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<p>Could Alexander Payne&#39;s &quot;Nebraska&quot; get some big love in a few unexpected areas?</p>

Could Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" get some big love in a few unexpected areas?

Credit: Paramount Pictures

5 longshot Oscar predictions that could make you look like a smarty pants

If you're looking to shake up your office pool, give these a whirl

The Oscars are coming Sunday and as you look around the web, you can see that all the pundits are getting their final predictions in just under the buzzer. What's fascinating to me is how, really, everyone seems to mostly agree. The degrees of fluctuation in those who might disagree on this or that category is minimal. And where some might diverge in one category or another, there are certainly others there to back them up.

Basically, no one is way out on any limbs alone and we're all more or less expecting the same range of activity. That means we're all, of course, WRONG — at least somewhere. So what will the surprises be? That's the question I keep hearing, even from publicists and strategists who have their ear closer to the ground than us lowly pundits.

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What incredible feat will Pharrell's 'Happy' achieve if it wins the Oscar?

No other Oscar-winning song has done this

What neat feat could Pharrell Williams achieve if “Happy” wins the Oscar for “Despicable Me?”

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<p>You know why I couldn&#39;t fit Ray into this image? Because Ivan Reitman had a great eye for scope composition when he shot 1984&#39;s &#39;Ghostbusters&#39;</p>

You know why I couldn't fit Ray into this image? Because Ivan Reitman had a great eye for scope composition when he shot 1984's 'Ghostbusters'

Credit: Columbia Pictures

You don't want to see 'Ghostbusters 3,' even if you think you do

Isn't it time to let this one rest?

I want to ask you a question.

Do you really want to see "Ghostbusters 3"?

Before you answer, I want you to consider every angle. I don't want the knee-jerk response, because I know what the knee-jerk response is, and so does Columbia, and so do Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman. The knee-jerk response is easy. After all, I love the original 1984 film "Ghostbusters," and I'm more than willing to cop to a fondness for the admittedly-lesser sequel. On the surface, the thought of more "Ghostbusters" is appealing. Undeniably so.

I won't lie. When I was 21 or 22 years old, my writing partner Scott Swan and I had an elaborate written treatment for "Ghostbusters 3" that I was convinced I was somehow going to get in front of the right people. After all, when I was 21 and 22 years old, I had almost constant access to Joe Medjuck, Michael Gross, and Ivan Reitman thanks to my job at Dave's Video. I never found myself in a position to connect those two dots, though, and 43 year old me laughs at how painfully earnest the younger me was about this sequel idea.

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Oscars Lowdown 2014: Best Actor - An amazing year likely to yield to the McConaissance

Oscars Lowdown 2014: Best Actor - An amazing year likely to yield to the McConaissance

But that doesn't mean it's not competitive right up until the very end

In the lead-up to the 86th annual Academy Awards on March 2, HitFix will be bringing you the lowdown on all 24 Oscar categories with multiple entries each day. Take a few notes and bone up on the competition as we give you the edge in your office Oscar pool!

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<p>Dan and Shay</p>

Dan and Shay


Interview: Hot country newcomers Dan and Shay on T Pain and their hit single

Duo set to tour with Hunter Hayes and Blake Shelton

Bandmates find each other in all kinds of ways: through mutual friends, through ads in music-oriented publications, through industry contacts…For Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, collective known as Dan and Shay, a tent brought them together.

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"Ice Cold Gold"

"Ice Cold Gold"

Credit: Animal Planet

CulturePop No. 38 - David Casey of 'Ice Cold Gold'

We talk Greenland, skirting death and the "Gravity" connection

Ever been to Greenland? If you get a chance -- be warned that you might be so entranced you'll never be able to quit the place. "Ice Cold Gold" executive producer David Casey visited once and headed back with this Animal Planet show, now heading into its second season (the season premiere is Thurs. March 6 at 10:00 p.m., but you can catch up on the first season series finale tonight as well). We talked to Casey about how he got prospectors on board even though doing a TV series about what's supposed to be a top secret dig seems like it would be pretty tough (it wasn't), the dangers and challenges of digging (and visiting) Greenland despite increasing temperatures, and the connection between Greenland and Oscar-nominated "Gravity" (there really is one!). We had fun -- and we hope you do, too.

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'The Americans' returns to slightly above last season’s average

“The Americans” returns to slightly above last season’s average
The 1.9 million who tuned in was sharply down, however from the 3.22 million who watched the Season 1 debut, but DVR viewership should boost the final numbers.

“Parks and Rec” boss: Next season would be a good time to end the show
"We haven’t talked about it with NBC officially,” says Michael Schur, "but for many reasons — mostly just creatively in terms of where we’re building to this year — it would be natural if next year were the last year. I mean, you never know. We thought season 3 was our last year…. No decision has been made on that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if next year were the final season.”

“True Detective” creator shocked by Matthew McConaughey’s early “Unsolved Mysteries” role
“What?!?!? Had NO IDEA such a thing existed,” Nic Pizzolatto told EW by e-mail of McConaughey’s 1st acting credit, which has several similarities to the HBO series. “McConaughey never said anything about it, so he must not’ve remembered. That’s like eerie coincidence number #50. We’re in a hall of mirrors now, men…”

“Gilmore Girls” and “Scandal” alum Liza Weil joins “How To Get Away With Murder”
She’ll play an associate of Viola Davis on the legal thriller.

Clay Aiken’s Congressional bid is official
The former “Idol” runner-up submitted papers today to run for Congress in North Carolina.

Jimmy Fallon’s 1st week was “The Tonight Show’s” best since Johnny Carson said goodbye
About 10.42 million tuned in on average.

Introducing the new “SNL” Weekend Update team
Cecily Strong and Colin Jost went on “Today” this morning to talk about their new partnership.

Here’s every terrible joke from the “Mixology” premiere
Include the joke about rape.

CW finds its “Jane the Virgin”
Gina Rodriguez will play the title role in the Venezuelan telenovela adaptation.

“The Crazy Ones” and “Two and a Half Men” swap timeslots starting tonight
“Two and a Half Men” will kick off the hour at 9 pm.

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<p>First Lady Michelle Obama at a speaking event in Miami, which is also where she filmed a &quot;Parks and Recreation&quot; cameo.</p>

First Lady Michelle Obama at a speaking event in Miami, which is also where she filmed a "Parks and Recreation" cameo.

Credit: AP

'Parks and Recreation' finale to feature First Lady Michelle Obama

Mrs. Obama joins John McCain Joe Biden and another political celebs to meet Leslie Knope

Tonight at 8:30 Eastern, "Parks and Recreation" airs its first new episode since the Olympics, as well as the first new episode since Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe left the cast. It's terrific — the best one they've done since the season premiere — and I'll have a review of it up after it ends on the East Coast.

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<p>Matthew Rhys of &quot;The Americans&quot;</p>

Matthew Rhys of "The Americans"

Credit: FX

'Americans' Season 2 premiere numbers come in soft

Acclaimed drama was down from its series premiere, but up from end-of-year

Despite rave reviews -- including Sepinwall's written review and our joint podcast praise -- and aggressive promotion, the second season of FX's "The Americans" got off to a ratings start which can most politely be described as "soft."

Wednesday's (February 26) premiere drew 1.9 million viewers, including 863,000 in the key 18-49 demographic. 

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Michelle Obama will make a cameo on 'Parks and Rec's' season finale

Michelle Obama will make a cameo on "Parks and Rec's" season finale
The first lady filmed her scene on Tuesday during an appearance with Amy Poehler at a Miami park to promote her "Let's Move" campaign. President Obama has previously said he watches "Parks and Recreation" with his family.

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<p>In &quot;Hannibal&quot; season 2, does Mads Mikkelsen have total control over Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne and Caroline Dhavernas?</p>

In "Hannibal" season 2, does Mads Mikkelsen have total control over Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne and Caroline Dhavernas?

Credit: NBC

Review: NBC's 'Hannibal' serves up delicious second course

The Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham role reversal spices up the new season

The easiest way to appreciate the greatness of NBC's "Hannibal," which begins its second season tomorrow night at 10, is to look at almost any of the other serial killer dramas that are littering primetime, from CBS' unkillable "Criminal Minds" to FOX's moronic "The Following" to A&E's upcoming Chloe Sevigny-waster "Those Who Kill." There are too many of these shows, and almost all of them get off on the same fetishized scenes of bound-and-gagged victims whimpering while their leering abductor prepares to do something horrible to them, and almost all of them feature heroes who often seem too stupid to function, the better to allow their cackling opponents free rein.

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Ryan Murphy’s 'The Normal Heart' gets an HBO premiere date

Ryan Murphy’s “The Normal Heart” gets an HBO premiere date
The film starring Julia Roberts, Jim Parsons and Mark Ruffalo about the HIV-AIDs crisis in the 1980s NYC premieres May 25.

CNN’s Piers Morgan replacement: Rosie? Anthony Bourdain? Anderson Cooper? Rachel Maddow!?
The NY Daily News reports that Rosie O’Donnell is at the top of the list, though she denies it. Also being considered are Joy Behar, Ann Curry, David Muir and Star Jones.

Did “The Americans” show something unprecedented for basic cable?
There was one scene from last night's Season 2 premiere that may have never happened before on basic cable. PLUS: “Americans” producers answer questions on Reddit, “The Americans” has portrayed spying as what it’s supposed to be — scary, and last night’s season premiere sent three important messages.

Justin Hartley joins “Damaged Goods” on ABC
The “Smallville” alum will co-star in the comedy about two damaged men and two damaged women. PLUS: "Drop Dead Diva's" Carter MacIntyre joins USA's "Benched."

Jimmy Kimmel reveals 3 images from his celebrity-packed post-Oscar video
Here are pics of Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

TV Guide Network will show repeats of the current “Survivor” and “Amazing Race” seasons
The CBS-owned network will air the reruns on Saturday nights.

ABC will air a special on the “Avengers” sequel
"Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe” will go behind the scenes of the comic-media empire.

Melissa Joan Hart makes a Nutrisystem video promoting her 40-pound weightless
The 37-year-old “Melissa & Joey” star unveiled her new figure while shooting an ad for Nutrisystem.

Dr. Oz becomes a grandpa after his “Chew” daughter gives birth to a girl
“The Chew” co-host Daphne Oz, Dr. Oz’s eldest daughter, welcomed her first child on Wednesday.

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