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HBO picks up 'Ballers' starring Dwayne Johnson

HBO picks up "Ballers" starring Dwayne Johnson
The former wrestler turned movie star is heading to TV, playing a former NFL star. He'll be joined by Rob Corddry, who's co-starring, and Mark Wahlberg, who's producing.

Obama's Twitter account name-drops "House of Cards," begs: "No spoilers, please"

The president's official Twitter person is also excited for the return of the Netflix series. (The president signs "-bo" on tweets he actually writes, but this wasn't one of them.)

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<p>Shailene Woodley talks &quot;Divergent.&quot;</p>

Shailene Woodley talks "Divergent."

What words of wisdom did Kate Winslet give to 'Divergent's' Shailene Woodley?

She won't forget those stunts anytime soon

It's going to be a very big year for Shailene Woodley.  The former "Secret Life of the American Teenager" and "Spectacular Now" star has two highly anticipated movies, both based on popular novels, on the way.  In June, she plays a cancer patient in the adaptation of John Green's tearjerker "The Fault in Our Stars," but in a little over a month she'll have the fate of a city on her shoulders in the dramatic adventure "Divergent."  Last week, before zip lining with co-star Theo James onto Jimmy Kimmel, Woodley sat down to chat about the role that might transform her into a major movie star.

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'SVU' is bringing Alec Baldwin back to NBC

"SVU" is bringing Alec Baldwin back to NBC

Baldwin's 1st acting gig since "30 Rock" will also coincide with Mariska Hargitay's directorial debut. Details of his guest appearance are being kept under wraps.

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2014 Winter Games

 2014 Winter Games

Credit: AP Photo

Winter Games Round-Up: Must-see Olympic events for Thursday, Day 7

You won't want to miss the slopestyle final

So both of Bob Costas' eyes are riddled with pink eye, Johnny Weir is channeling "The Hunger Games" in his wardrobe choices, and Norway is winning the Olympic medal count. What is going on, people? 

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<p>In terms of impact to his character, Ahsoka may be the most important relationship of Anakin Skywalker's life.</p>

In terms of impact to his character, Ahsoka may be the most important relationship of Anakin Skywalker's life.

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Netflix strikes a great deal for all of 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' including new sixth season

Will we finally learn where Ahsoka Tano is?

When I pick my kids up from school today, we are going to celebrate. After all, we are big fans of the "Clone Wars" animated series that has been airing for the last five years. Beautifully produced, the show managed to introduce a fairly large new cast of supporting characters who seemed like welcome additions to the world of "Star Wars," and it pulled off the near-impossible job of making decent use of Jar Jar, and it set up a central tension that was for me and for my sons, more suspenseful than anything in the prequels because we do not know the answer to one very big question:

Where is Ahsoka Tano?

From the very first episode of the show, Ahsoka was assigned to Anakin as his apprentice, and the two of of them genuinely grew as characters and as Jedi over the course of the series. I thought they gave Anakin a more genuine and upsetting arc towards the Dark Side over the course of this show than they did in the feature films. I think these stories really are necessary text if you're going to fully embrace the story they're telling. There is more real "Star Wars" in the five seasons of the show that has already aired than people seem to realize.

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"Living Dolls"

 "Living Dolls"

Credit: Makin' Movies

CulturePop No. 37 - Maureen Judge, director of 'Living Dolls'

We talk Oscars (and Woody Allen), too

Another week, another awesome guest. This time around, Melinda and I got a chance to talk to Maureen Judge, the director of "Living Dolls." To say it's a documentary about doll collectors is too limiting. We meet a man who collects sex dolls a la "Lars and the Real Girl," a woman who is driving her family into bankruptcy with her compulsive collecting, a gay man who idolizes Barbie, and an artist who "mutilates" old Barbies in the name of art. These aren't people you'd likely meet in a room together. We talked to Judge about how she found these quirky characters, what she learned -- and we got a few of her Oscar picks, too.

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'Big Bang's' Jim Parsons to make his 'SNL' debut

"Big Bang's" Jim Parsons to make his "SNL" debut

Parsons will be joined by musical guest Beck when "Saturday Night Live" returns from its Winter Olympics hiatus on March 1.

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Report: E! poised to renew 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' with an even richer deal

Report: E! poised to renew "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" with an even richer deal
According to TMZ, a new deal could be worth more than the last three-season deal, which was worth $40 million.

Romany Malco will play Kevin Hart's alter ego on an ABC comedy pilot

The "Weeds" alum has been cast in a comedy loosely based on the comedian's life.

"The Good Wife" books John Leguizamo

He'll succeed Peter Florrick as the new State's Attorney.

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<p>Shani Davis</p>

Shani Davis

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: Olympics coverage skates past 'American Idol' on Wednesday

'Idol' is down week-to-week and NBC is down day-to-day
Fast National ratings for Wednesday, February 12, 2014.
[Ratings were delayed this morning, forcing you to wait four full hours to learn what you could have already guessed. Sorry.]
For the second straight day, NBC's primetime Winter Olympics coverage was built around the quest for a gold medal three-peat that fell short. But just as audiences tuned in to NBC to see Shaun White's disappointment, speedskater Shani Davis' loss (and other coverage from Sochi) still drew big numbers.
As we move deeper into the Olympics, the other networks are offering less and less competition -- "American Idol" was the only other original and took a week-to-week dip -- which made it even easy for NBC to coast, even if Wednesday's Olympics ratings were on the low side.
On to the numbers...
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CW renews 5 dramas

CW renews 5 dramas
"Arrow," "Supernatural," "The Vampire Diaries," "The Originals" and "Reign" will all be back next season.

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<p>Stephen Amell of &quot;Arrow&quot;</p>

Stephen Amell of "Arrow"

Credit: The CW

'Vampire Diaries,' 'Arrow' lead early 2014-2015 renewals from The CW

'Supernatural,' 'Originals' and one surprise also get pickups
Getting way out ahead of the spring curve, The CW renewed half of its primetime lineup on Thursday (February 13), led by four shows you already knew they were going to renew, plus one small surprise.
The not-surprises first: The CW has ordered a sixth season for "The Vampire Diaries," a 10th season for "Supernatural," a third season for "Arrow" and a second season for "The Originals."
What? you figured any of those dramas were going to be on the bubble? No.
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Matt Lauer: 'I can't do this schedule for any prolonged period of time'

Matt Lauer: "I can't do this schedule for any prolonged period of time"
If Bob Costas' absence continues on, Lauer says he expects to get a day or two off. But NBC declined to say if Al Michaels or Dan Patrick would be available. "I don't want the fact that I’m doing double duty to impact the way we do the 'Today' show," says Lauer, who's had to miss out on attending Olympic events the past few days.

"How I Met Your Mother" cast will deliver the Letterman Top 10

Catch them on Monday's "Late Show." PLUS: Gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg is Dave's guest on Tuesday.

Why Netflix should release "House of Cards" Season 2 today, amid an East Coast snowstorm
Some people are snowed in, and have nothing better to do.

A "Scrubs" musical is still in the works

Bill Lawrence has an update on his proposed project: "We're negotiating with different theater groups who will hopefully put up the money for a year to pay the composers to develop (spec songs). Disney has nicely become a silent partner in giving the rights for us to go shop it. And the most fun thing for a theater junkie is we’ve already reached the stage that various composers have been submitting songs based on an outline that we put together for the type of stuff we would do."

"The Tonight Show" and "Late Night" had their best weeks since 1993 and 1992, respectively

Jay Leno's farewell gave "The Tonight Show" its biggest numbers since "Cheers" said goodbye in 1993. And Jimmy Fallon's final two "Late Night" episodes were that franchise's best since Johnny Carson's last week in 1992.

Watch "Inside Amy Schumer's" Season 2 trailer
Season 2, featuring Janeane Garofalo and Paul Giamatti, premieres April 1.

Al Roker gets in a Twitter spat with NYC's mayor

The NBC weatherman isn't happy with Mayor Bill de Blasio's response to the snowstorm.

Peter Dinklage covers Esquire's Style issue

Everybody wants a piece of the "Game of Thrones" star.

Bravo is launching the "Real Housewives" Awards

Twelve awards will be handed out next month, including "OMG-est Moment of the Year" and "Best Fight Locale."

No, Alex Trebek wasn't being racist last night on "Jeopardy!"
A question about the United Negro College Fund was misconstrued by some viewers.

HBO teases "Doll & Em" starring Emily Mortimer

The British comedy co-created by Mortimer and her friend Dolly Wells premieres March 9.

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