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<p>Katy Perry</p>

Katy Perry

Credit: AP Photo

Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' remains the most popular song for fourth week

Mariah Carey's 'You're Mine (Eternal)' gets off to a slow start

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” featuring Juicy J, kicks its competition to the curb for one more time as it spends its fourth week atop the Billboard Hot 100.

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2014 Winter Games

 2014 Winter Games

Credit: AP Photo

Winter Games Round-Up: Bode's injured, but America's still strong in the slalom

Women's figure skating features a rousing rivalry, too

Okay, after all the heartwarming video about Bode Miller and "let's make him" cry interviews with the guy, we're just going to have to accept that he hurt his knee in the giant slalom and won't compete in the slalom. It's okay, though. He has a lot of medals. Like, six, which is a US record. He even got a bronze in the Super-G last weekend. Don't cry for Bode. There have been way too many tears this Olympics, people. It's going to be okay.

If we're going to cry for anyone, we may want to cry for the men's Russian hockey team, which was eliminated by Finland. Given that President Vladimir Putin pretty much said they'd better damn well bring home the gold, I'm a little worried about them. 

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<p>Terrence Howard</p>

Terrence Howard

Credit: Arthur Mola/AP

Oscar nominees Terrence Howard, Judd Hirsch land pilot roles, but not together

FOX's 'Empire' and ABC's 'Forever' snag stars
Under normal circumstances, Terrence Howard and Judd Hirsch have very little in common, but for the purposes of Wednesday (February 19) afternoon news, they're both Oscar nominees who are getting into the pilot game. 
No. Hirsch and Howard are not getting into the pilot game together, though TNT's "Hirsch & Howard," featuring Judd Hirsch and Terrence Howard playing exaggerated versions of themselves and fighting crime would be a massive, massive hit. 
In the short term, though, Terrence Howard has landed the lead in FOX's hip-hop drama pilot "Empire," while Judd Hirsch will play a supporting role in ABC's drama "Forever."
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11 suggestions to improve this year's Oscars

11 suggestions to improve this year's Oscars

They probably have it all figured out, but just in case...

By now, the ideas are already in place for the 86th annual Academy Awards. We've heard about a few of them, of course. Like the vague them of "heroes" and the celebration of "The Wizard of Oz." And of course, we all know the Best Original Song nominees will be on hand to perform. But outside of that, there are certainly a few things we HOPE we'll see on the show. The Oscars seem ever in need of improvement (and naturally, everyone's a critic). So we humbly offer 11 suggestions, should the producers be in some last-minute scramble to figure this thing out.

Check out what we're thinking in the gallery story below and feel free to offer up your own suggestions in the comments section.

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<p>Jai Courtney is your new Kyle Reese because why not?</p>

Jai Courtney is your new Kyle Reese because why not?

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Kyle Reese is cast as Jai Courtney joins 'Terminator Genesis'

My indifference remains overwhelming

Whew. I was starting to worry this might be good.

Perhaps I should dial back the skepticism a bit. After all, they're bound to eventually make a "Terminator" spin-off/reboot/remake/sequel that's not annoying and pointless, right? All they have to do is keep cranking them out every few years with a new cast of actors with some career heat, and I'm sure they'll stumble over a good movie at some point.

Sure, they've announced three different times now that they're going to "kick off a whole new trilogy," and each time they've announced that, they've failed, but that doesn't mean anything. I'm sure it was simply because the public wasn't ready. This time… this time it will all be different.

Sure, Jai Courtney and Sam Worthington would confuse me if I had to ID one of them in a police line-up, and sure, Courtney seemed mercifully spared of the horrors of charisma in "A Good Day to Die Hard," but I'm sure it's a great idea to pin your wildly expensive franchise film on him because the public just hasn't caught up yet.

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Arsenio Hall slams Brian Williams for not counting him as a late-night competitor vs. Jimmy Fallon

Arsenio Hall slams Brian Williams for not counting him as a late-night competitor vs. Jimmy Fallon
Arsenio asked his viewers to complain to NBC after "NBC Nightly News" showed nine late-night hosts -- everybody from Conan O'Brien to Chelsea Handler to Andy Cohen -- but no Arsenio.

Terrence Howard joins Fox's hip-hop drama from Lee Daniels
Howard will play the head of a record label named Lucious Lyon.

"True Detective" could boost Matthew McConaughey's Oscar chances

The HBO series is a reminder to Academy voters how far McConaughey has come as an actor. It'll also be the first time in a while that somebody starring on a TV starring gets an Oscar.

ESPN to air a special on "The N-Word"
The "Outside the Lines" special on Sunday will feature Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, rapper Common, Mean Joe Green and various journalists, academics and athletes.

Fox expanding its airing of ads during "American Idol"
The "double box" featured was shown twice on last night's show.

NBC's "Nancy & Tonya" documentary will air before the Olympics closing ceremonies
NBC has scheduled the documentary for Sunday at 7 pm.

"Dallas" launching a J.R. Ewing bourbon brand

Warner Bros. TV is teaming with Southfork Bottling Company for J.R. Ewing Bourbon, which hits shelves next month.

Craig Ferguson books a Scottish band for all of next week

Glasgow's Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire will perform every day next week after impressing Ferguson on Monday's "Late Late Show."

Mel Brooks remembers Sid Caesar on a special "Conan" episode

As Brooks points out, Caesar was a master of talking in German as gibberish.

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Lady Gaga performs 'Artpop' on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'
Credit: NBC

Lady Gaga performs 'Artpop' on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'

The album's relaunch continues

Only in Lady Gaga’s world would a performance where she is shrouded in dry ice and playing a clear-top grand piano be considered subdued.

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Debra Messing returning to NBC for the drama pilot 'Mysteries of Laura'

Debra Messing returning to NBC for the drama pilot "Mysteries of Laura"
She'll play a detective who's raising two kids in a remake of the Spanish-language series "Los Misterios De Laura." "Mysteries of Laura" will be produced by Greg Berlanti and directed by McG.

Will NBC move Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski to primetime for the next Winter Games?

NBC executives won't speculate on the South Korea Winter Olympics, but the two have been the talk of these games.

It was Lorne Michaels' idea to make Fred Armisen "Late Night" bandleader

"A couple of weeks ago, Lorne Michaels called me and said, 'What would you think about curating a band for Seth's show?' I loved it," says Armisen, who adds that they share a common obsession with punk rock music.

HLN's new social media-themed shows include "Keywords," "#What'sYourFomo," "I Can Haz NewsToons"
HLN unveiled details of its new social media makeover, also announcing shows like "One.Click.Away" and "Videocracy."

OWN releases a pic from Lindsay Lohan's reality show

Here she is striking a pose.

Nat Geo will air a "Snake Salvation" tribute on Thursday
"Snake Salvation: They Shall Take Up Serpents" will celebrate the life of Pastor Jamie Coots, who died of a snakebite last week.

YouTube sensation Randall helped promote PBS' "Honey Badger" special, but..
The viral video star won't be part of tonight's "Nature" examination of the Honey Badger. But you can watch his promo here.

Larry David meets "House of Cards"
What if the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star replaced Frank Underwood?

Lena Dunham takes "Which 'Girls' Character Are You" quiz?, gets Marnie
Her reaction: "So I guess the apocalypse is coming?" PLUS: How to dance like "Girls."

"Chuck's" Ryan McPartlin headed to USA
Captain Awesome will guest on the new comedy "Playing House."

Seth Meyers gets "SNL" alums Maya Rudolph, Will Forte, Amy Poehler to guest on "The Awesomes"

But they are not the only "Saturday Night Live" stars be part of Season 2. Kate McKinnon has signed up as well.

The Kardashians launch Kardashian Kids, a clothing line for baby girls
Kim, Kourtney and Khloe unveiled their new clothing line using baby models.

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<p>'Well, let me tell you something... WE are not paying for the buttons'</p>

'Well, let me tell you something... WE are not paying for the buttons'

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Heroes vs. Villains: Where does Travis Bickle from 'Taxi Driver' fall?

Are we judged by our best action or our worst impulse?

The NCAA basketball tournaments are less than a month away. Because it's obviously never been done before, HitFix is going to host its own tournament, but this battle won't take place between teams on Tobacco Road. We've got something more exciting in mind.  In our competition, the greatest Heroes from the worlds of television and movies will face off versus the greatest Villains. 

The committee is currently mulling over the brackets, but we need your help.  There are six characters who some would consider anti-heroes, but we know then need to part of the battle royale. Do they fall in the Heroes bracket or the Villains bracket?

You decide.  You have 48 hours. Choose wisely.

We've had Alan Sepinwall and Dan Fienberg both offer up anti-heroes for you guys to vote on already, but if you haven't already been following this series, let me catch you up. We're going to ask you guys to spend March helping us eventually whittle things down to the greatest hero vs. villain showdown possible, but before we even get started, we need you to tell us where you'd place six characters.

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<p>Bette Midler is set to perform at the Oscars</p>

Bette Midler is set to perform at the Oscars

Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Bette Midler to perform at Academy Awards Ceremony

This will be the first time Midler has sung on the show
The producers of this year's Academy Awards telecast, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, announced that award-winning singer Bette Midler will be performing on the show. In addition to having won Grammys, Emmys, and a Tony, Midler has also been nominated for two Academy Awards.
Midler's two Academy Award nominations are for Actress in a Leading Role in "For the Boys" and "The Rose." Midler has not been nominated for a song and the appearance this year will be the first time she will perform on the show.
 Zadan and Meron stated, "We are thrilled to have Bette perform on the Oscars for the very first time." They added, “We believe she will make our Oscar telecast an especially moving evening.” 
No word was offered in the press release about when during the Oscars Midler will be sing, but it is certainly within the realm of possibility that she will do so during the annual In Memoriam portion of the telecast.
Presented at the Dolby Theatre on March 2nd, this year's event will again air on ABC and Ellen DeGeneres is serving as host for the second time.


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<p>This isn't a good picture, but you know why FOX made it available.</p>

This isn't a good picture, but you know why FOX made it available.

Credit: FOX

TV Ratings: Sluggish Olympics coverage tops Tuesday 'American Idol'

'Killer Women' finds a way to drop in young viewers
Fast National ratings for Tuesday, February 18, 2014.
After a couple bounce-back nights due to ice-dancing, NBC's Tuesday Winter Olympics coverage took a big drop, but still easily beat a special off-night performance episode of "American Idol."
Expect NBC's Sochi telecasts to get a big boost over the next two nights with the female side of the figure skating programming. 
There were few other notables on a repeat-filled Tuesday, though ABC's "Killer Women" somehow managed to lose 0.1 from an already impressively low young adult viewership. Also, The CW's encore of the "Star-Crossed" pilot very nearly equaled the audience for Monday's premiere.
On to the numbers...
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Jada Pinkett Smith will play a villain on Batman prequel 'Gotham'

Jada Pinkett Smith will play a villain on Batman prequel "Gotham"

She's playing Fish Mooney, a sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner.

Jimmy Fallon got big numbers on Night 2, beating Letterman and Kimmel combined

Fallon retained 75% of his "Tonight Show" debut numbers in Night 2. PLUS: Fallon interviewed Kristen Wiig as Harry Styles from One Direction.

"Dallas" taking over a Texas gas station to sell cheap gas as "Ewing Energies"
The gas station will sell cheap gas on Monday to promote Season 3, but TNT won't divulge where it'll be located.

Letterman talks "House of Cards" spoilers with Kate Mara
When is it okay to talk about Season 2? PLUS: Kevin Spacey talks to Jon Stewart about going to a whip meeting.

Wendell Pierce goes from "The Michael J. Fox Show" to "Ray Donovan"
"The Wire" alum will recur on the Showtime series as a down-on-his-luck parole officer.

"Fans" of "Game of Thrones" badger Kit Harrington on Jimmy Kimmel
Watch "Hodor" attempt to ask Harrington a question.

Bette Midler will sing at the Oscars for the 1st time

"We believe she will make our Oscar telecast an especially moving evening," say the ceremony's producers.

Matthew McConaughey cast himself as "True Detective's" Rust Cohle
McConaughey was approached to play Woody Harrelson's character, but McConaughey says "I wanted to get in that dude's head... The obsession, the island of a man — I’m always looking for a guy who monologues. It's something really important as I feel I’m going into my better work." PLUS: "The president has seen my boobs," tweets Alexandra Daddario, the internet mocks "True Detective," which line got cut from this week's episode?, and a "True Detective" reading list.

"HIMYM's" Lily and Robin reportedly made out on "Inside the Actor's Studio"
According to Us Weekly, the cast answered questions as their characters.

Stephen Colbert urges his fans to watch Jimmy Fallon ... on Fridays

Colbert said on last night's "Colbert Report": "I want to begin by welcoming my friend Jimmy Fallon to the 11:30 time slot and the brotherhood of shows that includes me, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and the repeat of 'Shahs of Sunset' on Bravo."

KaDee Strickland joins "Secrets & Lies" as Ryan Phillippe's wife
The "Private Practice" alum will star in a drama pilot in which Phillippe's character is accused of murder of a young boy.

Barbara Walters sets the record straight: "I don't have a vibrator!"
"I don't even put my cell phone on vibrate!" Walters said this morning on "The View."

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