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<p>Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton struggle with the witless &#39;The Other Woman&#39;</p>

Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton struggle with the witless 'The Other Woman'

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Review: Leslie Mann struggles valiantly but can't save the rotten 'The Other Woman'

I never thought I'd feel bad for Kate Upton

While I can't say "The Other Woman" is a good movie, I can say that it features at least one thing that is genuinely worth seeing.

The film that I kept thinking of as I watched this one was the Colin Higgins mega-hit "9 To 5," with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton teaming up to kick the living crap out of their chauvinist boss Dabney Coleman. While I'm not sure I'd feel like that film held up if I saw it now, it tapped a very potent sense of simmering outrage. It was a well-timed shot across the bow in the cultural conversation on changing roles for women in the workplace.

"The Other Woman," on the other hand, is a largely ridiculous look at crappy rich white people who seem to have nothing to worry about besides what they do with their naughty bits. This is the feature debut of screenwriter Melissa Stack, and it strikes me as so resolutely phony from beginning to end that I'm not sure who the target audience is supposed to be. It doesn't help that Nick Cassavetes seems to have a real problem with maintaining a tone over the full running time. This thing swings from broad gross-out comedy to something that seems to be struggling to be a reflection of real life, and it never establishes a baseline reality. It is a strange misfire that is only saved from being a complete disaster by the efforts of the film's two leads.

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Columbus Short out at "Scandal"

Columbus Short out at "Scandal"
After a string of recent negative headlines, Short won't be returning to the ABC series for Season 4, the actor announced in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. The future of his character, Harrison, was left in doubt on last week's Season 3 finale. Short said in his statement: "At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years," Short said in the state with what is the most talented ensemble on television today. I would like to first thank Shonda Rhimes for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast. Thank you GLADIATORS, who have supported me throughout my entire career and of course to ABC and Shondaland for allowing me to play such a pivotal role in the Scandal series. I have enjoyed every single minute of it." UPDATE: ABC decided to ax Short, reports TMZ, and his option wasn't picked up.

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Tiesto returns with new album, 'A Town Called Paradise,' in June

Watch the video for new track, 'Wasted,' now

Superstar DJ Tiesto returns with his fifth album, “A Town Called Paradise,” on June 16 and he’s bringing some friends with him.

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Mariah Carey

5 Things You Need to Know about Mariah Carey's new album

Why Jermaine Dupri should play professional poker

We’ll give him this much: Mariah Carey’s co-manager and producer Jermaine Dupri has a good poker face. When we interviewed Dupri on Wednesday at the ASCAP Awards, he said Carey’s album was still coming out in May (any maybe it is, given the timing of today's Billboard cover story on Carey) and he got a little feisty with us about the singles released so far not doing particularly well. Apparently, he just wanted to save his cannon fire for the Billboard story, which comes out in full on Monday. He did tell us that she will tour behind the new album, so there's that...

Today, teased several items from Monday’s story. Here are five things we learned:

*The album's release will be a surprise. There’s a reason we haven’t heard anything more about the previously announced May 6 release date or an album title: that’s because Carey now plans to drop the album, the track listing, cover art, and title all at once to a digital provider…kind of like what Beyonce did with “Beyonce” or what Skrillex did. Except that in some ways it’s not like that at all since Carey’s now revealed that’s what she plans to do. So the only surprise is what date the album will drop, as opposed to being shocked that there’s new material at all. The album will come out on CD a week following the digital release.

*The album title has a very personal meaning: The album title, whatever it may be under God’s green earth, is named for “a personal possession of mine that’s part of an entity that I’ve had almost all my life,” Carey told Billboard.  Hmmm.  I’m guessing it’s called “Dancer” or something like that from a musical jewelry box Carey had with a little twirling ballerina in it.  Plug in your suggestion in the comments below.

*She’s cut how many songs? In the Billboard piece, she says that a friend made her a playlist with “1,000 of my songs on it.” What? Come again? Carey has put out 13 studio album, so that’s around 130 tracks. Add in her guest appearances on other people’s songs, all the remixes, and assorted other things and we still can’t figure out how she got to 1000. Can you?

*It takes a village to make a Mariah album: In addition to Dupri and her long-time collaborator Rodney Jerkins, the album which shall not be named also includes contributions from Hit-Boy and Mike Will Made It, and feature such guests as Wale, Nas, and Trey Songz. Plus, she teases that there’s another special guest “I’m not allowed to reveal.” It’s her record… she may not WANT to reveal it, but it’s not that she’s not “allowed to.” Regardless, we don’t reckon it’s Nicki Minaj, although that would be awesome!

*Going back to the well: Unbelievably, given how much she hated her time on “American Idol” with her arch nemesis Minaj, Carey says she won’t rule out returning to reality TV, but this time she’s be in control. She told Billboard she has TV talent competition up her sleeve and she will serve as executive producer. “I’m so very excited that’s finally coming to fruition.”


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Watch Isaiah Washington’s 'Grey’s Anatomy' reunion with Sandra Oh

Watch Isaiah Washington’s “Grey’s Anatomy” reunion with Sandra Oh
Here’s a glimpse of Burke surprising Cristina on next week’s episode.

Danica McKellar breaks her rib during “Dancing” practice
The former “Wonder Years” star tweeted: "Trying my best to pull thru and could use your prayers!! #wanttokeepdancing."

HBO delays “The Leftovers” by 2 weeks
The Damon Lindelof drama will debut June 29 instead of June 15.

“Franklin & Bash” nabs Cloris Leachman and Barry Bostwick
They’ll guest-star in separate episodes in Season 4.

“Salem” also got a big DVR boost
Viewership rose 41% for the WGN America series, when accounting for viewers who watched “Salem” later on.

What “Parks and Rec” can learn from other shows that did what it did
“Parks” is not the first show to try what it tried.

Former Fox, NBC, WB boss Garth Ancier calls allegations against him a "get-rich-quick scheme”
Ancier took to Twitter this morning to defend himself against allegations he sexually abused an underage boy.

Newest “Louie” promo features Louis CK falling for a woman coming out of the pool
The FX series returns in two weeks.

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<p>Justin Theroux of &quot;The Leftovers&quot;</p>

Justin Theroux of "The Leftovers"

Credit: HBO

HBO bumps 'The Leftovers' by two weeks

Tom Perrotta adaptation is still coming in June

HBO has delayed the premiere of the summer drama "The Leftovers" by two weeks.

That's about all there is to this story. Sorry.

After announcing three weeks ago that "The Leftovers" would launch on Sunday, June 15 at 10 p.m., HBO said today that the premiere has now been shifted to June 29. 

Per HBO, a slight shift in the production schedule led to the slight premiere shift, but this still keeps "The Leftovers" in line with the June window revealed back in January, so it's all good. The only real impact here is that "The Leftovers" will no longer premiere after the "Game of Thrones" season finale, which would have given it a nice bump.

"True Blood" will still launch its seventh and final season on June 22.

"The Leftovers" is based on Tom Perrotta's novel, which focuses on the aftermath of a Rapture-type event that may or may not have been the actual Rapture. 

Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler, Charlie Carver, Max Carver, Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, Michael Gaston, Emily Meade, Annie Q, Margaret Qualley, Amanda Warren and Chris Zylka lead the ensemble cast playing people who were "left behind" and have to deal with their changed lives.

Perrotta wrote the pilot for "The Leftovers" with Damon Lindelof, who serves as series showrunner.

HBO is premiering the first full trailer for "The Leftovers" this Sunday (April 27) before a new "Game of Thrones."

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Fox will follow the early years of Jesus Christ with 'Nazareth'

Fox will follow the early years of Jesus Christ with “Nazareth”
The event series was inspired by History channel’s “Bible” success.

Jay Leno is lending his voice to Disney XD
Leno will join Whoopi Goldberg on “The 7D,” lending his voice to the contemporary take on Snow White's Seven Dwarves as the Crystal Ball.

Here’s Lego John Oliver
"I've always wanted to be a choking hazard,” says the “Last Week Tonight” host.

Mario Lopez denies Maria Menounos is leaving “Extra”
Lopez got flustered on “Watch What Happens Live” when asked if there was tension between him and his co-host Menounos. He also denied reports she’s leaving the entertainment show.

Mockumentary reveals Andy Samberg's post-Golden Globe ego trip on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” set
“Andy has stopped talking to most of the cast and the crew,” Stephanie Beatriz says in the three-minute mockumentary “Life After the Win.”

“Mom’s” Mimi Kennedy gets a promotion
She’ll become a series regular.

3 cable companies add Netflix as a channel
RCN, Grande Communications, and Atlantic Broadband will offer access to Netflix via their set-top boxes, but only for Netflix subscribers.

Erin Andrews takes a selfie with Larry David
Check her out with Fox Sports’ Charissa Thompson.

“Breaking Bad” alums reunite to promote a children’s book
See Skinny Pete, Marco Salamanca appear together to promote a book by David Ury, whose head was crushed by an ATM on the AMC series.

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Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani

Credit: Chapman Baehler

CulturePop No. 45 - Joe Satriani on Mick Jagger, Metallica, and House of Cards

The real-life rock god reveals there's only one time he doesn't practice

It's not often you get to talk to an actual rock god, but Melinda and I got that chance this week when we sat down with Joe Satriani, who has been called one of the best rock guitarists ever -- and Mick Jagger might agree. In addition to being a part of the multi-platinum supergroup Chickenfoot, Satriani has toured with Jagger, scored 15 Grammy nominations, taught a fleet of other famous guitar players (including Kirk Hammett of Metalica and Larry LaLonde of Primus) and had a massive influence on the industry with his lines of guitars and amplifiers. He's now an author, too. His memoir, "Strange Beautiful Music" is out now -- as is a 15-CD set of his collected works. Yeah, he's a busy guy. 

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Tom Hardy in "Locke."
Tom Hardy in "Locke."
Credit: A24 Films

Review: Nifty, resourceful 'Locke' places Tom Hardy firmly in the driver's seat

One-man show has some wobbly writing, but is a remarkable star showcase

If nothing else -- which is not to say, mind you, that it is nothing else -- Steven Knight's "Locke" must surely rank among the most doggedly literal road movies of all time. So many titles within that famed subgenre stray far from the defining location: into motel bedrooms, into exterior shootouts, into any number of off-road travel routes. Not "Locke," which plants its eponymous protagonist behind the wheel and keeps him there for 80-odd minutes -- not a challenging stretch of time for any car trip, but an imposing test for filmmaker and actor alike.

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Sean Hannity says he loves 'extremely talented and funny' Jon Stewart

Sean Hannity says he loves "extremely talented and funny" Jon Stewart
"I love, I think Jon Stewart is extremely talented and funny," the Fox News host said Thursday on his radio show. "I must be missing the chip because some said ‘Hannity he took you down last night.' Yeah, it’s pretty funny, I laughed." PLUS: Stephen Colbert sings about Hannity.

Report: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel helped shape CNN’s “Chicagoland”
More than 700 e-mails reviewed by the Chicago Tribune "reveal that the production team worked hand in hand with the mayor's advisers to develop storylines, arrange specific camera shots and review news releases officially announcing the show,” the Tribune reports. Producers also asked the mayor’s office to help them set up key interactions as part of the “nonscripted” series. PLUS: CNN denies Emanuel had editorial control over the documentary series.

Bryan Singer’s “Black Box” fails to live up to "Scandal's" big ratings
About 6.6 million watched the premiere of the ABC drama.

David Simon: "I am not sure 'The Wire' could survive now”
That’s what Simon admitted yesterday, in a discussion with “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon: “In some ways, HBO is a new window,” says Simon, "and 10 years ago when they were throwing stuff up against the wall, 'The Wire' could survive. I am not sure The Wire could survive now. The stakes are higher for HBO now.”

“House of Cards” creator: Why I refuse to see the Netflix data on our viewers
"That data leads to pandering, which is the antithesis of creativity,” says Beau Willimon.

“Bad Teacher” has a big debut
About 7.9 million viewers watched last night’s premiere, up 51% from its “Crazy Ones” timeslot predecessor.

“Parks and Rec” unshackled itself with its shocking twist
"'Moving Up' is one hell of a series finale,” says Alasdair Wilkins, "which makes it all the more exciting that it isn’t one. This hour of television doesn’t represent 'Parks And Recreation' at its funniest, but it is the show at its most charmingly celebratory.” Wilkins adds: “The potentially drastic shift in circumstances for its characters and the freedom that comes from the knowledge that next year is probably the end means that the show has a real chance to push forward, instead of just retracing the same few story beats.” PLUS: This episode was “Parks’" way of having everything it wanted, this was essentially the “Parks and Rec” series finale, will “Parks” turn into “Lost”?, and watch Michelle Obama’s cameo — how does it compare to other political cameos?

Dr. Phil helps Jimmy “Putin” Fallon resolve his relationship with Obama
Welcome Vlad and Barack!

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Sarah Drew: "I was really, really surprised”
Drew says there’s somewhat of a “mixed bag” to April’s latest development.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” is bringing Bob Barker back to CBS daytime
The former “Price is Right” host will be part of a three-day arc next week on animal rescue.

“Orphan Black” gets a record-breaking 97% DVR bump
As EW reports, "That’s more than any TV drama premiere — cable or broadcast — this season. The first episode is up to 1.6 million viewers and 746,000 in the demo.”

Roger Ebert’s statue unveiled
A life-size bronze sculpture of the critic giving a thumbs-up while sitting on a bench was revealed yesterday in Champaign, Illinois as part of Ebertfest.

“Mad Men’s” Matthew Weiner reveals his book-reading habits
Gabriel García Márquez is his favorite novelist of all time. He also tells the NY Times: "I recently gave my son my high school copy of 'Wuthering Heights for his English class, forgetting that a friend had drawn a penis on the cover. It was a bonding experience. He loved it — the book, I mean."

Here’s a glimpse of “The Maya Rudolph Show”
There will likely be a song-and-dance number.

“Girls” casts 2 students for Hannah’s writing program
Desiree Akhavan is, like Lena Dunham, a filmmaker herself, while Peter Mark Kendall is an upcoming actor.

“GMA’s” Amy Robach completes her chemotherapy
The “Good Morning America” news anchor went through eight rounds of chemo.

Happy 50th birthday, Hank Azaria!
“The Simpsons” star enters his 50s today.

Julie Bowen and Jimmy Kimmel play “Tweeter Totter”
Watch Kimmel force Bowen to tweet bad things, like that she doesn’t like the Pope.

"Real Housewives of New Jersey” may be delayed by Teresa Giudice’s prison sentencing
Bravo reportedly is still trying to figure out how to maximize her screentime next season.

NBC “forces” Lester Holt to be friends with Seth Meyers
Is this Meyers’ 1st “Late Night” bit outside the studio?

Michael Pitt makes his “Hannibal” debut tonight
The “Boardwalk Empire” alum will play the brother of one of Hannibal’s patients.

New “Simpsons” couch gag takes you inside Homer’s brain
Sunday’s opening is from award-winning Polish animator Michal Socha.

It’s true: Malin Akerman dating Colin Egglesfield
The “Trophy Wife” star has been spending time lately with the “Rizzoli & Isles” star.

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<p>&quot;Bad Teacher&quot;</p>

"Bad Teacher"

TV Ratings: 'Bad Teacher,' 'Black Box' have so-so premieres as CBS leads Thursday

'Parks and Recreation' is up a little for its finale

Fast National ratings for Thursday, April 24, 2014.

On a weak Thursday across-the-board, "The Big Bang Theory" had its lowest-rated episode of the season, but still led CBS to comfortable primetime domination in all measures.

CBS' new comedy "Bad Teacher" got off to a decent, but unspectacular, start as it outperformed most recent airings of the now-departed "Crazy Ones" and also topped the Monday numbers for fellow freshman comedy "Friends With Better Lives." "Bad Teacher" retained most of its key demo lead-in from "Two and a Half Men."

That's qualified praise for "Bad Teacher" and, similarly, ABC can probably muster a little enthusiasm for "Black Box," which ranks as the network's second best drama premiere of the spring, not that that's saying a whole lot. ABC went so far as to call this the network's most-watched 10 p.m. drama debut since "Nashville" in 2012.

Relative to last week's Fast Nationals, "American Idol" and "Grey's Anatomy" were both down, "Parks and Recreation" and "Reign" were up a little and "Hell's Kitchen" and "Surviving Jack" were flat.

On to the numbers...

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'Parks and Rec' boss on the season finale shocker: 'Shonda Rhimes agrees with me'

“Parks and Rec” boss on the season finale shocker: “Shonda Rhimes agrees with me”
"I’m a broken record about this,” says Michael Schur, "but I think that’s the best weapon we have in our arsenal, and that’s doing things unexpected and throwing people off-balance. It’s the last potent weapon for a network television show. And by the way, Shonda Rhimes agrees with me. That’s why people love ‘Scandal' so much, because they never know what’s going to happen.” PLUS: Schur on that cameo and how "Battlestar Galactica" inspired the finale.

John Oliver is the latest alum to crash “The Daily Show"
“HBO will let me say whatever the f— I want!” Oliver said while promoting “Last Week Tonight.”

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