurt feelings or snarky judgment. While ostensibly the show was about Reza celebrating his 40th birthday with a blow-out celebration in Palm Springs, it wasn't much of a blow-out and everyone mostly behaved themselves -- even GG. Yes, I said GG. Would it be weird to call this episode sort of poignant? Maybe that's taking it too far. But let's just say everyone, not just Reza, is feeling the weight of the advancing years -- even if that just means furiously ignoring them.

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