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<p>Princess Elsa, as voiced by Idina Menzel, in &quot;Frozen.&quot;</p>

Princess Elsa, as voiced by Idina Menzel, in "Frozen."

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Idina Menzel to heat up Oscar show with 'Frozen' performance

The Tony winner will perform Best Original Song favorite 'Let It Go' on stage

When Pharrell Williams was confirmed last week to perform his Oscar-nominated "Despicable Me 2" track "Happy" at the Academy Awards, there was no doubt that this news would follow in short order. Yes, Idina Menzel will be performing "Frozen's" anthemic power ballad "Let It Go" on the show too.

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Bob Costas will take tonight's Olympic coverage off to recover from his eye infection

Bob Costas will take tonight's Olympic coverage off to recover from his eye infection

Matt Lauer will fill in Tuesday, one night after it was revealed Costas' eye infection had spread to both eyes.

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<p>&quot;The Wonder Years&quot;&nbsp;is finally coming to DVD.</p>

"The Wonder Years" is finally coming to DVD.

Credit: ABC

'The Wonder Years' is finally coming to DVD

Same company that produced 'China Beach' set will restore the original music

"The Wonder Years" is finally coming to DVD — with most of the original music intact.

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<p>Cheer up, it's only a couple more weeks.</p>

Cheer up, it's only a couple more weeks.

Credit: Sony Classics

Roundup: Mark Harris on a soured Oscar season

Also: Revisiting the 1993 race, and James Toback on losing at the Oscars

I think most would agree that the Oscar season has felt especially long this year -- how did we tolerate it running to late March for seven years? With BAFTA winners the only new information we're likely to receive in the next three weeks, it's time when the conversation can really pall, and mountains get made out of molehills. Mark Harris refers to the questioning of Cate Blanchett's Best Actress chances following the reignition of the Woody Allen scandal as an example of this souring. But it's not all bad, he says: "The biggest fights about 2014’s Oscar contenders have not been about their aesthetics but about their politics and morality ... I’m going to raise my half-full glass and give a mild cheer for the fact that they’re happening at all." As always, a good read. [Grantland]

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Sandra Bullock says she never thought she'd work with 'Gravity' director in a million years

Sandra Bullock says she never thought she'd work with 'Gravity' director in a million years

Plus: Why she thinks the movie moves people

BEVERLY HILLS — It's been a much different awards season for Sandra Bullock than when she won her first Oscar a little less than four years ago. She became the frontrunner after that year's Golden Globes and you could sort of tell the pressure got to her toward the end (not that she wasn't her always down-to-earth, affable self). This year, Cate Blanchett has been in the driver's seat for most of the season and if Bullock won it would be something of an upset. Still, the blockbuster star shows no signs of abandoning ship. There is a joy in how she lovingly and energetically discusses director Alfonso Cuarón and "Gravity," unarguably the best film she's ever starred in.

On Monday, she joined many of her fellow nominees at the annual Oscar luncheon. She didn't have to make a quick trip to the press room, but discussing "Gravity" has clearly never been a chore for Bullock. At one point she was asked about whether it was difficult to trust Cuarón on such a risky endeavor. Her response speaks volumes.

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Jonah Hill says he'd paint Martin Scorsese's house if he was asked

Jonah Hill says he'd paint Martin Scorsese's house if he was asked

Was hooked on master filmmaker since 'Goodfellas'

BEVERLY HILLS — Jonah Hill loves Martin Scorsese. Not only did the master filmmaker guide him to his second Academy Award nomination for "The Wolf of Wall Street," but Hill was so eager to work with him he did it for scale. And considering "Wolf" had a budget of $100 million-plus, the actor might want to reconsider his representation.

Hill took a few minutes Monday during the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon to speak to the press about his Best Supporting Actor honor and he showered Scorsese with love.

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<p>You really should hear why they're playing 'Rock Paper Scissors' in this scene from the new version of 'About Last Night'</p>

You really should hear why they're playing 'Rock Paper Scissors' in this scene from the new version of 'About Last Night'

Credit: Screen Gems

Review: 'About Last Night' makes the most of a strong adaptation and a great cast

This is one remake that outpaces the original

When I first read David Mamet's play "Sexual Perversity In Chicago," it was the early '80s and I was starting to get really caught up in reading as much theater as possible. Mamet was one of the names I became fixated on, and part of that was because of the musical nature of his language.

Many reviewers at the time talked about how realistic Mamet's dialogue was, but I don't think that was the appeal at all. Quite the opposite, actually. The Mamet stuff from when he was at his prime is all gorgeous and metered and specific, and if you love the rhythms of the movie of "Glengarry Glen Ross," then you understand that appeal. It's not just what those guys say, it is the way they say it, the cascade of profanity, the rat-a-tat back and forth, the hostility hidden in the pauses, the lethal way men circle each other looking for weakness. I fell hard for Mamet. When I got to Florida State University, the first thing I directed was "Sexual Perversity," and I relished the chance to get in there and play with that text.

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"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

 "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Is Brandi done with Lisa?

Carlton isn't forgiving Kyle anytime soon

Guess what? Underneath Carlton's kinky, Wiccan, sex-addicted, curse-a-riffic exterior lies a little mush ball of marshmallow goo! Or something. Anyway, this is more or less the take away from this week's episode. After being schooled all season long in Carlton's kink, her taste for painful tattoos and her hard-charging ways, we watch her dissolve like a soggy Kleenex while talking to Lisa about Kyle's hurtful words. I'm still trying to make sense of Carlton, who strikes me as a walking ball of contradictions (she won't hurt a fly, or a bee, or any living creature, but has no problem screaming hysterically at anyone who offends her). I think she's fun, but I wouldn't want to be opposite her in a knife fight, either. 

It turns out that Carlton is devastated, simply devastated that Kyle would call her an anti-Semite. She loves all people! She lived in South Africa! I know where she's going with this argument, but the way it's edited together, she seems thoroughly insane. Jews, black people, I love all minorities! I lived among them once! Not now, of course, but once! I hate Kyle, and she's Jewish, but I don't hate her because she's Jewish! She just bugs me!

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"The Bachelor"

 "The Bachelor" 

Credit: ABC

'The Bachelor' recap: One woman is sent home before the rose ceremony

The crazy is starting to bubble to the surface, too

We're at the stage in the competition at which some of the women seem to be waving big, red flags that plainly state "I'm CRAZY AS A BEDBUG" and "JUAN PABLO, IF YOU PICK ME YOU WILL REGRET IT UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE." But hey, Juan Pablo is having a lot of fun, and he's making out with chicks under waterfalls, so who cares?

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<p>Tom Cavanagh</p>

Tom Cavanagh

Credit: Evan Agostini/AP

Tom Cavanagh joins The CW's 'The Flash' pilot

Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker also star
"Yogi Bear" star Tom Cavanagh has landed one of the leads in The CW's pilot for "The Flash."
Sorry. That was mean.
"Ed" favorite Cavanagh will play Harrison Wells in the WBTV/CW pilot. While the character isn't an established part of the DC Comics universe, he was very briefly name-checked in a news report in one of the "Arrow" episodes that introduced Grant Gustin as Barry Allen.
Wells is described as "the mind and money behind Central City’s S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator" and "a rock star in the world of physics." As we've already seen on "Arrow," bad things happened to Wells' lab, which makes him into a pariah, but one very speedy consequence of the explosion offers him a chance at redemption.
Previously announced "Flash" co-stars include Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker, Rick Cosnett and Carlos Valdes.
Written by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, the "Flash" pilot will be directed by David Nutter.
Cavanagh was most recently seen on the small screen on episodes of "Blue Bloods" and "The Goldbergs." His history with Berlanti includes "Eli Stone" and "Jack & Bobby."
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<p>Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots and Aaron Paul in &quot;A Long Way Down.&quot;</p>

Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots and Aaron Paul in "A Long Way Down."

Credit: Berlin Film Festival

Review: Aaron Paul and Pierce Brosnan fall 'A Long Way Down' in dismal comedy

Toni Collette and Imogen Poots also among the casualties in laugh-free suicide farce

BERLIN - To briefly compare two comedies that have no obvious points of comparison whatsoever, "A Long Way Down" gets precisely one thing right that "M*A*S*H" does not: suicide is not painless. Not for viewers of the former, at any rate, as each mirthless minute of Pascal Chaumeil's wretched suicide-club farce prompts a fresh and previously unfamiliar grimace; rarely has such a comic premise been so exhaustively milked, as if to perversely prove its breathtaking lack of potential. "Still not laughing? Good. Now, try this cerebral palsy joke!"

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Meet the Oscars class of 2014: Bono, Christian Bale, Pharrell, Jared Leto and more

Meet the Oscars class of 2014: Bono, Christian Bale, Pharrell, Jared Leto and more

Class photo and more at the Oscars luncheon

Monday brought yet another Oscars nominee luncheon and, more importantly, a class photo of the nominees for the 86th Academy Awards. 

While a number of famous faces including Jennifer Lawrence, Judi Dench, Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor were unavailable to attend the soiree still attracted a who's who of Hollywood star power. Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and more had fun talking to their idols and peers at the annual Beverly Hilton bash.  Oh, and some famous musical faces showed up too including this year's Grammy king Pharrell Williams and the one and only Bono.

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