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<p>Demetri Martin and Lake Bell star in the pointed 'In A World...'</p>

Demetri Martin and Lake Bell star in the pointed 'In A World...'

Credit: Roadside Attractions

Exclusive: First 10 minutes of Lake Bell's sharp and funny 'In A World...'

Is this enough of a glimpse to convince you?

Lake Bell has always demonstrated a knack for comedy, and since 2003, when I first saw her in "Miss Match," a short-lived TV vehicle for Alicia Silverstone, she has appeared in at least 30 different films or TV shows. Like any actress, she is at the mercy of Hollywood in terms of what roles she plays. Or at least… she was.

"In A World…" played at last year's Sundance Film Festival, and I missed it there. Then I proceeded to miss it at least a half-dozen other times, including the actual release date. Finally, when it showed up on the stack of screeners I watched at the end of the year, I made sure to give it a shot.

Written and directed by Lake Bell, "In A World…" follows Carol (Bell), her father Sam (Fred Melamed), and the very specific little community of people who do voice-over work, and in particular, voice-over work for movie trailers. Sam is one of the kings of the voice-over world, and he seems to be grooming a younger guy, Gustav (Ken Marino), to be his successor, which quite rightfully infuriates Carol.

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"Sex Sent Me to the ER"

 "Sex Sent Me to the ER"

Credit: Discovery Fit & Health

Exclusive clip: Sex in a tree gets rough on 'Sex Sent Me to the ER'

Doing it in nature takes a nasty turn

You know, nature may be beautiful, but it's probably best not experienced naked (sorry, "Naked and Afraid"). In this clip from an all-new episode of "Sex Sent Me to the ER" (airing Sat. Jan. 11 at 10:00 p.m. on TLC), we meet Erik and Salina, a young couple who decide to climb a tree and get it on on a branch. Given that the title of this show is "Sex Sent Me to the ER," you can guess this does not end well. 

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<p>&quot;The Big Bang Theory&quot;</p>

"The Big Bang Theory"

Credit: CBS

TV Ratings: Big 'Bang' leads Thursday, 'Parks' rises and 'Assets' falls

CBS' full lineup rises, while 'Community' is among other risers
Fast National ratings for Thursday, January 9, 2014.
"The Big Bang Theory" drew its largest-ever audience for a regularly scheduled episode and helped CBS cruise to its normal easy Thursday wins, as "The Crazy Ones," "Elementary" and "The Millers" and "Two and a Half Men" were all up.
Also having a big night was NBC, which saw "Parks and Recreation" return a whopping 40 percent above its last airing, while "Community," "Sean Saves the World" and "The Michael J. Fox Show" rose as well.
The news was less good for ABC's "The Assets," which had a dismal premiere last week and managed to drop this week.
On to the numbers...
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Oscar Talk: Final thoughts before the 2014 Academy Award nominations

Oscar Talk: Final thoughts before the 2014 Academy Award nominations

And why isn't 'Inside Llewyn Davis' taking off with the industry?

Welcome to Oscar Talk.

In case you're new to the site and/or the podcast, Oscar Talk is your one-stop awards chat shop between yours truly and Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood. The podcast is broadcast in special installments throughout the season, charting the ups and downs of contenders along the way. Plenty of things change en route to Oscar's stage and we're here to address it all as it unfolds.

On the docket today…

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'The Big Bang Theory' hits a series high, 'Parks and Rec' up with Episode 100

"The Big Bang Theory" hits a series high, "Parks and Rec" up with Episode 100
About 20.08 million watched last night's "Big Bang" episode.

Aaron Sorkin dating Courtney Love!?

According to Page Six, "The Newsroom" star has been seeing the troubled rocker for the past few months. UPDATE: Sorkin's rep denies they're dating.

Next up for David Morrissey: BBC's "The Driver"
"The Walking Dead" alum will play a man who suddenly finds himself driving for a criminal gang.

"The Sopranos" premiered 15 years ago today
As Alan Sepinwall notes, "The series still feels so fresh, and vital, and so much a piece of everything that came afterwards," yet some things like the World Trade Center in the opening credits "mark it as a product of its time."

Jonah Hill & Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming with Q-Tip on a hip-hop drama series
The proposed project would explore the hip-hop star's life in the Native Tongue era.

Rob Lowe to star in an animated Comedy Central cop series
He'll be joined on "Moonbeam City" by Will Forte, Elizabeth Banks and Kate Mara.

"Doctor Who" will air without breaks in 2014 and 2015
Both Seasons 8 and 9 will each be shown without interruption.

Here's your first look at "Salem"

The WGN America series stars from Brannon Braga stars Shane West and Ashley Madekwe.

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<p>Joaquin Phoenix in &quot;Her.&quot;</p>

Joaquin Phoenix in "Her."

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Tell us what you thought of 'Her'

Spike Jonze's very 21st-century love story opens wide today

Spike Jonze's "Her" has been on limited release for the better part of a month now, but it finally goes wide today -- so those of you still left out of the loop can now find out why a film in which Joaquin Phoenix falls for a computer has attracted such critical superlatives across the board, as well as Best Picture prizes from the Los Angeles Film Critics' Association and National Board of Review.

I'm firmly in the fan club, having named it one of my top 15 films of 2013: I was touched by its high-concept romance, which I think touches on a number of hard truths about the way we communicate (or, more often don't) in the online age, was tickled by the gorgeous retro-futurism of its visuals, and think Joaquin Phoenix delivers one of the performances of the year. (Props to Scarlett Johansson's deft voice work, too, though I think Amy Adams is the unsung heroine of the piece.) Kris, however, is less convinced. Where do you land? Share your thoughts in the comments, and vote in the poll below.

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<p>David Oyelowo and Yaya Alafia in &quot;Lee Daniels' The Butler.&quot;</p>

David Oyelowo and Yaya Alafia in "Lee Daniels' The Butler."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

'The Butler' leads film nominees at NAACP Image Awards

Other nominees range from '12 Years a Slave' to 'The Best Man Holiday'

After what has been universally acknowledged as a banner year for black filmmakers and black-themed cinema, the NAACP Image Awards -- usually an awards haven for popular film in the Tyler Perry vein -- have an unusual amount of prestige titles to recognize this year. Oscar frontrunner "12 Years a Slave," of course, figures heavily into the equation with six nominations, but its Lee Daniels' summer sleeper hit "The Butler" that leads the way with eight.

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<p>Tony Soprano looks at his hometown newspaper in &quot;The Sopranos&quot;&nbsp;pilot.</p>

Tony Soprano looks at his hometown newspaper in "The Sopranos" pilot.

Credit: HBO

'I came in at the end,' or the day 'The Sopranos' turns 15

Has it really been so long since Tony Soprano met Dr. Melfi?

15 years ago, a guy walked into a psychiatrist's office. That guy happened to be a captain in the north Jersey mob. I suspect many of you know what happened next.

On the one hand, it seems incredible that 15 years have already passed since "The Sopranos" pilot aired. The series still feels so fresh, and vital, and so much a piece of everything that came afterwards. On the other, so many shows followed it in the dramatic revolution I wrote about in my book that of course a lot of time has passed, and there are certain pieces of the show (starting with the shot of the Twin Towers in the opening credits for seasons 1-3) that mark it as a product of its time.

Some "Sopranos" reading to look at today if you're in an anniversary frame of mind:

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<p>Amy&nbsp;Adams in &quot;American&nbsp;Hustle&quot;</p>

Amy Adams in "American Hustle"

Credit: Sony Pictures

'Captain Phillips,' 'American Hustle' and 'Breaking Bad' nominated for 2014 ACE Eddie Awards

The final season of AMC's hit series landed four nominations in one category

The American Cinema Editors (ACE) organization has announced nominees for the 64th annual ACE Eddie Awards, and "American Hustle" has predictably kept its strong guild showing going with a notice in the comedy or musical category.

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<p>Are BAFTAs being voted for in bad faith?</p>

Are BAFTAs being voted for in bad faith?

Credit: BAFTA

Roundup: BAFTA voter slams his fellow 'sheep'

Also: Steve McQueen's new TV project, and 'American Hustle's' J.Law problem

For a while now, awards-watchers have noted the transformation of BAFTA from a quirky British outsider to a fairly slavish Oscar follower in the awards race -- and it turns out some voters have too. One, in particular, has anonymously admonished the organization (himself included) for dishonest voting: "The voting process is based less on artistic merit than on a combination of coercion, trend-following and pot luck ... Bafta voting guidelines state explicitly that you must only vote for films you have seen. Which makes perfect sense. But I've done it. And I bet everyone else has, too. You vote for the ones you think are going to win. We're sheep. And we follow the sheep in front of us ... It's why the same old names appear year after year." Not exactly a revelation, this, nor is it is exclusive to BAFTA. [The Guardian]

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'American Idol' finale may move to New York

"American Idol" finale may move to New York
Madison Square Garden could host the first "Idol" finale outside Los Angeles. PLUS: Paula Abdul sues after getting burned by a tanning bed.

DirecTV may dump WWE over its new online network
The satellite broadcaster, which makes money off of the WWE's pay-per-view specials, isn't happy with those pay-per-view events also airing on the new WWE network.

Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow clash with a reporter questioning her "Girls" nudity

Dunham was asked, "I don't get the purpose of all the nudity on the show. By you particularly." To which she responded that nudity is a "a realistic expression of what it's like to be alive. But I totally get it. If you’re not into me, that’s your problem and you’re going to have to work that out with professionals"

French TV bans Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears' new videos before 10 pm
Both of their new music videos were deemed too racy.

Steve McQueen is developing a BBC drama series on the black experience in Britain
The "12 Years A Slave" is planning a series that is "epic" in scope.

Kristen Wiig interrupts her Jimmy Kimmel interview to go on a date
Watch Wiig's awkward first date on Kimmel's couch.

Steven Moffat doesn't see any reason to make a "Sherlock" movie
"It would just be, 'How does it make it better to go to the cinema?' - that would be the question," he says. "Everyone knows that cinema and television - in terms of production quality, in terms of everything really - are getting closer together, so how would we make it better if we put it on the big-screen?

John Oliver isn't sure how different his new HBO show will be from his "Daily Show" work

"It will be similar because it will be me talking about things," he says, adding: "I just have to build a machine that will approach it in a different way. I don't think there's a worry that it will be too similar. We're not going up against anyone, so it will be an interesting process to work out what we do."

Watch Danica McKellar's new math-themed web series

The former "Wonder Years" star has debuted "Math Bites," with a salute to pi.

A "Dancing with the Stars" baby is born
Former "Dancing" pros Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska have welcomed a son.

Michele Bachmann creates her "Downton Abbey" pose

The Republican U.S. Rep. from Minnesota and her family posed as "Bachmann Abbey."

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<p>Margot Robbie's got every reason to smile now that 'Wolf Of Wall Street' has put her on the map</p>

Margot Robbie's got every reason to smile now that 'Wolf Of Wall Street' has put her on the map

Credit: HitFix

Margot Robbie discusses Brooklyn accents and the power of sex in 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

Plus why she changed her mind after turning the film down

Margot Robbie is the very picture of potential right now.

She made two significant film appearances in 2013. First, she showed up in the under-seen Richard Curtis film "About Time," where she represented missed opportunity. She was a fetching object of desire, and she had a few nice moments, but it was a brief appearance. In Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf Of Wall Street," however, she is unforgettable, and by the time the film's three hours come to a close, she has made such an indelible impression as The Duchess that I would imagine filmmakers all over Hollywood are scrambling to figure out what role she can play for them.

In person, two things are immediately striking about her. First, yes, she is just as stunning in person as she is onscreen. Second, her Australian accent is more pronounced than I would have expected. After all, one of the most impressive things about her work in "Wolf" is how she nailed that specific Brooklyn accent, but in a way that is heightened just slightly, like everything else about the film.

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