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Jimmy Kimmel takes shots at ABC, Fox’s 'Gotham,' NBC musicals

Jimmy Kimmel takes shots at ABC, Fox’s “Gotham,” NBC musicals
During his annual upfront standup routine, Kimmel also offered advertisers the chance to pay $25 million for naming rights for his baby — a “cervical integration.” Kimmel also called Fox’s “Gotham” “the show for people who love everything about Batman except Batman” Kimmel also proposed a show called “Kittens with Cancer” while questioning NBC’s strategy: “You know what you do when you’re No. 1? You double down and hit ‘em with Peter mother#$%^ing Pan. Is (NBC Entertainment chief) Bob (Greenblatt) running a network or a high school theater camp?”

ABC posts full trailers for its new shows
Here’s a full look at “Fresh Off the Boat,” "Forever," "Galavant," "The Whispers," “Cristela” and “Secrets and Lies."

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Anderson Cooper gets a huge boost from interviewing Donald Sterling

Anderson Cooper gets a huge boost from interviewing Donald Sterling
Cooper’s CNN show was up 73% in the key news demo last night.

“Girls” adds a former “Homeland” terrorist as Hannah's classmate
Actress Marin Ireland is joining the cast next season as Hannah’s “rich, sexual, beautiful but cold” classmate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

ABC boss calls Shonda Rhimes “the Charles Dickens of the 21st Century”
"I call her the Charles Dickens of the 21st Century if Charles Dickens had been black and a woman,” said ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee at the network’s up fronts.

Here are 8 ways “Mulaney” resembles “Seinfeld”
Is “SNL’s” Nasim Pedrad the new Elaine?

“Mad Men’s” Ginsberg might be schizophrenic, says a psychiatrist
Dr. Paul Puri says of this week’s episode: "Through the contemporary psychiatric lens, which is very biology-based, the show has really dropped hints all along that Ginsberg is an odd guy and possibly on the schizophrenia spectrum.”

Watch the trailer for ABC’s new fantasy reality show “The Quest”
“The Quest” mixes geek fantasy with a reality competition.

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'The Walking Dead' offers the 1st glimpse of Andrew Lincoln in Season 5

“The Walking Dead” offers the 1st glimpse of Andrew Lincoln in Season 5
What is Rick Grimes looking at?

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Michael Jackson

Album Review: Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' ranges from delightful to awful

What were they thinking releasing some of these songs?

“Xscape,” out today, features eight previously unreleased Michael Jackson tunes, completed by top tier producers.

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"The Originals" - Daniel Gillies

"The Originals" - Daniel Gillies

Credit: The CW

Interview: Daniel Gillies says 'Originals' season finale is 'non-stop'

The star explains why the Original vampire will always be Team Klaus

As Original vampire Elijah on "The Originals," Daniel Gillies is smooth, suit-wearing sophistication. In real life, Gillies may not drink blood (I'm assuming) but certainly he shares his character's thoughtful, smart perspective. The season finale is upon us (Tues. May 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET on the CW), and we already know, with Hayley in labor, big problems are afoot. The episode description suggests Klaus will be making a "heartbreaking decision," but we're given no clues about what challenges Elijah faces -- and you know there will be challenges. I talked to Gillies about whether or not Elijah will save the day (fingers crossed), why we both think Elijah is more invested in saving Hayley than anyone else and why Elijah will always be Team Klaus (and not Team Mikael). 

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Credit: Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Check: Andrei Zvyagintsev's 'Leviathan'

Closing out our Competition preview with one of the Palme d'Or favorites

Welcome to the final entry in Cannes Check, In Contention's annual preview of the films in Competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off tomorrow. Taking on different selections every day, we've examined what they're about, who's involved and what their chances are of snagging an award from Jane Campion's jury. We close thing out, neatly enough, with what will also be the last Competition film to be unveiled on the Croisette: Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Leviathan." 

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ABC defends putting racy 'Grey’s Anatomy' on during the 8 pm family hour

ABC defends putting racy “Grey’s Anatomy” on during the 8 pm family hour
“I think it’s much less relevant than it was than five years ago,” ABC Entertainment boss Paul Lee said of the network family hour, adding: “We will make sure whatever we air is appropriate.” PLUS: Lee is sorry to see “Trophy Wife” go.

Simon Cowell launching “La Banda” on Univision
Cowell is teaming with the Spanish-language network to find a Latino boy band.

Clay Aiken officially wins his Democratic Congressional primary 1 day after his opponent’s death
The “Idol” alum, who was declared winner today, said his opponent Keith Crisco was “a gentleman, a good and honorable man and an extraordinary public servant. I was honored to know him.”

Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon last night told the exact same Donald Sterling joke
“The Tonight Show” and “Late Night” tape 90 minutes apart. Doesn’t NBC have somebody monitoring their monologues?

Anna Gunn hints at a “Better Call Saul” cameo
“I just heard a little rumor about that,” says the “Gracepoint” star and “Breaking Bad” alum.

University of Iowa reveals the “Girls” scenes it rejected — Hannah’s bungles with bikes
The writers sent the university descriptions of the scenes it wanted to shoot on campus, and the university released those e-mails to the local Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper.

MSNBC sued for mistaking a man named Keith Todd for a criminal named Todd Keith
Keith Todd was featured on the reality show “Caught on Camera.”

CBS still hasn’t picked up “How I Met Your Dad”
If the “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff isn’t picked up by Wednesday, it could end up on another network.

Alec Baldwin goes on Twitter rant after his wrong-way bike arrest
"New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign,” he tweeted.

“Game of Thrones’” Shae speaks
"I wouldn't call it shrewd,” Sibel Kekilli says of this week’s episode. "I would rather call it straight and fearless.”

Larry King finds Andy Cohen a date on Tinder
“You mean, it's only for gays?” King asked.

“NCIS” boss: How we’re sending off Ralph Waite tonight
"Every character has their moment to say goodbye” on tonight’s season finale, says Gary Glasberg. "Tremendous thought went into the funeral scene.”

“The Blacklist”: Here are the highs and lows from Season 1
James Spader was of course a high, Megan Boone’s wig was a low. PLUS: The season finale delivered, and the show ended up owning its clichéd lameness.

Introducing John Krasinski’s daughter
The former “Office” star tweeted a photo of his And Emily Blunt’s first child, Hazel.

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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey returns with attitude on new club track, 'Thirsty': Listen

She glides over a too busy production

Mariah Carey’s new tune, “Thirsty,” premiered today on Power 105, and the Hit-Boy-produced tune attempts to place Carey right in the middle of the club as her vocals glide over a very busy synth track.

The tune opens with the sound of a drink being opened and poured before the relentless track starts. Carey comes in and she has something to say: “You used to  be Mr. All About Me, now you’re just thirsty for celebrity” she sings in her upper register.

Her man’s thirst for fame has left her “drowning” in misery.  He can take his “stunting on Instagram” and move along, thank you very much. And, of course, the question is who is the song about? Hubby Nick Cannon? Someone else?

Rapper Rich Homie Quan comes in at the beginning and in the middle, but the star is Carey’s delivery: she singing is airy as a butterfly, but her words are lethal. The track is one of the catchier things she’s done, but it is way too busy. I’d love to hear a remix without the stuttering background track that runs under  the whole tune like an irritating mosquito buzz. I know that's Hit-Boy's thing, but this synth track is much less appealing than the work he did on such tunes as Jay Z and Kanye West's "Ni**as in Paris."

“Thirsty” is on “Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse,” which comes out May 27.

What do you think?

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11 big questions we want answered at this year's Cannes Film Festival

11 big questions we want answered at this year's Cannes Film Festival

Is awards season about to kick-off?

The 67th Festival du Cannes is only a day away and as the last rain shower sweeps through the small French seaside town, the sun is ready to shine on the global film community's annual pow wow.

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Imagine Dragons
Credit: Anthony Mair

Imagine Dragons pen 'Battle Cry' for 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction': Listen

Hear a snippet of the song

From “Radioactive” to “Demons” to “Battle Cry”: Imagine Dragons, known for its dramatic titles and music, has written a new song, “Battle Cry,” for “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

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TV Ratings: 'Blacklist' finale dips, 'Castle' finale rises, '24' slides on Monday
Credit: ABC

TV Ratings: 'Blacklist' finale dips, 'Castle' finale rises, '24' slides on Monday

NBC wins in the demo, ABC wins overall as usual

Fast National ratings for Monday, May 12, 2014.

ABC's "Castle" rose in its latest season finale, nearly catching NBC's dipping "Blacklist" finale overall, but that variation made very little difference, as the two networks had their normal Monday split. ABC won Monday in total viewers, while NBC triumphed in the key demo.

Among other Monday notables, FOX's "24: Live Another Day" was down from last week's premiere, but still solid. And The CW's "Star-Crossed" got a big finale bump, but it's almost certainly boosted by sports preemptions of some sort. 

On to the numbers...

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Review: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' gives the franchise a new lease on life
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Review: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' gives the franchise a new lease on life

Singer's in fine form as he returns to the series he helped create

Over the last month, I've re-watched every entry in the series that Fox has produced since "X-Men" in 2000 as my kids worked their way through the films for the first time. What I found most interesting about the revisit is how my reactions to the films as they were being released and my reactions to them now aren't really the same. Each film was on a specific point in the larger continuity of comic book related movies, and the only way to judge them was how they stacked up to everything else that was being done in the genre at that time. Now, though, looking back at them all is illuminating, especially since it feels like "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" is the end of everything up to this point and the beginning of whatever comes next.

One thing has been very clear since this series began: while they are drawing on comic continuity for suggestions, they have not been bound by any particular rules of adaptation. In fact, they have almost exclusively altered things. I don't think you can point at any particular run of the series and see a direct correlation between what's onscreen and what was on the page. Sure, "X2" and "X-Men: The Last Stand" nodded to the "Dark Phoenix" storyline, but barely. I would find it a little ridiculous to actually call those films an adaptation because of how loosely they line up to the motivations or the characterizations of the books.

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