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HBO’s older shows are coming to Amazon Prime

HBO’s older shows are coming to Amazon Prime
“The Sopranos” and “The Wire” will be available for streaming, but current shows like “Girls” and “Game of Thrones” won’t be available until three years after they air. PLUS: This deal will keep HBO relevant in the post-cable era.

MTV’s VMAs are going back to L.A.
This year’s awards show will be broadcast from The Forum.

Carlton Cuse: I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC rebooted “Lost”
"I think it's likely that at some point, ABC will want to reboot ‘Lost' because it's a valuable franchise,” the former "Lost" boss tells EW. Cuse, though, doesn’t expect to return if there is a reboot.

GQ has Julia Louis-Dreyfus have sex with a clown
Check out the “Veep” star “clowning around."

Rob Lowe to return for Nat Geo’s "The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?”
Lowe will narrate the follow-up to "The ’80s: The Decade That Made Us."

Jimmy Fallon makes John Oliver relive his weepy final “Daily Show"
“Why were you that emotional?” asked Fallon. PLUS: Oliver is disappointed in the quality of “Last Show Tonight” poster graffiti.

Fox delays “Masterchef” premiere so it can pair “Bones” with “24”
Season 5 will kick off on May 26.

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<p>Ari Graynor in &quot;Bad Teacher.&quot;</p>

Ari Graynor in "Bad Teacher."

Credit: CBS

Review: CBS' 'Bad Teacher' a good showcase for Ari Graynor, at least

Otherwise, it's a toothless adaptation of a mediocre Cameron Diaz film

The best thing about CBS' "Bad Teacher" sitcom remake (which debuts tomorrow night at 9:30) is that it makes me really want to see its star, Ari Graynor, in something better.

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<p>Channing Tatum and Steve Carell in &quot;Foxcatcher.&quot;</p>

Channing Tatum and Steve Carell in "Foxcatcher."

Credit: Sony Classics

'Foxcatcher' sets sights on awards season with a November release date

The Channing Tatum-starring film premieres at Cannes next month

When it comes to "Foxcatcher," Sony Pictures Classics have certainly been playing the long game. Bennett Miller's third film was originally set to premiere on the opening night of AFI Fest in LA on November 6 last year, priming it for a 2013 awards run, before being abruptly pulled from the release schedule -- the reason given that it wasn't ready in time..

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Stephen Colbert turned down a Letterman internship in 1986

Stephen Colbert turned down a Letterman internship in 1986
Colbert tells Dave he couldn’t take the internship because it didn’t pay. Colbert also applied to be a Letterman writer in 1997 with a Top 10 list, but when Dave’s people called back four months later, he had already started work on “Strangers With Candy.” (Letterman would later produce the “Strangers With Candy” movie.)

A “Peeps” TV show?
The classic marshmallow candies have been optioned for a “Lego”-esque movie and a possible TV series.

“Last Comic Standing’s” editors’ strike is over
The editors went on strike to unionize, and now they’re getting a union contract.

See more images from “The Simpsons’” Lego episode
What happens when Lego Homer sees the real Homer in the mirror?

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<p>Amy Acker finally brings Coulson&#39;s cellist to life in a new episode of &#39;Marvel&#39;s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.&#39;</p>

Amy Acker finally brings Coulson's cellist to life in a new episode of 'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Credit: ABC/Marvel Studios

Everyone's got something to hide as the lies fly on this week's 'Agents Of SHIELD'

A character-oriented week shows off the best of the series

This week's episode opened strong with a sequence that established Marcus Daniels. I like scenes that are staged primarily to introduce someone's superpowers, and I thought this one was pretty simple and effective. Daniels is sort of a generic off-the-shelf bad guy who can absorb energy, and his only real purpose in the episode is to give Coulson and his team a reason to reconnect with the Cellist who was mentioned in "Iron Man 2" and "The Avengers."

This is also the first time since we've learned that Agent Ward is such a piece of garbage that we've seen him spend an entire episode interacting with his team. Honestly, the reveal has made him more interesting than he's been the entire time the show's been on the air. One of you in our comments section made the comparison to David Boreanaz once he got to play Angelus on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," and it's spot on in this case. Being garbage suits him, and it becomes fun to watch him play his team when he's been such a drag so far.

We see at the start of the episode that Coulson knows what's going on but only through Ward's account. They know, for example, that the entire population of The Fridge have been released, and Coulson wants to go after them. As Agent Koenig, Patton Oswalt's having a ball so far. He's perfect as this kind of cheerily bureaucratic agent who is in charge of all the secrets, and he's got every right to treat the entire team with suspicion at this point.

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"The Real Housewives of New York City"

"The Real Housewives of New York City"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of New York City' recap: Everyone's mad at Kristen

It should be a lovely trip to the Hamptons, but no one's having fun

Really, this should be an episode ripped from a Travel Channel show. Everyone's having fabulous parties with amazing food and there's even fireworks in the offing, but all of the women are too busy screaming at one another (or watching other women screaming at one another) to notice how great they have it. If anything, we all probably need a glass of Ramona pinot just to get through it.

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<p>Keith Carradine of &quot;Fargo&quot;</p>

Keith Carradine of "Fargo"

Credit: FX

Interview: Keith Carradine talks 'Fargo' and a 'Deadwood' anniversary

Has the Oscar-winning 'Nashville' star become 'venerable' yet?

CALGARY - If actors aren't monitoring when there shows are celebrating their 10th anniversaries, I've taken it upon myself to inform them.

Like in January, Method Man didn't know that the 10th anniversary of "Method & Red" is coming up this summer, but I told him. And now he knows! Assuming he remembers. Which he probably doesn't.

And in March, on the Calgary set of FX's "Fargo," I told Keith Carradine about the 10th anniversary of "Deadwood." He hadn't known, but he's more likely than Method Man to remember.

And yes, I place the 10th anniversaries of "Method & Red" and "Deadwood" on the same plane.

Playing Lou Solverson, father of Allison Tolman's Molly Solverson, Carradine is part of the soulful core of "Fargo." Yes, there's a spiraling assortment of increasingly violent crimes, but there's also the relationship between a father, a former cop now living a safer life behind the counter of a diner, and the daughter who followed in her dad's footsteps, much to his chagrin.

It's a bond that hits home for Carradine, son of acting legend John Carradine, brother of Dave and Robert, father of Martha Plimpton. He knows what it's like to be part of a semi-reluctant professional lineage. 

In our interview, he talks about that personal tie to the material, as well as his relationship with relative newcomer Tolman. Carradine speculates on the point at which an actor becomes venerable and discusses his theory on the passing of time vis a vis the "Deadwood" anniversary.

It's a great chat.

Watch "Fargo" tonight on FX and check out the full Q&A below...

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<p>Russell Harvard and Adam Goldberg in &quot;Fargo.&quot;</p>

Russell Harvard and Adam Goldberg in "Fargo."

Credit: FX

Review: 'Fargo' - 'The Rooster Prince'

A pair of hitmen from North Dakota arrive, and Lorne takes a new job

A review of tonight's "Fargo" coming up just as soon as I find a human foot in a toaster oven...

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<p>Tyler Glenn</p>

Tyler Glenn

Credit: HitFix

Tyler Glenn talks Neon Trees' new album 'Pop Psychology' and coming out of the closet

To those still afraid: 'Tweet me if you need a friend'

LOS ANGELES - Neon Trees' new album "Pop Psychology" drops today, and just a month ago, frontman Tyler Glenn came out as gay. According to Glenn, fans are going to hear a lot of intersection of the latter in the former.

Speaking to me from the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards this month, Glenn said that a lot of lyrics from "Pop Psychology" came from "therapy sessions... it feels very cathartic."

His advice to those who are closeted is that "it's OK to be scared" though "it's the best thing I've done in a long time."

"I know how it feels," Glenn continued. "Tweet me if you need a friend."

Watch the rest of the video above for Glenn's tips on keeping your voice and watching out for those hard-partying nights.

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'Arrested Development' creator signs deal to create new series for Netflix

“Arrested Development” creator signs deal to create new series for Netflix
Mitch Hurwitz’s deal allows him to also work with other TV show creators on their projects while also consulting with Netflix on future comedy series.

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"The Originals"

"The Originals"

Credit: The CW

Interview: 'The Originals' werewolf Chase Coleman talks Klaus, deals and howling

Fans haven't asked him to howl at the moon... yet

As Oliver on "The Originals," Chase Coleman is the real deal. Okay, not a werewolf, but an honest-to-goodness Southern boy born in Alabama and raised in Louisiana. As the scheming little brother to Jackson (Nathan Parsons), Oliver's intentions aren't entirely clear yet, but we're betting they will be soon. Coleman didn't give away much in my conversation with him, but he did talk about making a deal with the devil, loyalty, and what happens when you're dead (on "The Originals," of course). 

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"The Little Couple"

"The Little Couple"

Credit: TLC

Will shows his sweet side on back-to-normal 'The Little Couple'

Cancer issues aren't at the forefront now that chemo is over

Aw, shucks. It's been a tough season for Bill and Jen on "The Little Couple," one that's been complicated with chemo treatments and visits to the doctor. This week, the TLC show (Tues. at 10:00 p.m.) takes a lighter, happier tone with chocolates and tea parties. It's well-deserved and, yes, totally adorbs. 

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