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"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Credit: Bravo

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Is Yolanda the new Lisa?

The Dream Team has been dissolved, so what now?

The first part of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season reunion is never all that fiery. The ladies have just arrived, they're still thinking about how pretty they look in their big girl clothes, and no one's been drinking (actually, can't rule that one out entirely). But the cracks start showing in the women's composure once Andy starts poking them with a stick, and soon we get a good idea of who will be going for the throat, who will sit meekly on the sidelines, and who will emerge the queen bee.

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'Breaking Bad’s' Betsy Brandt joins 'Masters of Sex'

“Breaking Bad’s” Betsy Brandt joins “Masters of Sex”
“The Michael J. Fox Show” star will play William Masters’ new secretary.

Rebecca Romijn to host “Skin Wars” on GSN
The reality game show will seek out the best body painter in the country. PLUS: GSN orders “Idiot Test” and announces season premiere dates.

“Nathan For You” returns June 24 -- will the season premiere feature the "Dumb Starbucks" prank?
Nathan Fielder announced his Comedy Central show's 2nd season will air this summer.

“HIMYM” cast members reunited with their spouses
Last night’s episode featured cameos by Taran Killam, Alexis Denisof and David Burtka, the significant others of Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris, respectively. PLUS: Hannigan is tossing out her “Buffy” jean overalls.

“Game of Thrones’” Stark children look older on “Today”
Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead-Wright previewed the new season this morning. PLUS: How to dress like King Joffrey.

Watch a preview of Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson’s job-swap
Carey will host “The Late Late Show” and Ferguson will host “The Price is Right” on April Fool’s Day.

“Da Vinci’s Demons” releases naked cast pics with Da Vinci’s drawings projected on bodies
Check out the cast wearing nothing but Leonardo da Vinci’s work.

“Party of Five’s” Michael A. Goorjian lands on “Covert Affairs”
He’ll guest-star as an ex-soldier whom Annie investigates.

DirecTV’s “Rogue” gets a Season 2 premiere date
The Thandie Newton-Cole Hauser series returns May 28.

“Jeopardy!’s” Arthur Chu now acting on stage
He’s part of a play, portraying a “dumb redneck.”

E!/NFL star Eric Decker welcomes a daughter
The "Eric & Jessie: Game On” stars welcomed their first child on Tuesday.

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TLC will catch up with 'Kate Plus 8'

TLC will catch up with “Kate Plus 8”
Kate Gosselin in her kids are getting their own one-hour special in June.

“Teen Wolf” star: It was tough being a 29-year-old playing a 17-year-old
Read an interview about last night’s episode. PLUS: MTV created a special "Teen Wolf" website.

Erin Andrews quickly established herself as “Dancing” co-host
The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant showed “no-nonsense strength” in her debut last night. PLUS: Ranking the contestants, and watch Billy Dee Williams’ “Star Wars”-themed dance with R2D2.

“The Following” shocker, explained
Last night’s episode had been in the works since last season.

“Dancing” ratings tumble
Last night’s premiere attracted 15 million, compared to 16 million last fall and 17 million last spring.

Watch Sarah Palin’s “Amazing America” trailer
The former Alaska governor is starring in a new TV series on the Sportsman Channel, debuting April 3.

“Mad Men’s” Jay R. Ferguson lands a CBS comedy pilot
“Stan Rizzo” is joining “Saved the Date."

“Peanuts” gets a 3-D makeover for the big screen
Check out the CGI Charlie Brown from producer Paul Feig.

Franka Potente joins “The Bridge”
The German actress will appear in a multi-episode arc.

Kermit the Frog & Jimmy Fallon sing a duet of “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
Kermit also talked to Jimmy about being licked by Tina Fey.

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<p>&quot;Game of Thrones&quot; was one of many topics on this week&#39;s Firewall &amp; Iceberg.</p>

"Game of Thrones" was one of many topics on this week's Firewall & Iceberg.

Credit: HBO

Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 8

In another in-person show, Dan and Alan also answer your questions

So remember that time last week when Dan and I were able to record an entire Firewall & Iceberg show in the same room? Well, we had so much fun that I extended my stay in LA indefinitely to record another one! Or else we just changed shirts and recorded another one only minutes later! Or some other solution to the mystery that is us!

Whenever it was recorded, Dan and I review the CW's "The 100" and HBO's "Doll & Em," tease the new season of "Game of Thrones," and answer questions on a variety of subjects, including the current state of "Parks and Recreation."

The rundown:

0:00-5:12 Doll & Em
5:12- 9:53 The 100
11:10- 21:20- Viewer Mail
22:37- 33:00- Game of Thrones

As always, you can send us questions at There's also now a YouTube channel where you can subscribe to all upcoming Firewall & Iceberg videos, at

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Exclusive: Alfie, Queen of Dragons in 'Dom Hemingway' photos

Exclusive: Alfie, Queen of Dragons in 'Dom Hemingway' photos

Oh, yes it's Jude Law and Emilia Clarke

Dom Hemingway just got out of jail. Dom wants what he's owed. That may turn out to be a tall order.

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"Naked and Afraid"

"Naked and Afraid"

Credit: Discovery Channel

Why 'Naked and Afraid' is the toughest reality TV show out there

But is the second season too much for the survivalists?

If you ever find yourself watching "Survivor" and rolling your eyes at the general whininess of the contestants, try tuning in to Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" (Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET). You will not find the survivalists on this show whiny. Crazy, maybe, but not whiny. Never, ever whiny.

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"Dancing with the Stars"

"Dancing with the Stars"

Credit: ABC

'Dancing with the Stars': Are the judges already playing favorites?

When an Olympian can't catch a break, who can?

When the show kicks off, Tom Bergeron makes it abundantly clear that it's out with the old "Dancing with the Stars" and in with the new. Buh-bye, Brooke Burke-Charvet, hello, Erin Andrews (hate to say it, but it's already an improvement)! See ya old musical director, hello shiny new one! Look at these new singers! Check out our new band! Okay, we get it. After this many seasons, why not distract us with a nip and a tuck?

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<p>How excited is Arnold Schwarzenegger about returning to play both &#39;Conan&#39; and &#39;The Terminator&#39; one more time? THIS MUCH EXCITED.</p>

How excited is Arnold Schwarzenegger about returning to play both 'Conan' and 'The Terminator' one more time? THIS MUCH EXCITED.

Credit: HitFix

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the honor of returning to both 'Conan' and 'The Terminator'

We discuss the inevitable part of this phase in his iconic career

There are some days when you end up seated for an interview for several minutes before things get started and you end up doing a little small talk ahead of time, which can be weird when it's a big star or someone who just doesn't like the process. But other times, you're hustled through without even a moment to catch your breath, and when it's Arnold Schwarzenegger in the room, they do not waste a single second.

We were there to discuss his new movie "Sabotage," co-written and directed by David Ayer, and it was an easy if brief conversation. Near the end of things, though, I had a question I wanted ask Arnold about 2015's "Terminator Genesis," or whatever it's going to be called, as well as the long-rumored "King Conan" that he's still talking about starring in for 2017.

While both of them are sequels to earlier films of his, I feel differently about the potential of each one. I can see why you'd want to narratively go back to "King Conan." The idea of a barbarian living to the age of 60 is mind-boggling anyway, simply because of the world in which he lives. To make it to that age, he would have to be legendarily violent, and revisiting him at the end of that life sounds like an opportunity to tell a totally different kind of story than was told in the John Milius film.

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Scarlett Johansson wants to make sure she doesn't 'phone it in' as the Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson wants to make sure she doesn't 'phone it in' as the Black Widow

Plus: More on 'Winter Soldier' and 'Under the Skin'

Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, is back and, trust us, Scarlett Johansson isn't complaining about it.  The 29-year-old ingenue is playing the super spy with a dark past for the third time and in the third different franchise in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," Johansson actually has another movie opening on April 4 (although in limited release), Jonathan Glazer's acclaimed mini-masterpiece "Under the Skin" The two movies could no be more different from each other if you tried.  "Winter Soldier" is a superhero thriller with political undertones to modern day concerns over the NSA.  "Skin," on the other hand, is one of the most daring art films to challenge audiences this century.  

Asked if she considers movies like "Skin" (and to a lesser extent "Her") a break from big studio productions, Johansson insists her work in the Marvel universe isn't that different from an art house indie.

"I have the good fortune of in this Marvel Universe of working with actors I've always admired and actors I've known for a along time," Johansson says. "Sam Jackson this is our fourth film together. Chris Evans this is also our fourth film together. I've known Chris for over 10 years. Rob Redford I worked together when I was 12 on 'The Horse Whisperer.' And it's funny, Sebastian and I were on Broadway at the same time. In some ways, these Marvel movies feel huge, it's not that different from making a smaller more intimate film."

"Skin" (which was no. 2 on my top 10 of 2013 following its Telluride Film Festival premiere) finds Johansson as an alien construct who starts to emotionally connect with the humans she's hunting and harvesting. The character is far from the now snarky Avenger The Black Widow (it's been a growing personality trait for Natasha).  Instead, "Skin" finds the actress delivering an almost completely silent performance unlike anything she's ever even attempted before.

"That experience was absolutely out of this world and really wild and really unique," Johansson says of "Skin." "It will always be with me because it was also such as stretch for me. I pushed myself into all sorts of discomfort. But, [with the Black Widow] you want to up the ante with each one of these installments so you're not tired to watch and you're not just phoning it in and the character continues to be interesting and enigmatic."

In "Winter Soldier," Romanoff teams up with Steve Rogers, aka the Star-Spangled Super Soldier (Evans), to try and stop S.H.I.E.L.D [REDACTED] from launching a satellite system that will kill anyone it believes could be a threat based on a computer's analysis personal information. At one point in the story, Romanoff has to decide if she can live with fighting for the greater good even if it means details of her clandestine and killer past will be revealed in public. So, no, the only female Avenger (currently) doesn't get off easy.  It goes without saying that Marvel has secret plans for many of its characters, but Johansson said the idea for Widow to star in the sequel to "Captain America: The First Avenger" didn't come about until she was doing promotion for "The Avengers" two years ago.

"[Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige and I] just talked a lot about it and what would bring these two characters together. They seem to be on opposite ends of the moral spectrum. We just don't want to bring these characters together [just] because we can," Johansson reveals. "What is their working relationship like? What do they bring out of one another? we realized they are kind of similar. Unexpectedly these two characters are a lot more like each other than the other Avengers, probably besides Hawkeye. Even though Hawkeye and Widow have this great past. They are similar are the surface, but different types of people. [On the other hand,] Cap and Widow are both really reluctant superheroes. They got in this game without a choice. They also ave this hunger to discover the truth. They may be part of the lie and Widow may be more willing to be part of that than Cap, but at the same time they don't want to be lied to."

Johansson ends with the intriguing thought that, "It's interesting to see these two characters that put up these walls.  Once you start chipping away at them that they actually have something in common."

For more on Johansson's opinions of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Under the Skin" watch the embedded video at the top of this post.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" opens nationwide and in IMAX on April 4.  "Under the Skin" opens in limited release on April 4.

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Drew Carey & Craig Ferguson are swapping jobs for April Fool’s Day

Drew Carey & Craig Ferguson are swapping jobs for April Fool’s Day
Carey will host “The Late Late Show” and Ferguson will host “The Price is Right” on April 1.

“The Americans” is stumbling into timeliness
The situation in Ukraine has made the FX Cold War drama very relevant. As Matthew Gilbert notes: "Suddenly, in only a few months, 'The Americans' has gone from being a record of a dark time in our relations with Russia to something a lot more germane and fraught. The show is now charged with all kinds of complex subtext about the present tense, about how brutal and  hate-filled a Cold War can actually be beneath the icy attitudes.”

Check out Ben McKenzie as Det. Jim Gordon filming “Gotham”
McKenzie was spotted filming shooting scenes in Brooklyn.

Why “Veronica Mars” should make a movie sequel
The film showed that an adult Veronica could actually work. PLUS: A “Veronica” sequel would work even better without all the celebrity cameos, and what was up with all “The Big Lebowski” references?

“The Walking Dead” boss explains why he did it
Scott M. Gimple says he pitched Robert Kirkman the story, "and he was like, 'That’s awesome!' Which was exciting because I was really nervous, because you want to honor the source material and I wanted him to be excited about it and he was. Beyond that, I wasn’t really that worried about AMC. I know they have faith in us. This was not a story that was sensational. We weren’t exploiting anything.” PLUS: “Walking Dead” deserves more respect, was the shocker a mistake?, the show reached a new level of brutality, and this season has been boring.

“Grimm” hands out a role to a University of Michigan student
Executive producer Jim Kouf was on campus speaking to a screenwriting class, when he decided to hold an impromptu audition. The result: Senior Jacqueline Toboni has been cast in the role of “Trubel."

CNN ratings soar with coverage of missing Malaysian plane
Of all the cable news networks, CNN is covering the mystery the hardest as it tries to find a sustainable business model.

Go behind the scenes of “SNL’s” Biblical Movie “Girls” parody
It took more than 24 hours to complete the set.

Jimmy Kimmel will have a “Divergent” star on each of this week’s shows
The guest list will include “Divergent’s” Tony Goldwyn, who will stop by Kimmel as part of “Scandal Thursdays.”

“Deadwood” alum Kim Dickens joins “Mad Men’s” Kevin Rahm on CBS’ “Red Zone”
They’ll co-star opposite Anthony LaPaglia and Samantha Mathis on the CIA drama.

Good riddance to “HIMYM’s” Glen McKenna
Why the fake Scotch brand is totally stupid.

Michael Vartan: “I was told absolutely nothing” about my “Bates Motel” role
“Literally,” he says, "until the third or fourth episode, he didn’t have a last name, he didn’t have a profession, (I) didn’t really know if he was a good or a bad guy. So it was kinda fun to go into it with literally no expectations.”

Patton Oswalt does a “True Detective” spoof
Watch him recreate Rust Cohle’s interrogation scene.

Tyler Perry’s "The Single Moms Club” bombed at box office, but OWN won’t quit with its TV remake
“Single Moms” was Perry’s worst-performing movie opening.

New “Transformers” cartoon to feature Ted McGinley and Darren Criss
Constance Zimmer and Will Friedle will also lend their voices to “Transformers Prime.”

"Little People, Big World” star Jeremy Roloff gets engaged
The young Roloff son got engaged days after his parents announced their separation.

NYC mayor, an “intense fan” of “The Good Wife,” had “a blast” filming his cameo
“It took two or three takes,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “They were surprised at how quickly I could get to over-the-top obnoxious.”

“Bones” creator: We’ll use our series finale ending for Season 10, even if we return for Season 11
Says Hart Hanson: "The series ender we have in mind, we keep bumping off because the series doesn't end, but I suspect that we will have to end season 10 that way. And if we do come back for an 11th season or more, we'll have to do some reinvention of the series to last that long. If not, we'll be ok for one more season with the ending we have in mind.”

Has “Scandal” become too soapy?
Last week’s episode was too insane.

“Shameless” has proved to be a comforting show
"There’s no high concept, no period details nor flashy twists,” says Andy Greenwald, and that’s what makes it so great.

How “Bob’s Burgers” comes up with its Burger of the Day names
Creator Loren Bouchard explains the elaborate process for creating the perfect burger name.

“Next Top Model” judge sued for alleged assault of a male model
Rob Evans is accused of beating up model Landry Macedo, which resulted in Evans’ arrest.

Listen to Gwyneth Paltrow sing Pharrell’s “Happy” for “Glee”
The song will be part of Episode 100.

“Portlandia” releasing an activity book
See a preview of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s book, out Tuesday.

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham releases her 1st music video
Check out “Blowin.’”

“Bachelor” alums Jesse & Ann Csincsak welcome a daughter
It was the 2nd child for the reality TV alums.

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<p>Barney and the gang outside the wedding festivities on &quot;How I Met Your Mother.&quot;</p>

Barney and the gang outside the wedding festivities on "How I Met Your Mother."

Credit: CBS

Review: 'How I Met Your Mother' - 'Gary Blauman'

A wedding crasher inspires a trip back and forth in time for Ted, the Mother and the gang

A quick review of tonight's "How I Met Your Mother" coming up just as soon as we work on the fat guy table...

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<p>Kelis at the NPR showcase at Stubb&#39;s</p>

Kelis at the NPR showcase at Stubb's

Credit: NPR

South By Southwest Superlatives: Music and movies' best in show

Coathangers, dancing, 'The Mule,' Jodorowsky and fashion tips from Betty Who

Now that we've caught up on sleep and let the ringing from our ears cease, Drew McWeeny and I got our thoughts together to go over some of the bests and bizarre-est from from this year's South By Southwest music and film conference in Austin.

Despite having to leave a couple days early this time around (thus, missing out on half the music-side), I still managed to see more than 30 bands in two-and-a-half days. I enjoyed many of the films, including and especially "Only Lovers Left Alive" and "Before I Disappear," for this ninth year in a row at the festival, I'll always have my heart set and open for the hundreds of bands that make the tough trek into the chaos that is 6th street and appended.

In the gallery below, I outline some of the acts that left the biggest impression on me, including The Coathangers, Les Claypool, Kelis, Charli XCX, High Tension, and more. Read on for Drew's account of sitting with Alejandro Jodorowsky, watching "The Mule" and having a close-to-very-awkward moment.

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