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Elisha Cuthbert will play gay on Ellen's NBC comedy pilot

Elisha Cuthbert will play gay on Ellen's NBC comedy pilot
Ellen DeGeneres' "One Big Happy" will reunite "Happy Ending" vets Cuthbert and Nick Zano. She plays a lesbian who tries to conceive with her best friend, Zano. When she finally gets pregnant, he finds the love of his life.

Jimmy Fallon has "The Tonight Show's" best Wednesday ratings in more than a decade
Fallon also saw his viewership rise from Night 2 in the 18-49 demo.

"American Idol" company accusing Sony of stiffing Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, other "Idol" alums
19 Recordings claims Sony has robbed its "Idol" stars of millions of dollars in royalties, and is demanding $10 million in a lawsuit..

"Game of Thrones'" Hodor and Bran are pals in real life

Kristian Nairn and Isaac Hempstead-Wright were photographed together a Toronto Raptors game.

"Supernatural" spinoff casts "Skins" and "Vampire Diaries" alums
Lucien Laviscount and Nathaniel Buzolic will be part of "Supernatural: Tribes."

Conan to award an Olympian a medal made of bacon

Tonight,  Sage Kotsenburg's wish will come true.

"Grey's Anatomy" teases its midseason return

Watch an emotional scene from next week's episode.

NBC's "Hannibal" tries to jump on the binge-watching craze with "#13HourDevour"
NBC wants you to "devour" Season 1 all at once on Amazon.

Check out NBA star Chris Bosh, animated on the Dinsey XD

He's lending his voice to "Marvel's Hulk and Agents of SMASH."

Video: Amy Adams weeps over Philip Seymour Hoffman on "Actor's Studio"

"I just really loved him and I know so many people did," she said. "And I just don't know how much more I can talk about it right now. Sorry."

B.J.  Novak's book is No. 4 on the NY Times bestseller list
"The Office" alum's "One More Thing" made its bestseller list debut this week.

"Mike & Molly" bringing back Susan Sarandon
She'll reprise her role as Molly's literary idol.

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<p>Lucien Laviscount</p>

Lucien Laviscount

'Supernatural: Tribes' begins casting with 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Waterloo Road' vets

The CW's 'Supernatural' spinoff casts its first two leads and they're both pretty
The CW has officially begun casting on "Supernatural: Tribes" and in case you were concerned, they've gone "attractive" with the initial stars. 
The first two actors set for the "Supernatural" spinoff pilot are Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount. The two actors and their characters will be introduced in the April 29 episode of "Supernatural."
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"Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor"

 "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor"

Credit: TLC

Exclusive clip: Chelsey's test run at parenting backfires on 'Myrtle Manor'

Jared and Chelsey's freak-out doesn't make for a happy baby

On this week's episode of "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor (Thurs. Feb. 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC),  Chelsey has a brilliant idea. Why not babysit for her sister so that Jared will be inspired to let her have a baby? Clearly, Chelsey knows nothing about babies.

In this exclusive clip, watch Chelsey and Jared get completely freaked out and overwhelmed by simple things like feeding a baby, changing a diaper and putting a baby down for a nap. As Kim points out, Chelsey and Jared may not be meant to be parents. Bet that won't stop 'em!

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"Ice Cold Gold"

 "Ice Cold Gold"

Credit: Animal Planet

Exclusive clip: Miners face brutal task in 'Ice Cold Gold'

Greenland has the goods, but who's crazy enough to face the elements?

Given how many gold mining reality TV shows there are on the air right now, you'd think some of these guys would just say, eh, maybe it's time to go into a field that's less crowded, like directing. But no, these rough and ready guys are determined to find gold, even when that means going to places with intentionally misleading names, like Greenland, which is mostly ice. If The North Face isn't sponsoring this show, it should. Anyway, here's a first look at the second season of Animal Planet's "Ice Cold Gold" (premieres Thurs. March 6 at 10:00 p.m.),  in which we meet our seven determined miners and see that, even though they seem to be having a lucky streak, that comes with a whole new set of complications. Seriously, guys, have you considered real estate? Something? 

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Bob Costas only spends a few minutes on screen each night during the Olympics

Bob Costas only spends a few minutes on screen each night during the Olympics
On his first night back, Costas was clocked in at 5 minutes 28 seconds, according to the NY Times. On Tuesday, he was on screen for 10:17. When the NY Times told Costas that, he responded: "If you told me 15 minutes, I would say that sounds right."

"Sharknado 2" filming takes over Times Square
Check out Ian Ziering and Judd Hirsch on top of a yellow taxi cab. PLUS: Watch Mark McGrath and Ziering in action.

Is Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" theme inspired by "The Electric Company"?

A video for "-tion" sounds very familiar.

Kate Mara talks about filming Season 2 of "House of Cards"

Mara says she still hasn't finished watching this season. She's on Episode 6. PLUS: 2% of Netflix subscribers finished Season 2 in 2 to 3 days.

Shingles sidelines Keith Olbermann
"To those asking, Shingles feels like you fell 3 flights," the ESPN2 star explained on Twitter. "On to sharp poison ivy. Which then spontaneously combusts. Emitting toxic fumes."

Watch Lena Dunham address the "Girls" backlash in an hour-long interview
The "Girls" honcho talks to ESPN's Bill Simmons about the Vogue Photoshop controversy and wanting to guest on "Scandal." "Basically, my life's great passion is the idea of being a guest star on Scandal," Dunham says. "I want to be like, a senator who did something wrong."

CBS Entertainment chief gets a promotion
Nina Tassler will become chairman of CBS Entertainment after successfully serving as president of CBS Entertainment since 2003.

Matthew Rhys had to convince his mom he's not dating "Americans" co-star Keri Russell
"She calls up going, 'What's going on? I just read this about you,'" Rhys tells People. "I tell her, 'You have to take off your Google alerts.'"

"Parks and Rec" spawns "The Hapley Group"

Watch the new "Parks and Recreation" web series, starring news anchor Perd Hapley.

Treat Williams lands on NBC

The "Everwood" alum will co-star in the "Traffic"-like pilot "Odyssey."

"True Detective" has made "The King in Yellow" book an Amazon bestseller
The 1895 collection of short stories yesterday shot up 71% to 7th place on Amazon's bestseller book list.

Spike TV will dramatize the feud between Donald Trump and Steve Wynn
The event series will be based on the book "The War at the Shore: Donald Trump, Steve Wynn and the Epic Battle to Save Atlantic City."

Letterman tonight has on has on 3 Olympians
Medal-winning skiers Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper will be Dave's guests.

Joan Rivers gives Jay Leno the finger
"The f*cking curse is gone," she said on "Inside Edition. "To Jay! Well, Jay. Twenty-three years. I’m still here and you're going to be selling cars."

How to save "Downton Abbey": Kill Mr. Bates!
"Bates deserves to die," says Andrew Romano, "because 'Downton Abbey' creator and writer Julian Fellowes has failed for several seasons now to give him a reason to exist. Actually, let me rephrase that: Fellowes has failed for several seasons now to give him a reason to exist that is not idiotic, irritating, implausible, and deeply, depressingly tedious."

Food Network renews "The Kitchen"

A batch of 13 more episodes will premiere in January.

Ex-"Bachelor" star Shayne Lamas is out of the hospital
Lamas is recovering from a miscarriage.

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<p>American Gracie Gold</p>

American Gracie Gold

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: Tiny Olympic bump for NBC Wednesday, while 'Idol' and 'Criminal Minds' get close

Didn't figure skating used to be more popular than this?
Fast National ratings for Wednesday, February 19, 2014.
Despite a reputation as the most popular of Olympic events, the start of the ladies figure skating competition from Sochi gave NBC only a small night-to-night bump on Wednesday, not that the less-than-impressive growth kept the network from dominating primetime in all measures.
In purely hypothetical terms, we'll see if NBC gets a bigger bump for Thursday's figure skating if early reports have either Ashley Wagner or Gracie Gold making a run for the medal podium.
FOX's second straight two-hour "American Idol" performance episode almost perfectly mimicked Tuesday's episode, but "Idol" was edged out by CBS' new "Criminal Minds" overall and only barely held off the procedural in the key demo.
On to the numbers...
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Arsenio accepts Brian Williams' apology

Arsenio accepts Brian Williams' apology

"A lot of people apparently called NBC last night on my behalf," Arsenio Hall said on last night's show in response to Williams admitting on "NBC Nightly News" that they had erred in omitting Arsenio from a report on late-night TV.

"Late Night with Seth Meyers" will begin taking Fridays off after 1 month

"We're going to do five days a week the first month, then we're going to become a four-day-a-week show," Meyers tells Howard Stern. "I think that's the way to maintain life sanity."

A male "Modern Family" fan inappropriately touched Sarah Hyland in Australia
A male fan reportedly grabbed Hyland's breast outside a "Modern Family" party, something Hyland alluded to on Twitter.

Paget Brewster to play Michael Imperioli's wife on ABC

She's co-starring on the ABC comedy pilot "St. Francis."

Tracee Ellis Ross to play Anthony Anderson's wife on "Blackish"

The "Girlfriends" alum will co-star on the ABC comedy pilot.

"ER's" Sherry Stringfield joins "Under the Dome"
She'll have connections to the dome's origins when she surfaces in Season 2.

"The Vampire Diaries" casts its 1st gay character after 5 seasons
Co-creator Kevin Williamson, who is gay, waited so long because he didn't want to have a typical teen coming out story.

Matthew McConaughey works on his Oscar acceptance speech with Jimmy Kimmel
Kimmel didn't like that McConaughey saved his best award speech material for his Golden Globes victory.

Lestor Holt joins Brian Williams on "Rapper's Delight"
Watch the latest Jimmy Fallon rap bit. PLUS: Jonah Hill & Martin Scorsese star in Fallon's "#Hashtag2."

Charlie Sheen's fiancee is already married

Ex-porn star Brett Rossi is working on divorcing her current husband so she can marry the "Anger Management" star.

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<p>Benjamin Stockham and David Walton in &quot;About A&nbsp;Boy.&quot;</p>

Benjamin Stockham and David Walton in "About A Boy."

Credit: NBC

Review: NBC's watered-down take on 'About A Boy'

David Walton and Minnie Driver step into Hugh Grant and Toni Collette's shoes

When Jason Katims was a struggling playwright in New York, or even in his early days apprenticing under Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskowitz on emotionally precise dramas like "My So-Called Life" and "Relativity," I doubt he imagined that one day, he would become the TV business's go-to man for adapting books and movies to television. He developed the WB's "Roswell," based on a popular series of YA novels about human/alien romance. Though he didn't come on board with "Friday Night Lights" until after the pilot was made, he had to maintain the tone of Peter Berg's adaptation of his own film, which was an adaptation of a book. And when "FNL" ended, Katims transitioned to "Parenthood," a very loose adaptation of the 1989 Ron Howard movie, which had already been attempted as a TV series (with a young Leonardo DiCaprio) in the early '90s.

And now he's the man behind "About a Boy," a half-hour comedy series based on both the Nick Hornby novel and the 2002 film with Hugh Grant, which will get a sneak preview after NBC's Olympic coverage on Saturday night at 11 before transitioning into a Tuesday at 9 p.m. timeslot.

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<p>Christoph Waltz at last year's Oscar ceremony.</p>

Christoph Waltz at last year's Oscar ceremony.

Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Roundup: The science of Oscar acceptance speeches

Also: Nas doc to open Tribeca, and the worst reviews of Best Picture nominees

Who gets thanked the most in Oscar acceptance speeches? Nathaniel Rogers and Chris Kirk crunch the numbers from the last decade's worth of ceremonies, and have made some interesting discoveries -- chief among them, that Meryl Streep gets thanked more often than God. "What comes out in the moment—or doesn’t—is a true reflection of feeling, whether the speech feels rehearsed and polished or immediate and spazzy. And in Hollywood—and what’s more Hollywood than the Oscars?—billing matters," they write. Included is an exhaustive cross-referenced chart breaking down individuals actors' speech by class of person thanked, and in what order. Geek out. [Slate]

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<p>I'm not sure if 'fantastic' fully describes them, but they sure are charming.</p>

I'm not sure if 'fantastic' fully describes them, but they sure are charming.

Credit: AP Photo

Meet your new 'Fantasic Four': Not who you expected, is it?

There are big expectations for an ensemble that is largely untested as stars

If there is any superhero film on the horizon that has me crossing my fingers at the moment, it's "Fantastic Four."

There are other films I am more confident will work because of things I've seen or read or heard, but when it comes to "Fantastic Four," I want them to get it right. I want my kids to have a series of great movies about some of the best Marvel characters that remain undefined so far on film.

No offense to the team that took the first crack at it (I'm not counting Roger Corman's disastrous tax dodge version), because I think they tried to do a certain version of things, with a particular interpretation of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, her younger brother Johnny, their friend Ben Grimm, and an evil lunatic named Doom, and it's just plain not for me. The world never felt right. The casting wasn't right. The way they built their bad guys in both movies was fairly inept. It just… didn't work.

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<p>Was Faith from &quot;Buffy&quot;&nbsp;and &quot;Angel&quot;&nbsp;a hero or a villain?</p>

Was Faith from "Buffy" and "Angel" a hero or a villain?

Credit: The WB

Heroes vs. Villains: Faith from 'Buffy' and 'Angel'

She started good, went bad, then turned good again

The NCAA basketball tournaments are less than a month away. Because it's obviously never been done before, HitFix is going to host its own tournament, but this battle won't take place between teams on Tobacco Road. We've got something more exciting in mind.  In our competition, the greatest Heroes from the worlds of television and movies will face off versus the greatest Villains

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<p>Luke Bryan: Why is this man smiling</p>

Luke Bryan: Why is this man smiling

Credit: AP Photo

Luke Bryan keeps the party going with 'Spring Break 6' EP

Does 'Like We Ain't Ever' come with sunscreen and aspirin?

In between his full-length studio albums, Luke Bryan has released a highly successful series of “Spring Break” EPs that have ensured the party will never stop as long as you have a drink in your hand.

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